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So Close I'll Let It Be (A Reply)

It's also everything that I dreamt of;
The bliss and joys,
The rest and best of my days
Spent in your arms of love
Close we were, but not close enough.

The moment I saw your smile
My head buzzed for a while,
How could it be that I found someone like you?
Someone so unique, so fresh and ever new.
I knew from that day that we were meant to be
Almost close, but not close enough.

I envied the way other men gave you attention,
Hated the way others strived for your affection,
We were just friends but you were beyond perfection.
The times we shared, the jokes we cracked,
The weekends we spared,
Dear I hope you know I care
We were close, but was it close enough
To say that you love a stranger is nothing but crazy
Call me crazy but I really do love the woman you are
Many scoff and say you are nothing but trouble
A girl who grew up and blossoms with proverbs 31 type of beauty.
If it's a rain of love, let the floods come my way
For it makes me find everything they say funny
No matter how much I try,
Loving you is a part of me and that I cannot deny
You loved me too, but I don't know if you still do.
Do you still love me?
With all the flaws you see in me?
With me being the man you see under the act?
You know I am vulnerable deep inside where no one sees
You know the pain I feel but even when I brave it out.

I almost fooled the world, but you made me turn.
Because you loved me more than words can say
Even though today we stand two worlds apart.
I stand at the worlds end; I wait at the edge of time
Calling out to you, for one day our worlds will surely collide.
So close we are, but this isn't close enough

I love you deeply,
I am honored to have a lady called you
I made mistakes in my past or maybe last night.
Here I am to face them up, live them out and bash them out
I hope you know I pray for you every day and night
I pray that our worlds collide, two islands become one nation
For you are the lady who was more than just a friend,
You wrote a piece about me, about us
I took it and replied it
What you will call it I know not?
But wait a minute, it sounds close to this
Yes it is close and it's close enough to be? ?
So close I'll ask we take another step let it be? ?

PS: heart beat makes the rhythm, love writes the lyrics, i hope you save me the last dance....made with love... tbc

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