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We are survival machines - robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes.

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Where Is The Outcry

Leave your dog without water or food
They call the cops on you for cruelty to animals
They don’t even let cattle graze
We feed them corn and create salmonella
Stuck in pens full of feces
Chickens in pens so crowded
Chickens with growth hormones
Chickens with broken bones from quick weight gain
Lets get back to free range chickens

Where is the outcry?

Pigs are smarter than dogs
Some never even stand up and are baby machines
Horrible cruelty to animals
Where is the Christian outrage?

Where is the outcry?

We take wetlands
We poison rivers and kill fish
We poison waters with chemicals
We kill Gods creation with abuse

Where is the outcry?

We ruin forests
Change salmon streams
Take billions of years of nature away
Where is the voice of the church?
Are we not tender’s of the garden?

Where is the outcry?

Species disappearing everyday
Zoo’s becoming the new animal sanctuaries
Everything becoming fenced in
Cruelty to animals in a totally industrialized way
Systemized death

Where is the outcry?

Fat cat mega churches with prosperity messages
Obese children with white flower from cereal industries
Cheap low nutrition food from the food industry
Money, money and more money
Lawyers and fake scientist backing big business
Government in bed with corporate greed
Ethics drowned in sick wealth
Religions used for phony political ends
Global warming denied
Ruin our rivers and oceans, our fields and forests

Where is the outcry?

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We are aware that in 2005 our efforts to preserve the stability and prestige of the Republic of Bulgaria in the area of foreign policy, and our efforts to attain fully our strategic goals will be mostly contingent upon the way we address our domestic priorities.

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Sentences are constructed by the thoughts,
As selfless behaviour is the mindful activity.

Too much is behaving madly,
And so many thoughts are contrived.

You are compelled to understand enlightenment,
And help it with the selfish people,
Who are a mere percentage,
And everso strange.

Correctly relax on older passions,
And do not correct too strongly.
Old people are the wiser companions.

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A Map Of Culture



What is Culture?

The Importance of Culture

Culture Varies

Culture is Critical

The Sociobiology Debate

Values, Norms, and Social Control

Signs and Symbols


Terms and Definitions

Approaches to the Study of Culture

Are We Prisoners of Our Culture?

What is Culture?

I prefer the definition used by Ian Robertson: 'all the shared products of society: material and nonmaterial' (Our text defines it in somewhat more ponderous terms- 'The totality of learned, socially transmitted behavior. It includes ideas, values, and customs (as well as the sailboats, comic books, and birth control devices) of groups of people' (p.32) .

Back to Contents

The Importance of Culture

The concepts, culture and society are closely related. Culture is defined as all the products of society- material and nonmaterial; Society consists of interacting people living in the same territory who share a common culture. We really can't have one without the other (unless you want to call archaeological remains and historical records 'culture') . People in society create culture; culture shapes the way people interact and understand the world around them.

Culture determines what we know- the sum of all the angles in a triangle; what a screw driver is used for; how to use a computer to find out where Peloponnesians are...

Culture also determines what we don't know- how to catch a fish by hand; how to build a dugout canoe and navigate the South Seas without chart or compass.

Culture determines what we want to be- lawyer; dairy farmer; computer programmer; doctor; shaman; pearl diver

Culture Varies

It varies with the physical setting or geography: (A good example here is music. Think of all the differences in music that are related to geography. We're a mixed society in the United States, but think of the regional origins of much of our our music: Clogging in Tennessee; Cajun music (Zydeko) in Louisiana; City music vs. Country/Western Music, etc.)

It also varies with time: Have you ever tried to read Beowulf; Shakespeare; work a slide rule; drive a buggy; understand Victorian morality and ethics? I asked my young daughter if she wanted to go to a record store. 'What's a record? ', she asked. (Her generation has been exposed only to tapes and CDs) .

Think of culture as a stream flowing down through the centuries from one generation to another. Each generation contributes something to this stream, but in each generation something is left behind, some sediment drops to the bottom and is lost to society, (Bierstedt) . Examples of things lost to society the art of stained glass window making, violin making (The greatest violins ever produced by man were made in Cremona, Northern Italy in the mid 16th century) . (Science 84 5: 2 pp 3643) .

Culture is Critical to the Survival of Human Race

Because of the nature of the animal that we are. Unlike most animals that are specially adapted to the environment in which they live, we lack special physical characteristics such as long fangs, sharp teeth, claws, fur, feathers, or scales; or even physiological behavior patterns such as hibernation, to enable us to survive in a hostile environment. But, like the higher primates, (which we are one type of) , we share a number of important characteristics:

Characteristics of all primates:

Sociable: (Primates are gregarious and like to be in groups)
Smart: (large brain/body weight ratio) Humans' brains are most complex.
Sensitive hands: (All primates have an opposing thumb) .
Sound: (Primates are extremely vocal) .
Stand: (All primates can assume an erect posture which frees the hands):

Biological characteristics possessed by humans, alone:

Sex and Mating: (Year around mating- Unlike other primates, we lack a special breeding season. This, has important implications for gender roles) .
Schooling: (The young have a long period of dependence on adults. This also has implications for gender roles) .
Symbolic Speech: (Although there are numerous examples of chimpanzees being taught to use symbols to communicate, humans alone have developed a highly complex system of symbolic speech) .
Locomotion: (Humans alone, walk erect) .

Humans possess a highly developed, complex brain, which allows us to communicate symbolically, to learn quickly, and to innovate. We lack instincts (or if they do exist they are not readily apparent) . It is our culture that enables us to survive as a species. Culture provides answers to such basic problems as finding shelter, food, and clothing. Culture provides guidance for our every day lives; social organization which keeps us from tearing each other apart.

Every generation has to learn from scratch the culture of its society or it will perish. All the basic institutions of society that we discussed earlier; the economy, education, religion, recreation, politics represent needs that society must meet. Ways of meeting these needs are handed down from one generation to the next. They represent our culture. What we lack in physical attributes and strength, we make up for in our ability to communicate and learn culture from one generation to the next.

This, in my opinion, is precisely why Sociology is so important. It's humankind's almost total reliance upon socially transmitted patterns of behavior that enable it to survive. Society and culture are the subject matter of Sociology.

The Sociobiology Debate

There is a school of thought, Sociobiology, which sees much of human behavior as being instinctual. Sociologists generally hold that culture evolved (or developed) due to the influence of values (ideas) or due to changes in the material base of society (technology fire, the wheel, the computer) . They usually argue that biology (genetic programming) has a limited role. Sociobiologists, claim that human culture and social behavior derive from a process of natural selection and genetic transmission. Our genes predispose us to certain patterns of behavior unique from other animals. Sociobiologists support their argument by citing a number of 'cultural universals' found in all societies. They say that this is evidence of the influence of genetic factors. Examples have been drawn from the work of anthropologist, George Murdock (1945) who argued that all societies demonstrated some form of the following:

athletic sports


bodily adornment


cooking (meal preparation)

incest taboos

cooperative labor





num erals

dream analysis

personal names

family feasting

property rights

folk law

sexual restrictions

funeral ceremonies


food taboos

toilet training


tool making

gift giving

weather making

Sociobiologists argue that human behavior ultimately is derived from our biology rather than learning. According to Murdock, all societies have incest taboos. Why? One biological argument would be that in-breeding can produce genetic defects, or that it may reinforce undesirable traits (such as hemophilia or mental instability) . Incest taboos force a group to broaden its gene pool which reduces the probability of passing along 'dysfunctional' traits. One could apply this argument to the Catholic Church: By forbidding priests and nuns to marry, it forced the recruitment of individuals from outside the church to keep the gene pool fresh. (This would prevent the formation of 'religious royal families' and the decline of the faith when a feeble minded monarch emerged) .

