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God's Poet Tom Zart


The Lord can close doors no man can open
And open doors no man can close.
It's up to us to prove our heavenly worth
By our lifetime example of the path we chose.


I recall all God's miracles, intrusions and blessings
He has always faithfully provided for me.
Too often, we remember what we should forget
Disappointment, hurt, failure or disobedience to Thee.

Live your life as a memorial to forgiveness and love
To remind people of your willingness to serve.
Celebrate your victories, success and joy
For a God who gives more than we earn or deserve.

Whether life is going well or collapsing before our eyes
We all wish to be better at protecting what we love.
Being better encourages us to be more like God our Father
Who sows His seeds of greatness to us from above.

Becoming better is all about growing, learning and improving
By the more we serve and connect to God's Will.
We expand our horizons for trust, wisdom and thought
Allowing us to improve, provide, protect, love and fulfill!


Waiting on God can be a tricky business
Full of temptations, blessings, heartbreak and sin.
What we need are eyes to see and ears to hear
God's instructions of how to serve, commit and begin.

Are we prepared to reap God's spiritual fruit of love
Or are we still victims of the weeds of destruction.
Whoever sows to their own flesh and evil desires
Will reap sorrow, weakness and corruption.

Take heart and encourage by the words of our Lord
For you are never truly lost, without love or alone.
Stay true to your calling and serve God's purpose
As the seeds of your lifetime are sown.


Knowing God's Love is unconditional and in control
Changes everything, even our suffering and pain.
Believing this truth empowers our lives
With knowledge which delivers us from blame.

If you have ever watched the waves of the ocean
You know they keep rolling into shore.
There is no way to stop God's power
Or His love for us presently, in the future or before.

Reject Satan's lies and seek Jesus
Then ask our Lord to bless you with joy.
His goodness and mercy applies to all
Who trust in God's love, forgiveness and glory.


Every sinner has their future
As every saint has their past.
All of us have shamed our Lord
By ungodliness we allow to last.

Our world has its givers and believers
Sinners, falsehoods, wars, and those who take.
Blessings, happiness, hate, fear and lust
Love, forgiveness, faith and heartbreak.

As Christians we can't help but ponder
All our misjudgments in life we've made.
We contemplate the day we must stand before God
And account for our conduct on parade.

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