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Ruben Brandt, Collector

Cast: Ivan Kamaras, Gabriella Hamori, Zalan Makranczi, Csaba Marton, Paul Bellantoni, Matt Devere, Katalin Dombi

trailer for Ruben Brandt, Collector, directed by Milorad Krstic, screenplay, inspired by Milorad Krstic (2018)Report problemRelated quotes
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A Love Affair of Sorts

Cast: Lili Bordan, David Guy Levy, Ivan Kamaras, Jonathan Beckerman

trailer for A Love Affair of Sorts, directed by David Guy Levy (2011)Report problemRelated quotes
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Our Rabbi ~ Dayan Ivan Binstock

The Preacher stands now in the Shul,
Before the Aron Kodesh now,
To deliver his Sermon to all
The Congregants there ~ attentive too.

Each Shabbat Morn and Yom Tov too,
He speaks Words of Wisdom, Parables two,
Mystic Insights, Worldly News,
Expressing to all, his own views.

Dayan Ivan Binstock is his name,
Who in London is a man of fame,
His Learning and Erudition too,
Delivered through his Sermons to me and you.

Fortunate are we to have him here,
In the St. John’s Wood Shul, in London town,
May he continue onwards, for many a year,
Bringing Glory to The Almighty’s Crown.

I wait each week to hear his words,
Interested in what he has to say,
Aware of his predecessors who were here,
Also worldly in their own special way.

© Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] – Purim - 13 March 2006

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Ivan, What Happened To Your Smile?

What happened to your smile?
Ivan, [that`s how I would like to call you]
Tell, where is your smile that bloomed on your face?
Ivan, I am afraid your smile has faded for ever.

In the midst of deafening roars and maddening songs,
Ivan, your smile had a musical charm over a season.
Your smile could be seen from places miles away,
Ivan, it had an aroma that winds would proudly carry.

I used to think about others who had solid faces,
Ivan, your face was an exception to all theirs.
The frost and the flame of my winter and summer
Ivan, you see, played hide and seek often; but your smile did not.

Retrieve your smile please for I need to see it
Ivan, your smile speaks volumes about what you are indeed.
In the midst of these homosapians I search for my face
Though I had lost my smile long before you were born Ivan.

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Angel Of God' (Happy First Birthday Gabriella)

Celebratory are we today, upon the day of your birth!
One year old today, Daddy misses your infectious smile-
Grown so much, I suppose you have, I haven't seen you in a while!
So proud am I to be your father-you are my miracle on earth!

A world of wonderment and joy you present to all around-
As though knowing your import to each, alas, to all!
Your smile builds for each, a friendly window-others may erect a wall!
Your father, you are, in feminine form-it serves to astound!

Beauteous sky-blue eyes, the world's window to your soul,
All that you are, all, ever you shall be-upon the world, you do bestow!
Glorious is your smile, light to all around you-and your laughter:
Your beautiful spirit, allows for each who meet you-a 'happily ever after'!

Gabriella-meaning 'Angel of God'-this is surely
Your place on Earth! Giveth you have, my last wish, early!

Maurice Harris,1 February 2008

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1 February 2012 (Happy Fifth Birthday Gabriella)

'Not one day has ever passed MY life, ...since your Blessed birth,
Where I would not have traded my own life, for one day of mirth-
Which I know our long-sought consort would bring to me again-
As my heart's lament is never-ending, until this is what we win! '
This I would utter, if ever again I saw the Glorious sight I know to be
My Beloved Daughter, Gabriella Enisi Harris-if God could show, to me
For a brief fleeting moment, this vision of lovliness, and Her Sister-
And I could impart the sorrow I have felt at her absence, that I missed her
Each and every single day since last we parted-
Each of which I have lied down at night, broken-hearted
Both by her absence in my life, and that of mine, contrariwise-
I could surely then lie down for an Eternal Respite, more the wise,
Knowing I did all that I could, and prayed all that I could-
To be there for her at each and every time that I should!

