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Zilch + Nothing = Zero

What if Christ Jesus had not paid,
Tell me who would ever be saved?
There’s no more 10% on lay-a-way,
Payment in full must be made today.

He didn’t pay a little now, a little later,
It would not have made Him our Savior,
We no longer have such a thing as C.O.D.,
What other than the blood could set us free?

In a war some soldiers sacrifice their lives,
Made hero’s by those who couldn’t get by,
What about one who did it for all mankind?
A greater love than this we will never find.

It is a word thrown about lightly you know,
A 100 yard interception doesn’t make a hero,
Cops, fire fighters, it’s life or death everyday,
Whether your burned to a crisp or blown away.

National Guard during Katrina could file a claim,
They certainly deserve a banner on the hero name,
The real ones aren’t seeking either fortune or fame,
They should not be crowned for winning any game.

In sports you do it over and over till it’s done right,
Practice, playbook or you learned from the last fight,
There are coaches and spies better known as scouts,
Those with money also have something called clout.

Hold on a minute, who has more wealth than Christ?
Even if there was someone would they give their life?
Maybe run an ad, countless mercenaries would respond,
From the actual field of battle they would be long gone.

Throughout all history there has only been predator or prey,
1 attacks with an all out assault while the other runs away,
If you choose to be fearful that’s usually how things stay,
It’s imperative to focus positively the start of each new day.

There is no time for a conference or a postponement date,
You must act immediately or you’re already way too late,
No one writes a check purchasing ingredients to be a hero,
So, if it’s not already in your heart, Zilch + Nothing = Zero.

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Today... 'Christ Jesus Our Lord

Nothing shall separate us from the love of God
for we are secure in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Love everlasting He have made known to us
when He came to earth and died upon the cross.

'The wages of sin is death' we clearly hear
but Christ Jesus our Lord has removed the fear.
The gift of God is eternal life in Christ
accomplished by His eternal sacrifice.

There is no condemnation for those in Christ
for He has fully paid our sins awful price.
Crying 'Father forgive' in His dying breath
He set us free from the law of sin and death.

No height or depth or anything in creation
can separate us from this great salvation.
The love that is found in Christ Jesus our Lord
has justified us and made us right with God.

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Today... 'Christ Jesus

Paul the apostle proclaimed to them all
That on Jesus name they will need to call
For in Christ Jesus they need to believe
Then redemption from sins they will receive.

You justify all those turning to You
They're sanctified by Your blood and made new
In Christ Jesus Who sits upon the throne
the true wisdom that comes from God alone

No condemnation now, the price is paid
For upon Christ Jesus our sins were laid
As holy saints we call upon the Lord
And we are saved by the mercy of God

The Lord our Righteousness you became
Sanctifying us by Your precious name
We are redeemed and are made holy too
Through the wisdom of God that comes through You

Justified and made right before our God
We're sanctified through Christ Jesus our Lord
And redeemed of God both holy and true
There's no condemnation for those in You

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Honour Kamikaze Fire Fighters At Fukushima

honour kamikaze fire fighters
at Fukushima Dai-ichi
Japanese nuclear power plant

honour courage sacrifice of all staff
who risk all even unto death
to fight struggle for plant containment

nuclear power plant damaged by fire
nuclear power plant damaged by explosions
emitted bursts of radiation steam venting

honour courage sacrifice of all staff
struggling to contain a spiraling crisis
caused by deadly earthquake tsunami

explosions at three reactors fire at a fourth
fire in a pool where used nuclear fuel rods
are stored 'radioactivity is being released

directly into the atmosphere.' Even after
the fire was extinguished the pool might
still be boiling more radioactive materials

could seep out if water in the storage pond
Unit 4 boils away fuel rods could be exposed
leaking more virulent radiation steady duty

requires sea water be pumped in to cover
exposed fuel rods at risk to life noble work
noble sacrifice must continue while we who

are safe honour sacrifice of all risking life
honour to your name honour to your family
honour to your ancestors success to your

efforts to prevent worst case scenario one
or more reactor cores in complete melt down
a disaster that could spew large amounts

of radioactivity into the atmosphere pray
for honour workers of Tokyo Electric Power
Co who repair damage sacrifice for safety

safety of fellow citizens for their nation Japan.
May the prayers of the people may the prayers
of the nation may entire world’s prayers protect.

