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Merry Christmas Song

Merry Christmas to The Lord
Merry Christmas To The O LOrd
Families and friends will come together to joy
The past restricted paths will come together to cross
The enemies together as if there has never been amomg them because the name of Jesus Christ





Merry Christmas to The Lord
Merry Christmas To The O LOrd
Families and friends will come together to joy
The past restricted paths will come together to cross
The enemies together as if there has never been amomg them because the name of Jesus Christ

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The Birthday Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Once again Christmas is here,
Let's have a celebration,
Forget the debts and have no fear,
It will fill you with such elation.

Spending money you haven't got,
Up to your eyeballs in debt,
What you don't need can and will be bought,
Just for now there's no need to fret.

When Christmas day has come and gone,
As the presents lie scattered and broken,
The thought of the bill will finally dawn,
But for now it will remain unspoken.

As final demands dropp through your door,
You bury your head in the sand,
Opening the letters is too much of a chore,
The stress then gets out of hand.

It becomes so unbearable you cannot cope,
That's when reality kicks in,
You are on your own and left without hope,
You're in a battle you just cannot win.

Why did I do it you shout out loud,
As they price all your goods to be sold,
Next it's the house of which you were so proud,
Theat very feeling just leaves you ice cold.

Jesus Christ I hear you say,
But I think it's being used in vain,
Though he was born on Christmas day,
From his memory most will refrain.

Spend, spend, spend for spendings sake,
Is not what Christmas is about,
It's the spirit of Jesus we all must awake,
That's what this day is about.

Take some time to give him praise,
It's a gift that doesn't cost,
The return you get will truly amaze,
In his kingdom you will never be lost.

Joining with the Lord is not a crime,
By material goods you must not be enticed,
Celebrate what is a miraculous time,

‘' The Birth Day Of Our Lord Jesus Christ ‘'

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Quatrain #107 - The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.......

The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ a long time ago was humbly born in a stable
though by His grace many have found peace and joy who were otherwise unable.
That glory of God manifested in human form was at the time very much awaited;
the work He came to do was to bring man back to God being too long separated.

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Not What I Wanted

How many times have you heard
someone say on Christmas Day
this is not what I wanted.
Ungrateful for what they received,
it did not cost as much as they had expected
always forgetting that each thing
is given with love from the giver.
It does not matter how much it cost or what size it is;
just remember the love that it holds
from the one who gives it.
Never be ungrateful for anything at Christmas time
for there thousands out there
who will not receive anything at all
and some who would be thankful
for some bread upon their table.
When it comes to Christmas Day
always be thankful for whatever you receive
and joyful someone thought of you.
Remember Christmas is a celebration
of God giving us his son Jesus Christ,
not for how many presents we receive
large or small does not matter at all.
Christmas is a celebration
of bestowing love on everyone.
The love we give is in the presents
and should be accepted as such,
not the measure by how much
or how little someone had to spend,
but the love, which is given.
One last word before I go to everyone,
have yourself a safe and merry Christmas
to one and all wherever you may be.

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Jesus Christ Is Lord And Savior

Dear friend, Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,
And indeed my friend, He is both man and God.
The cross for Him was simply just one endeavor,
And now Christ is coming back with an iron rod.
This time when He comes He will reign forever,
In the very land, that The Savior once had trod.
Present plans and treaties of man He will sever,
Not as a man who died but as The Eternal God.

He’s coming back to earth to set up His Kingdom,
And He will reign from Zion one thousand years.
All who reign with Him are all who chose to come,
It’s the word of prophets and Old Testament seers.

But first this earth must be judged by its maker,
During the time known as the Great Tribulation.
Evil will be judged along with every evil partaker,
To be totally destroyed through much devastation.

After seven years The King shall be ushered in,
During Messiah’s Rule many still will not believe,
As man will still have a deceptive heart deep within,
When Satan is loosed many again will be deceived.
But he will be cast into the fire along with evil sin,
And earth will be free of sin for all who truly believe.
Lead by Christ all believers will be ready to begin,
An endless life of joy forever through all Eternity.

