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Dreaming Reality

In the real world, as in dreams,
Nothing is quite as it seems.
To see what we have never seen,
To be what we have never been,
To shed the chrysalis, learn to fly,
Depart the earth, kiss the sky,
To be reborn, be someone new,
Is this a dream or is it true?

Is my life in fact a dream?
Are things not always as they seem?
Are daylight hours reality,
Or do I dream eternally?
In the dream world or the real,
We cannot know what we can't feel.
What is not a dream by day,
Comes to us at night to stay.

Dreams - vivid colors of life,
Or fleeting, obscure, murky strife?
Façade of reality brings,
To the mind, exquisite things:
Love, regret, memories, cheer,
Imagination, even fear.
The lives we live appear, it seems,
To be a dream within a dream.
A long dream of hopeless sorrow,
I'll dream my life again tomorrow.

(27 February 2005)

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Day - Night Dreams

It is often difficult not knowing

Where the wind will blow?

Where the tides will turn?

When the storm will cease?

Tragedy hit us hard as nails

Leaving a tail—spin wind, whistling within our midst

A once perfect euphoria fades all together

Like the ripples of the mirror-glass stream

Heart-ache and pain

Then follows despair along

with the tip, tap drops of rain

Life is a mirage, capricious cycle of day-night dreams

Shows a thousand faces to endure

One instant you are happy and next your heart bleeds

Then contentment may grace the soul once more

Up then down

Blessed then cursed

But to give comfort

The sun will rise again

In the east, I know

copyright (c) 2012

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A time to adjust

It is known fact that body is subjected to decay
It may have to disappear in clay without any delay
No one may keep it in home for even one day
As it has no soul or life in it to lead the way

It has its stipulated and certain life span
One has to live with it and accordingly plan
It may not warn of its arrival and suddenly strike
One may watch it helplessly with like or dislikes

So it is uncertain whether one may last long to live
It is wholly dependent and got to believe
No one can stay here and choose heavenly course
Till that time comes he may enjoy it here of course

The world has not changed and remained same as before
Nothing new has taken place or come to the fore
It has to be understood plainly with true context
How do we know what is in store next?

Why not to shun the violence and choose peace?
Why not to allow some space to live at ease?
You are not first to realize it or even late
It is certain and cant be attributed to fate

You are answerable to conduct and conscience
It is certain and not to be admitted in presence
Some of things can be done very easily
Rest of the things can be adjusted and spent happily

To your surprise you may see it happen
The process may not be all of sudden
It may yield surprises some days later
It must be accorded top priority matter

No one may shed tear when you depart
You think seriously and start
At later stage you will be down with humiliation
The conscious may bite and raise many questions

It is silly on our part to carry ill will
You have mind to take revenge and fill
You are well prepared to deliver the blow
There may be no easy calm to flow

One must keep away at certain age
It is right time to come out of the cage
It is time to assess and look back for review
The things may not be denied if it was due

It is not that difficult to adjust
One has right way of thinking and it is must
It has proper time and place
One can think over it and calmly face

*This is only area where we have no jurisdiction

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Find Me at the Edge

You will find me at the edge
Of the water
Where the sand and deep
Ocean meet
Here they collide
But never subside
And so goes their life
For all eternity
And the sky watches in awe
Jealous of the way the ocean
Can move about
But the ocean looks up
At the beautiful sky
And is grateful for
The sight it provides
Though now paralyzed
I close my eyes
And beg for hope

Here in the midst of vast skies
I dream of life
Here in my dreams so diverse
I lie to myself
So far away
I escape this day
And all my thoughts I lay
Here on the ground
That these stars shine upon
In a time where it mattered
When the stars came alive
And the moon shone bright
With the chorus of galaxies
Backing them up
Now they’re betrayed
As this sky starts to fade
And so they are paid
What they never deserved
All this I know
Come rescue me
While my thoughts are still free
And all I can see
Is this sky
That comes to life
Through sorrow and strife
Though sharp as a knife
I am comforted

You will find me at the edge
Of the water
Where the sand and deep
Ocean meet
Here I will be

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The World I Know

There are times when the day become night
A night struck by the afflatus of the day
A day felt the mourning of the night
And a mytho-pattern, a singing line or two
Is the cadence with an accelerated heart beat of the people.

