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Our identity as a nation — unlike many other nations — is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood. Being an American involves the embrace of high ideals and civic responsibility. We become the heirs of Thomas Jefferson by accepting the ideal of human dignity found in the Declaration of Independence. We become the heirs of James Madison by understanding the genius and values of the U.S. Constitution. We become the heirs of Martin Luther King, Jr., by recognizing one another not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. This means that people of every race, religion, and ethnicity can be fully and equally American. It means that bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed. And it means that the very identity of our nation depends on the passing of civic ideals to the next generation.

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Martin Luther King Junior

Today is Martin Luther King Junior's birthday; a day that we celebrate.
Without his influence, Barack Obama probably wouldn't be the President of the United States.
He wanted black people to have equal rights.
He didn't cower in the face of this fight.
He knew that some people are consumed by hate.
Sadly one of those people took his life in 1968.
Martin Luther King Junior died for what he believed in.
People shouldn't be prejudice because of the color of skin.

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther KIng...
you were a torch
that lit a darkened world,
a beacon,
for all those oppressed,
a song,
for the downtrodden and weary...
you looked beneath the skin,
and saw the soul!

life cut short,
far too soon by
the forces of hatred and fear...

Martin, we need you now!
your vision lives in the
hope of the oppressed...
your determination our anchor,
your heart beats strong
in each of us who believe!

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Martin Luther King (Clerihew verse-form)

Martin Luther King was not a king.
He did not have horses, a crown, or anything.
He preached a lot and had a dream
Of everybody eating ice cream.

The following poem is in the Clerihew verse-form, which was invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley, author of Trent’s Last Case, the perfect murder mystery. It consists of two rhymed couplets. The first couplet usually (can also be the second couplet) includes the name of a famous person. The other lines contain a characteristic, real or fictional, of the person.

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Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Is In Heaven

Brother Martin was assassinated at a very young age.
Intelligent and determined; he was a wise sage.
I am convinced that he is definitely the only man
In Heaven.

Bro. Martin fought for everybody’s civil rights, regardless of race,
Color, gender, origin, etcetera, etcetera. He is in a better place
Right now, I feel that he is the only man
In Heaven.

Brother Martin was a very dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ,
Who did not fight back, but he was stronger than ice;
He was a peaceful warrior. I know that he is the only man
In Heaven.

There is a lot that one can say and write about this legend.
He had many dreams and great visions, He knew how to blend
Fiction and reality. He was a man of ideas and actions.
Brother Martin is in Heaven working on different transactions.

I want to thank him and his associates for their sacrifices.
Brother Martin is still alive. His dreams are alive under the auspices
Of God’s blessings to fight racism, unfairness and all sorts of inequalities.
Brother Martin is not dead. We shall overcome despite our inabilities.

Jesus died for our sins, but Brother Martin died for things
That benefit all humanities. Let the angels sing, let freedom ring
In every corner of the earth. I am overjoyed to say that Brother Martin
Is in Heaven.

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Manifestation of A Dream

Today I sit here and ponder the trials and struggles that have been won
Remembering the marches and the words of faith,
We shall overcome” were the words sung.
The verse in Hebrews, “Now faith is the substance,
The substance of things hoped for, the evidence,
The evidence of things not seen…seen in the distance.
The faith, the dream passed down from our ancestors
The dream, the faith given by God to help us forgive
Our trespasses and our trespassers
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech on the 28th day of August in 1963
Stating that when the “architects of our own republic
Wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and Declaration
They signed a note of promissory
It was a promise that all men, black men, as well as white
Would be guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, liberty,
And the unalienable rights to life”
Forty-six years later Barack Hussein Obama stood on the same platform
And the feeling of change was reborn
When he spoke these words he reignited the dream
The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit, to choose our better history
To carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea,
passed on from generation to generation
The God given promise that all are equal, all are free, and deserve a chance
To pursue their full measure of happiness.”
The dream of brotherhood, equality, freedom and justice
The dream of valleys exalted, hills and valleys being made low
The dream of rough places being made plain
And crooked places being made straight
And having the faith that the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed
And all flesh shall see it together”
The day Barack Obama was sworn in as President
Was in God’s plan for his life and this land
In Judges, chapter 4, Barak was called-so this day was predestined
Langston asked, “What happens to a dream deferred? ’
In this instance the dream became the manifestation of faith
A manifestation of the struggles of slavery and oppression
A manifestation of the heart of African-Americans and all those of color
A manifestation of the content of our character
In Hebrews, it states without faith it is impossible to please God
Brothers and Sisters, the God we love and the God we serve is well pleased.