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Does God Believe In Some Atheists?

atheists do not believe in God
but does God believe in some atheists?
to say God does not believe in
specific individuals however bad

is not scriptural because God
can God will save; whoever God pleases?
judgement is mine sayith the Lord

Saul of Tarsus judged did not believe in Jesus Christ
but Jesus Christ believed in future Paul of Tarsus?
Christ cured disease blindness hatred used Paul's passions

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(For the Rev. James J. Daly, S. J.)

Bright stars, yellow stars, flashing through the air,
Are you errant strands of Lady Mary's hair?
As she slits the cloudy veil and bends down through,
Do you fall across her cheeks and over heaven too?

Gay stars, little stars, you are little eyes,
Eyes of baby angels playing in the skies.
Now and then a winged child turns his merry face
Down toward the spinning world -- what a funny place!

Jesus Christ came from the Cross (Christ receive my soul!)
In each perfect hand and foot there was a bloody hole.
Four great iron spikes there were, red and never dry,
Michael plucked them from the Cross and set them in the sky.

Christ's Troop, Mary's Guard, God's own men,
Draw your swords and strike at Hell and strike again.
Every steel-born spark that flies where God's battles are,
Flashes past the face of God, and is a star.

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Listen to Jesus’ Call

The man I know as Jesus,
Is Son of God, Most High;
-Conceived by Holy Spirit
In Virgin Mary’s womb!

He came to save all sinners
By death upon the cross;
He resurrected third day,
And showed his Godly powers!

What love has Father shown us!
Though earthlings don’t deserve;
He sacrificed His Son’s life,
To pay souls’ freedom price!

Now all can go to heaven,
If we can follow Christ;
Take up your cross and walk then
In footsteps of the Lord.

Renounce the work of devils;
Put trust in Jesus Christ;
He comes to judge all mankind,
When He comes second time!

Repent for sins of past years;
Reconcile with the Lord;
Remember Heaven’s nigh
For righteous and upright.

Jesus can forgive sins all;
Just ask and be made pure;
He waits in Heaven’s glory
For every soul, He made!

Oh, what a wonder God is!
He’s awesome, most loving;
His mercy is infinite
Listen to Jesus’ call!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 10-11-2009

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More Than a Prophet

All things pointed to the cross, not to destroy but save the lost,
All the saints that came before, were saved by faith in The Lord,
All men after will have to come, to Jesus Christ God’s only Son,
Who came to die at Calvary, to gain eternal life for you and me.
The only One to rise from the dead, just like the Bible had said.

Religion does not have a place, in God’s present Age of Grace,
Grace provided for everyone, through God’s only begotten Son.
To get into heaven from earth, you must experience a new birth,
New birth by the Spirit of Christ, the only Spirit offering new life,
Life Eternal with God above, all from the Son and Calvary’s love.

No one since, was sent by God, to be a prophet upon this sod,
Gone soon will be all the shame, of men who dishonor the name,
By exalting their name over Him, the only Savior who died for sin,
As He brings peace to the world, which all others can only herald.
Of all the prophets, of the past, sent by God, Christ was the last.

King of kings and Lord of lords; not for a time, but forevermore.
And only He’s coming back again, as Lord and Savior of all men.
Spoken of by prophets of old; who had came, like God foretold,
Coming back according to God; the Only King, with an Iron Rod.
And then there’ll be no doubt, as all false prophets, are cast out.

(Copyright ©08/2007)

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It's Amazing

It’s amazing, that a sinner like me, can talk to The God of Eternity,
When I walk with Him each day, through fellowship, to God I pray,
The Lord God entered into my life, through His Son, Jesus Christ,
Who died at Calvary for my sin, so I could share my life with Him.

It’s amazing, that for me He died, as on a cross He was crucified,
Becoming a curse on that tree, to save this soul and set me free,
Freeing me from sin and death, as He breathed in me new breath,
From the New Life available to men, who in Christ are Born Again.

