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Keeping still

Keeping his back still
So that he no longer feels his body.
He goes into his courtyard
And does not see his people.
No blame.
True quiet means keeping still when the time has come to keep still, and going forward when the time has come to go forward.
In this way rest and movement are in agreement with the demands of the time, and thus there is light in life.

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A Kind That Does Not Flaunt

The kind that say what they mean.
Do what they say.
Accountable for their actions.
Reliable and believed.
A new breed.

A kind that does not flaunt,
What they have.
Want to give of themselves.
Smile when feeling bad.
Does not brag of accomplishments,
Performed in the past.
Ready to receive today in a way...
That creates a purpose,
And leave fresh deeds achieved.
Not display betrayed portrayals gone astray.
They are here to do.
Not discuss it with me and/or you.
Here to turn a dusted page.
A new breed has come of age.

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Hate to another person

No person can hate to another person
It is not the kind we must find it with reason
Hate generates hate and sometimes results in treason
Person is forced to against his will to follow on

It can not be in anybody’s blood
We eat and have same intake as food
When all are as good as same
How one can pursue different and blame?

Life is all about love and not the hate
It may not be allowed to develop even very late
The easy path must be followed with intense drive
As we all are sensible enough to lead and believe

The hatred burns you from within
It can never lead you to any kind of win
The peace can be totally compromised
If some ways are not taken and promised

Love wins love and hated to hate
We have no words to suitably state
It has colossal damage and loss
It must be observed with complete pause

It damages your personal image
It is not befitting your experience and age
Why animals are kept in cage?
We should be human and completely free from any rage

What are the bright chances for future?
Love leads you to happy and stable tenure
As you have nothing to afraid and feel free
It provides you enough of shed under the tree

No one has benefited from constant hostility
It has never offered you any kind of stability
The nations reel under cold war hysteria
Not enough attention is paid to sincere plea

What can we offer to a world at large?
Can we not have idea for relation to forge?
We can humble assert and urge
If need be enough can be done to purge

Love and hatred does not go together
If one is west then east is another
Like poles repel each other so do love and hatred
There is no road open us to lead

Generally it is growing out of frustration
It does not allow developing very good relation
It may burn you with rage for most of the duration
Complicating the entire scene with lots of questions

you may destroy the good foundation
like we witness the fury of flood after inundation
You may have reversals from all the directions
Any amount of goodwill later on may not correct the action

Life has its own way to reach the conclusion
It may shine with some of the finest inclusions
What are expected to perform and adhere to?
Life is to be lived with happiness and pass through

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And There Was Light

There is no God” a fool will say
So who can judge when people stray
The BANG created all we see
Nothing was made by God’s decree”

But truth will always come to light
At wisdom’s dawn there’s spiritual sight
Yet fools are blind to Jesus’ hand
Deaf to that which God has planned

“Let there be light” God’s voice was heard
The Spirit acted out the word
“Let there be land, let there be sky”
Again the Father spoke on high

God formed the earth He parted seas
Established fish, fruit bearing plants
The sun the moon Pluto and mars
Heaven He filled with jewel like stars

Creatures God made to swim and fly
The birds the beasts, clouds in the sky
The ant the whale, microbe and flea
Nothing evolved, or happened to be

In God’s likeness Adam was made
Never to die never to fade
To walk and live without a care
Jesus planned how man should fare

Yet something failed from Adam’s life
So from man’s rib God made his wife
To these God gave both great and small
Till disobedience brought their fall

Now broken was their Father’s law
With guilt they bore the devil’s spore
“Leave my presence” once more The Voice
The devil or I” God gives the choice? ? ?

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Robert Louis Stevenson

The Wind Is Without There And Howls In The Trees

THE wind is without there and howls in the trees,
And the rain-flurries drum on the glass:
Alone by the fireside with elbows on knees
I can number the hours as they pass.
Yet now, when to cheer me the crickets begin,
And my pipe is just happily lit,
Believe me, my friend, tho' the evening draws in,
That not all uncontested I sit.

Alone, did I say? O no, nowise alone
With the Past sitting warm on my knee,
To gossip of days that are over and gone,
But still charming to her and to me.
With much to be glad of and much to deplore,
Yet, as these days with those we compare,
Believe me, my friend, tho' the sorrows seem more
They are somehow more easy to bear.