May Almighty God protect this nation this people
at this time so that the peril the danger may pass.
May Almighty God in covenant blessing protect all.

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Life-death border

Raining raining and raining
Everywhere there is forest
There is mountain and rain and rain
Forest is full of trees
Mountains and mountains full of
Stones trees and stones stones
Here is a stream here there is water
And it is the border we must cross
Lion and lion tiger and tiger
Here there is a river come and
Come till completion of over
Over of time age birth death
Come my dear friend we are all
Here to make merry to get pleasure
And to cross life death border.

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The True Life

Those who trust in lying vanities
Forsake the grace that could be theirs
They try to earn what's freely given
The Gift to be as Heaven's heirs.

Novenas, masses, sacraments -
Idols mute and sadly worthless
Arrayed to be Deception's garment
These fail to give man holiness.

The Gift of Life came from the Cross
It is received by Faith and Trust
The LORD Christ Jesus paid the Cost
Only though Him, believe we must.

'For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.'

Romans 6: 23

'Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.'

Jonah 2: 8

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Praise Christ Jesus

Praise The Lord Christ Jesus, who is the one who frees us,
From all our hurts deep inside, and all the pain that we hide.
He gives to us a real peace, deep inside that will not cease.
He saves us from all our sin, when we truly believe in Him.

Praise The Gracious Lord above, who sent all a gift of love.
God sent to us His Only Son, to be the Savior of everyone.
Christ was sent to all of us, and in Jesus we place our trust.
As men trust in Jesus Christ, He gives to them Eternal Life.

Praise Him as a Merciful God, sending His Son not His Rod.
By The Lord’s unmerited Grace, He sent Christ in our place.
It was His Son, Jesus Christ, who died a substitute sacrifice,
Our atonement on Calvary; paying the price for you and me.

And we praise The Living Lord, who for us, did much more.
From the grave He rose again, to grant new life to all men.
Christ, who for us had died, was resurrected and Glorified.
And God will glorify everyone, who truly trusts in His Son.

So all who are dead in sin, can place all their trust in Him,
Not only will you be forgiven, as new life you will be given.
God’s Grace you shall receive, as His Son you do believe.
A glorified body will be yours, to live forever with The Lord.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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Babylonian Spirit

Today we see the Babylonian Vine, with intoxicating spiritual wine,
Seducing many religious hearts, as from The Truth a soul departs,
From God’s Truth and Foundation, that Cornerstone for Salvation,
Through their religious experience, which is lacking Biblical Sense.

All Truth is found in Christ alone, The Foundation and Cornerstone,
The Only Way, Truth and Life, is found alone through Jesus Christ;
Christ alone is The Narrow Way, opposing the ways we find today,
With many being led astray, on what Christ called the broader way.

Many who are “enlightened” friend, ignore The Truth, about the end,
Enlightened in a new spiritual dawn, through that Spirit of Babylon,
Souls deceived and being misled, by men who are spiritually dead,
Leading many souls down a path, to see not life, but, God’s Wrath.

Christ had told those who believe, that many shall come to deceive,
By deceptive ways they shall claim, to speak the Truth in His Name,
Truly sent from the father of lies, they profess to be spiritually wise,
Guided not by Christ Jesus at all, they guide souls to spiritually fall.

They pervert, The Gospel of Christ, Who, paid for all, The Full Price,
Behind their experience and works, a dark and deceptive spirit lurks,
Complicating God’s Salvation Plan, to mislead, every wayward man,
Is Satan’s desire to simply deceive, all seeking souls, as he did Eve.

(Copyright ©05/2010)

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Fire Fighters

God ignites fire
He ignites fire everywhere free
The flames spread wild
Planting flowers jading we.

We are fire fighters
We fight fire the more it flames
The more it flames the more water burns out
Our fire trucks go out of control.

We are fire fighters
But we cannot extinguish God's fire.