It’s amazing, how God uses us, if we surrender to His Son Jesus,
Mere mortals only made of dust, when in Christ we place all trust,
Helping to proclaim His Word, until all upon this earth have heard,
Life saving Truth of the Cross, and how He came for sinners lost.

It’s amazing, how He fills us first, with spiritual hunger and a thirst,
For The Eternal Word of God, as He leads us with a staff and rod,
As Christ teaches us to abide, by The Holy Spirit who lives inside,
Helping all believers to impart, The Truth God puts within our heart.

It’s truly amazing, that God above, would send to us, by His Love,
His One and Only Begotten Son, as God’s Sacrifice for everyone,
And all we have to do is believe, The Gospel Message we receive,
And accept the love of Jesus Christ, to gain from Him Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©03/2008)

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Isaiah's Message To Israel

Isaiah in chapter 53, speaking to the people of Israel, he appealed,
Who has believed our message and to whom has The Lord been revealed?

He would grow up before Israel like a tender shoot with no majesty,
And because He was rejected, they shall go through great tragedy.

Even though He was despised and by his people He was not esteemed,
He is the long awaited Messiah, in whom all Israel will be redeemed.

For God sent His Son Jesus as The Lamb of God for Israel to behold,
But because of His disfigured appearance His people were appalled.

But soon kings and mighty men will shut their mouths on bended knee,
What they were not told or didn't hear they will understand and see.

The Cross is where Jesus Christ carried our sorrows and infirmities,
He was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities.

Yet we like sheep have gone astray, each of us turning his own way,
But the punishment that brings us peace was laid upon Him that day.

He was led like a lamb to slaughter and was like a sheep on that day,
Who can speak of His descendents, for by judgment He was taken away.

It was for the transgression of His people that Christ was stricken,
And at His death was assigned a grave with the rich and the wicked.

But, it was His Father's will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer,
For God shall justify many through the saving blood of The Savior.

(Copyright © 02/2002)

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God’s Helping Hand

Let The Lord help you today, to find the path of His favored Way,
God’s Way unto abundant Life, the way above the grief and strife.
The helping hand of The Lord, will intervene when He’s implored,
As men seek God’s helping hand, in ways we cannot understand.

God’s helping hand, full of Grace, can help you any time or place,
When you truly desire to live for Him, in this world of darkened sin.
God wants to lead us in His Light, on a path that is pure and right,
So all men can come to know, that He’s a God who loves them so.

God’s hand above is lifted friend, for pending Judgment in the end,
Judgment that’s not destined for, all those men who love The Lord.
For God’s helping hand truly is, His heavenly guide to earthly bliss,
Anchored in The Savior’s Love, sent from The Spirit of God above.

God’s guidance is available to all, leading to Grace from man’s fall,
Where we can meet at the cross, The One who died for all the lost,
Christ who was pierced for you, so you can seek His Guidance too.
Where from the cross of Calvary, Jesus Christ will guide to Eternity.

Jesus Christ who died for all of us, now lives so we can put our trust,
In The One who died for man’s sin, so eternally we can live with Him.
Through God you can be assured, you will find life in Christ our Lord,
For the moment you come to Christ, God shall grant you Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©12/2006)

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The Future Middle East

Today the future in the Middle East, as we hear, sounds very bleak.
As people with a deceptive heart, are looking for a brand new start,
Moving many men to understand, a crucial need to remap the land.
This to eradicate the Land of Israel, totally justified by a wicked will.

The tiny land men call Palestine, will be subdued by a force Divine.
The promise given to Abraham, by the will of God will forever stand.
The terror that now rules the land, will be eliminated by God’s Hand.
The Lord Himself shall intervene, with His presence upon the scene.

The present land on the world scene, was the land of the Philistines.
That ancient land was conquered by, Joshua’s army for God on high.
It was never subdued totally friend, but that mistake was not the end.
Eternal God, whose land this is, through King David took care of this.

