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You Stop To Point At The Moon In The Sky

You stop to point at the moon in the sky,
but the finger's blind unless the moon is shining.

One moon, one careless finger pointing --
are these two things or one?

The question is a pointer guiding
a novice from ignorance thick as fog.

Look deeper. The mystery calls and calls:
No moon, no finger -- nothing there at all.

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back to the emptiness that God can only fill....

it always begins with
the face,

arms, then the body,
then back

to the lips again,

into the tongue
and even

to the throat
wishing to touch

the heart which

so much effort of
your soul

you rush back to
the toes

and nape and

all these, triggered
by that unseen

force of love,
which slips despite

the force of ten

the neurons fail
and the lapses

begin, you compromise
with the

outburst and you

thinking once again
the mystery

of that x that
can never be captured

and so back to
emptiness again

that God can
only fill.

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The Pale Horse And His Rider

Recorded by hank williams, sr. (with audrey williams)
Words and music by johnny bailes, ervin staggs, zeke clements
And muriel deason wright (aka kitty wells)
[g] listen poor sinner; youre driftin away
>from the dear saviour; whos pleading to-[d] day
[g] what will you do; when the saviour aint [c] nigh
When the pale [g] horse and his [d] rider goes [g] by?
The time now aint long; when the saviour will come
Then youll be judged; by the deeds you have done
On that judgement day; youll weep and youll cry
When the pale horse and his rider goes by?
When that trumpet sounds; on the sinners below
Not even the angels; in heaven will know
Thens when youll wish; you had jesus nigh
When the pale horse and his rider goes by?
Wont you redeem; your poor wicked soul
You cant pay your way; with silver and gold
If youre not saved; youll be lost in the night
When the pale horse and his rider goes by?

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The Forgotten Hungry And Homeless

The forgotten hungry and homeless nowadays to be found everywhere
There are millions of them close to a billion in the bigger World out there
The refugees of drought stricken Lands and of warlords and the homeless of Poverty Street
Basic human rights of them are denied shelter from the weather and enough for to eat
In a Human World where everyone is supposed to be equal after all we breathe in the same air
But the poor and the homeless and the hungry cannot feel that life is very fair
The minority those who are too wealthy people with too much of everything
Are people that many look up to though their praises I cannot sing,
In an egalatarian Human World everyone would have a home to live in
And nobody would be without food and well dressed and not ragged and thin
The poor by the day growing poorer and that does seem a sad thing to say
And the refugee camps of the World are all overcrowded today,
'Tis sad to think that from the poverty of many that a minority does stand to gain
And I with enough of food and shelter have no reason for to complain.

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To Sleep Soundly Upon A Late Night

there is a promise of enjoyment
about utility
measured in just a few moments

you have to pay for the intimate hours
and then be silent
no images, nothing about love
nothing about memories to share
and remember

we want it to be brief and
but we never desire that it should
stick to our skins and bones

another fantasy
another longing for something that folds and
for something that opens and then closes
without attachment

i could have grabbed that moment with you
but light is too much
and i am not blinded

i let it go and i am weary
so weary when i arrive again in my room
finding nothing but myself
with its dignity intact

i can sleep soundly now though it is late already

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Out And In

(Michael Pinder/John Lodge)
Gazing past the planets, looking for total view
I've been laying here for hours
You've got to make the journey out and in
Wonders of a lifetime right there before your eyes
Searching with this life of ours
You've got to make the journey out and in
Out and in, out and in
If you think it's a joke, that's all right
Do what you want to do
I've said my piece and I'll leave it all up to you
Wonders of a lifetime right there before your eyes
Searching with this life of ours
You've got to make the journey out and in
Out and in, out and in
If you think it's a joke, that's all right
Do what you want to do
I've said my piece and I'll leave it all up to you
Gazing past the planets, looking for total view
I've been laying here for hours
You've got to make the journey out and in
Out and in, out and in

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Open Door

I see your smiling face, by the open door
Theres the morning light
Shining in your hair, and in your eyes
And just a little way behind that smile of yours
I see another one, oh so far away
If only for one second, I could hold you close to me
When the master calls for me again
Theres nothing I can say, or I can do
Goodbye, my love
Time has come to say farewell
I hear the call again
Goodbye to the world
Ive shouted for so long
Oh theres so much my love, that I can never say
And in a little while, in a little while
Theres nothing left to see
As the years go by and I have not returned
And the night has come, falling all around
Ooh if you count the stars youll know
How many have gone out
And when the master calls for me again
Theres nothing that I can say
Or I can do
Stand in the sun
Shut your eyes and feel the world
Its changing every day
Goodbye my love
Each day will seem so long
Ooh theres so much I feel, that I can never say
I cant see you
I cant feel you anymore
Ive just a memory of that open door

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Emily Dickinson

You know that Portrait in the Moon


You know that Portrait in the Moon
So tell me who 'tis like—
The very Brow—the stooping eyes—
A fog for—Say—Whose Sake?

The very Pattern of the Cheek—
It varies—in the Chin—
But—Ishmael—since we met—'tis long—
And fashions—intervene—

When Moon's at full—'Tis Thou—I say—
My lips just hold the name—
When crescent—Thou art worn—I note—
Buttherethe Golden Same—

And when—Some Night—Bold—slashing Clouds
Cut Thee away from Me—
That's easier—than the other film
That glazes Holiday—

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[9] O, Moon, My Sweet-heart!

O, Moon, My Sweet-heart!



1 Passion And Compassion / 1
2 Affection
3 Willing To Live
4 Passion And Compassion / 2
5 Boon
6 Remembrance
7 Pretext
8 To A Distant Person
9 Perception
10 Conclusion
10 You (1)
11 Symbol
12 You (2)
13 In Vain
14 One Night
15 Suddenly
16 Meeting
17 Touch
18 Face To Face
19 Co-Traveller
20 Once And Once only
21 Touchstone
22 In Chorus
23 Good Omens
24 Even Then
25 An Evening At ‘Tighiraa’ (1)
26 An Evening At ‘Tighiraa’ (2)
27 Life Aspirant
28 To The Condemned Woman
29 A Submission
30 At Midday
31 I Accept
32 Who Are You?
33 Solicitation
34 Accept Me
35 Again After Ages …
36 Day-Dreaming
37 Who Are You?
38 You Embellished In Song
39 You Smiled
40 O, Destiny
41 Attachment For Beauty
42 Illusion
43 The Night Is Passing
44 The Night Of Aghan
45 You Are Away
46 To The Beloved
47 Birhin
48 Waiting
49 Yearning
50 Fill With Love
51 Vigil
52 Deception
53 No More
54 Light The Lamps
55 Lust For Life
56 The Man
57 Who Are You?
58 You (3)
59 Don’t Be Hard-Hearted
60 The Beam
61 To the Moon
62 The Beauty Of The Sleeping Moon
63 Who Says …?
64 Clouds Have Hovered
65 Request
66 In Moonlight
67 The Moon And You
68 What Wrong I Did?
69 Stay A While
70 Conviction
71 In Expectation
72 No Grievance
73 The Song Of Separation
74 Light The Lamp
75 Thanks
76 Sleep
77 Restless Within
78 My Moon
79 We Had Met
80 Eclipse
81 Helplessness
82 Attrac tion
83 A Mirage
84 Moon And Stone — 1
85 Moon And Stone — 2
86 Don’t Know Why?
87 Down The Memory Lane
88 Company
89 O, Moon My Sweet-heart!
90 Concealment
91 Don’t Realize Lie This
92 So, To Meet You
93 Self-Confession
94 The Blessedness Of Man
95 The Saffron Of Your Maang
96 Your Reminiscence
97 Remembrance
98 In Awaiting
99 The Result
100 Welcome

 

All things are forgotten...
Those moments of passion
Soaked in intimacy
And those experienced moments
Of the blazing flames of relationships!

The bonds of affection
Among men
Are the living commitments
Which bind them together
In their common path.
They are only remembered!

Now and then
They shower upon
An awakened lonely moment of night
Caught in the grip of pain,
And in the sinking weary heart,
Heavy and detached,
Turning into tears
 

They are neither rare
Nor precious
Not at all available
On earth or in heaven
Tears... of unique love,
Of the soul
Of expanse unfathomable!

A dark cloud of tears surges
From the deep undiscovered
Pilgrimage of the heart,
And then...
At that moment when
The splendour of holy feelings
Spreads on the face –
Both eyes filled with tears,
The edge of the sari1 wipes them away!
 
1 Length of cloth worn by Indian women.

Today, when I saw you
I want to live further!

Passing through
The solitary path of life
Long and difficult,
Burning every moment,
In the realty of life
And in its blazing flames,

When I saw you
I want to drink
A bit more of poison!
In this life
Brimming with bitterness
I want to live further!

Until now
O worldly delight!
Where were you?
O you the lotus -blue!
 

Create music [rhythm]
in heart,
I –
Will sing
The song of life!

In this way
Let our age go on
Let the throbbing breaths
In our hearts
Move on!
Let the waving wick of love
Go on burning
In both of our hearts!
Let the mutual emotion
And compassion
Of our living souls
Go on cherishing!