And thou, faded Future, uncertain and frail,
As I cherish thy light in each draught,
His lamp is not more to the miner - their sail
Is not more to the crew on the raft.
For Hope can make feeble ones earnest and brave,
And, as forth thro' the years I look on,
Believe me, my friend, between this and the grave,
I see wonderful things to be done.

To do or to try; and, believe me, my friend,
If the call should come early for me,
I can leave these foundations uprooted, and tend
For some new city over the sea.
To do or to try; and if failure be mine,
And if Fortune go cross to my plan,
Believe me, my friend, tho' I mourn the design
I shall never lament for the man.

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Let There Be Light

HALF prayed, and half commanded--
Let there be light!
Light, where waits one undaunted,
Blind with fight;
Light, where the lion-hearted
Lies in night.

Light from due pain's red furnace,
Light of love's sight,
Blend rays--O fierce! O tender!
Lead him aright;
Shine for the just defender,
The loyal knight.

Where hope is yet the youngest,
Let there be light;
Where grief has lain the longest,
Let there be light;
Where will is still the strongest,
Let there be light.

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Life Has Downs and Then There's Ups

Whatever that you do,
Do it to yourself and no one else.
If you are ever feeling despondant...
And there is no one to correspond this with,
Or discuss before you bust a gut...
Why share your feelings of being in a rut?
Give that up to discover...
Life has downs and then there's ups!
It's a doing on everyone that is executed.
Life has downs and then there's ups!

Why share your feelings of being in a rut?
Give that up to discover...
Life has downs and then there's ups!
It's a doing on everyone that is executed.
Life has downs and then there's ups!

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Keep looking for loose ends; Keep alive and kicking

Keep looking for loose ends, Keep alive and kicking

The very essence of survival among
All living systems lies in the
Locating of loose ends and fixing them adequately

Making of another million
May be one’s loose end while
Winning the next meal
May be that of some one else
Growth of his industrial empire
May be the loose end of an entrepreneur, while
Moving on to the next stage in the spiritual path
May be that of someone different
Getting a loan for building own accommodation
May be some other’s loose end while
Paying back the availed loan
May be the loose end of a third other person
Keeping in tact his political position and
Getting a suitable placemen
May be other loose ends, which are common
Building a new nest may be a bird’s loose end while
Snatching the next prey may be a tiger’s loose end

Thus all are after loose ends

The fact is that locating a loose end is not really the end
As loose ends by themselves are no issues
Loose ends get entangled and invite
New and unknown complications

Some know their loose ends
They seemingly do not think or act on these
May be they are confident of meeting the resultant
Complications effectively and adequately

Some are lost in worrying over the complications
And they find no time to fix loose ends
Loose ends remain loose anytime to blow up
With unexpected implications

It is indeed, the desire that fix loose ends
This desire leads these people as how to fix them
They act on the knowledge and secure loose ends

Loose ends are really fixed by
Emotion-free and knowledge-based actions


Keep discovering loose ends
Develop a desire to fix them.
Know how to go about and
Importantly and finally act

Keep alive and kicking

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Be Still and Listen for FRiend Colin

Be still and listen for the sound,
the voice of God speaks quietly.
Although the silence is profound
It cannot blank out completely.
The never ending melody.
We have not listened to before
except perhaps subliminally.
Something we usually ignore.
We are too busy listening to
competing sounds of every day
We do not do as we should do
and set some time aside to pray.
This can’t apply to just one creed
but fills a universal need,

http: // blog.myspacecom/poeticpiers

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Keep It and Leave

Just because you say 'they' don't get it...
Does that mean you should be a constant reminder?
If they are not getting whatever it is that's been evaluated,
Perhaps they are happy not knowing!
You 'got it'...
So get going.
Before what it is you have they don't,
Evaporates and nothing is left
To say who 'had it'!
Lost it...
And never proving what 'it' was in the first place,
That was so valuable not to maintain and lose.
Don't abuse yourself like that!
If you 'got it'...
Keep it,
And leave!