But there are problems with this argument. Referring to incest: Why is incest defined differently from one society to another? The range of variation is tremendous! Some societies have allowed marriage between brothers and sisters. Others forbid it between relatives closer than first cousins. Still others have restrictions going out even further; requiring individuals to marry outside the tribe. If there is a genetic basis for the incest taboo, why is there so much variation? Another point is that just as 'dysfunctional traits' can be reinforced through inbreeding; so can 'desirable' characteristics. (Dog breeders and horse breeders do this very thing) .

If everything were programmed genetically, we would expect to see little variation across societies in the way people handled the affairs of their everyday lives. But there are tremendous differences in...

the sports that we play and the way we play them
the families that we form and the ways we form them
the various ways in which we court our spouses
the friends we make and the way we make them
the tools we make and how we use them
the languages we invent and the way we speak them
the food we eat and how we eat it
the religions we form and how we practice them
the laws and customs we make and how we observe them.

The key point is that this behavior is learned. Humans can change culture without changing genes. Biology sets the stage by giving us unique capabilities that distinguish us from other species; culture determines how we use those unique capabilities.

Values, Norms, and Social Control

Values are socially shared ideas about what is 'right' and 'wrong; ' 'good' and 'bad' in society. Values are general ideas- broad and abstract. They vary from one society to another and one way to study society is to examine the values held by its members. Values are important because it is from them that we derive the norms or rules that govern our everyday lives. Values help guide conduct in unfamiliar situations and may lead to the formation of specific norms. Generally speaking, we tend to hold on to our values and are unlikely to compromise them. American values have been intensively studied by numerous scholars:

American values (Robin Williams) :

achievement and success


activity and work






material comfort


efficiency/p racticality



racial/ethnic superiority

American values (Talcott Parsons) :

instrumental activism

maximization of opportunity for individuals and sub collectives


pragmatic acceptance of authority

economic production

objection to pretensions of generalized superiority of status

technology and science

Individuals as well as entire societies may experience value conflict. A great example of value conflict at the individual level is provided by the 1941 movie, 'Sergeant York, ' (starring Gary Cooper) . The movie tells the story of Alvin Cullum York, regarded as one of the outstanding heroes of World War I, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for killing 20 enemy soldiers and capturing over 100 prisoners. At first, York was a conscientious objector who held deep religions convictions against killing. The value conflict in this case involved the Sixth Commandment's prohibition against killing and what he felt were his duties as a patriotic American- to answer his country's call. Cooper, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Sgt. York, did a wonderful job showing how individuals 'freeze up' and are unable to do anything until they resolve these kinds of internal value conflicts.

One very powerful example of a value conflict at the societal level is the current debate over abortion. Values are not readily compromised and it is often impossible to find 'common ground' in these kinds of disputes. The debate over slavery and states' rights in the 1850s is an example of a value conflict that was eventually resolved through war- the bloodiest war in this nation's history. The deplorable state of affairs we are now observing in what was formerly Yugoslavia, is essentially another value conflict.

Norms are derived from a society's overall values. Values determine norms. Remember, norms are classified into several types.

Folkways (weak norms customs, etiquette; three meals a day, wearing shoes to class, tipping after a meal, taking same seat in class)
Mores (strong norms considered vital to our well-being, values, morals; cheating on spouse, child abuse and murder)
Laws (Norms established and punished by the state with punishments fixed in advance: written or encoded mores, folkways, and taboos; from traffic laws to laws against rape and murder) .
Taboos (Very strong norms whose violation is considered loathsome and disgusting)

Social Control is the means by which society ensures that its members follow approved norms. Norms are supported by sanctions- positive and negative; formal and informal; which are used to bring people into line.

Positive (informal) sanction: give child a candy bar for behaving
Negative (informal) sanction: give a child a stern look for talking in church
Positive (formal) sanction: combat soldier gets Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism
Negative (formal) sanction: person gets speeding ticket for doing 56 mph in a 55 mph zone

Back to Contents

Signs and Symbols

There is an important difference between signs and symbols that you should know. Symbols set man apart from animals. Animals use signs.

Signs are representational: There is a direct connection between the sign and the reality it refers to. The meaning is clear and unambiguous. Sort of like stimulus and response. There is no need to interpret meanings.

Smoke indicates that fire is present (or will soon be present)
The family dog scratches the door to the back yard- It wants to go outside. It gets its bowl- It wants food. (The bowl is directly related to food) . It lays down belly-up- It displays submission.

Symbols are interpretative:

A symbol is an object, gesture, sound, color, or design which stands for something other than itself. We humans give meaning to these things. Examples- wedding band; leather jacket; sports car; the length and color of a person's hair; (punk rockers; T.V. ministries where people are neatly dressed; flag burnings) . Symbols may have multiple meanings. Example- the cross on a church steeple; a burning cross; a red cross on the side of an ambulance. (A smile can take on many different meanings) . Symbols can change meaning over time. Example- 'V' sign was once obscene. It stood for victory in World War II. During the Vietnam War it meant peace. Symbols are capable of stirring up deep emotions. In the debate over abortion, individuals don't classify themselves as 'pro' or 'anti' abortion. Rather, they use the terms 'pro-choice', or 'pro-life'- 'choice' and 'life' are two important values in U.S. society. People often disagree over whether or not a symbol is appropriate for a given place or circumstance. Several years ago, there was much debate over whether or not McDonalds' 'golden arches, ' an internationally recognized symbol in its own right, should be displayed so prominently over the VCU Student Commons' entrances. Eventually, the arches were taken down.


Most people feel that language is unique to human beings. Other species use signs with genetically fixed meanings and can learn to respond to specified stimuli- (Pavlov's dogs salivating at the ring of a bell) - but only humans can be said to have language. Language consists primarily of verbal and written symbols with rules for putting them together. (Language also consists of the nonverbal expressions which accompany speech in face-to-face interaction. Raising an eyebrow or winking an eye often relays more meaning than a hundred words. We can therefore modify our definition to include 'verbal, visual, and written symbols and their associated rules for putting them together.'

Is language really unique to humans? There are a number of very interesting studies that suggest that certain animals have a highly developed capacity for language. Click on the links, below for some serious and scholarly references on animal communication.