Tell a story
Of enchanting love,
Listening which
I –
Can sleep
for a while!
And lose myself
In sweet and charming dreams
Forsaking my
Entire grief!

Make your tears of love
Overflow towards me,
I –
Will make
The splendour of heaven
To stoop down
At your feet!
 

(5) BOON
Reminded I am
Of your love!

On one day
You, on your own accord
Bestowed upon me
A world of silvery beauty and charm!

Eye-catching festoons!
Were decorated
At each and every door!

Reminded I am
Of your love
A gift, life-like!
 

Reminded I am
Of your words of solace!

By fatal blows of misfortune
I came to you
To get consolation
In your lap!

O My sweet maiden
Brimming with compassion
And with unbridled emotion
At once
On your own accord
You have fallen in love with me!

You have filled
My wounded and poisoned heart
With your sweet
sugar-candy lke words of peace!

Now you stand before me
And look at me
Opening the doors of your heart!

Reminded I am
Of your charming words of consolation!
 

I am reminded of
Your fake sulkiness!

To feel the happiness
Of persuasion
To fill the boring moments
Burdened by monotony
With ever new
Colours of life,
I am reminded
Of your fake sulkiness!

To behold
Again and again
The past love
Of many a birth,
And through this pretext
To keep the auspicious lamp
Of our spiritual union
On the threshold!
I am reminded
Of your fake sulkiness!
I like very much
Your fake sulkiness full of love
Of bygone days!
 

Your recollection
is enough
For spending the rest of my life

Diminish the feelings
Of your remembrance,
The pangs of your separation
Are enough!

Until today
I have kept with care
The trust-treasure of your feelings
In my mind.
For living long
It is enough
Only to render them
Into sweet songs!
 

Forget that –
We met
All the pictures painted
Were mere dreams!

Forget –
The colours,
The blooms,
The streams of desires
Gushing through
The body and the mind!

Forget –
Every past moment,
And the music and the song
Sung and heard!
 

In this life
There is nothing,
Nothing indeed
More beautiful than love,
If birth is a blessing
It is because of this,
Indeed, because of this!
If the fragrant life is more bewitching
Than even fascination,
It is because of this!
In this life
There is nothing,
Nothing indeed
More comforting than love,

Because there is love,
So this life has the scent of a flower,
Or else, it is a thorn in the heart,
Burning its way each moment!

In this life
There is nothing,
Nothing indeed
More difficult than love
 

(11) YOU
You are the sparrow
Of my courtyard
You will fly away!

Now my house rings
With sweet harmony,
The nectar of love rains
From all sides,
I fear
Who knows when
You will leave and be lost!

As long as
We are together,
Let's hold hands,
For a few days at least,
Let's live together
As partners
In pleasure and pain,
Let's love each other,
You are the pathway of my life,
Who knows where and when
You will branch off.
 

Who knows when
You kept a bunch
Of entwined flowers
In my room
And left!

It is as if
You placed a mirror
Reflecting rays
Of myriad unfelt and new
In my room
And were deceived
By yourself!

The meaning of life
Suddenly changed
As if
Someone stumbling
Regained balance
With new feelings of love
And rising like huge new waves.
 

(13) YOU
Whenever you smile
you look more pleasing!
Why do you smile
over trifles?

Whenever you face the mirror
beau ideal
for make up
to put a bright moony dot
between your bow like eye-brows
on your hair free bright brow
you gloat
and look more pleasing!

Far away from the town then
lost in the memory of some one
when you float the lamps in the river
you look more pleasing,
gracile enchantress
you look more pleasing!
Time and again
when you hum
dulcet poignant tunes
of lovelorn songs
or sing sweet hymns,
you look more pleasing!

 

(14) IN VAIN

Day and night went astray, in every place,
To attain the world of happy heaven!

The buds bloomed or half-bloomed
When, swung to captivate the Madhup1!

Pined, in a lonely place
To get the gift of pleasurable aromatic body!

In life, what did and what not,
To get your love for a few moments!

Remain absorbed in perplexity continuously
To get the base-point of faith!

By putting the life at stake
Continued to play, knowing defeat as fore-decided!

 
1 A large black-bee

(15) One Night
Like a flash of lightning
You came in the dark sky of my life!

In my arms you swung
When swayed freely the month of saawan6!

Like a shruti9 tune you rang
When the kajali4 was heard outside!

Like the music of anklets you chimed
When the tri-yama10 became fragrant!

Standing near the tulsi11 in the courtyard
You shone resplendent, O the only one!

Like a flame you glowed
Coming in my forlorn home and courtyard!
 

(16) Suddenly
Today I remembered you,
My heart resounded with song!
As if the sound of Anhad1 echoed in my heart!
After years,
O, after years!

Your company was the only truth,
Your hand the only protection,
Everything has disappeared, but
The ecstasy of each lived moment remains!

Ages have entered oblivion,
Sowing dreams in nights,
But those sweet images
Have always inhabited my life!
 

We knew each other -
Sweet songs began to flow
From my mute lips.
The first time
I saw you,
My eyes were lost in you,
Hope soared
The heart spread wings
And wished
To touch the sky.
 

(18) TOUCH
Your soft cool
My forehead -
That moment,
I thought no more
Of my problems.

In my heart
Suddenly burst forth
Thousands of
Morning fresh flowers ~
And faded
The countless thorns
And desert bushes
Of my path.
 

We’ll talk
to our heart’s content,
in one another’s embrace
will talk
throughout the night,
we’ll utter words
to our heart’s content!

On the simple honest surface of faith
we of alike characteristics
will open the complexes of inferiority
the sloughs of doubt,
easily with open heart!

We’ll live tonight
to our heart’s content,
drink the vessels
of nectar!
 

Crossed the rugged
uneven path of life
long path
together as one!
Footpaths or highways wide
chasms or circular heights of mountains,
together as one
the path of life!
even for a moment no sigh or moan!
Far from misery / far from inferiority
howsoever helpless!
Not even a wrinkle on forehead!
Travelled the horrible path,
the path of life
together as one.
With the dust of whirlwinds
or foot prickling thorns –
Never stopped!
In scorching sun,
in deep descending dense dark well
were never tired!
Drenched to the bone kept on traveling,
holding hand in hand tied hands
together as one.
the unfamiliar
path of life
long path!

 

Loving wandering eyes two
Should see me -
Once and once,

Love-shaken hands
Should take hold of me -
Once and once,

Serpentine arms two
Should enfold me -
Once and once,
Inflamed blazing lips
Should kiss me -
Once and once,

 

Were some sweet-scented
Warm-ray of love
To touch
Me -
Wax I am!

Were some ‘Mugdha’1
Eyes two
Me —
Moon I am!
 

1 Straight-forward youthful girl.
2 2 Red-legged partridge. According to the poetic lore, ‘chakori’ loves the moon.

Come, you sweet-throated
Songstress, sing out
the life’s thirst.
May the whole creation
resound with seven notes,
the lonely path may
become an orchestral board!

Bring various instruments
of melodious music,
play on them;
bring the solemn drum,
the lyre and, the divine surbahar1.

Sing, ye, O! Sweet-throated one!
Sing out the life’s thirst.

 
[1 A musical instrument like guitar.]

What unknown does
make my heart
fill with delight today
Since morning!

All of a sudden
A melodious note,
the right eye throbs
intermittently perforce!

At a far off crest
there spreads a strange
deep golden glow,
A red rose has
bloomed for the first
time in the flower vase!

God knows to what
unknown self-good
this is a pretty prelude!

The body-jasmine
laden with flowers of thrills!
Possibly, we may meet today!

 

As an unexpected guest
you came to mind

I know –
I wasn’t preprepared for your
overwhelming welcoming
with garland of buds,
and affixing festoons on every door,
eager every moment

You, the dear one,
a visitor!
Say –
have I not been
a receptionist of yours
as ever?

I’m overjoyed,
on my unsophisticated heart-land
simple one!
Ominous moment,
am thankful, grateful!

Why this coyness?

Stay a while
let me feel
these extremely invaluable moments!

I know –
you’re a roving,
a guest
how could you be tethered
to the tender trap
of human love?

Eh! even then...
a little... supplication
even then!
 

(Sketch: One)

In the placid water of
the Tighira dam
your fair face
mysteriously, floating unblinking
looks at me!

Lifting sturdy, fair, muscular arms
the circle-tipped fingers
moving on the red palm
of your hand
invite me from
the far off span of the Tighira dam!

who on the bank.
Look at the beautiful image
wearing a binoculars
on lusty, heavy eyes!
 

1 A drinking water reservoir in Gwalior town (M..P.)

(Sketch: Two)

On the narrow bridge of the Tighira

Waving hair
in the blowing strong wind,
the sturdy limbs,
end of kanjivaram1 saree,
what an unsuccessful strategy
of two smart hands!

Slowly, gently
naked, flabby, fair feet,
a queer, dream-like,
pleasant, romantic walk!
 

1 A town in Tamilnadu, where these sarees are manufactured.

Dense darkness
heaving sighs the wind
horrid sky spread like curse,
very chilly moments!
But, live on this hope –
some one may light
like sun-ray
golden lucky lamp!

On a desolate path
silent solitary heart you
body like burden
futile life!
But, move on, on this hope –
at some moment
long-awaited stranger’s feet
may create music!

