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Sarwar Chowdhury, the poet from Bangladesh

I'm telling you about Bangladesh, a wonderful country,
Located in the Bay of Bengal, on its northern coast,
Between Brahmaputra and Ganges, a triangular territory
Extending eastward to embrace the Surma River Valley...
In the northeast and southeast, having low hills of soft rocks.

Its ubiquitous Panthera tigris, known as Royal Bengal Tiger
A ferocious big cat, in fact, which is nice and very grand
The national animal, finding always its royal home here,
In the pristine mangrove forests of the Sundarban land.
For hunting pig, antelope, young elephant, and deer.....

With tropical monsoons, combining Dravidian, Persian,
And west European cultures, Mongol, Arab, and Indo-Aryan
It has a national bird, the doyle or the magpie robin
Changing it’s voice, breeding territories jealously guarding,
Unobtrusive each non-breeding season, nicely singing...

With the national flower, Shapla, the white water lily,
And Shapla Sqare, a monument in Dhaka, its capital.
With jackfruit, kathal, the national big fruit, and really
Growing to huge sizes hundreds of pounds, unique and real
And Nazrul geetis, a foundation of vocals in its complexity.

I seemingly hear Nazrul Islam saying with a voice so clear
''Amai nohe go bhalobasho shudhu bhalobasho mor gaan.''
Meaning: ''do not love only me, love my song dear’'
And I'm telling you about the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam
And I'm telling you about the philosopher poet Fakir Lalon

And about Rabindranath tagore, the Nobel prize winner,
Jibonananda dash, who wrote about the nature as poet
The tea gardens and the town on the bank of Surma river
And about Sarwar, the wonderful poet from Sylhet
Who writes his poetry worthily being a very good conceiver.

When he confesses by writing: ''My naked Beauty said-''
'Microcosm', 'Nothing can move faster than love speed'
'This is Love speaking', ''Male + Female = The M a n''
'My moon-river', 'Our reciprocal gravitation orbit'
His poems are like jewels made by a very good craftsman.

'Drilled by love! '', 'to change 'dust into pure gold'.''
' ''To be a PERFECT LOVER! '', while ''Tempo come and go.''
'Magnetizing mate-chum' 'Quizzical mind ''in tension'
When he writes always his words has a special glow
'All the best dear Bangladesh motherland mine ''I love you..'

He wrote about Royal Bengal so pleasant to the eye
' Do not know''jostle and joggle''He knows''Hazardous jolt'
Because he loves his country, the people, and the life
He is a real poet and his words fall like a thunderbolt.

Copyright © ® Marieta Maglas. All rights reserved.

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