There are time when a single felt ideas, image or metaphor are becoming the cadavers of injustices
It is the world I know
A world which full of exploitation and oppression
A world which injustices are prevail
A world where the few are the one who have privileges to live
It is the world where we live in

I will take a nap for a while and I will more dreaming, and I may understand much more that for every minutes
I close my eyes we have lost the sixty seconds of our life
I will systematically sequesters all the things
Not only for their importance’s, but for their meanings
Perhaps I will think first before I rhetorically say all the things

This is the world I know
A world which full of strange and ambiguous but precise
And myriads of golden beads which lay down on the bosom of the earth
Tell us how this world become an important to the children of soil
But unfortunately, these children of soil which give more importance to the myriad of golden beads
Is the one who suffer the burden which create by the monsters of greed

It is the world I know
A world which full of deception and perplexity
It is aghast to all of us, when we tend to know the real situation
The keen of poverty which have been suffered by the children of soil
Is the rock spring, that we shall fetch
For the momentous struggle and liberation

The ferocious monster of greed are been totally defeated
It is the world I know
A world of series struggle and liberation
A world free from deprivation and starvation
From inequality and injustice
From domination and exploitation
A world living in God promise of interconnectedness in peace that's anchored on justice
It is the world I know

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The Shroud of Color

"Lord, being dark," I said, "I cannot bear
The further touch of earth, the scented air;
Lord, being dark, forewilled to that despair
My color shrouds me in, I am as dirt
Beneath my brother's heel; there is a hurt
In all the simple joys which to a child
Are sweet; they are contaminate, defiled
By truths of wrongs the childish vision fails
To see; too great a cost this birth entails.
I strangle in this yoke drawn tighter than
The worth of bearing it, just to be man.
I am not brave enough to pay the price
In full; I lack the strength to sacrifice
I who have burned my hands upon a star,
And climbed high hills at dawn to view the far
Illimitable wonderments of earth,
For whom all cups have dripped the wine of mirth,
For whom the sea has strained her honeyed throat
Till all the world was sea, and I a boat
Unmoored, on what strange quest I willed to float;
Who wore a many-colored coat of dreams,
Thy gift, O Lord--I whom sun-dabbled streams
Have washed, whose bare brown thighs have held the sun
Incarcerate until his course was run,
I who considered man a high-perfected
Glass where loveliness could lie reflected,
Now that I sway athwart Truth's deep abyss,
Denuding man for what he was and is,
Shall breath and being so inveigle me
That I can damn my dreams to hell, and be
Content, each new-born day, anew to see
The steaming crimson vintage of my youth
Incarnadine the altar-slab of Truth?

Or hast Thou, Lord, somewhere I cannot see,
A lamb imprisoned in a bush for me?
Not so?Then let me render one by one
Thy gifts, while still they shine; some little sun
Yet gilds these thighs; my coat, albeit worn,
Still hold its colors fast; albeit torn.
My heart will laugh a little yet, if I
May win of Thee this grace, Lord:on this high
And sacrificial hill 'twixt earth and sky,
To dream still pure all that I loved, and die.
There is no other way to keep secure
My wild chimeras, grave-locked against the lure
Of Truth, the small hard teeth of worms, yet less
Envenomed than the mouth of Truth, will bless
Them into dust and happy nothingness.
Lord, Thou art God; and I, Lord, what am I
But dust?With dust my place.Lord, let me die."

Across earth's warm, palpitating crust
I flung my body in embrace; I thrust
My mouth into the grass and sucked the dew,
Then gave it back in tears my anguish drew;
So hard I pressed against the ground, I felt
The smallest sandgrain like a knife, and smelt
The next year's flowering; all this to speed
My body's dissolution, fain to feed
The worms.And so I groaned, and spent my strength
Until, all passion spent, I lay full length
And quivered like a flayed and bleeding thing.