Lost is the Spring,
Autumn merely Autumn,
flowers turned into thorns
dreams drenched in dust!
O suicider!
Shut not the doors and windows,
some equally tortured
wandering soul
may dye the room
by reciting
a heavenly nectarlike song!
 

O fallen woman
Condemned by the world
Me would give you cinnabar
To wish you blessedness!

O you,
Who have only known
Deep sighs and wailings
Me would bless your voice
With sweet melodies!
O you,
Who are rich
With the ironies of life,
Me would bless you
With the mirths of life!

O you,
Who are drooping
Being excommunicated,
O come,
Me would give you
The abode of lotuses blue!

O you,
Who are deprived of every-thing,
Mocked-at woman!
O come,
Me would feelingly
Tickle my fingers
Into your rugged locks!
 


The flowers that fade away
Without beaming full smile
On the branches of the earth
Stir my questing spirit!

O my love, forgive me,
If I cannot sing these days
In thy praise.
Forgive me
If I cannot appreciate
The fragrance or the golden beauty
Of the physical mould.
Forgive me
If I cannot smile
At your enchanting beauty!

O my lovely love!
When the flowers are fading
And the world looks like a widow,
What meaning could there be
In the beauty-aids, or
The jingling of the ankle-bells?

Pray, Oh, Pray
That the buds may blossom
And the branches quiver with love!
 

At midday
despairing and crestfallen
I bemoan
I am not
by your side!

drowsy and dreamy
I peer constantly
at the path
through the door ajar!

The searing sun
blears the eyes more.
The sizzling, striding
wind herald
conveys your tidings.
Perceiving your arrival
instantly springing up,
I enfold her in my arms
and clasp her
in a soothing, comfy embrace.

With the waning noon
my agony
deepens more and more!
 

O Large-eyed
The Khanjan1-eyed
Pretty one
The curse
That you have inflicted on me
..... I accept.

O bestower of benedictions!
The life-giver
The poisonous gift
That you have given me
..... I accept.
 
1 Wagtail; often used as a simile in Indian Literature for depicting
beautiful, playful eyes.

In the solitude of this darksome night —
Who has poured
Into my poisonous, bitter self
The sweet words of great consolation —
Sounding like a charming musical note,
Coming from a distance,
Springing a pleasant surprise?

Oh, who is it
That opens the closed windows of my heart
To peep in
Like a spark in the dark clouds
Of a gloomy life?

Who is it
That moves
Into the charred sky, or
Into the sultry suffocating world,
Like the moist-laden east wind?

Oh, who is it
That stirs my consciousness
To mitigate my sufferings?
 


Like a carved cameo
you are
having well chiseled limbs
and feature glowing profusely
with youthful glamour!

When the golden rays of dawn
smooched the spasmodic heaves
of your voluptuous body
your entire epidermis
got rejuvenesced
and the pulsating heart
suffused you with love
from top to toe.

A soulful onyx you are
flush with spontaneous love
and douched with intense emotions!

Please bestow on me
my cherished wish
of minimal pleasure of your lavish love
and a brief hug of your body!
Kindly fill my eager heart
with your surging love!
 

My wishes:
Like the twinkling stars
On the breast of the blue!

My passions:
Like the bright streams
Of the fast-flowing 'Bhagirathi'!
That rises from the Himalayas!

My feelings:
Like the most beautiful garlands
Of red roses
Fresh, fragrant and blossoming!

I offer these to you
In adoration;
O celestial Beauty!
Every little bit of my heart
Is filled with
Your beautiful golden rays!

Accept me,
O accept me,
Even in my life of mundane existence
I offer to you my purest love!
 
1 Name of the river Ganges.

After ages,
All of a sudden isn’t you?
Lost in the world of dreams
Head, pillowed on arm
On the berth, you sleep!

Won’t you wake up?
My journey’s almost done....!
Open your eyes
Open your eyes,
Utter not a single word
to me, tho’
Have a look at me
And then
Feign sleep again.

After ages,
Now again
Getting new colour and sap fresh
Will bloom
Sun-withered flower!

After days numberless
Suddenly, so you are! !
 

From morn till night
Nothing could I do
But set afloat in fancy's ocean
Lamps of long-long cherished dreams!
And draw living Ajanta frescoes
On the canvas, my heart!
How intensely I've been seized
By your beauty!

From morn till night
Nothing could I do
But wander in the Elysium — my thoughts
Like a traveller free from bonds!
Like a love-lorn bee
I've only kissed and kissed
The buds, bright, ravishing, drunk
And drenched in honey!
How tormented am I
By your beauty!

From morn till night
Nothing could I do
But release the innocent doves
In the firmament — my feelings
And soothe a heart
Ablaze in the raging fires of want
I wandered — wandered all the time
Engrossed in thoughts of you
How strongly seized am I
Body and soul
By your beauty!
 

Like redness of dawn
overcast the heart-sky,
who, you are?

Coloured the dull world with love,
Filled the mute world with sweet song,
Offered the golden world, so easily,
which is found only, in having a great fortune,
Like spring, perfumed the mango-groves,
who, you are?

Roaming in the lonely galleries of heart,
Swinging, embracing with fresh rays-arms,
Awoke my dream-beguiled deceptive life-conscience
by the act of caressing,
Allured me so much, like a sky-fairy,
who, you are?

Filled my void, dejected heart-lake
Gave tune to passion and compassion,
Shining new peaks of desires,
Made my love honest-auspicious-beautiful,
Charmed me so much,
O, pious!
who, you are?
 

You embellished my look in your song,
I'll embellish you in my heart with love!

Hue of tender feelings is filled,
Seeing it, fields light-green are blooming,
Don't give so much love, sustain a little,
When you inhabited me in your song
I shall stay you in my thoughts for ever!

You gave your arms to unsupported life,
You gave cloud-like shade to heated body,
And filled new desire to live,
You confessed your love in song
I shall express my heart — singing that song!
 

You smiled, the lotus of my heart bloomed!
Seeing you, I rejoiced, I attained my attainable!

My moon! why did you raise
Tide in the ocean of life in such a way?
O, Beautiful lady! my ages' homeless love
Got support in you!
Now, a novice dream of love, inhabited in eyes!

O, charming cloud of Sawan1!
Why did you wet me like this?
O, Lightning! why you did so restlessly
embrace me in your arms with love?
May we never be detached, O, destiny! be kind!

 
1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)

O, Destiny! the plant of my courtyard may not be dried!

It is the symbol of first sweet acquaintance,
May swing, wave and remain ever-green,
O, Destiny! the heart of my lover may not be hurt!

On the long rugged, lonely path
The life may pass joyfully,
O, Destiny! the heart of my heart-dweller
may never remain indifferent!

The world may never look us with ill-will,
The darkness of pain may go far away,
O, Destiny! my youth may never remain separation-burnt!

 
1The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)

Glittering beauty of someone doesn’t allow me to sleep!

Enchanting last quarter of the night,
The world is covered with dense darkness,
With lively cold waves of love
Smiles, attractive simple face of someone!

Heavy pain that I got
Is a diamond for my poor heart,
Collyrium, with tears of pleasant love,
Glimmering, inexperienced simple life-time of someone!

Charmed peacock-like delighted heart,
Restless arms eager to embrace the sky,
How hard-felt is the fire of separation,
Disturbing, sweet fragrance-memory
of someone!
 

Like magnolia-perfume your memory is impregnated my breaths!

Jasmine-like elegant, delicate-bodied, where are you?
Where is your rainbow-like glittering coloured appearance?
Mesmerizing1 me, your charming beauty is overspreading!

You, are like Kalp-latika2 for all human imaginations,
Made life a garden, full of Java3 flowers,
Losing all, I only silently flowed the celestial Ganga of my soul!

Where are you, my illusion, true?
Aasavari4 of my heart, dhoop-chhanh5 of my contentment
I have adorned my way of life-gallery
with your life-paintings!

 
1 Madhumati-mad (Trance-state / Half-conscious state)
2 According to Indian mythology, the tree of Lord Indra's paradise, which yields anything desired.
3 A red flower used in worship the idol of goddess.
4 A musical mode.
5 Cloth in which wrap and waft are of different colours.

Your memory is haunting,
The night is passing!

Today, in such a solitude of life
I awake in your thoughts,
The whole creation has slept,
Earth is singing a lullaby!

Many sights swing in the eyes,
Your each past talk seems alive,
Even, your casual looks of bygone days
Are appearing pleasant this day!

We are flowing in the stream of time,
But, O, sweet-heart! have faith in love,
Tomorrow, creeping-plant of heart will flourish,
Which is fading how much, now!

 

During this cool night of aghan; Oh, I missed you!

Since evening, the lonely heart is very cumbersome,
Somewhat faded is the lotus of life —
helplessness of what sort!
Not known, how far is the golden morn!

Losing the riches of dreams,
eyes are helpless, heavy and empty,
Looking the course of destiny, with drops of tears,
Heart is throbbing like the leaf of peepal2 tree!

The hem of Rohini3 is far; silent moon weeps,
Wide-spread moonlight-sea is searching every corner,
Whom to tell the secret of heart!