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Fire Of Life

the fire burns within an incandescent flame kindled and rekindled.
the fire of life burns forever
self consumed and renewed.
everyplace and everything in this universe share in tje blaze,
no one and nothing is exempt
humanity - born from the community of life
yet somehow we seperate ourselves from the world to which we belong
nature's laws (divene laws) - we defy.
an unrelenting war waged against creation.
through providence.
i will surrender my only life
the fading sun caresses the horizon.
now it's time to finish what we've began
take a look around - watch this world slowly die.
to dust corrupted vision.
human or not - life will go on
life eternal
self consumed and renewed.
everyplace and everything in this universe share in the blaze,
no one and nothing is exempt
the fire of life

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Isaac Watts

Hymn 23 part 2

A hopeful youth falling short of heaven.

Mark 10:21.

Must all the charms of nature, then,
So hopeless to salvation prove?
Can hell demand, can heav'n condemn,
The man whom Jesus deigns to love?

The man who sought the ways of truth,
Paid friends and neighbors all their due;
A modest, sober, lovely youth,
And thought he wanted nothing new.

But mark the change; thus spake the Lord-
"Come, part with earth for heav'n today:"
The youth, astonished at the word,
In silent sadness went his way.

Poor virtues that he boasted so,
This test unable to endure;
Let Christ, and grace, and glory go,
To make his land and money sure!

Ah, foolish choice of treasures here!
Ah, fatal love of tempting gold!
Must this base world be bought so dear?
Are life and heav'n so cheaply sold?

In vain the charms of nature shine,
If this vile passion govern me:
Transform my soul, O love divine!
And make me part with all for thee.

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At Our Funeral

Have you been to a funeral yet, after The Lord you have met?
A special funeral for all of us, who have come to Christ Jesus,
A funeral of your independence, as your heart, to God relents,
When indeed, you die to self, now alive in The Saviors wealth.

Even though we died, we live, so now our life to God we give,
Earthly desires are all we lose, in accepting God’s good news,
Thus being saved by Jesus Christ, we give Him our earthly life,
Since He died for us at Calvary, to let our captive heart go free.

So believers are now free to die, for Jesus who reigns on high,
Yes free to die to our old ways, as we live out our earthly days,
Living without what we don’t need, as God’s Word we do heed,
While living for a future friend, which when it comes has no end.

The life with God, we now begin, guides us away from dark sin,
We die to sin so we can start, a brand new life with a new heart,
A new heart which now is purified, by the One, Who for us died,
Christ died to cleanse you and me, all with His blood at Calvary.

At this funeral that you attend, its just a beginning, not the end,
As you begin life brand new, with The Lord, to see you through,
With The Savior by your side, for He now lives, though He died,
With death swallowed up in victory, believers shall live Eternally.

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The Savior And The Judge

Christ Jesus is coming back real soon as The Savior and The Judge.
He will be returning to this earth from His Majestic Throne up above,
For all power and authority from God has been placed in His hands.
And every single man, by His Word, will either fall or he will stand.

Friend, although many in the world today have plainly been deceived,
When Christ returns to earth in Power and Glory every eye will see.
Every willful life of ignorance, indeed shall cease and be no more.
And every man with a mind will know it is Christ whos at the door.

The time is now to allow The Lord to be your Savior and your friend,
For when this life is over friend, you’ll have an eternity to spend.
If you choose to deny The Lord with a heart that just won’t budge,
You will stand before The One God proclaimed Everlasting Judge.

It doesnt matter where youre from or where you plan to one day go,
For everyone will indeed acknowledge God, and this you need to know.
And every tongue shall indeed confess That Jesus Christ is The Lord.
And as you bow before Him, you shall, by Him, be eternally ignored.

While all who believe in Christ and by their lives showed they cared,
Will hear “Well done, come in and enjoy what My Father has prepared.”
All who scoffed at Heaven above and at Hell in the grave that is beneath,
Will be cast into darkness, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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A New Believer

A new Believer within God's hand by God's Grace becomes a new man.
Although your flesh still remains, your inner heart is not the same.
As The Spirit takes up residence, God in your life takes preeminence.
Your heart now becomes incensed by your former life of decadence.

Your desires are no longer the same since The Lord has made a change,
A change by The Grace of God to leave the old path you once had trod.
Saved from your former life of sin, now Christ richly dwells within.
Now that you have died to sin, a new life in Christ Jesus now begins.

