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Unintentional Conclusion

My time has come perhaps to die.
I will not give in easily.
Though I can guess the reason why
Someone’s been hired to silence me

I am no longer in the game
I have retired quietly
I thought nobody knew my name.
I was mistaken obviously.

I’m not a fool I know the score.
I must kill him or he’ll kill me
It does not matter any more
someone has breached my secrecy.

I know he’s out there watching me.
Observing my daily routine,
he seeks an opportunity
make his killing quick and clean.

A single shot that’s all it takes.
A job he has been paid to do
I can’t afford to make mistakes.
Though he’s already made a few.

He does not know I am aware.
He pits his skill against my skill
and if he did I would not care
He has a contract to fulfil.

He has been paid and must succeed
to keep his reputation.
There’s no excuse which he can plead
for failure of completion.

Unless he dies by accident.
It is quite likely that he may.
In fact I am quite confident.
A stranger who has gone astray

and lost his footing carelessly
To fall five hundred feet or more
into an unforgiving sea.
To be cast up along the shore.

Nothing at all to do with me
Another loser in life’s game.
I will change my identity
and move my home base just the same.

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