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The Curtain Closes

I sit here again
Starting once more
Lost yet another friend
And, now I feel as if I've lost the war

Shattered and broken
Now I lay bleeding
A knife through the heart-
To stop the beating

So empty-so lost...
So beauitfully broken
I cry and I sob
On the floor choking

I give up
-This time for certain
I'm done with this play
Please just close the curtain!

And, one single tear drop
Slides down my cheek
As I pray to the unknown
To stop feeling so weak

And, then I stand
And I start walking
I open my mouth;
But, it's like I'm not even talking

I really can't take it-
It's too hard to believe
I did it again!
And, now I can't even see

So now I am falling
And, failing this test
As I hear death calling
I lay here a mess

© Copyright 2010 Nicole Settimi/Dark Lyric Poetry
Dark Lyric Poetry by The Dark Artist Nicole Settimi

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