 
1 Ninth month of the Indian Calendar (Margsheersh)
2 A holy tree of Hindus.
3 According to Hindu mythology, wife of moon. Fourth amongst twenty-seven constellations.

Dear! far way you are,
my heart is immensely restless!

Environment somewhat is strange, today,
As if somebody has snatched the essence of life,
Am I so unfortunate
being myself is the cause of separation-pain!
Simply, regretting silently,
Life — a gloomy night!

Missing somewhere the luminous-garland,
Disturbed sawan1 is showering at the door,
All alone am I
During the extreme end of the night,
Although, awakened, but forgotten every thing,
Eyes don't fall asleep even for a moment!

 
1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (rainy month)

Otherwise, to remain far, like this
Why did you live in my heart?

Way of life is unknown
With provisions nil,
Storm is raising in the sky, in the heart,
No peace even for a moment,
Otherwise, to bear the burden alone
Why did you so fix thyself in my thoughts?

Oh, the fire — of life's dearths,
Is burning all around,
Depression is enclosed in my spirit,
Tired is the peacock of heart,
Otherwise, to burn so mutely
Why you impressed so much, the soul of my songs?

 

(48) BIRHIN1
O Dear, when will you spread
your innocent rosy smile!

Heart is out of sorts, lonely and very heavy,
O, merciful, touch my heart-beats,
This Birhin is waiting for you,
with heart full of life's burning pangs!

The vine of youth is fading in the sunlight,
Tell her about the sweet sensual love,
Wearing silver anklets
I wish to dance like a peahen to my heart's content!

Night is sleeping with her heart-stealer — Moon,
Every direction, like an emotional woman,
is vibrating with songs,
Hey, How to bear such an unknown sweet pain of heart!

 
1 A woman who is separated from her lover.

How many days passed
Dreams didn't come!

Entire night I remained wakeful,
Upset heart is unsteady like a peepal1-leaf,
Secret desires gathered and disappeared,
Dear husband didn't come!

Clouds making noise in the sky,
Peacocks dancing in forests — this and that,
My heart-stealer, Alas! has forgotten me,
Home didn't come!

Filling buds-flowers in the hem,
Set afloat lamps at the river-bank,
Longed eagerly to get the foot-dust,
Feet didn't come!

 
1 A holy tree of Hindus

How much sweet dreams you bestowed,
But, arranged not the least love on earth!

Alone, I am searching in this world, for ages,
But, didn't get desired intimate friend anywhere,
Helplessly, time of life passed in hue and cry,
Couldn’t hear charming music for a moment,
You poured the milky oceans of smiles,
But, didn't drench a single heart with compassion!

On one side, you spread well adorned
colourful merriments of hundreds of springs,
And distributed, with both hands, in gratis
Jewels like Sun and Moon; bracelets of Star-flowers so,
But, on my prolific life-course
You didn't sow a single seed of sweetness!

 

O Dear, fill Sneh1 in my silently extinguishing lamp, this day!

The wick may shine, and splendour spread,
World of mine may turn into a fresh golden appearance,
Everlasting smile may play on tear-drenched visage,
To the life — silent-troubled-cursed —
Give love-boon of worldly pleasures!

The door of my heart is closed for ages,
Strayed away and wandered in darkness — my love,
Every string of my life-harp is broken,
Sinking in the worldly ocean,
Give him arms, give him voice of faith!

 
1 Love, Oily substance

(52) VIGIL
Far somewhere, continuously
Sweetly, the harp is being played!

Intoxicating night has come,
Every quarter is intoxicated,
Remembrance recurrent in the mind,
Consciousness immersed in the thoughts of beloved!
The world is sleeping silently,
Lost in sweet dreams,
In absence of water-like look of the beloved
eyes transfigured themselves into fish!

Filled with hope and despair,
Infused with thirst of life,
The heart is restless, silent and sad!

(Every moment is weeping,
Oh, what sort of calamity has fallen down
As if everything of mine was snatched!

 

Whom I thought boon
Same became a curse!

New moon had just glittered,
Clouds, at once, spread in the sky,
As soon as the garden became fragrant
Thunderbolts flashed on the head,
Whom I considered propitious and sacred
Same became a bitter sin!

Getting whom I decorated dreams of life,
They became only ironies of fate,
On whom gold reflected bright light,
Same are smeared now with ashes,
Whom I considered the essence of pleasure
Same became more and more painful!

 

(54) NO MORE
On my sky, no more, the moon will rise!

In your memory, the whole life will pass,
Ought to cross the dark lonely path,
How this load of sad life will be sustained!
Losing the raptures;
calm, helpless, mute, fruitless heart,
Losing the waves of emotions,
perpetually immersed in sadness, poor heart,
The tide of excitement
will not remain in the ocean of life, any more!

Love-delighted, joy-filled, rainbow-coloured Holi,
Passion-drenched Pancham Rag1, echoing in the garden,
Never known, destiny will swallow, this way!

 
1 The fifth note in music; acknowledged as the note of cuckoo's cooing.

The storm is petering out
Now in the new abode
Do light up a lamp — anew!

Dreams - their dome
Once lit up with moon and stars
Lies deflated — torn!
The harp-strings, all pieces
The ones that emitted melodies once!
I want to forget all
So please sing me a song
Fresh and sweet
In a new strain!

Ask me not
How many times
Did I fall and rise
On the stream of life
Many a time
My emotions lay dead in dust
And often soared in the blue,
Yet do I know —
I have drained the cup of poison to the dregs,
Sure do I know —
Unshakable is its effect!
But why don't you
To my lips bring the flask of nectar!

The desire still burns,
And the portals of heart
A tide of laughter knocks,
Dear! the love is still alive with all its aspirations,
Steeped in the flowery sweetness of spring
Several nights of enchanting mad moon still remain,
Talks of faith and betrayal
And thousand other trivial things!
Smile and smile a little
And be with me, my company!
 

The man lives on
By the cravings of love!

The lightning crash near him,
The tornadoes roar and rage around him,
But a faith mysterious
Overbrims his heart,
And sleeps he cosy and comfortable
In the shade benign of dreams and visions splendid!
The man lives on by the cravings of love!

In front of him mountain peaks dizzy,
Around him yawn chasms deep
But fired with faith divine
The man moves on
To get comrades genial
On his way eternal!
The man lives on by the cravings of love!

The death's orchestra plays on,
The mango-groves once jubilant and gay
Are silent and deserted now;
But with faith divine
In the midst of tears and sighs
The man laughs on!
The man lives on by the cravings of love!
 

(57) THE MAN
Finding the beloved's lap
Where is the man, hasn't fallen asleep!
Where is the man hasn't lost himself
Having got the beloved's love.
Hero is he, who hasn't shed a tear
And has treasured the anguish in the heart!

 

Who are you long-lost in waiting,
So awake in the dark mid-night?

Clouds of darkness are fleeing fast
From end to end of universe,
The atmosphere is calm and quiet
And without a wink
The stars stare in sky
Who are you, sweet! so awake
In the company of galaxy of stars?
Whose lamp is it burning
With light new at the door?
It is illuminating the path,
Light is reaching out far beyond,
What is this lamp, flickering alone
In the face of the furious wind?

Again and again to-day
Strikes somebody the chords of heart-lyre
And from black lustrous eyes now and then
Flows down love on both the cheeks,
What is that agony
Twitching the heart of lotus full awake at night?
 

(59) YOU
Truly, how innocent you are!

Gestures are beyond your comprehension,
Sweet feelings of your heart can't be perceived,
Engrossed in yourself, indeed you are
The companion of supernatural fairies!

You are not formal in the least, for a moment,
Even then, heaven knows, how you remain in my mind!
Becoming a spring-air,
You loiter — forest to forest!

 

Dear! don't look towards me
with such extraordinary large eyes!

Don't reflect so much lunar-attraction,
on flooded heart,
I touch your feet, please take aside
the lustre of your beauty,
Or, throwing tie of silky rays,
arrest me in your eyes!

No more shower the pleasant love-nectar
on the surface of my mind,
This is not proper, after enchanting,
pine the heart, like this,
Allow me, at least to touch
your sparkled flower-marked hem!

In this rainfall of beauty,
impressed-wet-heart is forgetting the way,
Mind, you shall be responsible,
if overflowing ocean of youth breaks limits,
Will you come nearer,
don't be so hard-hearted!

 

The innocent beam of the moon
is descending with joy!

Seeing the whole creation slept,
On the unhindered silvery sky-route
Taking upon body-parts,
cautiously putting the speedy footsteps!

Remaining free, trampled the route,
Every village, house, street and city,
Neither remained a little calm-quiet,
nor performed her routine night-sleep!

 

Please smile not and tempt me thus,
Or else I shall kiss your cheeks!

Yes, lavishly endowed with beauty you are
Your graceful eyes reflect the dream world of happiness
Where dance the naked damsels
Where new beauties enter and add to glamour
Go and join the beauty parade
Please shed not your lustre here!

How stealthy are your steps
Like a thief you traversed the sky
But no sooner the golden sun withdraws
All your lustre bewitching spreads out,
Cover not your limbs with attempt so vain!

