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That Plantation Has Been Ordered To Be Destroyed

The 'coons' have taken refuge,
Under the veranda.
And the demolition crew is here.
What shall we do?

'Make sure it is made clear to them,
There is not going to be a renovation done.
That plantation has been ordered to be destroyed.'

I do believe we are talking about two different things.
The animal rights people will not like it,
If we've intentionally demolished the nature habitat of the coons.
Should we contact the zoo before the crew starts?

'What 'are' we talking about here? '

The raccoons sir!
You know...
Those furry masked animals.

I'm glad you clarified that.
I had a different image in my mind.
It would have appeared ridiculous,
Shouting through a bullhorn.
Threatening them with arrest!
See if they can be teased back into the trees.'

What thoughts were you thinking?

'You don't want to know.
It has been very difficult for me of late,
To keep my thoughts progressive.
Politically correct and not offensive.'

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