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Ivan Ivan

Did you ever find out who planted those apples
Those apples dancing gravity falling out of the carriage
Hitting ground behind the horses
Shiny red apples like eyeballs of knowledge
Eat eat the breakfast of your life
Their drumming beat
Against your heart

Ivan Ivan
A child of revenge
Ever plunged within the moonlit lake you shattered with a pebble
When moonlight hit your eyes like thunder weeping silence
Just a drip dropp drip dropp drip dropp across your heart
Water weapon armored pain
In an ambush against the enemy
Who was the enemy Ivan

Ivan Ivan
You crossed the moonlight to water walk stars
Earthly dresses shattered naked you stood
Where naked all of us at one point will stand
Like a truth naked hidden by heart shed in the light
Laughter swelled boy in innocence encroaching lands
Spring your soul afar spring your heart in pain
History foretold freedom redeemed
Its drumming beat the wings of your flight

Inspired by Ivan's Childhood, a Tarkowsky film

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Gabriella (A Third Birthday...Without)

Gabriella, I am so sorry I have not been there-
Please do not take this to mean that I do not care!
I love you more than you could imagine possible,
I ponder each day how to make our consort plausible!

I was not there to see you open your first Christmas gift,
Both you and I have been victims of a horrible grift;
Nor was I there to celebrate when you turned one,
One day, you will learn of how this iniquity was done!

When you turned two, again, my absence loomed-
Since last I saw thee, my heart has been entombed!
In just a few more days, you shall become three,
Alas, you shall have to do this not near to me!

So many precious memories did they, from us, abscond-
Lo, they shan't ever take from us our familial bond!

Sikerly my Angel, you are with me everyday, guarded
In mine own heart, as though we two ne'er parted!
I can have this no other way, lest my heart break,
Whence upon ponderance of what they did take;
Each solitary nox, as I lie myself down to sleep,
I pray for God to return you to me, as I unabashedly weep!

I know not how, nor where, nor even when-
Yet, I know that you and I shall be together again;
It is my singular, all-consuming, driving force-
From this injustice, I simply must coerce
What is right and best, for you and I, alone-
As for all others-for their wrongs, they must atone!

Happy Birthday my precious little Angel, and many more-
Until I may celebrate life with you, as it was, before!

Maurice Harris,27 January 2010

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A Letter To Abigail And Gabriella

I would love to say I know, but may only guess
What your voices sound like, or what likeness
Your visages truly take-I wonder: 'still like me! ? '
Tragically, I still know not when be, for myself, I might see-
Or when mine ears may partake in your melodious voices!
I lament that I was never given choices,
And that I am sure to be portrayed, as much
Less honorable than I am-as such,
I am also sure to be unfairly villified
As a 'dead beat', or someone equally unqualified
To seek empathy from a world already biased against me!
I may as well stand mute, but then who would the antagonist be?

This is a fate I would never wish upon anyone;
My heart aches more all the time, and will before this day is done.
There exists a void in my soul naught may measure,
As I mourn the Angels, with whom I have never spoken, but treasure
More than anything else in this whole world-
Tonight, this Father weeps for the little girls
Who were never given forums to voice their wants!
No one should ever be treated so callously-it haunts
Me each and every day of my life-
That I may not now do aught, to affect your strife!
You suffering is ignored, because it does not comport
With the wants of your guardians, and those with whom they consort;
On more than one occasion, my acquiescence has been sought-
Though my cooperation may not be bought,
Not when I am asked to sign away
My parental rights-no, not this or any other day!

Time is the only ally that truth really needs-
As time marches on, truth obviates and deceit concedes!
Nowhere will this be more crystal clear,
Than when our estrangement ceases and you are again near-
So that I might answer each and every query,
To allay your fears, where now, you are surely leery!