For ages past I have seen you so mute
Tell me please, I ask, ''Who are you? ''
Now never shall you escape from view
Strewn is the entire court-yard with your treasure to-day
Please pause in your path and enshrine me softly in yyour heart!
 

Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!

So care-free physically,
Mentally so free from worries;
And so content with life
Holding somebody's loving 'Anchal1'!
Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!

With feelings all anew,
With imaginations all novel,
With desires all maiden;
And with a heart full of a world of dreams!
Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!

With happiness oozing out of every breath,
With hopes nectareous
And thirst eternal;
Clasping light luminous to his heart!
Cosy lies the moon on the star-spangled carpet!

 
1Hem, Lap.

Who says, my moon is not a living being?

My moon laughs and smiles excellently,
Plays and then hides herself far off,
Who says, my moon's heart doesn’t palpitate?

Throughout the night she also remembers someone,
Observe, she also sighs in separation, often,
Who says, my moon is not in full youth?

She ever gives to the world coolness,
She ever showers dense nectar-rain,
Who says, my moon is not able
to give sandalwood-like soothing sensations?

 

Looking your intoxicating smile, clouds have gathered!
Feeling your eyes thirsty, clouds have hovered!

O, Young lady! your anklets are jingling,
Always, swing each pal1, your well-built, beautiful, delicate body,
The charm of your appearance is now no more tolerable,
Seeing for a blink only, eyes are arrested!

Jhumer2 shines on the span of your bright-red-fair forehead,
Your curly hair are flying frou-frou in the air,
Each limb of your beautiful body, bent with its own load,
Your flowered hem slips from the breast, over and over!

Hearing your song, the whole world faints,
Settling a world of much pleasure, it sleeps care-free,
Sinking in your song's tune, the ship of heart lost,
You overflow the stream of love — unknown and straight!

Indelible is, from my memory, your that meet at Panghat3, ,
O, beautiful-faced! being restless when I said, ''You are very naughty! ''
At that very moment your veil of shyness opened,
Your those wile less words were very charming and intoxicating!

 
1 Equal to 24 seconds.
2 An ornament worn on the head.
3 A quay from which people draw water.

Dear, come and buzz
the chord of my dormant heart!

Resplendent moonlight is spread in sky and earth,
Night, as if lost in herself, is silent,
And how lovely you are — O, exciting lady!
Bring me under control
and fill intense passions in me, for a moment!

Intoxicating red are the beautiful lips.
Eyes are more innocent simple than a doe,
Body is fair-skinned — like lightening, glass and water,
Arms are like branches — new and fleshy,
Just now, hum a sweet new song
Full of life!

The world is more beautiful than heaven,
Every quarter is echoing,
Hey, this love is acceptable to the world,
O Dear Partner! long-awaited
sweet union-festival, now celebrate!

 

Bathe in new moonlight, bathe!

Today, stars slept, shutting their eyes,
A few are running towards the horizon,
Untied now our hearts' knots,
On the bed of beam, celebrate the love-night!

Gusts of wind singing union-songs,
Sweet notes have moved the heart,
New dreams are staying again,
Laugh and remove the curtain of hitch!

Youth awoke moving and smiling,
Unfolding and shying, came nearer,
Brought many respectful-persuasions,
Beautiful-faced! Don't hold yourself forcibly, any more!

Somebody embraced the black-bee,
Passionately slept in the odourous embrace,
Caressing with love, swung in the cradle,
O, bashful lady! Capture me too!

 

Standing on your roof
You, too may be gazing at the moon!

You too may be bathing
in the showers of the rays cool,
Looking with your eyes large
You may be comforting your restless heart,
And at times may be singing lightly
in a slow voice,
You too may be remembering someone
Ceaselessly at this moment!

You too may be talking sweet to yourself,
You may be embracing
someone unknowingly
And then may be smiling
at the frenzy,
You also may be full of intense passion
Of those loving moments!

You too may be making light
Your life so burdensome,
You too may be trilling
this lonesome youth,
Lost in yourself, restless
you may be longing for a bond,
You too may have habitat the world of dreams
In such a blessed moment!

 

Tell, what wrong I did with you?

You were half-bloomed tender bud,
When you met me first by oversight,
I too had an experience insufficient,
It was difficult to control myself for a moment,
That's why, I accepted you as mine forever!

In panorama of life, the night was dark,
Both were lost in themselves, had no aim,
When I was standing alone and confused
Love! I found you surrendering yourself,
That moment, you offered me all your love,
preserved through ages!

You did not stop my embracing hand,
You were free from any anxiety,
surely, there was no deception,
You came in my lock-up, without uttering a word,
As if I got the boon in its body-form,
How simple, mute, innocent, crazy the heart was!

 

Pahar after pahar come and go
But, O, night, you
Stay awhile!

I love you most
You can ask the twinkling stars,
I have kept awake
with dozy, heavy eyelids,
For I have become one
With your beauty’s charm!

I am the very one
To whom was one day dedicated
the beauty’s wealth by someone
In your presence!

That’s why I love you most,
For you have, along with me,
Drunk the nectar of beauty,
That very intoxicated fervour
Seems to have spread
Here, there and everywhere!
So — Stay awhile, O night,
You leave me not,
Leave me not!

 
1 Duration of three hours.

Full well do I know
A day is to come
When before my eager eyes
With a pitcher of nectar you will come!
As comes a rain-laden cloud
And hovers in the sky!
You would open the door
With hands as fair as mirror
And stand in modesty
With your innocent cheeks
Blushing red and rosy
Your eyes would tell me
Who-knows-what in language mute!
The moon thrills 'chakore'1
At dawn, lilies open up
So your face glamorous
Shall make some one restive
And he will be lost
In dreams sweet and bygone!
But soon he shall beckon you
And ask, ''How are you?
When did you come? ''
What shall your answer be?
Perhaps none, except two deep sighs
And then you may put
Your 'Anchal'2 on your eyes!

 
1 A bird enamoured of moon according to Indian myth.
2 Hem, Lap.

Until today
I sang for your love
and spent my life
throbbing in your remembrance,
In your expectation shall I bear this pain ever?

Whenever I saw you in a dream
spoke out 'you will come today'!
The day passed, the night passed
but the clouds of happiness never cast,
Will I ever flow restless
only in imagination?

Soul impatient, life vanquished,
dumb is my voice now,
Recollect that very happy tale
of gone away days,
Shall I only narrate fable
of the thirsty wants?

 

No grievance have I against you today!

The helpless eyes conceal the whole secret
The pleasant pictures of our meeting
Are enshrined in the heart,
I think over and over again think I
Far far away a new path search I!
No habit though have I of forgetfulness Dear!
No grievance have I against you today!

Willingly or unwillingly sweet dreams
I sometimes enjoy;
Thus intoxicated I conjure up your image
No harm if I smile,
And create a new world of my own;
No mischief indeed is this!
No grievance have I against you today!

Sometimes even a tree embraces a creeper lone,
The tired Lotus also takes the Bee in the cosy petal-fold
When she shield and shrank
Your memory tormented me all the more
Beauty of the universe is nobody's pawn!
No grievance have I against you today!
 

Your devoted love is now with you!

The life of mine is the night of Amavas1,
It's only a matter of repentance,
Today, my home is deserted,
Humming on silent lips is the song of separation,
But, happy I am —
A pleasant world is now around you!

I was destined for the mirage,
Even the dainty nectar turned sharp poison,
Near acquaintance has now become tentacles,
Previous meetings became painful, at this moment,
But, happy I am —
Auspicious adornment is now in your lot!

Life is full of tornadoes,
Without sneh2, how long the lamp will alight,
The terrible tide is advancing
The helm, which was in hand, has fallen,
But, happy I am —
You stand on firm foundation, now!

 
1 The last day of the dark half of a month.
2 Love, Oily substance.

In my desolate home —
Darkness of ages is overspread,
Life-lamp was lighted — it's a dream,
As much affection is in you
I'll know — it is mine
If you kindle the lamp in my distressed heart!

What's this life from ages? — a desert,
Exists on the earth like a furnace,
Lonely path, again with full of waves of mirage,
I'll accept — there is a ocean of passion in you
If you bathe my sterile heart!

Each moment, coming and going
only of sandy storms,
What being built? — even the remaining collapses
I'll understand — the value of your songs
If you amuse my heart — a dry-pond!

It'll not be possible to remain alive
Even for a moment, for the body and heart,
of the wax-like vein,
No remedy, only to bear assaults silently,
I'll realize — the magic of tenderness
If you tickle the wounds of my stony heart!

 

You bestowed
blooming-lotus-like transient smile to closed lips,
Kind of you, thanks!

Full-blown spring was scattered
On every branch of the world,
When each whit of the earth played fresh Holi,
Echoing my heart's silent space, you sang a melodious song!
Kind of you, thanks!

Dense-open woods covered in cool rays of the full moon,
When new lamps of hope used to flicker,
in the hearts of everyone,
In my darkness of ages,
you brought that glimmering gold morn,
Kind of you, thanks!

When, full of intense passions, lovers play flutes,
for beloved persuasions,
Echoes of songs and jingle sound
when come from each house,
Your presence, for only a short duration,
inhabited my deserted heart-home!
Kind of you, thanks!