§ Birds

§ Chimpanzees

§ Gorillas

This next site has some interesting material on

§ Dolphins and Whales

Language is truly the 'keystone to culture' for without it, we could not pass on the collective experience of society and the lessons it teaches for survival. It is the primary way that we pass on our culture from one generation to the next. It enables us to store meanings so we don't have to relearn everything with each generation.
Language allows us to create worlds we've never seen and develop new ideas to explain the world around us. A good example is atomic theory. Before the advent of the scanning electron microscope men had predicted the existence of atoms and molecules using the symbols of language. Language also allows us to develop new ideas to apply to the future.
George Orwell realized the importance of language in his epic work,1984. Why did the rulers of Oceania develop 'Newspeak'? They wanted to restrict the creative ability of humankind so they wouldn't have the concepts of freedom, free enterprise, individuality. 'The purpose of newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the worldview and mental habits proper to devotees of Ingsoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible.' (Orwell, p.246)

The SapirWhorf Hypothesis states that language not only reproduces our ideas, but it also shapes the way we think. It orders our reality. It may prevent people from being aware of things in the environment and focuses our attention on certain things. Examples:

Sexist language shapes our thinking about women. Coaches who ridiculed male players when they weren't playing well by calling them ladies? Language that treats women as objects; 'chick, fox, babe, hot cakes, skirts, etc. will tend to make us think of women as objects, not people.
Racist language, ethnic language; Micks, Spicks, Whops, Pollocks, Degos, Ollies, etc. tend to lower our image of people.
Color: The human eye can discern thousands of different shades of color, yet in our society we identify only 6 to 8 particular ones. A tribe in New Guinea breaks colors into categories of 'warm' and 'cold' (so much for the science of spectroscopy in that society) !
The Eskimos have many different words for snow. Unless we ski a lot, most of us use one- 'snow.'
Christian missionaries in Hawaii were shocked to find no word or concept for sin.
In (North) American society, we tend to treat physical objects as if they had wills of their own. If a pen rolls off a table, we'll say 'It fell off.' or 'It rolled off the table and fell on the floor.' The Russian culture works differently. Their response would be something like 'They did it.' or 'They caused it to fall on the floor.'

Are we slaves to our language? The language we speak predisposes us to see the world in certain ways, but language is extremely flexible. As we find ourselves lacking words to describe new ideas, machines, processes, and technologies, we coin new terms and phrases. 'Black holes, ' 'Quarks, ' and even 'Supply side economics, ' are all creations of the mind and examples showing where language has lagged behind conceptual ideas in the mind.

Terms and Definitions

Related terms and definitions:

Cultural universals: These imply practices common to every culture. We've already discussed the Anthropologist, George Murdock's proposed list of general traits found in every culture. It seems that there are a large number of very general traits common to all cultures, but no specific ones like what, exactly, defines murder, incest, etc. in a society?
Ethnocentrism: This is the tendency to judge other cultures by the standards of our own. ('Body Ritual Among the Nacirema') .
Cultural relativism: The recognition that one culture cannot be arbitrarily judged by the standards of another. We need to adopt this stance when studying other cultures.
Cultural Integration: Culture is not a random assemblage of skills, customs, values, and beliefs. These elements are woven into a definite pattern and are somehow related to one another.
Cultural Diversity: Common culture gives us a sense of identity but there is a great deal of variation among groups. We witness cultural diversity on both the international and national levels. We've already talked about regional differences when we compared the North with the South in the United States.
Subcultures: Within a culture there may exist groups of people who have their own distinct sets of values, customs, and lifestyles. (Italian Americans, African Americans, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, the young, the middle-aged, the old, etc.) . We can even say that there is a subculture of college life.
Countercultures: a counterculture that is fundamentally at odds with the dominant culture. (The youth movement of the 1960's, for example) .
Real and Ideal culture: Ideal culture is what the values say we believe in, what we should practice, while real culture is what actually exists. Often there is a discrepancy between the two resulting in cultural strain.

Approaches to the Study of Culture

There are several approaches to the study of culture. Here are two examples:

Functionalism looks at the roles that components of culture play in maintaining the social order as a whole. What are the consequences for a society if we remove or change one element of its culture? (i.e. in America, the computer) . The problem with this approach is that it tends to overlook change when stressing the functional relationships between variables. It also has a pejorative or negative view of unbalance in the system, even when such unbalance may mean social improvement.


The Ecological approach examines the culture of a given society in relation to the total environment in which it exists. For example, why do people in India let sacred cows roam the streets by the millions (100 million) when so many people are hungry? One reason is that cows are needed to produce the oxen which Indian farmers must have to plow the fields. Without them, even more people will starve. Also, the cows produce over 700 million tons of manure each year. Half of it is used for fertilizer; the other half is used for fuel. When the cows die, they are eaten by the untouchables or outcasts who are the hungriest people in the population. The cows' hides are used in the leather industry.

Are we prisoners of our Culture?

No. Culture does make humans what they are, but humans also make culture. We constantly make changes to our culture. It guides us through life, but we also change and modify it to our needs and desires. If we could not do this, everything would be the same from generation to generation just like the bees and termites. It's hard for 2. Processes of cultural change: Cultural change is usually slow and deliberate. When changes occur in one cultural element (the economy) changes can be expected elsewhere (politics) . Things generally tend to be linked together.

There are three mechanisms by which cultural change occurs:

Discovery the perception or recognition of something that already exists- fire, the New World.
Invention combining old knowledge to produce something that did not exist before, the compass, for example.
Diffusion the spread of cultural elements from one culture to another. i.e. gun powder from China to the West. Most cultural change occurs in this manner- (Linton's 'One hundred Percent American' article) .

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Tradition is just like one-way traffic over here,
And you can't change the minds of the people around;
For their lives are programmed like a robot.

The law is very difficult for them to obey,
And it is all about a different culture and different people;
But their lives are always programmed like robots.

The tradition over here is very strange to me!
And you can't change the very minds of these people;
But at times, it is just like broken pottery in the hands.

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Evil Robot

You think I’m crazy,
maybe I’m not,
maybe it was my evil robot.
Yes, he was programmed to do the deed,
he’s filled with spite
he’s filled with greed.
Greed to succeed,
to make me lead.
I programmed him I do confess,
he will do like all the rest.
Take over my plan that I do best.
controlling minds of humans
for I’ve experimented and I did test.
I will reign once again,
in this realm of fairy land.

Written by Christina Sunrise on September 12,2011

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We Need Fear For Survival

Of valour on the battlefield and in other ways we hear
But only the most foolhardy one would never know of fear
We need fear for survival may they rest in peace the brave
Their reward for their bravery the cold and darkness of the grave.

We need fear for survival the very brave are dead
And little use to them 'twould seem if good things of them are said
We need a bit of fear in us in order to stay alive
Few of the brave to a ripe old age have been known to survive.

I'd rather live to a ripe old age than have died young and brave
We need a bit of fear in us for to keep cheating the grave
Why would you even wish to die though your better days are long gone
Our will to live is always strong and it keeps us keeping on.

The fear of death is a healthy fear the brave seem to die young
Though of no use to the deceased if their praises are sung
In their graves they do never hear the bugler for them play
They lay in peace forever more that's life as some might say.

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A Poem During War (Cavatina) (In Answer To Archibald Macleish)

Not the loss of men, machines or a country
to destiny,
or the farewell of you to whom I long,
or to be free
from the ravages of a unwanted war,
always holds me
like the beauty of the last summer spent;
the deep feelings for you do not relent

as I long for a new dawn without pain
or any fear
while the future now looks very grim
and guns I hear
sending messages of their deadly flame,
nothing is clear
and although we do constantly just win,
the shattering of my soul did begin.

