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You can stay in perfect bliss, if you so choose

It is all fine here
I do not see anything
Nor do I hear anything
No hunger
No sleep
Ever wakeful

All of us here
Do not wish or long for anything
Things are fine around
And we are in great comfort

The dull light available
Is good enough to make out
What is happening

How come everything,
Everything means everything
Including me and mines, near or far
Has become totally insignifcant

We have nothing to worry about
We have nothing to plan or act
We just keep moving here and there
In the thin air

Only thing we do to each other is to smile at each other
Regardless of the other taking note of it or not

Once a while we understand
That someone has left
For taking shape
And once again that someone
Will hear, see, cry and laugh

Travel to this world was smooth
Staying here is wonderful
I do not know how long will I be here
As I will also go to a shape anytime
Is what my understanding says

All of you will one day or the other come here
And that time you will recall
What all I said above

I will not invite you here
As you feel you are safe there
I will not say you will also be in comfort
As many of us feel
All depends on how much

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