To Abigail: I tried my beloved-God knows I really tried,
To offer you the best life; I even lied
To myself, for as long as I possibly could-
You were my only love, it would have done no good
To pretend I was enamored by your Mother;
It was doomed from the start and cost me the friendship of another
Extraordinary lady, that my heart laments to this day!
That I may supplant that ardor foregone, I do pray!

To Gabriella: Our estrangement is perhaps easier to explicate:
I am sure by now you are privy to the paranoia she did create!
One may not battle such ignorance, with ration or reason-
Her delusional deceit became soon, her all-consuming treason!
Now, perpetually protected and out of reach,
She is oblivious to anything I might otherwise beseech!
All this said makes it no easier to understand-
So many layers of 'justice' in the palm of her hand,
Seemingly ready and willing to do as she would command-
As thought the entire tragedy were expertly planned!

When the veridical voice of time
Exposes all the deceit, and we are prime-
Then, and only then, may an attempt be made to explicate
The complex series of events that rendered our fate!
My most sincere hope is that then,
When all is laid before you, you will never again
Query the love or devotion that I posses,
Nor begrudge me, due circumstances I confess!
This is all I do now, or ever, ask of you:
Believe, though circumstance conspired to belie it-I always did love you!
You are both my first thoughts, upon a new day's dawn,
And surely to, my last, when the day's gone!

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The March of Ivan

Are you coming, Ivan, coming?—Ah, the ways are long and slow,
In the vast land that we know not—and we never sought to know.
We are watching through the daybreak, when the anxious night is done,
For the dots upon the skyline—black against the rising sun;
We are watching through the morning haze, and waiting through the night,
For the long, dark, distant columns that proclaim the Muscovite!
Are you coming, Ivan, coming? (Oh! the world is growing gray
With the terror of the future and the madness of to-day!)
Are you marching, Ivan—forward? (Oh! the world is dark’ning fast,
For the crimes of greater nations ’gainst the small ones in the past.)
Yours, in part, to make atonement, so remember what you are!
Ivan! Sing!—“The Slav is coming! On for Russia and the Czar!”

Ivan’s Song

“Yes, I’m coming, Ivan, coming—I am marching out again
On the weary roads of Russia, past the forest, marsh and plain;
Past the field and past the village, in the shine and in the rain—
By the cart-rut and the grass-track and the jolting cattle-train.
(And, maybe, some gleam of glory penetrates my sluggish brain)
I am marching out for Russia, and for Europe and for you—
But, maybe, I’m mainly marching just because they told me to.

“I have marched to many frontiers, in the pregnant days gone by,
When they told us where to march to, but they did not tell us why.
And they showed us whom to fight with, and they told us where to die.
I have seen our grey battalions to their Heaven—or Hades—hurled—
’Twas enough it was for Russia!—what cared we about the world?

“Did one moan of Ivan’s mother penetrate to other lands?
Did one prayer of Ivan’s father—with his old and knotted hands?
Did one sob from Ivan’s sweetheart, or one cry from Ivan’s wife?
Or a wail from Ivan’s children, for the loss of Ivan’s life?
Marching with the Wolf of Hunger—marching with the Bear of Strength!
We have marched for many winters—but the end is near at length!

“’Tis a long, long march from Plevna, when the Bear went to his den.
It is far from the Crimea; Oh! you did not want us then!
From the shambles of Port Arthur, ’twas a weary way and slow—
And our track was always dotted with the black dots on the snow.
By black dots and crimson splashes you may trace poor Ivan’s track—
And I think that Ivan’s banner should be red, and white and black.

“Ne’er was Present-blinded tyrant who learnt wisdom from the Past,
And there’s one forgot the errand that brought Ivan this way last!
‘To the frontier, and no further’ seemed our motto and our vow,
Since we marched from burning Moscow—but we’re marching further now!
Neighbour’s burning house—or city!—they are easy to forget;
But we lit a light for Europe that shall be rekindled yet!

