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Counter Quebec Referendum Aug 18th,2012


The Quebec referendum is really our opportunity too,
Our chance to show them that our democracy can break through,
To counter the Quebec separatist movement; we need to change,
Binding referendums and mandatory votes should not be strange.

But how do we get our Ottawa politicians to pay attention?
Get the lead out and counteract all this apprehension,
Ottawa should come around and down to earth to help us all,
Our referendums in Quebec might get the separatists to forestall.

Why should I be the one to come up with some counteraction?
Unknown Internet poet showing his dissatisfaction,
Because this may not be a repeat of what happened before,
When the separatists didn't quite make it out the door.

We need frequent binding referendums and much much more,
We need death with dignity, though the religious types abhor,
We need elected senators and set-date elections every four years,
These constitutional changes could lessen apprehension fears.

I feel I should apologize for disturbing their peace of mind,
But a strong separatist movement can put us in a bind,
If we can get them to help us; interfere with Ottawa isolation,
Change the Constitution for us all and a great sensation.

AUG 18TH,2012

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