Purchased with a special price, The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.
Your life isn't yours anymore, for now you belong to Christ The Lord.
Old ways that taunt your mind need to be dropped and left far behind,
As The Holy Spirit living inside uses God's Word to renew your mind.

When your flesh begins to be weak God is the one you need to seek.
For this battle you feel inside could be that eternal enemy of pride,
And filled with Christ's meekness, God is displayed in our weakness.
God's Grace is sufficient for you and His Grace will see you through.

We died to sin once and for all and we're under Grace not under law,
Sin in us is rendered powerless so we can be tools of Righteousness.
If we are crucified with Jesus we no longer live but He lives in us.
We must offer ourselves as a sacrifice pleasing God and Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©04/2004)

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Bonnie Kilmeny gaed up the glen;
But it wasna to meet Duneira's men,
Nor the rosy monk of the isle to see,
For Kilmeny was pure as pure could be.
It was only to hear the yorlin sing,
And pu' the cress-flower round the spring;
The scarlet hypp and the hindberrye,
And the nut that hung frae the hazel tree;
For Kilmeny was pure as pure could be.
But lang may her minny look o'er the wa',
But lang may she seek i' the green-wood shaw;
Lang the laird o' Duneira blame,
And lang, lang greet or Kilmeny come hame!

When many a day had come and fled,
When grief grew calm, and hope was dead,
When mess for Kilmeny's soul had been sung,
When the bedesman had pray'd and the dead bell rung,
Late, late in gloamin' when all was still,
When the fringe was red on the westlin hill,
The wood was sere, the moon i' the wane,
The reek o' the cot hung over the plain,
Like a little wee cloud in the world its lane;
When the ingle low'd wi' an eiry leme,
Late, late in the gloamin' Kilmeny came hame!

'Kilmeny, Kilmeny, where have you been?
Lang hae we sought baith holt and den;
By linn, by ford, and green-wood tree,
Yet you are halesome and fair to see.
Where gat you that joup o' the lily scheen?
That bonnie snood of the birk sae green?
And these roses, the fairest that ever were seen?
Kilmeny, Kilmeny, where have you been?'

Kilmeny look'd up with a lovely grace,
But nae smile was seen on Kilmeny's face;
As still was her look, and as still was her e'e,
As the stillness that lay on the emerant lea,
Or the mist that sleeps on a waveless sea.
For Kilmeny had been, she knew not where,
And Kilmeny had seen what she could not declare;
Kilmeny had been where the cock never crew,
Where the rain never fell, and the wind never blew.
But it seem'd as the harp of the sky had rung,
And the airs of heaven play'd round her tongue,
When she spake of the lovely forms she had seen,
And a land where sin had never been;
A land of love and a land of light,
Withouten sun, or moon, or night;
Where the river swa'd a living stream,
And the light a pure celestial beam;
The land of vision, it would seem,
A still, an everlasting dream.

In yon green-wood there is a waik,
And in that waik there is a wene,
And in that wene there is a maike,
That neither has flesh, blood, nor bane;
And down in yon green-wood he walks his lane.

In that green wene Kilmeny lay,
Her bosom happ'd wi' flowerets gay;
But the air was soft and the silence deep,
And bonnie Kilmeny fell sound asleep.
She kenn'd nae mair, nor open'd her e'e,
Till waked by the hymns of a far countrye.

She 'waken'd on a couch of the silk sae slim,
All striped wi' the bars of the rainbow's rim;
And lovely beings round were rife,
Who erst had travell'd mortal life;
And aye they smiled and 'gan to speer,
'What spirit has brought this mortal here?'—

'Lang have I journey'd, the world wide,'
A meek and reverend fere replied;
'Baith night and day I have watch'd the fair,
Eident a thousand years and mair.
Yes, I have watch'd o'er ilk degree,
Wherever blooms femenitye;
But sinless virgin, free of stain
In mind and body, fand I nane.
Never, since the banquet of time,
Found I a virgin in her prime,
Till late this bonnie maiden I saw
As spotless as the morning snaw:
Full twenty years she has lived as free
As the spirits that sojourn in this countrye:
I have brought her away frae the snares of men,
That sin or death she never may ken.'—