So lay till lifted on a great black wing
That had no mate nor flesh-apparent trunk
To hamper it; with me all time had sunk
Into oblivion; when I awoke
The wing hung poised above two cliffs that broke
The bowels of the earth in twain, and cleft
The seas apart.Below, above, to left,
To right, I saw what no man saw before:
Earth, hell, and heaven; sinew, vein, and core.
All things that swim or walk or creep or fly,
All things that live and hunger, faint and die,
Were made majestic then and magnified
By sight so clearly purged and deified.
The smallest bug that crawls was taller than
A tree, the mustard seed loomed like a man.
The earth that writhes eternally with pain
Of birth, and woe of taking back her slain,
Laid bare her teeming bosom to my sight,
And all was struggle, gasping breath, and fight.
A blind worm here dug tunnels to the light,
And there a seed, racked with heroic pain,
Thrust eager tentacles to sun and rain:
It climbed; it died; the old love conquered me
To weep the blossom it would never be.
But here a bud won light; it burst and flowered
Into a rose whose beauty challenged, "Coward!"
There was no thing alive save only I
That held life in contempt and longed to die.
And still I writhed and moaned, "The curse, the curse,
Than animated death, can death be worse?"

"Dark child of sorrow, mine no less, what art Of mine can make thee see
and play thy part? The key to all strange things is in thy heart."

What voice was this that coursed like liquid fire
Along my flesh, and turned my hair to wire?

I raised my burning eyes, beheld a field
All multitudinous with carnal yield,
A grim ensanguined mead whereon I saw
Evolve the ancient fundamental law
Of tooth and talon, fist and nail and claw.
There with the force of living, hostile hills
Whose clash the hemmed-in vale with clamor fills,
With greater din contended fierce majestic wills
Of beast with beast, of man with man, in strife
For love of what my heart despised, for life
That unto me at dawn was now a prayer
For night, at night a bloody heart-wrung tear
For day again; for this, these groans
From tangled flesh and interlocked bones.
And no thing died that did not give
A testimony that it longed to live.
Man, strange composite blend of brute and god,
Pushed on, nor backward glanced where last he trod:
He seemed to mount a misty ladder flung
Pendant from a cloud, yet never gained a rung
But at his feet another tugged and clung.
My heart was still a pool of bitterness,
Would yield nought else, nought else confess.
I spoke (although no form was there
To see, I knew an ear was there to hear),
"Well, let them fight; they can whose flesh is fair."

Crisp lightning flashed; a wave of thunder shook
My wing; a pause, and then a speaking, "Look."

I scarce dared trust my ears or eyes for awe
Of what they heard, and dread of what they saw;
For, privileged beyond degree, this flesh
Beheld God and His heaven in the mesh
Of Lucifer's revolt, saw Lucifer
Glow like the sun, and like a dulcimer
I heard his sin-sweet voice break on the yell
Of God's great warriors:Gabriel,
Saint Clair and Michael, Israfel and Raphael.
And strange it was to see God with His back
Against a wall, to see Christ hew and hack
Till Lucifer, pressed by the mighty pair,
And losing inch by inch, clawed at the air
With fevered wings; then, lost beyond repair,
He tricked a mass of stars into his hair;
He filled his hands with stars, crying as he fell,
"A star's a star although it burns in hell."
So God was left to His divinity,
Omnipotent at that most costly fee.

There was a lesson here, but still the clod
In me was sycophant unto the rod,
And cried, "Why mock me thus?Am I a god?"

"One trial more:this failing, then I give You leave to die; no
further need to live."

Now suddenly a strange wild music smote
A chord long impotent in me; a note
Of jungles, primitive and subtle, throbbed
Against my echoing breast, and tom-toms sobbed
In every pulse-beat of my frame.The din
A hollow log bound with a python's skin
Can make wrought every nerve to ecstasy,
And I was wind and sky again, and sea,
And all sweet things that flourish, being free.

Till all at once the music changed its key.