While bullets, rockets and shells do whistle past
your face, our love,
is out of my mind, as like a machine
I act above
the mere decency of being human,
while I do move
from one sheltering onto the next one,
all other thoughts but survival are gone

but still so intense you remain with me,
that I do dream
of your countenance, I see your face;
in clouds like steam
the wounded do for God, each other or
their mothers scream
with the smell of burnt flesh everywhere,
the pain of dying is constantly here.

[Reference: 'Two Poems from the War' by Archibald MacLeish.]

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Hell Hotel

Salutations paint his karma, bend joints in fighting words
Got his mean streak from his mother, ha ha ha
Now love boats paint his liver, with eyes on the city lights
Collapsin on the upbeats or relaxin for the night
He steps into a crazy hotel, the desk clerk hands him soap-on-a-rope
What does he mean by this?
Bellhop takes his flashlight, takes john up to his room
Va-va-va-voom this is a sweet life, anthrax on the couch
Were here to entertain you, or have you seen this episode
Were the ancient order of robot dolls, were putting you at the controls
Well, well, well welcome to hell hotel
Well, well, well welcome to hell hotel
Sports cars and the gamblin, johns winning every night
Well theres certain smells john cant repel, but momma it cant be right
He bolts awake laughing, but no ones in his room
And the big boss man doesnt understand why john cant smile no more
Were here to make you happy, thats all that we are programmed for
But you say this pleasures a pain for you
Sebastian c. could tell you more
Well, well, well welcome to hell hotel
Well, well, well welcome to hell hotel

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Chimney Smoke

My chimney smoke billows, streams and puffs,
Peacefully wafting o'er the bluffs,
Drifting further, merging with clouds,
That act as our blankets, our mantles, our shrouds.

O the good Earth is spinning around and around,
And the sun ever shines without making a sound,
And the hearth in my house is burning some wood,
Crackling and popping like a good fire should.

Yes we laughed and we cried and we had such a ball,
Was all of this something after all?
'I know not our strange plot, ' said the tired, old man,
Then returned to the spot where his whole life began.

Immense and stupendous with checkerboard floors,
We push forward like pawns down the long corridors,
Capturing pieces like killing machines,
Yearning to turn into quantum queens!

There's blood in the streets and there's blood in the fields,
There are bird-picked bones by the broken shields,
And the cycle continues forevermore,
Massacres, genocides, holocausts, war!

And when we look back at all that's been done,
In the name of survival, development, fun,
Will we try to correct the mistakes that were made?
Or live to regret them, forget them, and fade…

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you're just walking round
your little mazes figuring out
how to get by,
how to get laid,
and get famous,
get yourself paid,
impress the guys.
you think you're thinking for yourself
but when you get on the
subway's most crowded part
just to stand behind a girl
then you are
just a robot,
executing a program.
you are just a robot,
an imitation of a man
you're taught to divide
the world into buddies and wives,
sluts and wimps;
and ever since,
you've kept a scorecard
how else to prove
you're such the pimp.
you think you're thinking for yourself
but when you can't get any
the consentual way
you decide to use some force
she told me one night
when we were lying quiet and cold,
something not right.
it had been months
since the good times,
once there was sun,
now there was night.
and she said to me
as she turned on the light,
"there's something you don't know
that keeps me from feeling right.
i once knew a guy,
i'd seen him around.
he knew all my friends,
he came from town.
one night at a party,
we both were there,
he followed me into the bathroom,
he grabbed my hair,"
and she said "i still remember
just how the floor felt
and how my head would hit the tub."
now where is that robot,
put a stake thru my true love
where is that robot,
should get struck down from above
you are just a robot,
executing a program,
an imitation of a man

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Accept, you are the wildest, right?

If you term a person ‘wild’
You mean that person is unreasonable
You mean that person reacts violently
You mean that person is unpredictable
You mean that person is unsociable
And you term us ‘wild’

Yes, I am representing that group of animals,
Who live in natural environment.

We go by the natural law ‘survival of the fittest’
We are simple and we never show up we are wise or smart
We live the present only, we know there is nothing called future
We eat only when we are hungry
We live only with those comforts nature has provided
We do not cheat or misrepresent facts
We make homes with available natural materials
We do not amaze wealth
We do not hoard anything
We kill only when we are hungry and eat the flesh then and there
We do not, however, kill our own tribe
And you call us ‘wild’

You are wise, learned and know many things
You make laws and you know how to break them without being caught
You amaze wealth for the comfort of your off-springs
You are worried more about future
Than being particular enjoying the present
You harness natural powers for your benefit
And you say this is just add to your comforts
You make use of every thing nature has provided
And manipulate them to match you needs
You experiment on us, not for our benefit
And claim that such experiments will help human beings
You kill us for pleasure,
Not always because you are hungry and need our flesh
Why you kill your own people
And say you are protecting your nation, tribe, faith or religion
With this great background you call us ‘wild’

If you insist we agree to be branded as ‘wild’
Provided, you accept
That you are ‘wildest’

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Robot City

I live in the city of Wanna-Be
In the State of Much-Too-Hard,
And watch for the all If-Only folk
Who stick to their own backyard,
The schools are breeding their robot kids
That I call, I-Know-My-Rights,
The courts acquit them of larceny
And turn them loose in the night.

And some are ticketed Not-My-Fault,
Or Somebody-else-Not-Me!
Along with the other Why-Should-I?
They all just Wanna-Be-Free,
Then I-Had-A-Lousy-Childhood think
They can moan, and cry on the stairs,
While I have a word to answer them:

But often I notice, way out there
The ones who greet with a smile,
And nothing is Much-Too-Hard for them
They go for the extra mile,
The bus conductor who tips his cap,
The woman that works in the Mall,
These were the people I loved out there,
For they made me feel quite small.

One night I wandered along the streets
When everyone else was home,
I like to muse in the darkness when
The city is all alone,
Then somewhere out of the darkness loomed
A warehouse, painted black,
And the lights were on, and the door ajar
So I peeked, was taken aback.

For there on a line of hangers hung
Those folk I'd met in my day,
Hooked on a slow conveyor belt
They had nothing at all to say,
The woman there with her Can-I-Help
The conductor with glassy eyes,
Just hanging there ‘til the early dawn
When they'd be re-energised.

The girl with Have-A-Good Day was there,
And even the friendly cop,
The little old lady of Bless-You-All
That served in the pastry shop,
The young lad parking attendant who
Had said No-Trouble-Sir,
They all hung there on their hangers, marked
Robotics; What-Once-We-Were!

There must have been over a thousand there
Or maybe a little more
Along with the kindly You-Keep-Well
The Council were keeping score,
They'd tried to bring back civility
By giving us pleasant Robots,
To counter the surly Who-Could-Care?
With a thousand Forget-Me-Nots.

I cleared on out to the country where
The people waved from the fields,
I put my ear to the chests of some
To find they were really real,
There wasn't a whirr or a ticking clock
So they caught me off my guard,
I'd never return to the city now
In the State of Much-Too-Hard!

David Lewis Paget

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The Purse-Seine

Our sardine fishermen work at night in the dark
of the moon; daylight or moonlight
They could not tell where to spread the net,
unable to see the phosphorescence of the
shoals of fish.
They work northward from Monterey, coasting
Santa Cruz; off New Year's Point or off
Pigeon Point
The look-out man will see some lakes of milk-color
light on the sea's night-purple; he points,
and the helmsman
Turns the dark prow, the motorboat circles the
gleaming shoal and drifts out her seine-net.
They close the circle
And purse the bottom of the net, then with great
labor haul it in.