When the evening comes with life and love,
On every crossroad, fair of lovers'-meet followed,
Crushed with the aspersions of the world
You awake again my broken ego!
Kind of you, thanks!

 

(76) SLEEP
At this moment, my eyes are becoming sleepy!

Night — coming from the sky, is patting;
like mother's gentle hands,
The hem, engraved with bright stars, is spreading,
Drowsy eyes feeling comfortable,
Ripples of shining nectar
are trickling from the moon-like face!

The resonance of your affectionate melodious song
is being heard, in the shaking of flowers and branches,
That very music is reverberating
from the side by stones, rivers and rivulets,
Melody is soothing the heart with delighted feelings!

The gates of eyelids have closed, but dreaming as
I am sipping cool milk from someone's new breast,
Yes, well in senses too; know where am I,
A healthy fleshy, swaying-body-shadow is covering me!

 

The heart is restless, today,
to talk something, Dear!

The monotonous prolonged silence
is burdensome, now,
When cool, wet, silvery ocean
is waving, continuously,
The heart is restless
To meet freely, Dear!

When young sprouts have overcast
in dry insipid creation,
Oh, I destined
only a solitary place,
The heart is restless
to unfold some secrets, Dear!

 

(78) MY MOON
My moon is away from me!

Solitary night is crying in empty sky,
The darkness is pouring down from all directions,
That's why, the brightness of lily is without glow!

God knows, in which loneliness writhes The Innocent!
There is a great risk to her life — Oh, she might have not taken poison,
Since, she is imprisoned in a towering mansion, and helpless!

These eyes are looking continuously, with joy, hope and trust,
to each and every ray of light, rising in the horizon,
Because, it is true, she has certainly the yearning to meet!

 

We had met, for some moments,
on the path of life!
The heavy burden of monotonous silence
had been lessened!

The deep dark smoke of tiredness and melancholy
had been emitted,
Acquiring you, pleasure waves waved
on the deserted heart and mind!

But, did the way of life
ever become man's destination?
Could ever remain overcast
cloudiness in the sky of happy Saawan? 1

Just found out, how rare and valuable
are the moments of love,
Time and again, still resound
pieces of your song!

 
1 The fifth month of the Indian Calendar (Rainy month)

Which eclipse has afflicted
My simple-hearted moon today?
In what a hardship
The skys bird is caught?

The dejected beams
Spreading in the silent atmosphere,
The hue is changed
As if the cloud has risen to envelop the sky, !

The distance thick darkness
Approaches nearer and nearer,
The wind sings the pathetic song,
Of deepest pain!

All the stars are standing
being speechless and eyes filled with tears,
Deeply distressed thinking constantly
to whom they should call!

O, moon! I am with you,
Let me know your agony,
I am yours, will ever remain yours,
Do not conceal anything!
 

Far, from the sky, looking the Moon!

Being awakened, passed the mid-night,
But, couldn't express indistinct heart's desire,
With tearful eyes, looking the Moon!

Though, heart is appearing calm outwardly,
But within, is suppressed intense storm of youth,
Feeling the pain of separation, looking the Moon!

The smile is spreading in the whole sky,
But, how helpless, unfulfilled the yearning is,
With heavy body, looking the Moon!

 

As nearer I come to you, Moon
The more you move away, cautiously!

Tell me before, will you not let me reach?
Oh, say already, you will not accept my love,
The more I need you O, Moon!
The more you change and move away!

Will you not ever come in my lonely life?
Will not like smiling in bonds of love?
The more I try to bind you O, Moon!
The more restless you become and move away!

Why do you look continuously, standing,
from the above?
Why do you throw your silken well-arranged rays?
As soon as, I, the wretched entangled inadvertently,
In same manner, you the Simple one! move away!

 

One who loves the moon
heaves a sigh alone in all his life!

If it were not so,
why should one call her blemished?
Have a heart like a honey-bee
That's why never remain faithful to someone,
One who loves the moon
ruins his happy world!

If it were not so,
Why should you be far from human being?
Have a heart dry
never utter even a word sweet,
One who loves the moon
garlands himself with thorns
as if, of his own accord!

 

Oh, Moon, you are stone-hearted!

There's no sense; loving you,
It's vain effort to persuade you,
It's useless to invoke one's tender feelings of life,
When you are not kind at all!

It's good for nothing to talk to you,
Only, passing the whole night awake,
Lethal, betraying, lie is your bond of love,
You want self-victory — that's all!

Self-absorbed, throwing the bright string,
What you see, at this side?
Supremo of Heaven! free inhabitant of the sky!
Oh, how does it concern you
Whether there is creation or destruction?

Your attraction is not true,
Your showering love is not true,
True is not, your refreshing silvery smile on lips,
You are engrossed in yourself, at present!

 

Moon, you are not at all stony!

You have also a tender heart,
The affection is overflowing in full,
Very much emotional and agile, you are,
That's why, you are at close quarters, not outside the heart!

You are progressing on your path,
You are nourishing amidst storms,
You are facing the winters' cold, smilingly,
So, it is wrong to say, you are not a companion of man!

You are in the bonds of someone's love,
You are hope of somebody's life,
You are the tune of song in someone's heart,
The only regret is — Ah! you are not on the earth!

 

I know, I can't associate myself with this moon,
As she cannot move from heaven, even by omission!
Her steps always move on the sky,
She favours only the silvery world,
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!
Remember her again and again, don't know why!

I know this moon will not come in my arms,
Never, even by mistake, devote me,
Her imaginary world is everlasting,
It's beyond anybody's control, to seize her,
Don't know, why I show meaningless right, on such!
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!

I know, this moon, will not speak to me, in any manner,
Never will untie her heart's knot, even forgetfully,
Her eye-language is not easy,
Outright disappointment, in understanding her,
With her only, I behave so emotionally, don't know why!
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!

I know this moon is the worshipper of grandeur,
Is the roamer of charming, intoxicating, imaginative world,
And innumerable thorns are lying on my way,
The winds of deprivation come always and howl,
Still, I adorn the path only with her appearance, don't know why
Still, love her, with the core of my heart, don't know why!

 

Sweetheart mine!
My heart is full with your charming attraction this day!

Which shall neither fade
nor will it ever lesson,
Even before temptation
it will never vanish,
Sweetheart mine!
only your attachment shall live!

If I could have own your smile sweet
and could steal your lovely grace,
for sure, in this cosmos
my world will be a unique one,
Only you have made this day
my desolate life filled with the lustorous rays!

May your love
never trickle away from me!
The days spent with you,
true, will ever haunt, forever haunt,
With my heart brimmed with love
I ever welcome you!

 


Do the company of moon ever be left?

Where-ever we go and live, this moon will also be there,
The frenzy of our life will also survive there,
Do tell, does anyone, up-date
has plundered the beauty of moonlight?

She will smile with us in the days of happiness,
Will show compassion and shed tears to see us sad,
Living far, in separation, has never
broken the bond of love!

She will come in our sleep and

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Whatever You Thought of Me As the Messenger

Shun me more than once you've done.
And criticized me in front of everyone.
You are the only one now left stunned.
By all of the evilness...
With a vindictiveness upon you that comes.
And a Sun you chose to ignore,
Darkens any light slipping away from your door.
Whatever you thought of me as the messenger...
Did not block the message.
Even though you believed,
Not reading it would stop it!
I've been assigned to deliver...
Any innovation The Divine creates.
And misunderstanding that has been your mistake!
Not mine.

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Sunset from The Moving Train

When I see the sunset from this moving train
Which decorated by the pretty fine rain
I remember you as my sun brighten my day
With your shiny smile shining my way

When you have to set at your ease
I'll accept it with a will
Though I may see you just a lil'
Tomorrow, the day after, and the following you will be the same

You will give me that smile
Your unpretentious smile
Needn't to be asked
No need to begged

Seeing that sunset from this moving train
Makes me to forget the suffer of the pain
Even though you will replaced by the moon
I'll see you again enough soon

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Let Me Give You This Starting Point

the starting point, of course, for a start

of course, the way we usually say
we agree, i will try,

a point, of course, a very small dot,
and then you push the dot, it rolls like
a mat
or this blanket, you spread it, of course,

it runs,
the point, turns into a carpet of your room
and you like the design spread
before you
some Arabic flowers, Bedouins with scimitars
carrying a princess on his arms,
riding on his warrior horse
under the moon
and the stars

and then, of course, it used
just to be a point
for a start, turning into a blanket,
then a carpet,
and what next, you have taken
the magic of it all,

you are riding now on the carpet
and then you fly
above the vast expanse of the
black skies
above the desert

you have become
the Aladin of my mind

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You Have No Need For The Ones You Have

Continue to procrastinate.
Do nothing,
But waste your time!
Advice solicited given to you...
Has been excused,
While you choose to make up your mind.
Time after time...
After time each time!

Keep your steps reluctant.
Make decisions you say are with faith.
Remain stubborn not listening to others.
And hesitate,
Sitting while you wait!
In a selfish self debate,
You salivate...
When speaking of your fate.

Those dreams you wish fulfilled with promise?
With hopes?
Came by to knock on your door!
But you were inside,
With doubts you did not stop!
And those knocks you heard,
You left ignored!
And away from you,
They've gone forevermore!