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Black America (The Story Of Pain And Glory)

From the rich land of Africa where we were King's of our soil dripped in gold brought to you beaten, battered, and sold.America, we sailed across your rippling seas against our will as we sought survival while thousands of us lay desolate, demoralized, and dead before arrival.America, finally here where we forced to work without pay as our blood, sweat, and tears trickled against our brown skin from sun up till the break of day.America, to pass the crawling time spent on our ragged heels we let our voices ring out across the cotton fields. America, we sang, oh yes! we sang. About our captivity as well as are spirituality. America, song expressed our inner hope and sorrow for yesterday, today, and even tomorrow. America, your Constitution states that all men are created equal as we stood chained and lacerated from the leather, so tell me what holds more weight the Constitution or a feather? America, One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all that's what we were taught. One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for y'all that's what we thought. America, your sun didn't shine so bright or fast while our fight we just had to outlast. And the struggle poured like Seattle rain, but 1863 finally free of those chains. America, but you didn't stop your hatred while many fled to the North where we felt the safest. In these days we still couldn't progress just an inch, it felt like a bad dream only we couldn't be pinched, as every waking morning the news read 'Another Negro Lynched'. America, throughout all the hardships we always had the music, music which bled through the depths of our souls, from the early spirituals of our ancestors singing 'Wade in the Water' to the muddy banks of the Mississippi where Men like Son House, Charley Patton, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf were playing all night in Juke Joints as liquor spilled, smoke rose, and sweat poured to the heartbeat of the Blues. Robert Johnson...ahhh...Robert Johnson the incomparable Blues-man who howled at the dusty moon! Broken ax slung over his shoulder, voice trembling at the crossroads as he wrapped his spider-like fingers around his guitar, picking with fury, singing 'I'm a steady rollin' man, I roll both night and day but I don't have no sweet woman to be rollin' this-a-way'. These Blues which began in the cotton fields and the Delta South made their way to the concrete jungle, the rhythm pulsating streets of Harlem where cool cats like Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, and Charlie Parker were composing the wild and mystical sounds of Bop, (Be-Bop Be-Bop) Miles...ahhh...Miles Davis, the epitome of hip- dark shades, golden trumpet blowing in the streets of eternity, sweat dripping, veins screaming, his look- brooding and low externally blowing internal blues, his melody- colorful and vibrant as the most perfect hue, his notes- which would bend at his very will, his sound- captured and momentarily made still. And, the music well it's still something I can't quite explain, something that stabs you in the heart but feels so good! America, why all the suffering, why all the pain? here it is 1963 and your still the same. Segregated laws, segregated halls, man we couldn't catch a break even segregated stalls. Soon enough leaders for a new change arose out of the ashes of bigotry and etched there names into the walls of history. Huey P. Newton, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X illuminated the spirit of our youth and aged alike. Dr. King...ahhh...Martin Luther King Jr. our own worldly king of peace. Pah, Pah, ! two bullets cut across the Memphis sky, dream deceased. America, why when a King emerges you dethrone them? Is it because when the people don't have a voice you know you can control them? 1968 the years progressed tension rose creating stress, buildings burned as the country turned to a blank page of restless and un-godly rage. America, you killed our leaders but you could never kill our spirit.1975- we came to a period of self-empowerment and once again the music shined through us emphasizing the way we spoke and acted. 'Say it loud I'm Black and I'm proud' rang out through the inner city where poverty whispered around every corner. Gil-Scott Heron, Parliament Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, and Issac Hayes gave us a sense of belonging with their soul-stirring words and rhythm. The Godfather of soul...ahhh...James Brown the funkiest man in America, who grooved and shuffled across the stage, cape flowing across his back singing: 'It's a mans world oh but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a Woman or a girl' The black woman- Mother of Earth, nurturer of child, teacher of love, where would our story be without you? 1994- The times they were a-changin' (as Dylan's prophecy read) the inner city, well the poverty wasn't whispering anymore rather howling through the street corners and the music reflected the times. Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Run DMC, and Tupac rapped the images they seen in their everyday existence. Christopher Wallace...ahhh... The Notorious B.I.G. rapped from the depths of his belly providing us with imagery and story which have yet to be rivaled. 'It was all a dream I used to read word up magazine salt n pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine' pah! pah! two bullets cut across the L.A. sky dream deceased. America, it hasn't been a dream rather a nightmare. America we can forgive but we can't forget. It's been nearly 600 years since you brought us here, men and women driven away from our family and peers.2012- America, look how far we've come from Kings to shackles back to Kings. America, your root of existence is planted by our seed and finally it's beginning to sprout. For so many years we were looked at as just an un-worthy resident, now look at us Barack Obama first Black president. America I am you, America we are you, America we are your story- Black America pain and glory.