For God put David on the Throne, in that land which is Israel’s home,
As the King of the Promised Land, that God had granted to Abraham.
God swore to David as the King, the reign he began was everlasting.
He reigned as King in Jerusalem, where all shall see God’s Own Son.

The land will be subdued for sure, by Jesus Christ, Messiah and Lord.
Never again shall it be the same, after Jesus Christ begins His Reign.
Christ will purge The Promised Land, for the descendents of Abraham.
Then all of Israel shall live secure, under the Reign of Christ our Lord.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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Men's Rules

The Organized Church gathered to pass some new church policy today,
But why not just check to see what the Eternal Word of God might say?

They spout we will be a stronger organization, just you wait and see,
But it isn't man who makes you strong, but obeying God's Holy Decree.

But, as a body of men they go on saying we've voted like this before,
It is true, but usually major truths of God's Word have been ignored.

The Pharisees were admonished by Christ for such man made tradition,
I ask you friend; what is the difference with the church's situation?

It's present day Pharisaical doctrine this body molds and rearranges,
The True Foundation, The Lord Himself, The Word of God never changes.

If Jesus Christ the very Head of The Church, today remains the same,
How can a body of sinful men make change and still profess His Name?

For The Lord asked men why call me Lord, and do not the things I say.
Is this question at the root of all the trouble these men face today?

The Lord clearly said call no one else Father for He is up in Heaven,
But they call a man Father, say he's infallible and incapable of sin.

Isaiah warned in the end there'd be people, who follow men's rules,
And just like the Pharisees, The Lord will rebuke hypocritical fools.

So today is the day to get back to The Bible for Godly instruction,
For those who choose to distort God's Word, will come to destruction.

(Copyright © 07/2002)

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Work Prepared For Us

The Lord has work for all to do, prepared good works for me and you.
A work that is intended to Glorify, the One who on the cross had died.
Jesus’ work accomplished for all, man’s redemption from Adam’s fall.
Christ’s finished work for all of us, a work in which we place our trust.

And nothing can be added to, His work accomplished for me and you.
For salvation is a gift of Grace, secured when Jesus died in our place.
No righteous works on our part; it was all of Christ right from the start.
Christ’s finished work on that cross, alone is what saves sinners lost.

The work prepared for us you see, is to point others towards Eternity.
As God will use you in many ways, as you live out your earthly days.
God above can use most any skill, as it’s tempered by His loving will,
Pointing other men to Jesus Christ, as The Holy Spirit leads your life.

This work was prepared long before, anybody knew Christ was Lord.
An Eternal Plan by The Lord above, and centered on a cross of Love.
Where Christ Jesus paid the price, by offering Himself as a sacrifice.
For a body was prepared for Him, as the atonement for all of our sin.

Now for us the work to be done, is to lead all men to God’s Only Son.
What better work could there be, than in helping other people to see,
That The Lord Jesus died for us, and in Him we must place our trust,
So when all earthly labors cease, with Him we’ll have Eternal Peace.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

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Don't Tell Me

It's ok, I'll do what I want
If I choose, I can take the fall
There's a choice, it's my destiny
In my hands, yeah it's up to me
I can drive
I can shoot a gun in the streets
Score me some heroin
I can jump, be the sacrifice
Bear the cross, just like Jesus Christ
And I don't wanna hear
What love can do
No, I ain't gonna tell you
What's right for you
Is it right to take the easy way
Close your eyes
Get on your knees an' pray
Now you're saved by a higher voice
givin' up, givin' up, givin' up your choise
If I'm wrong, then I'll pay for it
It I'm right, yeah you're gonna hear about it
But I've tried, yeah I've tried for it
I tried, I tried, 'til I'm satisfied
And I...
I'm tired of hearing what love can do
And I...
Ain't gonna tell you what's right for you
I've seen the damage done
Down with the shotgun
Don't stop the setting sun on my Kingdom Come ohhh...
Is it right to take the easy way
I don't know, I get on my knees an' pray
Now I'm saved by a higher voice
Givin' up, givin' up, givin' up my choise
If I'm wrong, then I'll pay for it
If I'm right, yeah you're gonna deal with it
'Cause I tried, yeah I tried for it
I'll try, I'll try, even die for it
No I...
Don't wanna hear what love can do
No I...
I can't tell you what's right for you
Oh I...I...I...
Tell you what love can do
No I...I...I...
Can't say but your time is through
I've seen the damge done
Oh Lord, I've heard the shotgun
I fought the setting sun
On my Kingdom Come ohhh...