And now it was of bitterness and death,
The cry the lash extorts, the broken breath
Of liberty enchained; and yet there ran
Through all a harmony of faith in man,
A knowledge all would end as it began.
All sights and sounds and aspects of my race
Accompanied this melody, kept pace
With it; with music all their hopes and hates
Were charged, not to be downed by all the fates.
And somehow it was borne upon my brain
How being dark, and living through the pain
Of it, is courage more than angels have.I knew
What storms and tumults lashed the tree that grew
This body that I was, this cringing I
That feared to contemplate a changing sky,
This that I grovelled, whining, "Let me die,"
While others struggled in Life's abattoir.
The cries of all dark people near or far
Were billowed over me, a mighty surge
Of suffering in which my puny grief must merge
And lose itself; I had no further claim to urge
For death; in shame I raised my dust-grimed head,
And though my lips moved not, God knew I said,
"Lord, not for what I saw in flesh or bone
Of fairer men; not raised on faith alone;
Lord, I will live persuaded by mine own.
I cannot play the recreant to these;
My spirit has come home, that sailed the doubtful seas."
With the whiz of a sword that severs space,
The wing dropped down at a dizzy pace,
And flung me on my hill flat on my face;
Flat on my face I lay defying pain,
Glad of the blood in my smallest vein,
And in my hands I clutched a loyal dream,
Still spitting fire, bright twist and coil and gleam,
And chiseled like a hound's white tooth.
"Oh, I will match you yet," I cried, "to truth."

Right glad I was to stoop to what I once had spurned.
Glad even unto tears; I laughed aloud; I turned
Upon my back, and though the tears for joy would run,
My sight was clear; I looked and saw the rising sun.

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True Life Drama

From Sunday to Monday,
From Monday to Tuesday,
From Tuesday to Wednesday,
From Wednesday to Thursday,
From Thursday to Friday,
And from Friday to Saturday! !
The klies of this world cannot teach me;
For it is like a true life drama.
Blacmailed and manipulated!
Toeavesdropp or to angage;
But let the truth always ease our minds from evil.

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Life In The Balance

Is death an arch rival we are supposed to fear?
An arch rival of what life? Life has its time?
Time enough to grow learn even accomplish.

In proportion to time and talent life lessons.
Effort focus belief honest toil are watered seed
love care produces a fine crop reaped in time.

At appointed time we enter this life in birth.
Free will conscience weighed life choices sow
opportunities to hope to despair in balance.

We appoint values priorities affix heart’s desire.
Yet not all that glitters is gold or good karma to
dominate take because we can has consequences.

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The World Spins On

The world continues in an ellipse
Revolving slower, faster and still on
With the same forces acting -
Pulling and pushing in like fashion

Seasons change as it goes
Clouds more often than sunshine
Rain though only for a while
And sun for the rest of each day

The world continues in an ellipse
With the sun at one foci
Supplying energy at all times
To all latitudes and longitudes

The world spins as it goes
Day, night taking turns
Both almost equal in time
One lengthening at different seasons

The world revolves like our lives
With rain, clouds and sunshine
We making hay while the sun shines
And saving for the rainy day

Every season we may complain
Of soil or yield
Thorns or labour tools
Each season bringing its challenges

Seldom we experience an eclipse
With effect darker than the night
Thick enough for everyone to see
But lasting only for a splint second

Yet our lives continue to spin like the world
The gains during youth
Determine the rest in retirement
Knowing our lives must spin on.

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Main Participant

You want the sky blue,
Whenever you want it to.
You want people to fall over you,
As if that's suppose to happen too!
As if your star is brighter by far!

We keep asking ourselves,
WHY things turn out the way they do!
Why there is violence...
Disrespect and a disregard too!
We keep asking ourselves questions,
About those things we condone.
We initiate those things we hate...
Then want to be left alone!

You want the sky blue,
Whenever you want it to.
You want people to fall over you,
As if that's suppose to happen too!
As if your star is brighter by far!
To be catered to...
Because of ideals fed,
That have never been true!

You think this world exists...
To be about you as you wish!
But you have dismissed,
Others like the plague...
Or if they suffered from sickness,
To ignore, kicked to the side...
And left for dead and quick you hide.