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On Their Feet

My feet walk on soil where my ancestors blood, sweat and tears where shed.

Blood from the lashes on their backs that was put there by a cold wet whip all because they fought to be free.

Sweat that dripped from their brows from the hard work they did to help build this country we call America.

Tears that was cried so many nights they could fill a river with their sorrow.

But even after all that they did not crawl upon their knees or slide upon their bellies.

Their faith gave them hope for a brighter future for all those who would come after them. People such as Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and even me, and because of this faith no matter what they always stood upon their feet.

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I Have But One Dream

This poem is dedicated to the late
Martin Luther King

I have but one dream
that one day all men and women
will see there is no difference
between us no matter what colour we are.
The air we breathe you and I,
is the same as everyone else.
We are all born of the same colour blood
and we all bleed when we are cut.
There is no difference in our body’s makeup
apart from the shade of our skin.
Yet if you are white in the winter,
you want to look a darker shade
when the summer comes.
If a brother or sister
is that colour all year around
why do we want to look like them
only when summer comes?
If you can answer that question
and understand the meaning of what I say
then racial hatred will slowly disappear
from our world today
and all men and women will live in harmony.
Love will then prevail to set everyone free.

11 September 2008

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A Tribute Fits for a Great King

Bring the drums, the flute and the trombone.
Bring the clarinet, the guitars and the saxophone,
So we can honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior,
Who was the King of the Civil Rights Movement. No one can ignore
His sacrifices for mankind and his dedications
To world’s peace and justice. His contributions
To our world are enormous. Dr. King is still a beacon of hope,
A man who did not believe in giving up. He was the Pope
Who espoused humanity, decency and love for all.
He was not a tall man, however, he dreamt BIG not small.
Dr. King was a giant in every meaning of the word.
He was not a violent man, but his tongue was a powerful sword,
Who pierced the rhinoceros skin of racism and injustice.
Today, I feel blessed to write about this man of peace and justice,
This gentleman of tolerance and love, and this brother,
Who never ceased to inspire me, especially in my darkest hours.
Bring the children, the elders and the crippled to honor
The King of hope and perseverance. Bring the flowers of all colors,
To celebrate his insurmountable tasks and great accomplishments.
Come to shower such an icon with endearing compliments.
Bring the drums, the tuba and the trombone.
Bring the clarinet, the banjos and the saxophone,
So we can honor the King and his disciples,
Who challenged the status quo, and who won with flying colors.
Let’s have a ticker-tape parade; come and read the articles
Of the struggle. Bring the confetti, bring the flowers
To thank all brave men and women who marched peacefully
At his side. Dr. Kings legacy will live eternally,
And his dream of equality will never die.
Ring the bells. Let’s sing, let’s chant and cry
Out loud to wish Our Brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
And let’s continue to hope and to pray for a better day.

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My Day With MLK

Our day began on a hot summer day in 1963,
MLK was right next to me, and we were in Washington D.C
Who knew this day would be remembered forever in history
The present was on his mind, and his I Have A Dream Speech really got 2 Me

He spoke about freedom and he spoke about equality
Me being from the future, i wish everyone would have equal opportunity
After giving his speech, he received a round of applause
But his mission had just started, no need for a pause

I asked him if he thought he truly made a difference
He looked me in the eye and said yes but every good idea always has resistance
I was inspired, i could tell he was consistent, with everything he did
becoming a pastor, a civil rights activist, and even befriending a white man as a kid

We took a trip to the present year,
but not overLooking everything that had 2 be overcome 2 get here
I asked if he thought we had made progress
he looked at the sky scrapers, technology, and said this is all non sense

He had a dream that our world would one day be full of peace and Love
but Looking around all he sees is violence and drugs
I told him that segregation had evaporated, but racism was still present
He said in the end our skin color is merely our image, but what really matters is whats beneath it

I could tell Martin Luther King Jr. had a heart that loved the world,
its too bad the world forgot his principles, and left um 2 swirl
I asked him how could the world be a better place
He replied simply, this life is not a race

'We need to stop trying 2 beat each other,
Cus in the end we're gonna rely on love for 1 another'
Those words spoke 2 be, i grasped what he had said
no more pondering in the past, just looking straight ahead

From my day with MLK,
World i assure you that racism should be dead by today
it is not necessary, we are all the made the same
I wish everyone the best, and i assure u the world would be better if we all wished the same!

