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The 1%

If there are eight people and two companies and the companies have a Billion dollars and 100 million dollars,2 people a million and the rest a hundred dollars and the Supreme Court says they all can put money into elections who wins on influence and advertising? Nice going Supreme Court......democracy is being defeated by the 1 percent who now have more power than ever.
in your world view, the rich can live and the poor can die. it is not true that people don't go to other countries for medical treatment, they do. IN fact, they even go to places like Mexico.
Bottom line is, your ideology comes before compassion; your notion of freedom is more precious to you than the lives of others.
The Gospel says today in Matthew 22 that you shall love your neighbor as yourself. How can we say we love our neighbor and watch them die? You will say that private charity will take care of it, but it doesn't.50,000 people die every year in this country for not having health insurance.'
Some moral and ethical struggles take us into political struggle even if we are not party affiliated. If you want labeling you're going to have to stand up against Monsanto and the rulings by the Supreme Court on the rights of a corporation under the first amendment supported and endorsed by the right wing of our times. You may not be political and the ones voting maybe not very political but the corporate power is and they are changing laws and spending billions on getting there way. The one percent now have the power to buy elections and out spend everyone. The money they made shipping jobs into sweat shops and into unregulated markets is now coming back to break unions and benefits in the name of down with socialism etc.Sometimes we just have to fight them not as political entities but spiritual fathers and mothers that do not want their children eating cancer etc The phony house republicans grandstand and vote to repeal Obama Care while they will not do a thing to create one single job. The infrastructure of America falls apart and these shills for the 1% like the Koch brothers would rather see people laid off and collecting unemployment or on the government dole before creating jobs and making President Obama look good. They want right to work states of desperate workers working for nothing while they get filthy rich.They don't care about the US citizens only political power and the ultra rich who they serve. President Eisenhower built the highways in the fifties and before leaving office warned of the industrial military complex and outside forces influencing the government that was to serve the people. The right wing of today and fanatic fascist tea parties would have called him a communist and a socialist. Evangelicals don't be used again by Karl Rove and the right; it is all money and corporate power and nothing to do with abortion and family values. Remember Dick Cheney praising his daughters wedding to another WOMAN! They are liars and users and manipulators. You want labeling of GMO's and affordable college for your children and grand children and an environment totally ruined? These oil company big business shills will use you in the name of Roe vs Wade etc to bust unions and benefits all over America while giving tax breaks to billionaires. They will ship your jobs while calling you lazy for not cleaning their toilets. Don't be fooled! !
We force 700,000 Americans into bankruptcy each year because of medical bills. In France, the number of medical bankruptcies is zero. Britain: zero. Japan: zero. Germany: zero. Don't tell me health care for all in the USA isn't right

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