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Light of Life

You are the Light of Life,
With you there can be no strife!
Beasts in foreign lands,
Feel the pain of your hands,

Those who care to hear,
Need feel no fear,
Your energy, bright,
Be with us all tonight,

In the days when devils ran,
Free across the land,
We looked for your hands,
To still the battles in foreign lands,

Now we look for your touch,
Freedom Lord, we need it much,
The time to make all things clear,
To put the light into life, draws near,

So when you rest at night,
We pray for your light,
We'll put down the mace,
Please give us your Grace,

When we hear your call, or cry,
We will crawl, run or fly,
To be at your side, tonight,
We live to stand in your light.

April 2012

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Turn Out The Light

Lover, lover, why is there light
In the itchy gitchy evening and its dark outside
And whats the difference between wrong and right
Wrong and right
Isnt it funny how pain goes away
And then comes back another day
The air feels very good today
Good today
Lover, lover, why is there light
Did you forget to turn off that light
Well thats all right but its way too bright
Way too bright
See the eagle above the hill
The lake reflects and is so still
The tension has gone from my will
From my will
Moon on the mountain shining bright
First there is dark and then there is light
And sometimes the light is way too bright
Its way to bright
Why dont you turn out the light
Oh, turn out the light
Why dont you turn out the light
Turn out the light
Turn out the light
Turn out the light

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Edmund Spenser

And is there care in heaven, and is there love

And is there care in heaven, and is there love
In heavenly spirits to us creatures base,
That may compassion of our evils move?
There is : else much more wretched were the case
Of men than beasts: but oh! the exceeding grace
Of highest God, that loves his creatures so,
And all his works with mercy doth embrace;
That blessed angels He sends to and fro,
To serve even wicked men, to serve his wicked foe.

How oft do they their silver bowers leave,
And come to succour us that succour want!
How oft do they with golden pinions cleave
The flitting skies, like flying pursuivant,
Against foul fiends to aid us militant!
They for us fight; they watch and duly ward,
And their bright squadrons round about us plant;
And all for love, and nothing for reward:
Oh! why should heavenly God to men have such regard!

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Let There Be Light/ Spirits Dancing In The Flesh

Let there be light
Let there be joy
Let there be love
And understanding
Let there be peace
Throughout the land.
Lets work together
In harmony
Lets build a better world
No suffering
And in times of darkness
Just reach out
cause there is a promise
It wont be denied
Repeat chorus six times
This is truly paradise
Being here in this celestial garden
With all the ones you love
Where nothing dies or ever grows old
And to be bathed in light
That cast no shadow
This is the kingdom within
Still you know
Sometimes I miss seeing and feeling
The spirits dancing in the flesh
Spirits dancing in the flesh
Cant you see them all around
Theyre all around us
Spirits, spirits dancing all around us
Chorus - chant:
Dancing in the flesh, the spirits
Dancing in the flesh, the spirits
Dancing in the flesh, the spirits
Dancing in the flesh, the spirits
All over, all over, all over

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And Thus Love

And thus love, your supreme beauty enlighten bright
Over my worn, tattered soul forever gleaming
Like some far star flickering its fire into the night
Along the strikes of desert echoing dunes deep streaming

And I never loved you for your comely grace
Nor for your keen pleasing eyes or your lovely face
Yet any outer features of your rare part
Convey the inner depths of soul and consent heart

I have never loved you for your outer
Since it be foul with years and turn and alter
Your mute symbols of love like a joyful morn
A prelude to your mischievous tricks yet unborn
The joy you have brought to every wandering breeze
In meadows on wall rocks and on the trees

And what enriching beautiful thing is to glance
Back on bloom of love and sweet years
What blur forms of happy hours advance
And fill my soul with thousands cheers

For if beauty may alone be found
In all proportions of its parts around
It may not be perceived by ear
But is beauty that eyes can hear

And yet I stand now at the autumn of my life
I rise like an oak-tree, old torn dry and gray
Whose trunk bare leave less brittle with age jaws failing
And whose dark bough reflect against the mirror bay
The winter wheeling with winds moaning and wailing


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The Light of Life

We come to live.
Not to follow as shadows.
We come to reflect...
The best of efforts.
To glow in the giving of respect.

