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Quotes about the brothers karamazov

Malcolm Muggeridge

Freedom is a mystical truth — Its expressed best in The Brothers Karamazov, the chapter when the Grand Inquisitor confronted the returned Christ. The freedom that Christ gave the world was the freedom of being an individual, in a collectivity, of basing ones life on love, as distinct from power, of seeking the good of others rather than nourishing ones own ego. That was liberation. And the Chief Inquisitor, who speaks for every dictator, every millionaire, every ideologue that's ever been, says we can't have it. Go away. Stay away.

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The Revolution is a Whore

The revolution is a whore and is over! all secular humanist movements have failed, it's over on a physical plain. The biggest lie of all is that the problem is always political and the system when in it is actually human nature. All modern philosophy, psychology, sociology and anthropology tries to say it is the environment and the system from Marx on ward thru the sixties. This modern view of a more perfect union and the perfectibility of man is totally wrong because mankind as a whole and as an individual is fallen and now with modern technology the genocidal capacity is here and will stay until he deals or is dealt with by God as a whole. Modern man is not going to get better but only worse.
Look at our food industry, chicken that can’t walk after a few months loaded with growth hormones, cattle that should graze but are fed corn, everything filled with preservatives and chemicals, fertilizers running into watersheds and rivers and the sea. Meat washed with ammonia and chemicals. Talk about cruelty too animals…Pigs that can’t even stand up when they are more intelligent than dogs, FDA and EPA regulators that worked for the major corporations and go back and forth between big business and government, huge amounts of lobby dollars to sway special interests. Don’t you hate it or are you just to numb to care anymore? It needs to come down and its power is to strong through out the world and will only come down by war along with every other false greedy ideology and false religion that undermines humanity and love. Genetic diseases are coming as well from these masters of reality who tamper. Monsanto and genetically modified corn and soybeans already are band in many places but not in the USA. DON’T FALL ASLEEP! They want us like cattle.
My faith sustains me with the vision of Christ not the vision of a revolt or a turning around of things by some movement of man. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah out there and brave new world where everyone is drugged and then your telling me this is the fodder of CHANGE? Forget it! I will keep trying as an individual but my hope is no longer in political or ideological movements of man. Do you actually think it is getting better? LOL! Do you think that globalization is going to create one big happy family as we ruin the planet going into the future? I see the entire world heading for more and more trouble and no works of technology or ingenuity by mans hand stopping it. The answers are not in the physical or the material realm. Secular humanism as a solution is a failed system and I suggest you learn to pray and open your heart up to the cross of Jesus Christ and start reading the Bible.
This whole dilapidated culture has left God in the name of a false freedom and I see it imploding more and more, men with men, women with women, no longer boundaries and the freedom is major chaos, cheating marriages, it is all so lost and unproductive, it is so close to war, it is actually happening like watching a movie. In Huxley's 'Brave New World' the outside man was born on a reservation from a natural mother and when he came to Brave New World he had dignity and his language represented dignity with depth and soul. Huxley wrote in 1931 'as real freedom dissipates sexual freedom and drug abuse will rise' angst and loss of soul takes compensation for hollowness of a freedom without universals. Huxley said the states in the world would use sex and drugs as a compensation. The savage in Brave New World liked a woman who was poly with all kinds of partners conditioned by the state and every time they or she felt angst they would take soma(a state desighner drug) and go find another partner never waking up. The savage was trying to read Shakespeare to her and finally he told he loved her-she started taking off her clothes and saying why didn't you say so! He screamed at her and slapped her and said 'I didn't mean that! They had no commitment, no sense of true love, no real freedom and depth of soul. The savage left and the book ends with him hanging. All his life Huxley tried to get him off that tree being the representation of mans soul in a modern world losing grip on the very concept of soul. His last book 'Island' was a Tibetan Buddhist colony off an island in China still trying to say humanity could survive in post modernism and genocidal technology.
I see more more rot and lost culture in the name of a sick shallow gross freedom. Does it ever surprise you, the lack of political will? It is like the invasion of the body snatchers, more and more people are taken over by this crass commercial superficial culture that plays into the hand of the ultra state while they are deadened and ruled with pleasure and compensations such as anti depressants, materialism, pornography and a false sense of belonging just like Dostoevsky's 'Grand Inquisitor' his master piece 'The Brothers Karamazov'. I see Orwell's boot in the face as the image of man turns into Sodom and Gomorrah. The system sells everything from guns to phony change and revolution while pacifying its victims with phony freedom that leaves us beyond comfortably numb, more like comatose in the sleep of death with a loss of fundamental humanity and conscience

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A tear like ball of lead rolls in my fragile heart

I write this to a friend of mine who madly involved in competitive politics.
This is a paper flower that never betrays you.
Hey! Chum, New year bird gets ready to fly at her roost in the sky
Until the crawling month of January peeps.
My Granny whispers in her old gray tomb;
'I know that she sings the same old song with a different dance
Like a handsome politician in a colored dress.
When a red fox howls at the midnight on a mountain top
I think of you deeply and worry my friend.
My heart laments like the mystic Protagonist in your favorite book of Fyodor Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov'
If possible, please change your slippery road brother
And meet one day in a cobbled street corner.
We belong together as bards forever.

*How strange when I read the passages of obituaries here in a foreign land and I feel they are my own familiar people? I wish them a Merry Christmas!

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Do You Like My Verse?

yes, the diary, of some events though too personal about some
rifts between brothers, my brother and i,
am so patient, till the end, though i am older and mild mannered always
seeking to understand the gap of
ten years, practically he belonging to another strange generation
while i keep my mouth shut
my mind open to him: as i reduce him to prose and elevate him
further to poetry, and i am glad you like
this poetry of brothers reaching a conciliation
like some great movies
about brothers karamazov
and their anna kareninas or yes, yes, lady chatterly's
or emma
you never know grace, unlike tina she is not a brown dog
but the brown prima donna of my life

love lost and brothers fighting over some little wars of their hearts
do not attempt to understand
this is purely a private matter of the bastasa family,
rocky maribujoc, roots of molave trees, some streams of consciousness

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