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I Have Learned

Though in life I become distraught, to me, The Lord God has taught,
Through all of my years and days, that He works in miraculous ways,
When the times may appear bleak, as I find myself emotionally weak,
My tendency is to be concerned, ignoring all from Christ I've learned.

I learned to rest and be assured, through all things, in Christ my Lord,
Who holds me in His mighty hand, through times I do not understand,
Taking me through that darker time, not of my choice, but His design,
While using my life just as He wills, as a greater, purpose God fulfills.

Concerns to worry we can't afford, our focus must be upon The Lord,
Remembering the dark times past, all concerns to Him I need to cast,
Casting to my Savior my every care, as all concerns with God I share,
Or else undue concerns entangle us, this when we forget Christ Jesus.

Hard times, dark as they may be, are small steps, on towards eternity,
Steps, in which The Lord Jesus, is molding each and every one of us,
As God shapes us to be like Christ, through all current trials in our life,
Purifying us through our life's fires, to become what The Lord desires.

So when times get hard, I recall, Jesus Christ, is still the Lord over all,
As the same God, Who created me, during all times, helps me to see,
His hand is in every step I take, knowing that my Lord will not forsake,
My side, as God helps me to stand, firmly in times I don't understand.

(Copyright ©03/2012)

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Bible in Poetry: 1 Corinthians 9

The Rights of an Apostle:

1Am I not free, an apostle?
Have I not seen Jesus, our Lord?
Aren’t you the fruit of my labor,
For Jesus Christ, my savior, Lord?
2 Although to others not, may be
I am an apostle to you!
You’re seal of my apostleship.
3 This is my one defense to those
Who sit in judgment upon me.
4Don’t we have right to food and drink?
5Do not we have the right to take
A wife believing, that’s with us,
As do the other apostles,
The Lord's brothers and Cephas too?
6 Or only I and Barnabas
Must have to work for a living?
7Who serves as soldier without pay?
Who plants a vineyard on his own
And not ingest its luscious grapes?
Who tends a flock, drink not the milk?
8Do I say this merely from just
A human point of view, tell me?
Does not the Law say just the same?
9For, it is writ in Mosaic Law:
'Do not muzzle an ox while ’tis
Still treading out the grain for you.'
Is it of oxen only that
Then, God is so concerned about?
10 He says this for us, does not He?
Yes, this was written just for us,
Because when plough-man ploughs the field,
And thresher threshes, they do so
With hope, of share in harvest too.
11If we’ve sown seed in you spiritual,
Is it too much if we then reap
A material harvest from you?
12 If others have this right from you,
Shouldn’t we have it, then all the more?
But we didn’t use this right at all.
And on the contrary, we put
Up with all things rather than to
Hinder gospel of Jesus Christ.
13Do you not know that those who work
In temples get their food from them,
And those who serve at altars share
Whatev’r is offered upon them?
14 Similarly, the Lord commands
That those who preach the gospel should
Receive their living from the same.
15 But I haven’t used all of these rights.
And I don’t write this in the hope
That you will do such things for me.
I rather would die than have one
Deprive me of this boast some day.
16Yet, when I preach the gospel then,
I cannot boast: I have to preach.
Woe upon me if I do not!
17 If I do preach voluntarily,
I have reward awaiting me;
If not voluntarily then,
I’m discharging the trust on me.
18 What then is my reward? Just this:
In preaching gospel I offer
It free of charge, and therefore don’t
Make use of my rights doing so.
19 Though I am free, slave of no man,
I make myself a slave to all,
To win the many, possible.
20 To Jews, Jew-like, I too became,
To win over the hearts of Jews.
To those under the law, I turned
Like one under the law like them
(Although I’m not under the law) ,
So as to win those under law.
21To those who did not have the law,
I became like one without law
(Though I’m not free from laws of God
And I am under Christ's tenets) ,
So as to win those without law.
22 To weak persons, I became weak,
To win the weak. I have become
All things to men so that by all
Means possible, I might save some.
23 I do all this for gospel’s sake,
So that I may share its blessings.
24Do you not know that in a race,
Though all runners participate,
One only gets the prize at last?
Run in a way to get the prize.
25 All those who compete in the games
Are given training equally.
They train to get a crown on earth
That will not last for very long;
But we do it to get a crown
That lasts forever and ever.
26 Therefore I don’t run like a man
Who runs quite aimlessly in life;
I don’t fight like a man who beats
The air which he just cannot see.
27 I beat my body to enslave
It, and when I’ve preached to others,
I myself will qualified
To get the prize that’s meant for it.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 8-3-2007

