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3 A.02 War

Expenses for war equipments,
Training and peoples recruitment,
Be at the cost of hunger and pride,
Humanity be charred in this ride.

The sweat of labors that does flow,
The toil of scientists in this growth,
Be a total loss to all humanity,
Its growth routs hope of progeny.

If the expenses of the wars,
Be gathered for humane cause,
All humans could be fed and clothed,
Housed and educated as whole.

The most persistent sound that be,
Reverberating through Man’s history,
Are drums sounding so profoundly,
Beating of WAR - since ancestry.

Never so wild be any country,
Difficult for neighbor or boundary,
But man a theater of war makes,
In the guise of peace - war breaks.
Any war a crime does be,
No matter how necessary,
Nor how justified it be,
Killing causes misery.

If to kill - murder does be,
Killing thousands is no bravery,
Who with trumpets claim gallantly,
Honors, medals - for acts ghastly.

Using man’s best war does see,
Magnitudes of such tragedy,
As it invokes man’s worst surely,
And deceit with such sincerity.

All the wars but follies only be,
Mischievous and expensive truly,
A GOOD war there can never be,
As BAD peace exists not surely.

For war the nations borrow money,
Not for education or crushing poverty,
Chose between war and civilization,
As both can not be any total solution.

War determines not who be right,
But only thereafter - who be left,
To solve problems use of force be -
Engaged by children; large nations only.

The game of war over-riding peace,
This mad game the world but sees,
Arises only when some wants exceeds,
The desire to live in harmony and peace.

All wars but only achieve definitely,
Three sad armies of grief certainly,
Army of cripples and mourners truly,
And army of looters and thieves surely.

Friends and family war destroys,
Joy and happiness drown war cries,
Hearts replaces love with hatred fully,
Devastating this beautiful world clearly.

Brilliance without wisdom Man attains,
Power without conscience Man sustains,
Man knows more of war than peace,
More of killing than living with ease.

In war the truth be the first causality,
Misery and suffering the eventuality,
Birth of the thieves foregone certainty,
And hanging of PEACE the calamity.

The rich wage war for personal gain,
The Old wage war for name or fame,
It’s the poor who die in other’s reign,
The young expire - its such a shame.

War rides on desire of individual gain,
At the expense of his fellow man slain,
Killing as afraid of our own shadow be,
Or to admit to our mistakes and folly.

Refuge of economically bankrupt war be,
Bankruptcy of intelligence and morality,
Wars not commenced by the military,
But by Politicians striving for immortality.

In war no unwounded soldiers there be,
And age no criteria for death certainly,
While men without quarrels kill absurdly,
Murdering in cold-blood so forcefully.

Vitals of any country today but be,
Nothing that helps people live truly,
But things that help make war clearly,
Petrol not food cause for conflict but be.

War a cowardly escape does be,
From problems of peace and humanity,
No ideal realization through war can be,
On corpses do not build human society.

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