We are here to influence this experience.
In support of others.
Not to distort their paths.
Or bestow upon their journeys...
Obstacles we inject!

We need not wish,
For these acts to be done.
To selfishly benefit!
When eventually...
There is none!

We are individually energized.
All of us are,
By the rays from the Sun.
To appreciate everyone's gifts given!
Not try to take away.
But share, grow and obey.
That which within us is divinely sent.
Minds to adventure.
Not to despise and hide in devilment.
To deceive to end in shadows...
Alone to grieve.

We come to live.
Not to follow as shadows.
We come to reflect...
The best of efforts.
In deeds that are sewn,
To produce an increased 'betterment'.
Making this known as it is shown.

Not to suffer from our deceits.
In belief there comes a gain maintained.
When tears from our eyes produce nothing,
But rain.
And overflowing suffering sustained!

We come to live.
Not to follow as shadows.
To discover too late...
When our 'lights' are turned out,
That darkness awaits our fate.
And that experience...
Is seldom in need of replication!

Dedicated darkness,
Has its own agenda!
And only then do we seem to get the message.
Taught in a silence.
Yet 'missed' when given the light of life!
That should excell in the dedication of growth!

But greed has fed us into blindness!
Behind which we...
Allow ourselves to follow!

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There Are 'Rumors' That Many Are Fed Up With It!

A desecration allowed,
To outrageously disgrace...
Values of our respectful ancestors,
Should not have been permitted at all...
To have taken place,
To cause foundations to fall...
For purposes of renovating,
A facelift degenerating.

Crediting the feeding of greed,
Would be too easy to relieve many...
Of their irresponsibility.
Or those rushing to unload,
An accountability...
Few have chosen to behold.

But is greed alone,
That had been condoned...
The only factor,
One disowns a pride and dignity.
With a scolding tongue unfolding,
That would come to destroy,
All of humanity?

Is one's lack of consciousness,
So intimidating...
That the onslaught of thoughtlessness,
Would diminish the minds...
Of a once advance society,
Into a helpless and disturbing swirling whirpool...
To create a decadence to breed,
Leaving the majority...
As so incline to be defined,
To become the ones observed as fools!

Who's game of pocket pool is this?
That goes unchallenged with a fixation...
Those onlookers are afraid to disqualify.
And would be stunned if suggested,
This game played with their lives...
Should be dismissed as requested.

'There are 'rumors' that many are fed up with it! '

Can those of intelligence,
Become the people blamed for this decrement?
And who championed the voices,
To extradict the demise of common sense?
And who took it amongst themselves to quiet the ones,
Who spoke against the implementation of misdeeds done?

How about this...
The rising of a steadfast ignorance.
That has all convinced...
The only way to move forward,
Is to repetitively visit...
The stagnating hold of a total darkness,
Considered by those without vision...
As the absolute experience of a bliss,
That is missed.

'There are 'rumors' that many are fed up with it!
But choose many do to keep their 'rants' private.
In a whispered and unheard silentness,
Continued to be done...
And kept as their 'secret' wish! '

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Stories Of Hope Series #2 The Light

He traveled all night anxious to get home
He heard the familiar ring and picked up his phone
With tears in his eyes he covered his face
For it was his wife-Samantha-Samantha grace.
Her doctor had told her that she was dying
And seeing this specialist was worth trying.
So she packed up her bags and was waiting for him
But the doctor had said her prognosis was mighty grim.
When he arrived she was ready, the trip they
Would make would be fast and steady.
She climbed into the cab and they were on their way
She folded her hands and began to pray.
Dear LORD “ this can not be? “
What’s going to happen to my family?
Choked up with emotion he could not control
He asked GOD to save this beautiful soul.
A better wife and mother could not be found
She should not have to be laid in the ground.
As they drove down that dark lonely road
Thru the trees a bright light was shown.
He knew it could not be sunrise
He was shocked and surprised.
He applied his brakes and slowed down to see
But this light was a total mystery.
They stopped the truck and got out of the cab.
He looked at his wife and she had a smile on her face
this was his wife- this was his grace”.
There was an aura around her that he
Had never seen before, and would not see ever more.
They both dropped down to their knees
as the light got closer, and in that light they could see
An angel floating ever so gracefully.
The angel floated down and touched the top of her head
And then whispered in her ear:
Do not fret for things will get better yet.
And as quickly as he came he disappeared.
And the light whisked back up into the sky.
I looked at her and she looked fine.
We arrived at the office of the specialist
With the x rays they had given grace.
The doctor looked at them and pointed to a spot
And said the cancer had spread, but he would run
His own tests just to see, if there was something
That could give him some hope.
He took more x rays and did a cat scan
I sat there and held her hand.
We sat there and it seemed like an eternity
When he entered with a smile and said
“You’re cancer free”. I can not explain
For the tests they had taken were the best in the land
This is something I can’t understand.
We left his office with a new outlook on life
With HOPE in our hearts, the LORD
Saved my wife.