There was a delivery that came,
Especially for you.
But those 'gifts' disappeared.
When you made it clear and obvious...
You have no need for the ones you have.
And the ones you have you fear!

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How Do You Stop?

By dan hartman and charlie midnight
Hard bodies
Soft emotions
So fast
So smart
The world is at your feet
But what about your heart?
Fame and fortune cant hold you tight
In the late late hours of the night
How do you stop
Before its too late?
You choose and you lose
If you hesitate
How do you stop
Before its too late?
You think love will wait
So you dont hold on
And then its gone
Youve had success-
Lots of fancy friends
Youve tasted the good life
You thought it would never end
One day youre too young
Then youre in your prime
Then youre looking back at the hands of time
How do you stop
Before its too late?
You choose and you lose
If you hesitate
How do you stop
Before its too late?
You think love will wait
So you dont hold on
And then its gone
How do you stop a runaway train?
How do you stop the driving rain?
How do you stop the ripening corn?
How do you stop a baby being born?
How do you stop
Before its too late?
You choose and you lose
If you hesitate
How do you stop
Before its too late?
How do you stop?
Youre lost if you hesitate ...
How do you stop
Love from slipping away?
How do you stop
Before its too late?

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The Boy From The Chemist Is Here To See You

Every day of every year you live your life in hope and fear,
That each small sin and imperfection is buried deep beyond detection.
But one by one the ghosts return, and each selects its place to burn,
Into your soft and breaking heart, and this is how the aching starts.
The jokes about the ugly kid.
The things you said but never did.
The people torn and crushed and battered.
The ones you broke but shouldve flattered.
Oh, you should have run whilst you had time.
Oh, you should have left the past behind.
The boy from the chemist is here to see you.
The laughing stops cause hes too near you.
The girl you left that always loved you.
Returns to earth from miles above you now.
So wash away the dirty skin, theres always worse remains within.
The tangled web and bitter mesh, but each shall have their pound of flesh.
No sympathy, no charity, no false pleas of humility.
No money back, no guarantee, no great escape for you and me.
Oh, you should have run whilst you had time.
Oh, you should have left the past behind.
The boy from the chemist is here to see you.
The laughing stops cause hes too near you.
The girl you left that always loved you.
Returns to earth from miles above you now.
And everyone thats ever suffered, friend or foe or wives or lovers.
Theyll come back to have their day.
In time you find your mind has no escape.
Dont believe that you can hide, dont believe theyll be denied.
Theyll come knocking at your door, this is what theyve waited for.
The chance to even up the score.
The boy from the chemist is here to see you.
The laughing stops cause hes too near you.
The girl you left that always loved you.
Returns to earth from miles above you now.
And everyone thats ever suffered, friend or foe or wives or lovers.
Theyll come back to have their day.
In time you find your mind has no escape.

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Would You Stop It? !

Would you let that love that's happening...
Be for you that fills a need?
Or would you stop it,
From not happening.

Would you stop it from not happening?

Would you let that love that's happening,
Be for you that fills a need?
Or would you block it,
From not happening.

Could you block it from not happening?

Conflicting feelings...
Bring on its own pain.
When one turns down what's needed
And they can't admit the needing.

Conflict of feelings,
What no one needs.

Not a conflict that has meaning,
With some feelings felt unseen.
When one turns down what is needed
And they can't admit the need.

Would you let that love that's happening...
Be for you that fills a need?
Would you block it,
From not happening?

Would you stop it from not happening,
If we both admit the need...
And let it happen.

Would you let that love that's happening...
Be for us what we need.
Or would you let that love that's happening...
Not to be seen.

Would you let that love that's happening...
Be for you that fills a need?
Or would you block it...
From not happening.

Or would you stop it from not happening.
Not to be ever seen.
Or would you block it from not happening.
Not to feel or be seen.
Or would you stop it from not happening.
Not to be ever seen.
Or would you block it from not happening.
Not to feel or be seen.

Would you let that love that's happening...
Be for you that fills a need?
Or would you block it...
Not to feel or be seen.
Or would you stop it...
Not to be ever seen.
Or would you block it...
Not to feel or be seen.
Or would you stop it...
Not to be ever seen.
Would you stop it? !
To block it.

I'm moving on...
'Cause my feelings felt can not be stopped.
I'm moving on...
'Cause my feelings for you can't be blocked.
I'm moving on...
'Cause my feelings felt can not be stopped.
I'm moving on...
'Cause my feelings for you can't be blocked.

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Ode to the Wind 2

i am wind i caress
every skin i fall on

i float with the tide
and dance with the moon

as we glide over the sea
the waves sweep us on a silver path
serenade us the lustre of the moment

the moon shivers, i twirl, the trees rustle,
clouds part to give us way to a crescendo of fun

everytime i am around, the feet of the universe
spring to action, things dance, and i dance too
spreading a joie de vivre

i am a vagabond of the wildest kind
a gypsy, a tramp, a born traveller
holding a carte blanche to everywhere
in summer a thousand fans work me into action

those who ride me go on to build new lives
i had the reputation to take people
from continent to continent
to the remotest places, if they only cared
to put up a sail for me to carry them with me

nothing can stop me as i tarry from
coast to coast, village to village,
city to city, ocean to ocean
sprinkling cheerful fragrances of spring
unfurl summer's nerves, making
fair ladies sprint with pride as their graceful
luxurious crown dances round them like dreams
a million artists wait for the swirl of autumn scarlet
to work volume into their canvasses

oftentimes, you would see me sweeping
the streets here and there; leaves somersault
to my path as we play twins on a fiesta

when i do rest, i can stand on a single hair
static like a frog on a lotus leaf
a sadguru meditation, letting the self
to a land of nowhere

i hold many faces, but hide many till
things get blown away, the masks taken
the battle of opposite begins
the hot and cold air tailing each other in rages

i will be worse than the Indian Goddess Kali
eyes fiery as a volcano, a wasp out to sting
i tear down houses, uproot trees, throwing the ocean
helter skelter so that water springs everywhere

my face then is nothing other than vengeance and death,
i take away everything in my way
i am the Yama from hades and nobody escapes
the twist of fate i administer

i hold many faces, at my sweetest,
i can dance like Nataraja the cosmic dancer
moving earth, sun and moon, and the whole universe
with the tilt of my feet, swaying of my hips
and the turns of my fingers and heads

i bring good news to the deserving,
those who sweat for their work
a whole padi field waves in golden delight
as i cross the path to bring news of harvest
on the feet of a romancing couple i take them
from one high to the other of remembrances
in the worst of winter, i help sprinkle frost
everywhere - window panes, stairs to the front door,
windscreens, and our parting memories

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Dreams upon the Horizon

I don’t get any time to call my own,
I don’t get any peace so far from home
And I know I won't find my pleasure seeking
Hidden treasures in the nightmares of this town.
Dreams upon the horizon lie out of reach for a while
As I sit back with a smile, blazing away the days up in smoke.
Let the tokers joke, let them try and catch the breeze for
It’s not as easy as they’d have you believe

Here I am trying to conceive some shattered
Form of reality when it makes no sense to me

Peering into the distance growing between our forms,
Into the eye of the solar eagle I find myself
Down on my knees before you now
And Still your turning me away

Ride a wave of passion until you crash upon the shore,
What more could you ask for
Than eternal bliss?
Then you’ve got to ask yourself
Would you miss the blues?
Would you be able to see it though with nothing to compare your happiness to?

What is there that lies beyond our reach high up in the skies?
Bloodshot eyes keep me hiding from the dawn,
The light of day can ease my troubles, take away the pain with the morning due
As I watch the rain dance upon the pavement.

You look at me, I look at you,
Tomorrow never knows
What dreams lay unwoven, untold,
Let the page turn, the story unfold

Come let’s get together
One more time to see it though
Another way to blue and back again
Before the rain can reflect the rainbow lost in an instant

Always passing on by the days wishing away the hours
You’ll have no one to blame when the final grain has rested in its place

Will you hold on to faith as the void beckons you to burning point?

Suppress the memories that keep you sane
Unleash the daemon, tear away the veil draped upon this reality of yours

Into nightshade, shadows play
As angels dance the streets by day.

Over and over I’ve ran it though in my mind
The answers so hard to find when the question lies unset

What meaning is there to be found,
If not appreciation of the will to question
An eternity in leads and bounds?

Build me up to break me down
Around around, the tearful clown
With worries left in the shadows
As I stride into the light of day

If only to find a new way to say I love you.

Allow me the time to reinvent the ways to blue and back again
To see it all go round in again in circles for all time

An eternity in leads and bounds
Here I lie broken, unfound, sound of mind yet succumbing to numbness,
At peace with faith, as dreams tear vivid passageways into the blanket of the starry sky.

The midnight hour approaches as I
Throw caution to the wind and dance the night away,
Up in smoke with nothing to say
Maybe I’ve been smoking too long.

Maybe not long enough.