They clasp'd her waist and her hands sae fair,
They kiss'd her cheek and they kemed her hair,
And round came many a blooming fere,
Saying, 'Bonnie Kilmeny, ye're welcome here!
Women are freed of the littand scorn:
O blest be the day Kilmeny was born!
Now shall the land of the spirits see,
Now shall it ken what a woman may be!
Many a lang year, in sorrow and pain,
Many a lang year through the world we've gane,
Commission'd to watch fair womankind,
For it 's they who nurice the immortal mind.
We have watch'd their steps as the dawning shone,
And deep in the green-wood walks alone;
By lily bower and silken bed,
The viewless tears have o'er them shed;
Have soothed their ardent minds to sleep,
Or left the couch of love to weep.
We have seen! we have seen! but the time must come,
And the angels will weep at the day of doom!

'O would the fairest of mortal kind
Aye keep the holy truths in mind,
That kindred spirits their motions see,
Who watch their ways with anxious e'e,
And grieve for the guilt of humanitye!
O, sweet to Heaven the maiden's prayer,
And the sigh that heaves a bosom sae fair!
And dear to Heaven the words of truth,
And the praise of virtue frae beauty's mouth!
And dear to the viewless forms of air,
The minds that kyth as the body fair!

'O bonnie Kilmeny! free frae stain,
If ever you seek the world again,
That world of sin, of sorrow and fear,
O tell of the joys that are waiting here;
And tell of the signs you shall shortly see;
Of the times that are now, and the times that shall be.'—
They lifted Kilmeny, they led her away,
And she walk'd in the light of a sunless day;
The sky was a dome of crystal bright,
The fountain of vision, and fountain of light:
The emerald fields were of dazzling glow,
And the flowers of everlasting blow.
Then deep in the stream her body they laid,
That her youth and beauty never might fade;
And they smiled on heaven, when they saw her lie
In the stream of life that wander'd bye.
And she heard a song, she heard it sung,
She kenn'd not where; but sae sweetly it rung,
It fell on the ear like a dream of the morn:
'O, blest be the day Kilmeny was born!
Now shall the land of the spirits see,
Now shall it ken what a woman may be!
The sun that shines on the world sae bright,
A borrow'd gleid frae the fountain of light;
And the moon that sleeks the sky sae dun,
Like a gouden bow, or a beamless sun,
Shall wear away, and be seen nae mair,
And the angels shall miss them travelling the air.
But lang, lang after baith night and day,
When the sun and the world have elyed away;
When the sinner has gane to his waesome doom,
Kilmeny shall smile in eternal bloom!'—

They bore her away, she wist not how,
For she felt not arm nor rest below;
But so swift they wain'd her through the light,
'Twas like the motion of sound or sight;
They seem'd to split the gales of air,
And yet nor gale nor breeze was there.
Unnumber'd groves below them grew,
They came, they pass'd, and backward flew,
Like floods of blossoms gliding on,
In moment seen, in moment gone.
O, never vales to mortal view
Appear'd like those o'er which they flew!
That land to human spirits given,
The lowermost vales of the storied heaven;
From thence they can view the world below,
And heaven's blue gates with sapphires glow,
More glory yet unmeet to know.

They bore her far to a mountain green,
To see what mortal never had seen;
And they seated her high on a purple sward,
And bade her heed what she saw and heard,
And note the changes the spirits wrought,
For now she lived in the land of thought.
She look'd, and she saw nor sun nor skies,
But a crystal dome of a thousand dyes:
She look'd, and she saw nae land aright,
But an endless whirl of glory and light:
And radiant beings went and came,
Far swifter than wind, or the linkèd flame.
She hid her e'en frae the dazzling view;
She look'd again, and the scene was new.

She saw a sun on a summer sky,
And clouds of amber sailing bye;
A lovely land beneath her lay,
And that land had glens and mountains gray;
And that land had valleys and hoary piles,
And marlèd seas, and a thousand isles.
Its fields were speckled, its forests green,
And its lakes were all of the dazzling sheen,
Like magic mirrors, where slumbering lay
The sun and the sky and the cloudlet gray;
Which heaved and trembled, and gently swung,
On every shore they seem'd to be hung;
For there they were seen on their downward plain
A thousand times and a thousand again;
In winding lake and placid firth,
Little peaceful heavens in the bosom of earth.