I cannot tell you
How beautiful the scene is, and a little terrible,
then, when the crowded fish
Know they are caught, and wildly beat from one wall
to the other of their closing destiny the
Water to a pool of flame, each beautiful slender body
sheeted with flame, like a live rocket
A comet's tail wake of clear yellow flame; while outside
the narrowing
Floats and cordage of the net great sea-lions come up
to watch, sighing in the dark; the vast walls
of night
Stand erect to the stars.

Lately I was looking from a night mountain-top
On a wide city, the colored splendor, galaxies of light:
how could I help but recall the seine-net
Gathering the luminous fish? I cannot tell you how
beautiful the city appeared, and a little terrible.
I thought, We have geared the machines and locked all together
into inter-dependence; we have built the great cities; now
There is no escape. We have gathered vast populations incapable
of free survival, insulated
From the strong earth, each person in himself helpless, on all
dependent. The circle is closed, and the net
Is being hauled in. They hardly feel the cords drawing, yet
they shine already. The inevitable mass-disasters
Will not come in our time nor in our children's, but we
and our children
Must watch the net draw narrower, government take all
powers--or revolution, and the new government
Take more than all, add to kept bodies kept souls--or anarchy,
the mass-disasters.
These things are Progress;
Do you marvel our verse is troubled or frowning, while it keeps
its reason? Or it lets go, lets the mood flow
In the manner of the recent young men into mere hysteria,
splintered gleams, crackled laughter. But they are
quite wrong.
There is no reason for amazement: surely one always knew
that cultures decay, and life's end is death.

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We Are The Horsemen

As we search for black people and white people
Seeking the world of the four horsemen facing
John, henry, the robot, dr. smith, and will robinson
Come in please -- on track for the remix
[kool keith]
Adjusting our systems the horsemen are ready to go
Our jets, should be ready for take off, any second
I probe for evidence, movin, positive beams
Incite the first gadget, my atom explodes
Just hit the fifth planet, the x reload
Take a brother on a flight for the alpha, omega
I kick lyrics on earth, you think i'm cosmic
A spacewalker, dippin in my spacecraft
Through molecules, a steel wall interphase
The fourth horseman, legendary universe
Dark shadow human rhymin on a funky verse
I'm level 7, optimus pull back
Feeding the world of gamma data, to locate
You interlock, power 7 warp speed
Negative charge, biochemically crush
My own nucleus bomb, the great menudo
Yo wolverine i'm down, cyclops, rhythm x
X we can back up the four horsemen
Toronto blue jays, field, just like dave winfield
Pick up your bat and go to third
I see that man at the plate, he's waitin home
We are the horsemen -- enter your spaceship! (3x)
We are the horsemen -- enter!
While, returning back to my spaceship
On my galactic horse, this is what happened..
[ced gee]
I get super bionic
No my name's not mantronix, but i'm 4-h-m
Kickin flavor so steadily, so wickedy wicked
Can i switchedy switch it, i saw my troops last night
They said, "ced could you kick it?"
I got mega in concert
Then i wrote a deposit, i hit my mega-mini
Zoom back to outer space, ten nine eight seven six
Five four three - the chain reaction
Triggered the mad flows, then the rhymin got hyper
Plus i knew what they like-a, so i ripped it and rock it
Frequencies in the pocket, one blast two blast
Yes approximate, green in the chambers
The lights came on, infrared and exciting
Most don't know what i'm saying, galactic come beams
Beams beams beams beams beams beams
Beams beams beams...
Now it's classic the atom, no i don't mean the phantom
Molecules in the mix, with lots of protons to hand them
Plus i'm billin the workers, secret charts led to persia
When they're reachin their pick-up, i'ma crossover bezerker
We turn to the galaxy, the universe bothers me
From the wild wild west, i have a spaceship mentality
When i chill at the planet, magnesium flip
So i shake up the myolex, so what's left?
We are the horsemen -- enter your spaceship! (5x)
Yee-hah, ride em silver, we out!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, check it out, yeah..
Jimmy cliff down with the horsemen
Ron bordett down with the horsemen
Doc doc down with the horsemen
Kevvy kev down with the horsemen
Kleptor down with the horsemen
Drew love down with the horsemen
Old maid down with the horsemen
Chuck beats down with the horsemen
Jazz down with the horsemen
Kevvy kev down with the horsemen
Cut cut down with the horsemen
The whole world down with the horsemen
All the honies down with the horsemen
And we're out (yeahhhh) check it out
We are the horsemen -- enter your spaceship! (7x)

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Patrick White

While The Ghosts Are Putting Make-up On Their Deathmasks In The Green Room

While the ghosts are putting make-up on their death masks in the green room
and looking for their false eyelashes like centipedes on the floor,
I'm out on stage apologizing for a power outage of the stars
that shouldn't be blamed on the windmills everybody's tilting at.

And even Mother Theresa is lining up with the mermaids
on the deck of the latest shipwreck to see if she can get a bunk for the night
without any bugs or bedsores. Crackhead, hillbilly, hippie rednecks
are pouring booze over the amps of the band, and the arsonist in the corner
who hasn't said a thing all night a lip reader could understand
is trying to short out his nerves to start a fire in the walls.
The underground circus is back in town like Cirque du Soleil in eclipse,
and as far as I can see, there are a lot of fire hydrants around
but no sacred clowns, and the audience is perched on a public trapeze
under a tent of starmaps that have never seen the Pleiades.

If you just got here, Edgar Allen Poe's already had it out with the raven,
but nobody cares much, since it should have happened a long time ago,
and besides, Nevermore's not much of a door to get out of
in case of a fire. Go ask the thief who left the moon in the window
and my reflection in the mirror when everything else disappeared.
He'll tell you about the cat burglar who fell off the seventh floor
and lived to go on tour with the tale when she got crazy enough
to be wise, and put on a golden parachute that was the same size as her skin.

Have you seen Rasputin? I'm looking for my bleeding heart,
and the last time I heard of him he was in a bag in a river
with a snake that was using a rooster as a fire to keep warm
while the toxins and the bullets took effect, though all the haemophiliacs
and worried assassins said when they pulled him out, he still wasn't dead.
Hey, you've got to give a man credit for not dying
when he was too innocent to float like a waterlily or an ice-berg
in a trial by ordeal that's more Germanic than Slavic
though he should have been more subtle in his approach
to a courtful of jesters and gleemen who hate
the sound of anyone's laughter in their midst but the king's and their own.

And even the high priest of the Wizard of Oz
with his police megaphone and his taser baton agrees
you can't learn the protocols of mythic inflation
unless you're on your knees. Though I suspect
there's a lot less behind that than at first glance appears
as Cygnus swan-dives sidereally into a pool the size of a tear
without a safety net of shattered mirrors in the land of lakes
to break its Icarian descent into the shallow end of the fools
who are watching with their third eyes closed,
and lens caps on their telescopes like the blindfolds of a firing squad
that don't look much like the hoods of hunting falcons
with a bola of bells around their legs,
and the crescents of the moon for a trinity of talons.