As you and others like you,
Wine and dine until you're subdued.
And this world that 'you've' created,
Reflects just what you have dished!
Your satisfaction is much delayed...
Aided by nonsense,
And your destructive ways...
Inflamed by this foolishness assisted.

And if you feel you are now being screwed...
Look in the mirror!
And you will see who has done that too.
You're the main participant of a life allowed!
Doing those things a thoughtlessness brings,
Looking for sympathy...
As you show a head inebriated.
Awakening ashamed and obviously bowed!
Questioning why you drank for hours...
To sustain an elusive quest for power!

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The Morn That Breaks Its Heart Of Gold

From an ode 'In Commemoration of the Founding of the
Massachusetts Bay Colony.'

The morn that breaks its heart of gold
Above the purple hills;
The eve, that spills
Its nautilus splendor where the sea is rolled;
The night, that leads the vast procession in
Of stars and dreams,-
The beauty that shall never die or pass:-
The winds, that spin
Of rain the misty mantles of the grass,
And thunder raiment of the mountain-streams;
The sunbeams, penciling with gold the dusk
Green cowls of ancient woods;
The shadows, thridding, veiled with musk,
The moon-pathed solitudes,
Call to my Fancy, saying, 'Follow! follow!'
Till, following, I see,-
Fair as a cascade in a rainbowed hollow,-
A dream, a shape, take form,
Clad on with every charm,-

The vision of that Ideality,
Which lured the pioneer in wood and hill,
And beckoned him from earth and sky;
The dream that cannot die,
Their children's children did fulfill,
In stone and iron and wood,
Out of the solitude,
And by a stalwart act
Create a mighty fact-
A Nation, now that stands
Clad on with hope and beauty, strength and song,
Eternal, young and strong,
Planting her heel on wrong,
Her starry banner in triumphant hands….

Within her face the rose
Of Alleghany dawns;
Limbed with Alaskan snows,
Floridian starlight in her eyes,-
Eyes stern as steel yet tender as a fawn's,-
And in her hair
The rapture of her rivers; and the dare,
As perishless as truth,
That o'er the crags of her Sierras flies,
Urging the eagle ardor through her veins,
Behold her where,
Around her radiant youth,

The spirits of the cataracts and plains,
The genii of the floods and forests, meet,
In rainbow mists circling her brow and feet:
The forces vast that sit
In session round her; powers paraclete,
That guard her presence; awful forms and fair,
Making secure her place;
Guiding her surely as the worlds through space
Do laws sidereal; edicts, thunder-lit,
Of skyed eternity, in splendor borne
On planetary wings of night and morn.


From her high place she sees
Her long procession of accomplished acts,
Cloud-winged refulgences
Of thoughts in steel and stone, of marble dreams,
Lift up tremendous battlements,
Sun-blinding, built of facts;
While in her soul she seems,
Listening, to hear, as from innumerable tents,
AEonian thunder, wonder, and applause
Of all the heroic ages that are gone;
Feeling secure
That, as her Past, her Future shall endure,
As did her Cause
When redly broke the dawn
Of fierce rebellion, and, beneath its star,
The firmaments of war
Poured down infernal rain,
And North and South lay bleeding mid their slain.
And now, no less, shall her great Cause prevail,
More so in peace than war,
Through the thrilled wire and electric rail,
Carrying her message far:
Shaping her dream
Within the brain of steam,
That, with a myriad hands,
Labors unceasingly, and knits her lands
In firmer union; joining plain and stream
With steel; and binding shore to shore
With bands of iron;-nerves and arteries,
Along whose adamant forever pour
Her concrete thoughts, her tireless energies.

