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A Girl Who Is Lonely

There she sits,
All alone and in the dark,
No body cares,
Whether she is even there,
She questions to herself,
Does anyone care about me?
And wonders whether she is even seen,

She sits alone,
Feeling invisable,
Feeling scared,
All of these emotions inside,
Not knowing how to hide,

She tries to stay strong,
She tries to be brave,
To hide all of the pain inside,
She thinks of all of her past,
Wondering what she ever did wrong,
What she did to deserve all of this,

She sits alone,
No more tears to cry,
No more words to speak,

A single person speaks,
Startling her,
She looks around,
To find she is the only one there,
The one being spoken to,
She begins to feel part of the world,
And feels visable.

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