But by the end of the act, the ghost of Lady Nightshade comes forth
like a spiritual toxologist with a spiritual arrowhead in her hands
to make a Clovis point of flint-knapped obsidian as clearly as she can
by plunging it through everyone's heart like Jonestown
that's just run out of black cool aid to bring
everything down to ground zero again as the roof blows off
in an unexpected cyclone, and we're all left lying here
caught dead in our tracks like telescopes
and the standing targets of easels in the doe-glare
of the oncoming headlights of vehicles into roadkill
as if there were no more ripples or wavelengths in the rain
or tree rings anywhere in the petrified heartwood of the pain.

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Children are like God

Children are like fresh globules of tantalizing rain;
which spell bindingly descend in euphoric frenzy from
fathomless carpets of glorious sky,

Children are like innocuous tufts of cotton soaring
ebulliently in handsome atmosphere; philandering in
stupendous melody under carpets of gloriously blissful

Children are like the pristine rays of Omnipotent Sun;
profoundly illuminating one and all; with their
vibrantly intriguing imagery; alike,

Children are like the fairies of irrefutable truth
dancing in the celestial heavens; with their
immaculately divine consciences boundless kilometers
away; from the despicable gutter of lies,

Children are like ecstatically redolent roses brazenly
swaying in the afternoon winds; unfurling into
majestic artistry and overwhelmingly tangy
boisterousness; as each second speedily zipped by,

Children are like fulminating springs of rhapsodically
untamed jubilation which erupt from the inner most
core of earth; incessantly blooming into a paradise of
new found energy; an insatiable euphoria to propel
forward in life,

Children are like united colors of the vivaciously
radiant rainbow; embracing each other in compassionate
cradles of humanity; entirely oblivious to the satanic
vagaries of caste; creed; religion and spurious color,

Children are like the resplendently milky beams of the
innocent Moon; perennially twinkling in the
unparalleled exuberance of discovery; indefatigably
exploring all bountiful happiness so fantastically
laden upon this colossal planet,

Children are like voluptuously nimble blades of dew
dropp coated grass; profusely ringing in the wholesome
merriment of symbiotic existence; whistling past the
meadows of inexplicably ghastly sorrow; with
Omnipotent beauty in their tiny souls,

Children are like scintillatingly majestic eagles
soaring royally through the silken clouds;
uninhibitedly kissing all goodness that confronted
them in their way; on every step that they poignantly

Children are like angels of relentlessly philanthropic
benevolence; donating even the most priceless of their
possession; to their comrades in agonizing pain,

Children are like the sparkle of seductively ethereal
dawn; deluging every disastrously bereaved household;
with the ingratiatingly timeless essence of joyously
beautiful existence,

Children are like steps leading to the sacrosanct
Creator; unassailably fortifying your persona to face
the deadliest of evil; as you clambered each foot

Children are like rambunctiously revered and bushy
squirrels up in the foliated trees; eternally
unfolding into insurmountable enthusiasm; leaping
fleet- footedly to metamorphose beleaguered earth once
again into an Omniscient paradise,

Children are like unfathomable treasure hoves of
captivating honey; oozing the ultimate sweetness of
godly creation; with the incredulous ardor in their
heavenly voice,

Children are like charms of everlasting luck;
magically transforming your despairingly deplorable
survival; into a life replete with profusely endearing

Children are like invincibly boundless mountains of
faith; instilling Herculean courage in all those
miserably dwindling; by just the unprecedented fervor
of brilliant optimism; lingering enchantingly in the
whites of their eyes,

Children are like petals of Omnipresent prosperity;
ubiquitously diffusing the spirit of happiness and
immortal humanity; to every penuriously ailing entity
on the trajectory of this endlessly glittering planet,

And Children are like the supremely divine aura of
Godhead; granting every benign desire in your heart to
be perpetually true; the instant you held their
beaming palms to frolic with them in the gardens of;
unconquerable togetherness….

(c) (r) copyright-2004, by nikhil parekh. all rights reserved.

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Zoe Reno Is Not A Car?

Hey Reno! Get the name right!
Hey Reno! Zoe is not a common noun!
Zoe is a first name! A Christian name!
In Greek Zoe means life, abundant life!

Zoe Reno is a young girl, your car stole her name!

Oh Zoe is not a name you do not believe me?
Your paid judge has ruled Zoe is not a first name!
Ever heard of St. Zoe, a Roman noble woman?
Several notable Christian women were named Zoe!

Two were empresses ruling in the Byzantine empire!

Their recorded rule kinda out rules your judge!
St. Zoe the Roman noble woman was martyred!
Why? For her Christian faith in Emperor Diocletian’s
famous severest last persecution of the Christian church!

What it is not a living word? Ok you do not buy it fine!

In New Testament Greek scriptures for the girl name Zoe?
Meaning “life” are Matthew 19: 29, John 1: 4, John 3: 15-16,
John 4: 14, Romans 6: 23, Colossians 3: 4, James 1: 12,
1 John 2: 25 and 1 John 5: 11-12 to quote but a few for you!

What it is not a living name? Ok you do not buy it fine!

Modern female versions of Zoe include Zoey, Zoie,
Zowie and Zoya. Modern male versions of Zoe?
Pronounced “Zoh” are Zoel and Zooey; living names!
Zoe also an indigenous tribe of the Brazilian Amazon!

Ok name living variants of Zoe? In first place perhaps?

Zoe, Kentucky, a town in Lee County, Kentucky, United States!
Music? Zoe Girl, the band; Zoe Gorilla, an American rapper!
Zoe, an alternative/psychedelic band from Mexico! Or Zoe?
British singer best known for her hit 'Sunshine on a Rainy Day'!

To cap off music? Zoe Records, an American independent record label!

Television and video games? Zoe the character on Sesame Street!
Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, an American teen sitcom retitled Zoe!
Zoey 101, an American television show on Nickelodeon and Zoey?
A playable survivor in Left 4 Dead! Ok entertainment enough said!

An acronym? Then mention not Zoe! “Zone of the Enders” series!

A video game and anime series! Dentistry? Zoe! Zinc oxide
eugenol! Organisations? Zoe’s Ark, a French charity organization!
Zoe Motors, an American manufacturer of three-wheeled cars!
Zoes Kitchen, a well known American fast casual restaurant chain!

Not to be confused with Restaurant Zoe’s, a lively urban setting?

Located in the heart of Seattle's Belltown neighborhood!
Restaurant Zoe’s provides the backdropp for Chef Scott Staple!
Zoe ancient Greek, an aeon in some gnostic belief systems!
Tropical Cyclone Zoe! 2002–03 South Pacific cyclone season!

To repeat an earlier point, in Greek the word Zoe, means life!

Yes Zoe Zaoutzaina and Zoe Karbonopsina Byzantine empresses!
Are dead but will live on in history unlike a judge with no name!
ZOE Cafe, ZOE Library, ZOE Bookstore and ZOE Movies prove!
Like Shop Zoe online for designer clothing, Zoe is a living name!

More proof? Zoe Graphic & Photo Printing! Got the picture yet judge?

Zoe Design Associates further attest survival of an innovative name!
As does Zoetrope, an animation device and Baby Blues, a comic strip! Formerly titled Zoe! Zoea a free-swimming larval stage of crustaceans!
And a list of people with the given name Zoe are further living proof!

Yes Zoe is a name famous from biology to technology!