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Too Familiar!

when the hand of God
expresses itself in strong fashion
in the life of a human being,
we make them into a martyr.
or we assassinate their character...

the ghosts of JFK, Robert Kennedy,
Martin Luther King, and John Lennon
blow strong inside the winds of freedom!
do we hear their voices?
do we feel their message?

and who's next?
and who will pull the trigger?
another puppet, another pawn,
or the body of apathy...
who looks too familiar!

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' Martin Luther King

and that he was

a man of great moral

a leader because he led by example


what makes a man a king

his determination to lead his people

his commitment, his drive


a father

a husband

a friend

a Leader

For whom left his mark as KING

Man of the century to many who knew his pain

his struggle

Name another man who put his life in the teeth if death for a cause more than King

and for that same reason,

That Farther, Husband, Friend and Leader

Remains most of all


By: Kottrell Johnson

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45 Equity

Oh Martin Sometimes your voice was the thunder Sometimes it
was the falling rain. Always it burst our hearts asunder..
and made them beat... empathic in pain.
A bee willing to hang upside down in drooping blooms
will harvest more honey. But the converse is not true..
those who work the hardest are not those who make the money.
He attempted to live by ten tenets.. he tried to all
to be tender, not to profit off of tenants
The puzzle master has an eye to each color splash, every unique
shape. The self realized master sees only the same blazing God in all.


Oh Martin is to all who like Martin Luther King have worked
for victories over racism.

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The Dream (A Eulogy For Martin Luther King, Jr.)

He had a dream, to which all should aspire;
Poignantly, his earthly life met with Empyrean supplant,
As same is honored always, by chimeric flame;
Die did not, the dream, which is indubitably extant.
The dream may remove the blight of an iniquitous past.
If the dream is not to wither, needed are many a dreamer
Who know that justice is the truth that sets you...'free at last';
This is The Law, as taught by The Great Redeemer.

The dream is revolutionary, yet quite simplistic-
Self-gratifying, while wholly-altruistic;
The dream is justice, for one, for all-all the same;
The dream shan't die, as evidenced by the eternal flame-
As though a beacon, it states: 'let freedom ring';
'Thank God Almighty, for the gift who was Doctor King!

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What The World Has Come To Be(travon Martin)

This world is still segregated
Face the facts
We didn't get too far from when martin Luther king Jr. Was alive
Yes races are now working to gethar
But now there is not only still racism
There is now race on race crime
All these thoughts rush through my mind like a ton of brick
The old folks are telling us young folks what's wrong and right
And that we should not fight and kill one another
But it will not stick
And I'm sick of all this! ! !
Why do I always have to worry about getting shot?
If I'm just walking from the store caring a bag o skittles
And an Arizona drink
Why should I die because you think I look suspicious?
But you follow me and kill me because you feel threatened
What sense does that makes?
Can we just all love and look out for each other instead of killing one another?

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Martin Luther King Jr.

When I was little, I wanted to be
A speaker against prejudice and hating
My dad told me of a man of ground breaking
He spoke of equality for you and me

This man would bring people together
Of every creed and color
He tried to teach us live with each other
Side by side with toleration as brothers

He did not expect us to live in bliss
But with respect and without malice
He had a dream so strong and true
He had a dream for me and you

His life was short and not so perfect
He was simple man and a born sinner
A master of words and a deal spinner
But he was a model, a man to respect

His life was cut too short one day
By a man filled with fear and hate
If they were both alive here today
He would wipe the slate clean and pray

The good in his heart
Has lived on today
It shows when we show
Respect for each other

We hear of Equality, Peace, and Love
These can be all be linked
To that man who had a dream
To let freedom ring

His dream lives on today

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Racism Is Around Me Everywhere

Of human ignorance I am almost in despair
For racism is around me everywhere
But like they say sheer ignorance is bliss
Just like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Some people carry their honour in a flag
And of their Nationality they brag
They feel superior and they differentiate
And against those who are different they discriminate.

So many people still judged by their race
For such there never ought to be a place
'A fair go' those untruthful words I do recall
There is no such a thing as a 'fair go for all'.

Though we live in a so called democracy
Of racism we never will be free
They judge you by where you come from and the colour of your skin
For many equality and respect seems impossible to win.