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Federico García Lorca

City That Does Not Sleep

In the sky there is nobody asleep. Nobody, nobody.
Nobody is asleep.
The creatures of the moon sniff and prowl about their cabins.
The living iguanas will come and bite the men who do not dream,
and the man who rushes out with his spirit broken will meet on the
street corner
the unbelievable alligator quiet beneath the tender protest of the

Nobody is asleep on earth. Nobody, nobody.
Nobody is asleep.
In a graveyard far off there is a corpse
who has moaned for three years
because of a dry countryside on his knee;
and that boy they buried this morning cried so much
it was necessary to call out the dogs to keep him quiet.

Life is not a dream. Careful! Careful! Careful!
We fall down the stairs in order to eat the moist earth
or we climb to the knife edge of the snow with the voices of the dead
But forgetfulness does not exist, dreams do not exist;
flesh exists. Kisses tie our mouths
in a thicket of new veins,
and whoever his pain pains will feel that pain forever
and whoever is afraid of death will carry it on his shoulders.

One day
the horses will live in the saloons
and the enraged ants
will throw themselves on the yellow skies that take refuge in the
eyes of cows.

Another day
we will watch the preserved butterflies rise from the dead
and still walking through a country of gray sponges and silent boats
we will watch our ring flash and roses spring from our tongue.
Careful! Be careful! Be careful!
The men who still have marks of the claw and the thunderstorm,
and that boy who cries because he has never heard of the invention
of the bridge,
or that dead man who possesses now only his head and a shoe,
we must carry them to the wall where the iguanas and the snakes
are waiting,
where the bear's teeth are waiting,
where the mummified hand of the boy is waiting,
and the hair of the camel stands on end with a violent blue shudder.

Nobody is sleeping in the sky. Nobody, nobody.
Nobody is sleeping.
If someone does close his eyes,
a whip, boys, a whip!
Let there be a landscape of open eyes
and bitter wounds on fire.
No one is sleeping in this world. No one, no one.
I have said it before.

No one is sleeping.
But if someone grows too much moss on his temples during the
open the stage trapdoors so he can see in the moonlight
the lying goblets, and the poison, and the skull of the theaters.

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There Is More To Life Than Hard Work

I can't say my life's been a great life that I've been there and I've done that
But I worked in pipe laying crew for Michael Kelleher in Buninyong near Ballarat
And I worked in the late eighties for a firm called C.D.L.
Jack hammering in the heat of Summer when the days were hot as hell.

101 Collins Street Melbourne I remember that address
Not that I enjoyed the work there I remember none the less
Up each morning at five thirty then to work on tram I'd go
And left that building site each evening covered in dust head to toe.

Another four years as tree clearer up by powerlines clearing trees
Operating a cherry picker for such you don't need degrees
For a Travel tower company a growing concern managed by a greedy lot
They still owe me two weeks wages something I have not forgot.

Up working mornings at five thirty between work and travel a twelve hour day
Whilst my so called bosses made their millions I took home bare living pay
Now I take it nice and easy and I'm well off now as I was then
If your bosses make their millions for you there can't be a win

I worked as tree feller in Ireland far away and long ago
In the high woods by the mountains where the peaks wear hats of snow
Most Winter days were wet and chilly up to April not much sunshine
Only sound the cold wind soughing in the larch and spruce and pine.