Kilmeny sigh'd and seem'd to grieve,
For she found her heart to that land did cleave;
She saw the corn wave on the vale,
She saw the deer run down the dale;
She saw the plaid and the broad claymore,
And the brows that the badge of freedom bore;
And she thought she had seen the land before.

She saw a lady sit on a throne,
The fairest that ever the sun shone on!
A lion lick'd her hand of milk,
And she held him in a leish of silk;
And a leifu' maiden stood at her knee,
With a silver wand and melting e'e;
Her sovereign shield till love stole in,
And poison'd all the fount within.

Then a gruff untoward bedesman came,
And hundit the lion on his dame;
And the guardian maid wi' the dauntless e'e,
She dropp'd a tear, and left her knee;
And she saw till the queen frae the lion fled,
Till the bonniest flower of the world lay dead;
A coffin was set on a distant plain,
And she saw the red blood fall like rain;
Then bonnie Kilmeny's heart grew sair,
And she turn'd away, and could look nae mair.

Then the gruff grim carle girn'd amain,
And they trampled him down, but he rose again;
And he baited the lion to deeds of weir,
Till he lapp'd the blood to the kingdom dear;
And weening his head was danger-preef,
When crown'd with the rose and clover leaf,
He gowl'd at the carle, and chased him away
To feed wi' the deer on the mountain gray.
He gowl'd at the carle, and geck'd at Heaven,
But his mark was set, and his arles given.
Kilmeny a while her e'en withdrew;
She look'd again, and the scene was new.

She saw before her fair unfurl'd
One half of all the glowing world,
Where oceans roll'd, and rivers ran,
To bound the aims of sinful man.
She saw a people, fierce and fell,
Burst frae their bounds like fiends of hell;
Their lilies grew, and the eagle flew;
And she herkèd on her ravening crew,
Till the cities and towers were wrapp'd in a blaze,
And the thunder it roar'd o'er the lands and the seas.
The widows they wail'd, and the red blood ran,
And she threaten'd an end to the race of man;
She never lened, nor stood in awe,
Till caught by the lion's deadly paw.
O, then the eagle swink'd for life,
And brainyell'd up a mortal strife;
But flew she north, or flew she south,
She met wi' the gowl o' the lion's mouth.

With a mooted wing and waefu' maen,
The eagle sought her eiry again;
But lang may she cower in her bloody nest,
And lang, lang sleek her wounded breast,
Before she sey another flight,
To play wi' the norland lion's might.

But to sing the sights Kilmeny saw,
So far surpassing nature's law,
The singer's voice wad sink away,
And the string of his harp wad cease to play.
But she saw till the sorrows of man were bye,
And all was love and harmony;
Till the stars of heaven fell calmly away,
Like flakes of snaw on a winter day.

Then Kilmeny begg'd again to see
The friends she had left in her own countrye;
To tell of the place where she had been,
And the glories that lay in the land unseen;
To warn the living maidens fair,
The loved of Heaven, the spirits' care,
That all whose minds unmeled remain
Shall bloom in beauty when time is gane.

With distant music, soft and deep,
They lull'd Kilmeny sound asleep;
And when she awaken'd, she lay her lane,
All happ'd with flowers, in the green-wood wene.
When seven lang years had come and fled,
When grief was calm, and hope was dead;
When scarce was remember'd Kilmeny's name,
Late, late in a gloamin' Kilmeny came hame!
And O, her beauty was fair to see,
But still and steadfast was her e'e!
Such beauty bard may never declare,
For there was no pride nor passion there;
And the soft desire of maiden's e'en
In that mild face could never be seen.
Her seymar was the lily flower,
And her cheek the moss-rose in the shower;
And her voice like the distant melodye,
That floats along the twilight sea.
But she loved to raike the lanely glen,
And keepèd afar frae the haunts of men;
Her holy hymns unheard to sing,
To suck the flowers, and drink the spring.
But wherever her peaceful form appear'd,
The wild beasts of the hill were cheer'd;
The wolf play'd blythly round the field,
The lordly byson low'd and kneel'd;
The dun deer woo'd with manner bland,
And cower'd aneath her lily hand.
And when at even the woodlands rung,
When hymns of other worlds she sung
In ecstasy of sweet devotion,
O, then the glen was all in motion!
The wild beasts of the forest came,
Broke from their bughts and faulds the tame,
And goved around, charm'd and amazed;
Even the dull cattle croon'd and gazed,
And murmur'd and look'd with anxious pain
For something the mystery to explain.
The buzzard came with the throstle-cock;
The corby left her houf in the rock;
The blackbird alang wi' the eagle flew;
The hind came tripping o'er the dew;
The wolf and the kid their raike began,
And the tod, and the lamb, and the leveret ran;
The hawk and the hern attour them hung,
And the merle and the mavis forhooy'd their young;
And all in a peaceful ring were hurl'd;
It was like an eve in a sinless world!