“Never song of Ivan’s valour, or of ‘Russia’s Flag Unfurled!’
Or the Iron Cross of Russia, penetrates the Outer World.
Ye! who civilise and peddle, ye who hesitate and lag,
Never heard the Russian March and never saw the Russian flag!
You have called on us to save you, never saying why, or how,
But the samovar is boiling! and you’ll hear and see us now.

“From our garrets and our cellars—from the little all we had—
Where the winter brings the sleigh-bells to the streets of Petrograd;
From our huts and from our hutches—from wherever we may be—
From our goat’s-flesh and our mare’s milk and our black unsweetened tea,
From the silence of Siberia, and the strange, snow-deadened streets—
From the blazing banks of Jordan, where we dip our winding-sheets.
From our black bread and our vodka—asking naught, and undismayed—
From our never-empty cradles!—we are coming to your aid.

“Oh, we leave no bands behind us, blaring tunes of Tyranny,
And we wave no swords above us, yelling songs of Liberty;
And no blatant voice of ruler, as we tramp through dry and wet,
Blares: ‘Remember You are Russians!’—we’re not likely to forget.
There are some who have forgotten—merely men, like you and me—
And one object of our marching is to jog their memory.

“You shall hear us, you shall see us—save the dead and deaf and blind—
While the armour of our winter hardens thick and fast behind.
We are marching, we are coming, and we are not on the sea—
You shall see us on the furthest frontier of our enemy!
And while you fix up your frontiers, and remember what you are,
We shall march with Peace for Europe!—back to Russia and the Czar.”

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The Equalizer [Make an Exception]

Cast: Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas

clip from The Equalizer, directed by Antoine Fuqua (2014)Report problemRelated quotes
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The Debt [Welcome to the Mission]

Cast: Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas

clip from The Debt, directed by John Madden (2010)Report problemRelated quotes
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Given Ivan's size and power, we must remain vigilant.

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The Debt

Cast: Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren, Ciarán Hinds, Marton Csokas, Tom Wilkinson

trailer for The Debt, directed by John Madden, screenplay by (2010)Report problemRelated quotes
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Voice from the Stone

Cast: Emilia Clarke, Marton Csokas, Caterina Murino, Remo Girone, Kate Linder, Lisa Gastoni, Edward Dring

trailer for Voice from the Stone, directed by Eric D. Howell, screenplay by , inspired by Silvio Raffo (2017)Report problemRelated quotes
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Open Windows

Cast: Sasha Grey, Elijah Wood, Neil Maskell, Nacho Vigalondo, Ivan Gonzalez, Rachel Arieff, Trevante Rhodes

trailer for Open Windows, directed by Nacho Vigalondo (2014)Report problemRelated quotes
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Cast: Salma Hayek, Jennifer Blanc, Togo Igawa, Caroline Chikezie, Gabriella Wright, Akie Kotabe, Andy McDermott

trailer for Everly, directed by Joe Lynch, screenplay by (2014)Report problemRelated quotes
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Some Kind of Beautiful

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Malcolm McDowell, Duncan Joiner, Ben McKenzie, Merrin Dungey, Ivan Sergei

trailer for Some Kind of Beautiful, directed by Tom Vaughan, screenplay by (2014)Report problemRelated quotes
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Cast: Ruth Negga, Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Marton Csokas, Nick Kroll, Bill Camp, Alano Miller, Jon Bass, David Jensen

trailer for Loving, directed by Jeff Nichols, screenplay by (2016)Report problemRelated quotes
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Girls Against Boys

Cast: Nicole LaLiberte, Liam Aiken, Michael Stahl-David, Andrew Howard, Lauren Ashleigh, Will Brill, Teena Byrd, Ivan Cardona

trailer for Girls Against Boys, directed by Austin Chick, screenplay by (2012)Report problemRelated quotes
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Cast: Gabriella Wilde, Thomas Dekker, Richard Dreyfuss, Luke Grimes, Nancy Travis, Gia Mantegna, Evan Ross, Lolita Davidovich

trailer for Squatters, directed by Martin Weisz, screenplay by (2014)Report problemRelated quotes
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