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Theirs thing’s I can handle
But you not being around is one of them
Day in day out I wish I was with you
We use to see each other every day
Now I’m lucky to see you once a month
If I do see you, it’s a total of maybe 5 minutes
That’s what I get
Do you really care?
You say you want to do things with me.
But why with me?
What makes me so special?
I tried and explain to you that I don’t do that.
Felt like I was talking to a wall.
How come you never want to pay attention?
For the first time in my life I had rumors about me.
It wasn’t even like they where good rumors.
Shit I wouldn’t want nothing spread around.
Especially when their not true.
It’s stuff I don’t even believe in.
But you saw more to it then just some rumor.
Random people would come and question your sexuality.
You didn’t even give a shit.
You didn’t care what people thought of you.
But me.
See I’m different.
I cared so much that it hurt me.
I want to disappear and never come back.
You could give two shits as long as you got your attention.
Every body bow down the princess is here.

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