When a month and a day had come and gane.
Kilmeny sought the green-wood wene;
There laid her down on the leaves sae green,
And Kilmeny on earth was never mair seen.
But O, the words that fell from her mouth
Were words of wonder, and words of truth!
But all the land were in fear and dread,
For they kendna whether she was living or dead.
It wasna her hame, and she couldna remain;
She left this world of sorrow and pain,
And return'd to the land of thought again.

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(Life&Death Poem) Do Things The Hard Way

This is my closing remarks
This is my settlement with god
With repentance in the air
The thunder flies across the sky
The cataclysmic storm has once again come
With this one will I be undone?
On a spinning wheel slowly being emptied
And nothing I do can ever stop it
It is a aging process
Not taking a easy success
In the commerce world I'm non existent
I guess I have a pre-existing condition
A rebellion with repetition
The anguish of ambition
I know what I'm missing
But to live life I must not hide behind my four walls
Oh he's just making a bunch of phone calls and typing on a keyboard

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Please understand

Have a little consideration
For my unpoetic
Choice of words
I know they are not
To your liking

Your taste is
Professiorial chair-like poetry

Distinguished literati

We are different

You write in the name
Of literature
Perhaps for a prize

You really have to follow
What the awards committee
Says in the rules
Follow page one
Do not disregard page two
And the last rule is

Do no deviate
Do not be a deviant man of
Literature of poetry
Of music
To their ears

I write because I do not know
How to live anymore.

This is a life-death situation
And there are no rules

No specific authorized physician
For this sick, dying man

Those that heal, come
Those that know how to heal, you are welcome.

Tersely put, I write in order to
Live everyday of my life.

Not for fame, not for honor
Not for a chart, they are not necessary.
I have no use of such. Give it to the Lady or the
Gentleman out there, who is grappling with a name
Not with life.

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Work Prepared For Us

The Lord has work for all to do, prepared good works for me and you.
A work that is intended to Glorify, the One who on the cross had died.
Jesus’ work accomplished for all, man’s redemption from Adam’s fall.
Christs finished work for all of us, a work in which we place our trust.

And nothing can be added to, His work accomplished for me and you.
For salvation is a gift of Grace, secured when Jesus died in our place.
No righteous works on our part; it was all of Christ right from the start.
Christs finished work on that cross, alone is what saves sinners lost.

The work prepared for us you see, is to point others towards Eternity.
As God will use you in many ways, as you live out your earthly days.
God above can use most any skill, as its tempered by His loving will,
Pointing other men to Jesus Christ, as The Holy Spirit leads your life.

This work was prepared long before, anybody knew Christ was Lord.
An Eternal Plan by The Lord above, and centered on a cross of Love.
Where Christ Jesus paid the price, by offering Himself as a sacrifice.
For a body was prepared for Him, as the atonement for all of our sin.

Now for us the work to be done, is to lead all men to God’s Only Son.
What better work could there be, than in helping other people to see,
That The Lord Jesus died for us, and in Him we must place our trust,
So when all earthly labors cease, with Him we’ll have Eternal Peace.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

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A Prayer For The King's Majesty

22nd January, 1901.

