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The Walk Invisible, Pt 2

With a paean heart
Through the invisible trod
Through golden streets
Through glory sparkling spaces
As the invisible walk continues

With an angel
Niceties change
Another chamber
The angel announces welcome
So the invisible walk

So glorious the chamber
With blessings adorned
So many and diverse a blessing
For earthly inhabitants
So the invisible walk

To another glorious field
The angel leads
Pure crisp forms are seen for earthly immortals
Of jasper and other pricey and princely metals made
So the invisible walk

On crystal clear gold
Feet tread onto yet another place
A paean heart almost bursting
The trod goes through golden fruit trees
So the invisible walk

Angel announces
An eternity of pure joy
An everlasting glory
Will the immortal paean hearts experience
So the invisible walk

A flowery banquet into sight
As the angel says
For the patient immortals
Who the Saviour accepted this prepared
So the invisible walk

The angel asked
And the question is
Whether the reader of these lines
This banquet will attend
As the invisible walk continues

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