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Inevitabilty is my philosophy.

Kushih style.

I drink plum wine for preference.
The Moon my only company
There is no one to take offense.
If I should drink excessively.

My wife's been dead for many years.
But in my dreams she comes to me
and whispers wise words in my ears.
Tells me to show my loyalty.

The Emperors new counsellors
are too afraid to disagree.
They have not learnt the emperor.
Prefers truth to dishonesty.

The Emperor rewarded me
With honourable retirement.
And a small house beside the sea.
Where I reside alone content..

As content as I could be.
Without my wife, far from my friends.
Though they are free to visit me.
The few on whom I can depend.

To take the time to write to me.
I know the distance is too great
For them to visit easily.
Old faithful servants of the state.

Time moves on and we grow old.
The young ones lack experience.
A lack which makes them overbold.
They write to me in confidence.

About the errors which they see.
Young counsellors are prone to make.
Although I lack authority.
I know the actions I must take.

I must write to his majesty.
Humbly request an audience.
For many years he trusted me.
This is no time for hesitance.

I take my brush and carefully.
Select the words I want to use.

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