THE Queen is dead. God save the King,
In this his hour of grief,
When sorrow gathers memories in a sheaf
To lay them on his shoulders as he stands
Inheriting her glories and her lands--
First gain of his at which his Mother's voice
Has not been first to bless and to rejoice--
A man, set lonely between gain and loss.
(O words of love the heart remembereth,
O mighty loss outweighing every gain!)
A Son whose kingdom Death's arm lies across,
A King whose Mother lies alone with Death
Wrapped in the folds of white implacable sleep.
O God, who seest the tears Thy children weep,
O God, who countest each sad heart-beat, see
How our King needs the grace we ask of Thee!
Thou knowest how little and how vain a thing
Is Empire, when the heart is sick with pain--
God, save the King!
The Queen is dead. The splendour of her days,
The sorrow of them both alike merge now
In the new aureole that lights her brow.
The clamour of her people's voice in praise
Must hush itself to the still voice that prays
In the holy chamber of Death. Tread softly here,
A mighty Queen lies dead.
Her people's heart wears black,
The black bells toll unceasing in their ear,
And on the gold sun's track
The great world round
Like a black ring the voice of mourning goes,
Till even our ancient foes
With eyes downbent, and brotherly bared head,
Keep mourning watch with us. This is the hour
When Love lends all his power
To speed grief's arrows from the bow of Death,
When sighs are idle breath,
When tears are fountains vain.
She will not wake again,
Not now, not here.
O great and good and infinitely dear,
O Mother of your people, sleep is sweet,
No more Life's thorny ways will wound your feet.

O Mother dear, sleep sound!
When you shall wake,
Your brows freed from the crown that made them ache
So many a time, and wear the heavenly crown,
Then, then you will look down
On us who love you, and, remembering,
The love of earth will breathe with us our prayer,
Our prayer prayed here, joined to your prayer prayed there:
Who knows what radiant answer it may bring?
'God save the King!'

The Queen is dead. God save the King!
From all ill thought and deed,
From heartless service and from selfish sway,
From treason, and the vain imagining
Of evil counsellors, and the noisome breed
Of flatterers who eat the soul away,
God save the King!

From loss and pain and tears
Such as her many years
Brought her; from battle and strife,
And the inmost hurt of life,
The wounds that no crown can heal,
No ermine robes conceal,
God save the King!

God, by our memories of his Mother's face,
By the love that makes our heart her dwelling-place,
Grant to our sorrow this desired grace:
God save the King!

* * * * * * * * *

The Queen is dead. God save the King.
This is no hour when joy has leave to sing;
Only, amid our tears, we are bold to pray,
More boldly, in that we pray sorrowing,
In this most sorrowful day.
God, who wast of a mortal Mother born,
Who driest the tears with which Thy children mourn,
God, save the King!

Look down on him whose crown is wet with tears
In which its splendour fades and disappears--
His tears, our tears, tears out of all her lands.
The Queen is dead.
God! strengthen the King's hands!
God, save the King!

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A life on the ocean wave

A life on the ocean wave,
A home on the rolling deep,
Where the scattered waters rave,
And the winds their revels keep!
Like an eagle caged, I pine
On this dull, unchanging shore:
Oh! give me the flashing brine,
The spray and the tempest's roar!

Once more on the deck I stand
Of my own swift-gliding craft:
Set sail! farewell to the land!
The gale follows fair abaft.
We shoot through the sparkling foam
Like an ocean-bird set free; -
Like the ocean-bird, our home
We'll find far out on the sea.

The land is no longer in view,
The clouds have begun to frown;
But with a stout vessel and crew,
We'll say, Let the storm come down!
And the song of our hearts shall be,
While the winds and the waters rave,
A home on the rolling sea!
A life on the ocean wave!

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With Every Beat Of My Heart (7" Version)

(Tommy Faragher, Lotti Golden, Arthur Baker)
I keep getting closer
To the love I know
I'm ready and willing
Getting out of control
You win and you lose some
But if you stay in the game
Before you know it
You'll feel the fire
But don't get burned by the flame
You'll find the answer any day
With every beat of my heart
I keep getting closer to you
With every beat of my heart now
I know we're getting closer
To love with every beat
I just wanna know you
More every day
And now it won't be long
Till I hear you say (say it, say it)
Say that you do boy
It's just a matter of time
Before you know it
You'll feel the fire
And it's burning deep inside
You'll find the answer
In his eyes
With every beat of my heart
I keep getting closer to you
With every beat of my heart now
I know we're getting closer to love
With every beat of my heart
I feel you moving closer to me, oh
With every beat of my heart
Baby I know it's becoming reality
With every beat

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