The first French nuclear reactor was named Zoe!
Zoe a robot used to map life in the Atacama Desert!
In northern Chile! Space? (58534) Logos I Zoe!
A satellite object orbiting beyond dwarf planet Pluto!

Ok not a satellite? Back down to earth! Fine!

Zoe Reno is not a girl’s name? Really?
Zoe Reno an electric car that won’t run!
When the power is off! Ok then back to the
Handsome cab and candle power for light!

Zoe sings bright a waxing question to burn?
Zoe watches racing green test hope future span?
Zoe watches fossil fuels extinct in solar spin?
Zoe hears electric engines race earth resurrection?

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The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale

I. Outnumbered by armour (A reply to William Shakespeare)

Outnumbered by armour
and by men we met the enemy,
FAPLA and Cubans under Russian leadership
and the men accompanying me
was very worried
and wished for the whole
of the seventh armoured division
to have been deployed.

I said to the men
in the armoured car with me
that if we must die here in vain,
the fewer men it be
but if we grasp the victory
the world will know
that we are brave and honourable men
capable of destroying whatever faces us.

Weary I told them that our ancestors
faced a outnumbering enemy
against Dingaan and won effectively
as they were in the hand of God
and so were we.

Colonel Deon Ferreira send us straight in,
from Rundu
(heading north-west after crossing the border)
to intercept the 47th enemy FAPLA / Cuban (armoured) brigade.

At the same time UNITA were repulsing
the16th FAPLA (infantry) brigade
north of the Lomba River
that was trying to take Cunjamba.

We were hitting hard directly from the south,
surprising the 47th enemy (armoured) Brigade,
virtually destroying it
at the junction
of the Lomba and Cuzizi Rivers

fighting with armoured cars
against tanks
hitting fast and then driving away at speed,
like on commando our ancestors did
during the Anglo Boer war
fighting day and night
till the field, the air was filled with gore

and when more pressure came,
more enemy armour rolled in
our own main battle tanks joined in,
howitzer guns started firing in support
from many miles away,
assisted by reconnaissance commandos
for accurate targeting

It was the greatest slaughtering,
as battles go a terrible, terrible thing
for our enemy
while we wiped them out
and found ten abandoned enemy tanks
left in the bush, in pristine condition
with the men operating them running away

Shortly after these victories
our forces along with those of UNITA
destroyed the remaining FAPLA / Cuban forces
in the Lomba-Cuzizi-Conzumbia aria
and on the offensive
drove back the other enemy brigades
for a distance of one hundred and twenty miles
in bloody battles up to Cuito Cuanavale

and now on a hill outside Pretoria
the new government
has constructed a monument
called Freedom Park

to celebrate a victory,
thinking that with lies
they can change history,
are even trying to find some Cubans
to place the names of them on a honour wall
as heroes and victors

while they had lost
at a terrible cost of men and machines
and incredibly
some people believe them.

[References: Before Agincourt by William Shakespeare.]

II. Legends and victories in Angola of which the truth is vague (in answer to Johan Myburg)

No person that wasn’t there
can grasp the extent, of the impact
of the Cuban brigades

the air bridge that the Russians had build
with new armour and weapons from Moscow,
the deadly danger that attacks
of the 47th (armoured) ,59th (mechanized) ,16th (infantry) ,
and 21st (infantry) ,25th (infantry) , enemy brigades held

when almost a hundred T-55 tanks
and hundreds of BTR-armoured cars
came driving shooting out of the bush
(supported by MIG-23 fighter bombers) ,

knows how it is when Ratel-90 armoured cars
have to come to a standstill,
to fire upon moving and shooting targets
and in that hour of hell

the truth about a giant victory against
Cuba wasn’t vague,
the whole of the 47th FAPLA / Cuban (armoured) brigade
was totally obliterated,
ninety-four enemy tanks was shot out,
almost three hundred armoured cars were reduced to scrap
four thousand five hundred and eighty enemies were killed
nine MIG fighter jets were shot down

against the lost of only three South African tanks,
eleven armoured cars and troop carriers,
one Mirage fighter jet
and thirty-one South African soldiers.

Whoever views the truth of this victory as vague
hasn’t got a clue
of what had happened there
(probably had hidden as a religious pastor
somewhere in the rearguard,
or were away at home)

Whoever believes the false propaganda
distributed by the new government
and the Cubans,
are without proper knowledge
and disputes the bravery
of the undefeated soldiers
of the 61 mechanised
and 32 South African battalion groups.

Still it’s strange
that the Cuban general Ochoa Sanchez
(who was the supreme commander of this conflict)
was executed in Cuba.

[References: Stigtingsdag (Founder’s day) by Johan Myburg:

“maar duisend-en-een angolese verhale
van brigades kubane
sages van seges waarvan
waarheid maar vaag is”

My translation into English:

“but a thousand and one Angolan stories
of brigades of Cubans
legends of victories of which
the truth is but vague”

The battle at Cuito Cuanavale: “The results of the campaign up to April 1988 were 4,785 killed on the Cuban/Faplan side, with 94 tanks and hundreds of combat vehicles destroyed, against 31 South Africans killed in action,3 tanks destroyed (SADF tanks entered the war after the Lomba River campaign) and 11 SADF armoured cars and troop carriers lost. A total of 9 Migs were destroyed and only 1 SAAF Mirage shot down.” (General) Jannie Geldenhuys. (1994) : At the front. Jonathan Ball Publishers. P240.

The South African force, under the command of Colonel Deon Ferreira, was tasked with carrying out three operations (1) Operation Modular - The aim of which was to halt and reverse the FAPLA / Cuban advance on the UNITA strongholds of Mavinga and Jamba, (2) Operation Hooper - The aim of which was to inflict maximum casualties on the retreating FAPLA / Cuban forces after they had been halted and (3) Operation Packer - The aim of which was to force the FAPLA / Cuban forces to retreat to the west of the Cuito River.” Nortje, Piet (2003) .32 Battalion. Zebra Press.

'In early October the Soviet-Fapla offensive was smashed at the Lomba River near Mavinga. It turned into a headlong retreat over the 120 miles back to the primary launching point at Cuito Cuanavale. In some of the bloodiest battles of the entire civil war, a combined force of some 8,000 UNITA fighters and 4,000 SADF troops destroyed one Fapla brigade and mauled several others out of a total Fapla force of some 18,000 engaged in the three-pronged offensive. Estimates of Fapla losses ranged upward of 4,000 killed and wounded. This offensive had been a Soviet conception from start to finish. Senior Soviet officers played a central role in its execution.... Huge quantities of Soviet equipment were destroyed or fell into UNITA and SADF hands when Fapla broke into a disorganized retreat... The 1987 military campaign represented a stunning humiliation for the Soviet Union, its arms and its strategy.... As of mid-November, the UNITA/SADF force had destroyed the Cuito Cuanavale airfield and pinned down thousands of FAPLA's best remaining units clinging onto the town's defensive perimeters.' Crocker, Chester A. (1992) High Noon in Southern Africa: Making Peace in a Rough Neighbourhood. (Crocker was U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Reagan Administration.)

John Turner claims that: “following their losses, the Cubans were convinced that further military confrontation with the SADF would not succeed.” Turner, John W. (1998) . Continent Ablaze; The Insurgency Wars in Africa,1960 to the Present. Cassell Plc.