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Patrick White

The Tragic Bliss

The tragic bliss of having loved you
like a lost generation.
The farcical sorrow
of the one that was found
like the other shoe
of a crystal slipper that didn't fit.
What was lost?
What was recovered?
Nothing's lost until it asks where it's going.
I was in love with the knower.
But you loved the knowing.
Everything was as it was.
Only the perishable growing.
Only the stars to clarify
the misgivings of oblivion.
Only you telling me
like a leftover voice in my head
that's been gathering dust in the attic
it's one thing to do what you want to do
it's another to do what you must.
It was only then
that I really understood your helplessness.
How weak you were.
How deeply enslaved you were
to adding a new link every day
to lengthen your chains
as a way of earning your freedom.
How far down the road did you get?
I haven't gone anywhere since.
I let things come to me
so nothing's ever the same anyway
whether I stay or go.
It's still the same river
you can't step into twice.
It's still the same mindstream
watching the world flow by
like a starmap of fireflies high overhead.
I've got wounds that never wear the same scars twice
and get hurt worse
when they realize how rare it is
that a young scar ever listens to an old wound's advice.
I watch the moon slash her wrists over and over again
on her first and last crescents
and the shadows bleed out of me
across the seabeds of dead oceans
where the bride of suicides
trails her gown of seafoam
on the tides of adolescents
that never made it to shore.
I could never see life as intolerable
except as a form of self-disgust
however brutal it was
watching the seagulls swoop down on the baby turtles.
You changed like seasons of paint.
You wiped the moon off the window.
You disowned all your doors
as the whores of a saint
and rolled a stone back over your womb.
From now on things would be immaculate.
God would come down
and help you clean up your room like a desert.
Thorns for the main course.
And roses for dessert.
I tried to free you from your glass rapture
with lifelines of black lightning
that would thaw your chandeliers
and shatter the eyes in your face
like glaciers in an ice age,
but you wanted to live forever
in a cold crevice of eternity
like a wooly Mammoth in an ice palace
with a thirty five thousand year old afterlife.
You felt a shift in the north pole
and followed your inclination
to fix everything in its place.
You found religion.
You found grace.
You made time stop
but you only widened the space between us.
That's when I left the Sahara to its hermits
and what little water I had left
to the mirage of my wife
to look for something spiritually green
and obscenely rife with life.

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Short Dogs In The House

Moving up! east oakland, yeah thats right (repeat 4x)
Oakland, california, west coast life
You either play the game or you smoke the pipe
I became a rapper at the age 14
No gold ropes, no diamond rings
But look at me now, 10 years later
Ask any mc if I rap greater
See Im known in fresno, even the big o
>from san diego to sacramento
Theyll tell you yes, wherever you go
And I bet my life wont one say no
Aint nothing like a too $hort fan
I aint tripping, you can play it again
Dont fight the feeling, life is me
I rock shows in nashville, tennessee
It wasnt hee haw, so dont laugh
At the good ol boys getting autographs
In cinncinatti, I know you heard
I got fined for the cusswords
Its true, baby, so so unique
Might slap your man, or just thump your freak
I come to your town, Im not under
I want your name and your telephone number
You think Im faking, but Ill call
We only got one night to do it all
I know baby its such a pity
Tomorrow night, we hit another city
Cold macking in the game is all we do
Me and the boys called the dangerous crew
I used to be local til I signed with jive
Too $hort then went nationwide
I went to georgia with the too $hort sound
I went down like bobby brown
I said a rap and they took me to jail
Pulled out my bank, and made bail
This is my story, it could not wait
It all started out in the golden state
California, where I was born and raised
I used to play the drum in my younger days
I just hit that beat any way I can
Smooth high-stepping in the marching band
I turned in my drum and I started to rap
Now beats I make, make my bank so fat
Its too $hort, on the mic tonight
Pennsylvania, can you see the light?
>from chicago, to indiana
>from mississippi, to alabama
Louisiana, even texas
Females, call me sexist
But dont they love it, you know me
Freak nasty in a room trying to blow me
Like engine, engine, number 9
Homies run a train, standing in line
If that train jumps off the track
Then my brother you will catch the clap
>from colorado, to arizona
All the way back home to california
In chatanooga, they know the tip
Short dog in the house, Im that flip
Getting clip, or playing pool
I cant help it Im so damn cool
Call me dog or leave me alone
Im riding in a caddilac fleetwood chrome
With too clean, behind the wheel
Im riding shotgun, rapping for real
Total boss in the back, give me superside
They like to roll em fat cause you know we ride
To the beat yall, and it dont stop
It goes on cause I dont stop rapping
Now you know, nothing but the dog in me
You make love to me and I still act stingy
Oh should I pay you? you must be tripping
I didnt buy you and I sure aint renting
I said I love you cause you gave me head
I didnt love you when we got out the bed
If I could love you, you know I would
But what you giving, aint all that good
A little southern hospitality
Youd better try to get away from me
I love money, and I just cant fake it
I go to magic city and the girls dance naked
Im somewhat of a hero by the way I rap
But Im living like an oaktown mack
Im in the house yall, Im like ? peeser? yall
Rat heads get nothing but cheese, yall
Or get slapped, put up your dukes
I kick you in your ass with my nike boots
Some rappers try to be just like too $hort
Can hang with the dog, youd better stay on the porch
In minnesota, virginia beach
Wisconson, I got freaks
Atlanta, little rock
Louisville, it dont stop
Kansas city, missouri
I rock the house in east st. louis
Detroit, its like oakland
Its a black thing, and Im a black man
To all my brothers in the u.s.a.
Too $hort baby dont even play
Woofers in the trunk, blasting the beat
I cross the bridge and hit 3rd street
Years ago, I rocked that joint
I say whats up to my homies from hunters point
We go a long way back, its always been like that
In the days that short dog was so young at the rap
Im in the house!
Moving up! east oakland, yeah thats right (repeat 4x)

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Patrick White

The Season

The season wears out like an old pair of shoes
too far gone to reheel the sunlight
and the road is rough with the gravel of time,
and it’s doubtful the gates I’ve walked through
aren’t groaning on their hinges by now,
all those faces that were me,
those random rags and glimpses of the past
saturated with visions of me
that don’t know I exist as I am now,
and that bank of the river tenable if at all
only as a delusion, I grow strangely
freer and freer in the intimate impersonality
that whispers me like a shadow into the void.
Actor, audience, god, and play
however pure and empty,
however unaware of the creation
that dogs them for answers,
the four corners of the known world,
four dunces in the classroom
weaving a chalk tapestry
of reformative lines.
What would you have me put in their stead,
the puffed-out cheeks
of the cherubic quarters of the wind,
the maudlin sensuality of copulating serpents,
a rosier vista with garden futures,
fountains in a vast, indifferent desert
that drinks skies from the skulls of planets?
I was never good enough to lie like that,
and I never thought not knowing was evil
though divine ignorance is the ultimate heresy
among those afflicted by slothful certainty.
And it took me years to realize
the virtues of omission
weren’t just another pair
of used surgical gloves,
that not doing was the hidden engine of the universe,
the black hole in the boiler room
that drove the galaxies like pistons,
the dark mother behind the forbidden door
beyond the distinctions of birth and death,
exit and entrance.
I still walk around not knowing
what I’m doing here
coercing myself into directions
that have never been schooled by a compass
into believing they’re going anywhere.
And what’s the point
of burying yourself prematurely
under a tumulus
of acquisition and achievement?
Though I come back to the hive
with the pollen of orchids,
though I’m given a Roman triumph
in the colonies of the ants
for the dismembered body parts,
the wings and the antennae
I have plundered from the junkyard of the world,
the aphids I have subdued in chains,
what triumph among the stars,
what more than a little smoke
among the luminous exhalations
of the mystery that breathes worlds into the dark?
And who so spiritually bad-mannered
to insist on their existence
in the face of that?
And I have held myself up like a candle
to the face of love
and still don’t know what it is,
what colour its eyes are,
or what it feels like to run my fingertips
over its skin,
the shine and flow of its hair,
but there have been women with names
that I have whispered things to in the night,
that I have cursed and celebrated, wept over
and survived, women who aroused my longing,
who brought the mystery close
and blew out the candle
and made my body shudder with delight
and there were things done and not done
that I remember, vows upheld and transgressed,
and furies of blood and light
that left me whole and broken.
I don’t know what love is,
but I remember these
who were the skies I walked under,
who mingled their solitudes with mine
in a frenzy of stars
that changed everything forever
where we are alone together here with everyone.
Man, the meaning of life,
woman, the life of meaning,
one, definitive, the other, expressive,
two birds from the same mouth,
I learned to sing in the dark
at the knee of the moon and the sea,
and saw that everyone had to be right
for mistakes to exist,
that ultimately all rivers made the sea,
that two eyes made one seeing,
that longing is the first feather of union,
and wisdom just another way of losing your mind,
an enlightened form of ignorance,
an eyelash of clarity,
a bar on a window in an unmedicated asylum.
I dedicated my mouth to poetry
and over the last ten thousand pages
haven’t said a thing since
that wasn’t just another
jest of the silence that roars
like a wounded dragon
at every echo of a whisper in the valley
to proclaim its night of life
as nothing more remarkable
than a butterfly on a gate the next morning,
the eye of the lantern
that’s never seen itself,
hidden in the light of what it reveals,
the blind fountain of its own penumbral lucidity.

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