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Quotes about moltke

Hans Christian Andersen

Grev Joachim Moltke-Bregentved

Tænk kun paa ham hvis Støv er Graven bragt,
Erindring, udfold heel din Blomsterpragt!

Et Smiil sad i hans Øie, om hans Mund,
Det lyste fra den rene Hjerte-Bund.

Husk Julens Glæder, naar han spøgte glad;
Saa rigt og stort er Hjertets Mindeblad.

Hos Eder lykkelig og glad han stod,
For Danmarks Sag, han Hjemmets Hjem forlod.

Den vaade Jord og Nattens kolde Vind,
Skjød Dødens Kugle i hans Hjerte ind.

Sit unge Liv han glad for Danmark gav.
De Runer vil' vi riste paa hans Grav!

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At a Reading

The spare professor, grave and bald,
Began his paper. It was called,
I think, "A Brief Historic Glance
At Russia, Germany, and France."
A glance, but to my best belief
'T was almost anything but brief--
A wide survey, in which the earth
Was seen before mankind had birth;
Strange monsters basked them in the sun,
Behemoth, armored glyptodon,
And in the dawn's unpractised ray
The transient dodo winged its way;
Then, by degrees, through slit and slough,
We reached Berlin--I don't know how.
The good Professor's monotone
Had turned me into senseless stone
Instanter, but that near me sat
Hypatia in her new spring hat,
Blue-eyed, intent, with lips whose bloom
Lighted the heavy-curtained room.

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War And Gore

A series of catastrophes that ends
in victory: thus Clemenceau once defined
once spilt from victory cannot be refined;
and is the price of all its dividends.

Inspired by a saying of Georges Clemenceau, French Prime Minister after November 17,1917 who supported the policy of total war – “We present ourselves before you with the single thought of total war” ––and the policy of “la guerre jusqu'au bout” (war until the end) , stated: “War is a series of catastrophes that ends in victory.” This saying of Clemenceau was quoted by Robert Messenger in a review of a book about the battle of the Marne,1914 by Holger H. Herwig (“The Cruel Path to Impasse, ” WSJ, December 3,2009) . He points out that the reason why Germany was unable to win the war in 1914 is because the Schlieffen Plan that Helmut von Moltke wsa supposed to implement was too vague and von Moltke “let his disputatious commanders––some brilliant, some over the hill––make their own decisions, all too often conflicting. The result was chaos, and yet the Germans nearly won, thanks to the excellence of their troops.”


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