Comments made by a Soviet adviser to the Cubans in Angola: 'The people's armed forces for the liberation of Angola have not been able either, even with the help of the Cubans, to decisively defeat the enemy and drive him out of the territory or the country.” M. Ponomariov, Krasnaya Zvezda Magazine; 20 May 1988.]

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21 Ways Americans Can Lose Weight

Help every being out of
the hell
of excess weight:
a confining pumpkin shell.

Help every overweight
human, pig or cat
to be released from the hell
of excess fat


21 Reasons American children fat
12 Solutions

Why were American children the world's fattest while our trees are skinny?
But the tide is turning. Americans
are beginning to lose weight despite:

1. The dairy lobby is federally subsidized..1/4 billion annually.. to promote
milk designed to make a calf into a 1000 pound animal in a few months.
This food was not designed for human beings.

The Swiss owned Nestle's conglomerate promotes
cows' milk for human babies in Africa, the US, and elsewhere
to both lactose intolerant people and the overweight.
2. Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac and other
tv advertised and heavily marketed
antidepressants cause long term
weight gain. Those
not taking prescription drugs are subjected to
these compounds which contaminate the water supply from the urine of those programmed to take the drugs.
Tranquilizers like valium,
antiinflammatories like prednisone and antiseizure medications
also cause long term obesity.

3. The food advertised is high animal protein and animal fat
food.. which isocaloric studies by Mervyn Hardinge MD (while at Harvard
before he like Mad Cow discoverer Prusiner left that institution because
of its meat investments)
indicate will make a nonvegetarian
23 lbs. heavier than a vegan after
3 months given the same number of daily calories.
http: //
Conversely, the Atkins and other
high animal protein diets cause
a sudden weight loss. Then
participants reach a plateau and
cannot lose further weight. Atkins
died weighing around 260 pounds
after a cerebral stroke which
caused his fall.
4. parents who allow a lifestyle
of tv and internet without exercise
sunlight and fresh air
5. some school systems still have
Coke, Pepsi and other high sugar
colas in vending machines

6. USDA dominated school lunch programs promote
trash animal products, with little
in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. The WIC program (Women Infant
Children of the animal agribusiness
dominated USDA) is another dairy subsidy
giving the poor obesity engendering
dairy products.

8. Convenience stores and gas stations sell junk cola, potato and corn
chips, candy bars, cows' milk and no fruit and vegetables.

9. Small farmers and their markets are forced out of business by
chain stores with the help of the USDA.
10. The Food Network, The Rachael Ray
Show, and other
tv shows for their multi tirllion dollar
meat fish and dairy agribusiness
clients promote cooking with
carcinogenic, stroke engendering
high fat foods. Rachael Ray would
throw bacon on icecream if she
could as she shills for NY butchers.

The Swedish dairy lobby of Minnesota
and Wisconsin, represented by
the Diebold installed Senator Coleman as
well as Feingold and Kohl and with the constant ads of Minnesota
'Public' Radio
promotes a racist disregard for the
natural milk intolerance of Africans,
Asians and other cultures. In addition, a Vermont tv stations has
a weekly ice cream promotion show, despite the correlation of
hormone containing icecream to prostate, uterine, cervical, and
breast cancer.

12. Despite objections from the
European Union, American agribusiness
has forced its way in giving
female hormones and water retainers
to animals, with the dosage upped
before slaughter. These hormones
and water retention chemicals
continue to act in humans, causing
weight gain and planting cancer
13, Decadent gorging on the murdered
causes waste, obesity, animal agony,
and in some cases choking

14. Alcohol is fattening and causes
teen and other deaths, cirrhosis
of the liver, busted families,
domestic battering etc. yet Coors,
funder of the warpromoting Heritage
Foundation, also advertises alcohol
on radio
as early as 11 am on weekdays
15. The cultures in which people
absorb the most sunlight tend
to be the most slender. The energy
of the sun replaces the inferior
energy of food. It comes in numberless
frequencies, each body taking
what he or she likes. Americans do
not stay in the sun as much as many
other cultures.
In addition Americans adopted the
English fatmaking breakfast, high
in meat and dairy, not the
French breakfast. France has
a low average weight.
Americans are subjected to more food ads than any other people.. Fast
food ads have accounted for over 100 billion in advertising revenue.
A Canadian study reports that tv watchers eat more than non tv watchers.

18. We may be addicted to coffee,
but it is for many an appetite
Corporations, grocery chains,
and a very
strong restaurant association
have saturated many foods with
gratuitous fattening and toxic
animal products.
Farmers' associations,4H clubs, Oscar Mayer
program children. School curricula are sometimes created
by the dairy lobby. School lunches are animal product laden.
20. Judge Holwell and other
unelected judges have sided
with the fast food industry
in rulings on calorie postings,
liability of fast food chains for fat etc
21. A liver filled with poisonous molecules such
as insecticide, preservative, hormone and other residues
is less able to burn fat.


1. exercise more
2. eat fewer calories (a journey
of a 1000 miles begins with
a single abstention from biting)
3. eat more fruits and vegetables
(vegans weigh 23 lbs less than
nonvegetarians and 11 lbs
less than vegetarians after 3 months
in isocaloric studies)
4. eat more uncooked food (more fiber
... more food eliminated)
5. when faced with a mental stimulus
to eat...
some go out and walk
6 others repeat their favorite one of
the infinite names of God
7. still others believe the illusion
of hunger is thirst.. and drink
much water
http: //
8. Salt retains water in the body,
adding to weight. Lemon juice
dressings are one salt substitute.
9. Caffein stimulates the appetite
10. Shop when not hungry.
11. keep a log of what is eaten
and the estimated calories
12. Community is necessary.
Overeaters often isolate themselves.

1. Alcohol and cigarette ads have been banned on tv. Animal flesh
and products cause more deaths annually than tobacco, alcohol, war,
traffic deaths combined. It's time to ban tv, radio, and billboard advertising
of meat, dairy and fish which cause cancer, heart disease, stroke,
food poisoning, kidney dysfunction, arthritis etc.
2. Count calories. Set a daily limit. Keep a log of calories eaten.
3. Be informed about the greedy pharmaceutical, germ ridden hospital,
and multitrillion dollar animal agribusiness connections of the CDC
which through Atlanta's prosecutor persecutor Boring has
crucified a vegan couple while ignoring the millions of deaths
annually from animal products.


1. American agribusiness allow
carcinogenic female hormones made
by Merck and other companies to
be given to cows and other animals.
The European Union banned these
hormones because of their known
cancer causing properties, as the
US government long ago banned
diethylstilbestrol. However multitrillion
dollar animal abusers took the EU
to the WTO, a servant of moneyed
interests, which ruled against
people's health.
2. Dairy products cause a mucus
lining of the respiratory tract, creating
colds, flu, etc.
3. Salmonella, brucellosis are 2
of thousands of diseases from animal
4. Food poisoning: 97% of all
food poisoning fatalities are animal
product related, reported Knight

Why are our trees skinny?
The regime dominated Forest Service
has caused the logging in some
places 3! times of the people's trees.


Cows' milk is worst for the animals,
humans and earth. Soymilk is
better but is still a factor in
deforestation. Almond milk, coconut
milk etc. are best for animals, humans,

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