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You need to learn a lot from us, the tiny creatures, cockroaches

We were a colony
I had no head count and
Cannot tell you how many were there
We must be in thousands
We were too crowded was the fact
No one can walk, all of us practically crawling

Our living conditions compare no where
Near the ways you live
Not that we were in discomfort
That is the way we live

This colony got established over a period
We were sure of getting food
Any time any quantity
We were thriving on whatever left over by you people

Our colony grew steadily
Along the road to its full length
It was not known to you people
That there existed colony of ours
Under your own nose

One of your lads
Stumbled in our colony
When he was cleaning the unauthorized canteen
Run on the footpath
Whose kitchen rejects were our feed
He was frightened at the sight of our crowd
And yelled

A war like situation came up
And our colony was invaded
By an army of people
With broomsticks, long flat wooden panels, etc.
In addition, they fumigated our colony
Making us rush out in the open
Young ones managing to run with their guiding mothers
Elder ones even flying

We were not sure as to where
We would be shifting
We crawled here and there
Crossing the road
Minding not the heavy traffic
Some of us got crushed too
We were fleeing for life
We got spread so much
The entire passers by had a feel of our unique scent
Some of them even holding their breathe
And some using out their handkerchief as respiratory protection

There was no need for this invasion
We were in no competing with any of your things
We were making a living of your left over
We were not seen in your midst

It is alright, if you want us to vacate
But, it hurts if you take measures to eliminate us
We were created by the same nature
That created you
We assure you
Despite your dislike and distaste for us
We will survive as we are determined

You should appreciate the strength
And steadfastness with which we survive
Even the toughest of conditions
Will not eliminate this gene

You need to learn a lot from us
The tiny creatures, cockroaches

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