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She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettoes)

I love
She makes me
She is my heart
She is my love
I know
I'm jealous of her
She makes me need
She is my love
Who knows who she'll make me
As I lie in her cocoon
And the world will surely heal my ills
I'm warm and terrified
She makes me so
I know the day I leave her
I'll love her still
She is my love
She is my love
She knows where my dreams will end
I'll follow as they grow
But the world will know how long I'll take
And if I'm very slow she makes me so
She is my love

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She Makes Me

Words and music by brian may
I love she makes me
She is my heart
She is my love
She is my love
I know you're jealous of her
She makes me need
She is my love
She is my love
Who knows who she'll make me
As i lie in her cocoon
But the world will surely heal my ills
I'm warm and terrified
She makes me so
I know the day i leave her
I'd love her still
She is my love
She is my love
Who knows where my dreams will end
I'll follow as they grow
But the world will know
How long i'll take
And if i'm very slow
She makes me so
She is my love
She is my love

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Future Plans

(Keith Urban)
It's six Monday morning, she's back into her routine
Kicks off the covers and thinks about last night's dream
Shower and coffee, she heads for the train
Thinkin' how every day's the same
There's gotta be more than life of her own
All that she wants is a man to come home too
She's lookin' for someone to love her
And stay forever true
Just somebody who she can believe in
And say they need her too
She's lookin' for somebody to hold her
Until the light of day
Someone she can make future plans with
And know he's here to stay
Late in the evening she is dreamin' in black and white
An old love story she wishes portrayed her life
No one would know what goes on her mind
Thinkin' it's only a matter of time
Till someday she finds what she's lookin' for
And her ship'll come sailin' into her shore

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That Sunday

Sunlight kissed her hair
As she stood to shimmer in white.
Like an angel
Waiting for the night
That she could share
With a crescent moon.
To watch the stars swoon
To a fragrant morning light.
And I burned
In the embers of her smile
And yearned
As she disappeared in style
On a train to nowhere
That Sunday.
Moonbeams bathed her eyes of fire
When we kissed
I swear I heard a choir
Fill my soul
With lullabyes of rock and roll.
As we lay in our bed
Of just roses and dreams
Where our hearts were first wed
By sweet babbling streams.
When i awoke
She left just her perfume
And a kiss
That was lost
In swirled violet plume.
That Sunday.
Promise and embrace
Never warn of goodbyes
And when the night hides my face
My memory cries.
That physical ache
That lonliness brings
Stands in the wake
Of where lost hope clings.
As my heart starts to break
As it waits in the wings.
To enjoy our last fun day
That Sunday.

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American Music

(ian hunter)
I have a dream-its only one dream
But I know dreams can come true
And I have a wish-its only one wish
But I know wishes can too
I wanna be-faraway from here
With those honky tonk heroes-burnin my ears-oh
Love american music-i play it all night long
Just me n records-n a vivid imagination
I love to dance in the mirror-i practice every single word
And it seems to me american music-is all Ive ever heard
Oh oh oh-oh oh oh its lonely on the underground
I sit and watch my world go round n round n round n round n round
I sit and watch the world go round
I hear the sons of memphis-i hear the brothers or harlem
I hear the nashville cats n the rag time mamas outa new orleans
I hear the windy city-i hear a gospel singers hymn-and it seems to me
American music is all theres ever been
Cmon baby oh oh -oh oh-oo-oo
I love the names of the cities-i hear the echo echoing
And it seems to me american music is all theres ever been

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This Time

I've had a lot of girls in my life
They never meant that much to me
A good time was always had by all
But those ggod times, they were fleeting memories
I used to lie to them and then I'd kiss them
But I kept them an arm's length away
Well hey man now you know me
And look how silly I been acting today
This time I really think I'm in love, I'm in love
This time I think I'm really in love
This time I really think I'm in love
This time I think I'm really in love
I used to roll down the window
And let that tape deck blow
And look at the honey I was holding that night
I'd say, "Hey girl you're the one"
And then I'd laugh when I'd take her home
You got your arms around my shoulders
You got my soul confused with my heart
You were too smart to believe all those tired lines
And I was too dumb to know what had started
I hope you don't lose that innocent laughter
I hope time doesn't take that away

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The Last Look


BEHOLD--not him we knew!
This was the prison which his soul looked through,
Tender, and brave, and true.

His voice no more is heard;
And his dead name--that dear familiar word--
Lies on our lips unstirred.

