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Passion Plot - Arthur Abacus' Affiancing

Passion Plot - Arthur Abacus' Affiancing Application Against Ann's Approval

Passion Plot

Aspiring author aims at gold award
accordingly advancing work of art
always rhyming, rhythmic, in accord,
A I O U and Y are drawn apart
from that which follows D, and from the start
inscription shows how mighty is nib's sword.

This way of writing is simplistic - word
word follows automatically drawn,
idyllic musing is it or absurd?
no hours are lost, all printing rags untorn,
prompt spurring, on hot air as tiny bird,
this work so artificial's promptly born.

It could draw out two thousand stanzas or
twenty million with diversity,
standards upholding day and night to pour
amusing thoughts of country, town, city,
crisply painting many a mount, rill, tor,
adroit aphorisms with alacrity.

Alas what worth would such quack actions show
apart from quickly boring, much kowtow,
if constant word-play adding to quick flow
no wisdom, no profundity knows now -
graffiti stylistic in sporadic glow
through basic instincts' which skill disavow.

Instincts, advancing rapid thought,
aim at showing how facility
uniting consonants is swifly caught
up in a fountain where ability
canvas fills approaching imprint sought,
avoiding mundanity, banality.

Multi-modal intuitions work
harmoniously to form additional scan,
nothing making this bright insight shirk
task as luminous sparkling mensans can
simply scrawl ad infinitum, hardly irk
Wrinkling Mind who fair Bloom fain would span
twilight draping passion in joy's van.

Alas, as passion is not always found
our stanzas turn to Arthur and to Ann
no dawn to twilight fantasy - aground
is any trysting ally, joyous fan,
no conclusion happy boy, girl sound,
scroll down - what follows has got out of hand...

Arthur Abacus' Affiancing Approval Application

Amorous Arthur adoring amazing Ann
affinity admitting, abandons
artificiality, asking an
approval admitting acclamation
and affiancing as ally Alabaman.

Arkansas Arthur always adoring
Ann's ambitious ability,
agamous ardour, and activity,
astounding admiration announcing,
awaits auspicious acclamation
although ambiguity affords
aching agitiation alarming anguish

Also, accord Aunt Amanda's anticipations an audition
as April attraction augurs auspicious August association,
according Assyriac Abyssinian Archbishop Anthony Acorn Abrahams authority at altar,
Arabian Abbott Adrian Arnold Abdul abn Abdulaziz abn Abdullah Abu acting as assistant.


Ami cably,

Arthur Arctic Abacus
- - - - - - -

Ann Anonymous-Autonymous adamantly assails aging Athur Abacus as awfully amoral

Amicably according absolution an Assyriac Archbiship and Arabian assistant at Ashcloth Allsaints altar authority ? Accord apriori apropos an arrogant, arbitrary approach.

Admit Aunt Amanda’s audacious act as an
auspicious act? An abyssmal affront awarding
atrocious asthmatic asp Arthur adorably amusing Ann -
aphrodisiac assignations abhors aghast.
Abdominous atavistic Arthur, almost abatic,
always amiss, automatically affords angry acid attack.

Afraid agnostic Arthur's artificial arousal astonishing all,
aspiring aria alto anglican Ann
an anti-adiposity author,
announcing against amorphous
Arthur - amputation and aliminium arms
aguing against any amorous association.

Ann awaits apology affirming arthritic Arthur's authoritarian
autocratic acts abrogating, annulling Ann's autonomy
assiduously aiming at appropriating
all Ann's agricultural aura amplifying aspirant's attraction,
although abnormally atrophying artistic ability.

Aristocratic Ann's aplomb attracts all-round approbation.
Anthropoid Arthur’s anthropomorphic antics and argot an affront.
Accordingly Ann asks afflictions' abrupt annulation.
Adulation appalls - an absurd accumulation,

Altruistic acrobatic Ann, an Ann Arbor Arts' and Agronomy alumnus,
amalgamating attributions, almost always assists Austrians, Australians,
Arubans, Addis Ababa Abyssinian Africans, Andorrans,
AbuDhabi Arabs and autochthonous Angolans.

Alcoholic amoral acrimonious Arthur’s abominations
abound as all analytical adults admit.
Arguably attraction amour - Auburn Abigail, Andalousian Aroya, Ashanti, Algonquin Amy, Anabaptist Ada and Agatha, Arizonan Adriana, Alaskan Alison, Avaricious Ava, and amazon ally... ad absurdam
await Arthur's accomodation
arightly across Atlantic !

Accusing arrogant, avaricious and ambitious Arthur,
any altar amorous association
an atrociously alarming antipathy assumption!
Aquarius arcana astrally awry, astrologically antagonistic antidynamic antibody.

Accountably, Ann, avoiding acrimony,
asks abrogation, applying anticipatory
affidavits accusing Arthur's actions' as, alas, astounding, astonishing assaults.
Also, Ann asks an additionnal arbitration award adjudication
anon against aboriginal alligator antisocial Arthur Arctic Abacus' actions
and affirming airtight award and according annual accumulation
accrual accountability, appraising an amount astronomical.

Advisors : April, Altar, August, Alimony, & April Acrimony
Accountants: Alacrity Accrual


Ann Allegra Anonymous-Autonymous

2 March 2009 - Triumph of Alliteration... no E's

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