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A praise to go around

Yes, everybody around you may praise
No one may beat eye brow and rise
Any unpleasant or unwanted remark
As they find in you a killer shark

You are perfect at your kill
Everything is done at will
You have every reason to feel
And seat comfortably at wheel

You are driving force
People may regret it with remorse
For the fear that you may leave
Very hard for them to believe

So never have illusion
With no more confusion
They may not speak or act
But lead you believe that you are perfect

Who does not live in fallacy?
It is natural policy
One may like nice and sweet coated words
For anything good and looking forward

Is it your beauty alone?
That ruins everything like cyclone?
Many are crest fallen like trees?
A musical sound around you like honey bees

Is it coupled with your intelligence?
That drives them crazy in your presence?
They have nothing else to offer except helping hand
You make them feel as very good friend

Is it your decency or good behavior?
That can be read easily like mirror
You tend to deceive no one
And liked by friend, foe or everyone

Are you gifted with snake’s charm?
Why is that not one ants you to harm?
Is it your ability to control the situation?
Or you act and balance the equation?

Is your complete ignorance r innocence?
That stops people from doing any nonsense?
Do you have reflexive mood to act?
Or hostile to counter and react?

It is nice to know that you are armed with
Controlled smile with no more opening of teeth
It keeps danger at quite good distance
You have balanced view with clear stance

There is no dearth or shortage of beauty queens
Everybody may try and would love to be very keen
It is desirable that one must understand protect self
It is like finding a treasure in the sea shelf

You are exposed to innumerable moral risks
You should be in time capable to offer kicks
It is not the advantage on one side alone
The opportunity once lost means completely gone

You may sometimes be called arrogant
And also referred as child or infant
It is not the acting but self defense
You are caving out the way from dense forest

You are and should be known as you are
Let people not praise you and remain far
You are there as special entity
You may live there as fine quality

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