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Please Don't Forget

Please don't forget me

I know I'm not smart

But please don't forget me

I know I'm not pretty

But please don't forget me

I know you have better things to do

But please don't forget me

I know you say you won't

But please don't forget me

I know I allways complan

But please don't forget me

I don't want to be forgotten

I don't want to be pushed away

I know I am asking alot

And I know you want to forget me

But you don't have to love me, hug me or even smile at me

But please don't forget me

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There Isn't A Chance

I know what they say,
about how I'm young,
and don't know what love,
feels like.

But no one knows me,
well enough to realize,
that I have this love,
burning inside of me.

I smile at a text,
and every time someone says your name,
I blush because,
it's the guy I love.

I've tried to hide it,
from those close to me,
however some have realized,
I'm hiding the truth.

I really need to open my eyes,
and smell the roses,
because I know,
we'll never be.

As much as I want,
you and me,
there isn't a chance,
for a we.

In a few years,
we will part,
and I know that day,
will break my heart.

But it has to happen,
so I can learn,
there's more to life,
even if you're not there.

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You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)

You know that you'll never find
A love as true as mine
Our love is a one of a kind
Boy, why waste your time
Foul play never brought you down
You took your love on a rebound
Been no angles, just straight ahead
'Cause you know where my heart is
So don't turn me away
I know that we can make it
I beg you to stay
Give our love a try 'cause you know...
Repeat Chorus
You shake me up, but you can't bring me down
This school girl crush, you can't push around
So set your game on the right track
'Cause once you leave, it's hard to get back
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
You know it, now show it, you know it
It's a one of a kind love
Boy, why waste your time

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I use to feel martyrized.
And sacrificial with a giving of myself,
As a belief.
To be of service to others.
And in the doing...
I cared little if I received.

But saved was I,
From complete stupidity.
When I thought of my deeds,
Becoming more unappreciated.
And that did not dawn on me...
Until someone told me this,
That turned on my 'reality' switch!

'You can not expect people,
To feel as passionate as you do.
Not about that which you assist them with...
Since they see you,
As someone who seeks something to prove.

They 'may' express a fleeting interest.
In what you perceive they value best.
You can not expect them to understand.
Since they believe 'you' are the one,
They extend the helping hand! '


'Even though you exhaust yourself,
Sharing your 'gifts' and abilities.
You are they one they are 'patiently' accomodating.
And if what they do does not thoroughly please you,
They will get upset.
Abandon you and leave! '

I see!
Guess what?
They don't have to bother to do that at all!

I will!

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It does not matter how old i gonna love
How deep is the agony of loving you
But i tell you i will not stop loving you
There may come time of scission in life
I will not show any haggard temperament
Any thing can be a fun but not at your cost
If you don't love me hate me if you can
Don't do the business of speechless fasting
Its on you to to choose whatever you like
Either to say no, or a big yes
This is after-all your life what can i do?
But mindful of this, that you are also a lover
Love don't turn bitter but it bites you
Not knowing the fact where it may take you farther
The way i love no body will love you
What is there in love, is in no world either
You are the chrism and angel oh my love
Just don't do, don't do stop me loving
Don't think my love supernumerary to any one else
Don't banish my love creeping into your mind
How good you are and stalwart
There will be no life without loquacious 'you'
No one know the time-frame how long it will last
But it is certain you are mine wherever you are
Men of caliber may take it as hilarious episode
But love will resist as freshest daisy
I will sought leave of all my engagements
And will live the live ought to be mine and yours
Then what's the life could ever be
Its you to fill the blanks in the midst
Make my life worth-loving by the glory of a bunch of kiss
If you hear me take into account my hearty swim
I will not let you sink in the mist and fog
No more charming memorabilia that would ever be
Racing our journey the way it should be
Don't get fainthearted in the middle of dream
Your ship will not wreck in the layer of will

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William Shakespeare

Sonnet 13: O, that you were your self! But, love, you are

O, that you were your self! But, love, you are
No longer yours than you yourself here live.
Against this coming end you should prepare,
And your sweet semblance to some other give.
So should that beauty which you hold in lease
Find no determination; then you were
Yourself again after yourself's decease,
When your sweet issue your sweet form should bear.
Who lets so fair a house fall to decay,
Which husbandry in honour might uphold
Against the stormy gusts of winter's day
And barren rage of death's eternal cold?
O, none but unthrifts! Dear my love, you know,
You had a father; let your son say so.

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For Ammonis, who died at 29, in 610

Raphael, they're asking you to write a few lines
as an epitaph for the poet Ammonis:
something very tasteful and polished. You can do it,
you're the one to write something suitable
for the poet Ammonis, our Ammonis.

Of course you'll speak about his poems-
but say something too about his beauty,
about that subtle beauty we loved.

Your Greek is always elegant and musical.
But we want all your craftsmanship now.
Our sorrow and our love move into a foreign language.
Pour your Egyptian feeling into the Greek you use.

Raphael, your verses, you know, should be written
so they contain something of our life within them,
so the rhythm, so every phrase clearly shows
that an Alexandrian is writing about an Alexandrian.

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You Must Be Numb To Love

Why would you allow fear to drive your happiness away?
How could you allow yourself to change, so much, in one day?
Since when has a man become defined by another?
Why would you transform, from loving partner, to vengeful Mother?

You have cause more pain than you could possibly imagine!
You have cost us both greatly, from this day on!
Lies, ommissions and fantasy, have made me your pawn!
You actually became you own worst nightmare, allow it now to end!

Your false martyrdom is keeping you from what is real;
You must be numb to love, hate is all you feel!
Reality calls you now, please allow for its return-
As for my love, with work, that is something you may again, earn!

Your mind, at times, plays tricks on you-
Aid is all around you, up to you what to do!

Maurice Harris,22 January 2008

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If You Knew How Much I Love You

If you knew how much I love you,
Emotions would run dry,
For although I dwell above you,
I love you here on high...
A billion stars could come and go
Before this love could fade,
For you, My love, are all I know,
From everything I made...

You are the apple of My eye,
The smile that lives within,
The laughter and the longing sigh,
The hearts I seek to win...