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I just want to see that clear clear ight
Dont want to be a member of a species thats deceasing
Keep on making those promises that they arent keeping
Oh I was a talking to the people next door
Said they dont want to die in a nuclear war
Now we went walking down the old north road
We got a common cause we got a heavy heavy load
Watching pictures of the world
Watching pictures as they pass me by
Dont stop at that light
Dont go out at night
My artificial heart
Expensive spare parts
Ive been a sailor on the sea Ive been a flyer in the air
Ive seen a whole lot of bleeding hearts out there
They dont talk so much I tell you they still care
They cant go on living like this they cant go on
Dont sit around in silence you dont need a licence
Its moving in a hurrytheres no need to worry
Were really going to change it the critical mass approaches
I can almost hear it

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Added by Lucian Velea
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