It's been awhile since the days of Martin Luther King
His name to it has a familiar ring
If against racism he did not choose to strive
Today the great man he would be alive.

So many holding the reins of power not spiritually aware
And racism is around me everywhere
And racism only leads to division and war
Just goes to show how ignorant some are.

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American Flag

i've had mixed feelings
about the American flag
ever since they lowered it
for President Kennedy...
it took a beating during
the civil rights movement.
and then there was Vietnam,
all the atrocities, the lies,
the wasted deaths...
the marches, the protests,
the Kent State killings...
and the flag was burned
in anger, and i understood
the anger
and now the corporate takeover,
the loss of human rights,
the loss of dignity, and hope
how many deaths does it take?
JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King
forty thousand plus in Vietnam
how many in the lying oil wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan?
how many homeless and jobless
does it take?
how many migrant workers treated
like animals?
how many old people have to lose
the benefits they've worked for?

and i think back to my old hero,
Thomas Jefferson what would he say?
maybe something like this:
'the real American flag isnt made of cloth,
it's drawn on the backs of the American workers.
male and female of all races and religions,
the people that built this country
the heart blood of this country.
when you put these people down
with your greed, your lies, your apathy
then you lower the flag.
and it can never be raised again
till all Americans walk heads up together
with hope till all have an equal opportunity
to live and be in freedom
until such day you have no flag! '

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A riot is the language of the unheard.
martin luther king

John Cabot, out of Wilma, once a Wycliffe,
all whitebluerose below his golden hair,
wrapped richly in right linen and right wool,
almost forgot his Jaguar and Lake Bluff;
almost forgot Grandtully (which is The
Best Thing That Ever Happened To Scotch); almost
forgot the sculpture at the Richard Gray
and Distelheim; the kidney pie at Maxim’s,
the Grenadine de Boeuf at Maison Henri.

Because the Negroes were coming down the street.

Because the Poor were sweaty and unpretty
(not like Two Dainty Negroes in Winnetka)
and they were coming toward him in rough ranks.
In seas. In windsweep. They were black and loud.
And not detainable. And not discreet.

Gross. Gross. “Que tu es grossier!” John Cabot
itched instantly beneath the nourished white
that told his story of glory to the World.
“Don’t let It touch me! the blackness! Lord!” he whispered
to any handy angel in the sky.
But, in a thrilling announcement, on It drove
and breathed on him: and touched him. In that breath
the fume of pig foot, chitterling and cheap chili,
malign, mocked John. And, in terrific touch, old
averted doubt jerked forward decently,
cried, “Cabot! John! You are a desperate man,
and the desperate die expensively today.”

John Cabot went down in the smoke and fire
and broken glass and blood, and he cried “Lord!
Forgive these nigguhs that know not what they do.”

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Peace and Justice On Behalf Of Dr. M.L.King

(This poem is dedicated to the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr.)

We want Peace and Justice
We are not asking for too much
We do not want to go too far to search
We want Peace and Justice
For the wrongly convicted
And for the illegally executed
Let the bells of freedom ring
From Paris to Washington
From Bangkok to Beijing
From Sudan to Hong Kong
From Iran to Pakistan
From China to Nigeria
From Haiti to Afghanistan
From Holland to India
From Israel to Canada
From Trinidad to Iceland
From Germany to South Africa
From Egypt to New Zealand
Let the thunders bring the gifts of Liberty
To every country in the universe
We were born to live in peace and harmony
The human mind is creative and diverse
Let's use our imagination to make life better for all
Let’s learn to be just and proud, and to walk tall
Corruption can only destroy; injustice can only rot the pot
Theft can only bring hell and greed is like an insatiable rat
Who will not stop until there is no more in the container
Let’s dream bigger and consistently help each other
We want Peace and Justice
For the demonstrators who are fighting for their alienable rights
We want Peace and Justice
At the end of the tunnel, we want to be able to see glorious lights
That can bring hope and stability throughout the continents
We want the perpetrators, the kidnappers and the criminal elements
To be punished in accordance to the laws of nature
We want the Courts to be fair and impartial
The dictators who stole the peoples money must be brought to trial
Their cronies and their henchmen who robbed our future
Must pay the consequences of their misdeeds
We don’t want violence
We don’t want silence
We want common sense to prevail all the time
We want a world free of crime
We want Peace and Justice for all
We want to eliminate the bad seeds
We want Peace and Justice for all.

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