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Merry Christmas To All Husbands

During a certain Christmas service
Or Mass as some are wont to say
The officiating priest asked widows
To step forward for a special prayer
Of blessing and favour, intoning
That God remains their undying husband

A certain woman sitting beside her
Husband on one of the front pews
Jumped to her feet hurriedly
To the bewilderment of the poor man
Who promptly pulled her hand
And reminded her of what the priest said

But the enraged woman, looking askance,
Swiftly brushed her husband's hand aside
As though loaded with filth, and retorted,
'Are you alive when you can't provide
The needs of your family, even at a season like this? '
Stunned and speechless, the man's jaw dropped as though
He was a church mouse caught prancing on the pulpit
And the congregation roared in derisive laughter
But from me to all husbands, 'Merry Christmas
And a prosperous New Year in the name of
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, the head of all husbands
And, indeed, all men.Amen.'

(C) Chris Jibero. 2010.

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Too Late For Merry Christmas?

Is it too late for Merry Christmas, too late for the greatest of Gifts?
Is God’s greatest offer limited to, a holiday known to me and you?
Some have Christmas in July, the reason for it, do you know why?
Is Christmas a day Christ was born, a day today, many just scorn?

Can’t we celebrate all year long, Christ with hearts filled with song?
Christmas for obvious reason, comes around for only one season,
And our Christmas as the holiday, with the tree, gets packed away,
But Christ throughout all the year, through His Spirit is always here.

Christmas is just a reminder for, a world trying to dismiss our Lord,
Where many don’t know who He is, while they relish receiving gifts,
When Christmas is over for them, we go on with Christ, as a friend,
Who is with us all year through, to offer God’s Gift to men like you.

So this day and all year through, this happy greeting I’ll say to you,
Merry Christmas and I’m not late, giving you words to contemplate.
Not too late to share with one, greetings in the name of God’s Son,
Who came not to make a holiday, but be for all God’s Narrow Way.

It’s never too late at all for me, to greet you in the power of Calvary,
Where Christmas was truly sealed; and all become spiritually healed,
Point Christmas to Calvary’s Cross; God’s Gift to the spiritually lost,
Away from all Christmas has become, and back to God’s Only Son.

(Copyright ©01/2008)

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Merry Christmas Strait To You

Its christmas time
I see the lines of people everywhere
Tryin to pick out the gifts
That show how much they care
It makes me wish that I could see my friends
On christmas day
And fill my list with lots of gifts
But I can only say
Here comes a merry chritmas strait to you
I hope it cheers you up when you are down and feelin blue
Right or wrong Ill sing my song
And you will know just who
Sings a merry christmas strait to you
Theres lot of ways to share the days
Of christmas with your friends
A christmas card, a tree that stars
And gifts that make you grin
Id like to share this song with everyone who came our way
Without a doubt the fires not out
It burns for you today
Here comes a merry christmas
And to all who might of missed us
A very merry christmas strait to you

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