'Hard work never did anybody harm' to coin that phrase it took a fool
Hard work your life's bound to shorten you can overwork a mule
Hard working Joe is dead at fifty, Pete on welfare living on
Pete five years older and quite healthy he's still here and Joe is gone.

Maybe I've drudged for a few years but I'm not proud of that at all
And if my life has got one highlight such as now I can't recall
And if one tell me how hard he work I tell him my watch is slow
And I'm late for an appointment 'see you later got to go'.

'Ned the basher' at his local like to sing his praises loud
And boast of the hard work he's done to an uninterested crowd,
He's proud to show his work callouses he must have an empty life
But he never once did mention how he often beats his wife

There is more to life than hard work, work to live but not to die
And if you labour hard poor fellow life you never can enjoy
If your boss is making millions and you take home bare living pay
Maybe you should have a re-think and perhaps give the job away.

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Old Stone Chimney

The rising moon on the peaks was blending
Her silver light with the sunset glow,
When a swagman came as the day was ending
Along a path that he seemed to know.
But all the fences were gone or going
The hand of ruin was everywhere;
The creek unchecked in its course was flowing,
For none of the old clay dam was there.
Here Time had been with his swiftest changes,
And husbandry had westward flown;
The cattle tracks in the rugged ranges
Were long ago with the scrub o’ergrown.
It must have needed long years to soften
The road, that as hard as rock had been;
The mountain path he had trod so often
Lay hidden now with a carpet green.

He thought at times from the mountain courses
He heard the sound of a bullock bell,
The distant gallop of stockmen’s horses,
The stockwhip’s crack that he knew so well:
But these were sounds of his memory only,
And they were gone from the flat and hill,
For when he listened the place was lonely,
The range was dumb and the bush was still.

The swagman paused by the gap and faltered,
For down the gully he feared to go,
The scene in memory never altered—
The scene before him had altered so.
But hope is strong, and his heart grew bolder,
And over his sorrows he raised his head,
He turned his swag to the other shoulder,
And plodded on with a firmer tread.

Ah, hope is always the keenest hearer,
And fancies much when assailed by fear;
The swagman thought, as the farm drew nearer,
He heard the sounds that he used to hear.
His weary heart for a moment bounded,
For a moment brief he forgot his dread;
For plainly still in his memory sounded
The welcome bark of a dog long dead.

A few steps more and his face grew ghostly,
Then white as death in the twilight grey;
Deserted wholly, and ruined mostly,
The Old Selection before him lay.
Like startled spectres that paused and listened,
The few white posts of the stockyard stood;
And seemed to move as the moonlight glistened
And paled again on the whitened wood.

And thus he came, from a life long banished
To other lands, and of peace bereft,
To find the farm and the homestead vanished,
And only the old stone chimney left.
The field his father had cleared and gardened
Was overgrown with saplings now;
The rain had set and the drought had hardened
The furrows made by a vanished plough.

And this, and this was the longed-for haven
Where he might rest from a life of woe;
He read a name on the mantel graven—
The name was his ere he stained it so.
And so remorse on my care encroaches—
‘I have not suffered enough,’ he said;
That name is pregnant with deep reproaches—
The past won’t bury dishonoured dead!’

Ah, now he knew it was long years after,
And felt how swiftly a long year speeds;
The hardwood post and the beam and rafter
Had rotted long in the tangled weeds.
He found that time had for years been sowing
The coarse wild scrub on the homestead path,
And saw young trees by the chimney growing,
And mountain ferns on the wide stone hearth.

He wildly thought of the evil courses
That brought disgrace on his father’s name;
The escort robbed, and the stolen horses,
The felon’s dock with its lasting shame.
‘Ah, God! Ah, God! is there then no pardon?’
He cried in a voice that was strained and hoarse;
He fell on the weeds that were once a garden,
And sobbed aloud in his great remorse.

But grief must end, and his heart ceased aching
When pitying sleep to his eye-lids crept,
And home and friends who were lost in waking,
They all came back while the stockman slept.
And when he woke on the empty morrow,
The pain at his heart was a deadened pain;
And bravely bearing his load of sorrow,
He wandered back to the world again.

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