He spake with poet's tongue;
Living, for him the minstrel's lyre was strung:
He shall not die unsung.

Grief tried his love, and pain;
And the long bondage of his martyr-chain
Vexed his sweet soul,--in vain!

It felt life's surges break,
As, girt with stormy seas, his island lake,
Smiling while tempests wake.

How can we sorrow more?
Grieve not for him whose heart had gone before
To that untrodden shore!

Lo, through its leafy screen,
A gleam of sunlight on a ring of green,
Untrodden, half unseen!

Here let his body rest,
Where the calm shadows that his soul loved best
May slide above his breast.

Smooth his uncurtained bed;
And if some natural tears are softly shed,
It is not for the dead.

Fold the green turf aright
For the long hours before the morning's light,
And say the last Good Night!

And plant a clear white stone
Close by those mounds which hold his loved, his own,--
Lonely, but not alone.

Here let him sleeping lie,
Till Heaven's bright watchers slumber in the sky
And Death himself shall die!

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Far From The Heavens

I see the pain in your eyes,
i see their hatred in disguise.
I can feel the pain hidden in your pride,
and i can see nobody by your side.
I can see your face been masked with fears,
and i can taste the salty solution of your tears.
I can feel the anguish running in your vains,
and i can hear your cry through your pains.
I can see your terror in your past,
and i can see your smile that didn't get to last.
I can see the path where you failed,
and i can see the truth and why they lied.
I can see the reason why you went astray,
and i can see your terrors all in array.
I can see your anger each time you cry,
and i can feel your faustration each time it didn't dry.
I can feel all what you can feel,
that feeling of an aching kneel.
I can gather the pieces of your broken heart,
and your hopes that has been torn apart.
I feel your miseries that hunted you through the night,
and i can see why it took away your light.
I can see why you've been blinded by lust,
and why it feels so cold like frost.
I can see the ageing in your age,
and i can feel the range in your rage.
I can understand why you beared all these crosses alone,
even when you have someone that will never leave you all alone.
I can see you are on a mission,
on the lonely road of destruction.
I can see your future in the hand of fate,
and why it makes you irate.
I can see your face down in shame,
when you got no one to blame.
I can see your soul sinking in sin,
where all what it can hear is a loud din.
For every thing happening today,
you don't know where to run or stay.
No matter how hard you try you can't run away from your tomorrow,
cos it looks as good as a broken mirrow.

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Wisdom and Knowledge

“Knowing others is wisdom and knowing yourself is enlightenment.”
How could a shy girl speak like this with so nice comment?
Well I could judge about her sharp intelligence and brilliance
She was at her full zenith and came to be aligned with variance

“Stand up for what you say and assert “
These were not the words spoken at the concert
These all came from well balanced mind
I decided yet more to make bid and find

She had all the blessed vision
Not at all with double mind sans confusion
How could she say” would go rather in dark”
But not in light if that needs good start

You rested the idea with her contention
God understands language without any mention
It is how you sincerely project and prevail
Otherwise there is smooth passage for sail

Life seemed to her a learning process
Only you simply wanted the easy access
If that was showered upon you by almighty
There was no way of blocking such natural beauty

It is nice to a know person who is at distant place
Some times we are misguided by looking at face
You cant judge a person his noble or bad intentions
Yet we know about it by our own inhibitions

To know a person means to scale height of mountain
It is difficult to lay hand on information and obtain
Even though that may not be difficult in context
It cant be hidden or kept secret under any pretext

As I saw her keeping eyes and heads down
She had contention and observation of her own
Even though it may not be harmful to see through
It gives to many doubts as how it can be true

Life can prove very difficult if seen with restricted angles
It may form tragic and even love triangles
Yet we are used to it and carry on with resolve
Settle in life with problems and peacefully solve

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While the hands are pointing up midnight
Youre a question mark coming after people you watched collide
You can ask what you want to the satellite
Cos the names you drop put ice in my veins
And for all you know youre the only one who finds it strange
When they call it a lovers moon
The satellite
Cos it acts just like lovers do
The satellite
A burned out world you know
Staying up all night
The satellite

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