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Robert Frost

Good-bye, and Keep Cold

This saying good-bye on the edge of the dark
And cold to an orchard so young in the bark
Reminds me of all that can happen to harm
An orchard away at the end of the farm
All winter, cut off by a hill from the house.
I don't want it girdled by rabbit and mouse,
I don't want it dreamily nibbled for browse
By deer, and I don't want it budded by grouse.
(If certain it wouldn't be idle to call
I'd summon grouse, rabbit, and deer to the wall
And warn them away with a stick for a gun.)
I don't want it stirred by the heat of the sun.
(We made it secure against being, I hope,
By setting it out on a northerly slope.)
No orchard's the worse for the wintriest storm;
But one thing about it, it mustn't get warm.
"How often already you've had to be told,
Keep cold, young orchard. Good-bye and keep cold.
Dread fifty above more than fifty below."
I have to be gone for a season or so.
My business awhile is with different trees,
Less carefully nourished, less fruitful than these,
And such as is done to their wood with an axe--
Maples and birches and tamaracks.
I wish I could promise to lie in the night
And think of an orchard's arboreal plight
When slowly (and nobody comes with a light)
Its heart sinks lower under the sod.
But something has to be left to God.

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One-Way Good-Bye

I remember so many years
ago bare moment ago.

When I went forth compelled
to secretly say good-bye.

On street corner
cross from bank.

You did not know I was
or why I was bound there.
Watching building as I had
spied magnetic drab building.
Many times journeyed past
daily work’s journey to or throw.

Guessed second floor
you work on.
My heart
breaks anew.
My heart broke
without seeing you.

As minutes passed
ever slowly by.
With all effort
again again I tried.
To make the break.
For the last.
For the last.
Time to say good-bye.

You never knew.
Each time I saw you.
How my pulse heart
missed each reckless beat.
Love I never told
never spoke of
burned ever cruelly;
oh so deep.

Is that you I see
within office window framed?
Moving to and throw.
You do not see me
this as always passes so.
Your working your weekly computer
directing departmental managerial flow.

All those that work close
beside thee I forlorn envy.
Seeing your dazzling beauty daily
which I will never know.
They share your thoughts
your laughter
that I shall never know.

They see you daily
yet love you not.
Oh mercy; soul sought peace;
within worried me;
will not wearied withered grow.
My thoughts; get ever more black;
baked bitter; leech lingering;
hopelessness; will not go.

You see me. Oh my God!
My thoughts; stop impaled;
in tight slotted compulsive track.
You recognize me. Oh my God!
Too late; behind that refuge;
bidding pillar;
I cannot now draw back.

Your eyes meet mine. You see me.
For an electrified moment.
Is it; for the first; the only time?
You see me. Oh my God! My God!
How I shall hence forth suffer.
For this meeting at a compulsive distance.
Will haunt into decades decayed time.
A chance meeting? A chance meeting?

For you is nothing.
Seconds frozen (I only suffer?) .
Will haunt long;
into gentle heart won;
love lost time. You wave smile.
Only your perfect innocent face.
Could light up eternity.
Like that. Light up. My heart.

(Traitor dead within me.
Killed. Self tortured.)
Like that. Such beauty.
Your puzzled?
An eternity.
Slowly my hand is raised.
Slowly answers back.

I’m gone.
Did you upon reflection?
Ever think back?
Upon such chance meeting?
Did you ever think back?

Every time I saw you.
My heart instantly froze
in lonesome frosted place.
Every time I saw you.
It raced tripped froze.
Without own soul forsaken place.

Images of you swam in mists
of tears hour after wrecked hour.
As days wasted waxed away.
Each chance meeting knowing
with coming day nothing
will has passed between us.

Your leaving
windowed ledge;
means nothing;
upon parting.
Leaving without feeling.
Already your thoughts
climb onward
away from fevered mine.

Inward, naked, stripped bare,
while she, moves; ever receding away.
I am alone. In crowds of aloneness.
In crowds; absolute aloneness.
In crowds; condemning heartfelt;
self excluded; exiled aloneness.

I live. I live. I live.
Never craved ray;
of needed warmth;
reaches silently out;
in heart-string comfort.
From thee to mannequin me.

My eyes
avoid avoid
desperately fleetingly;
your burning beauty;
at every turn.

As I try to escape
your presence
before mine eyes
branded upon
my very soul.

Heart divided
upon itself
cannot stand.
Black and cold
is bitter blood
that ebbs
between torn
apart halves.

Weeks pasted
shaking; like frail autumn leaf.
Years passed
still there is no heartfelt peace.
All epitaph
leaves have grave ground fallen.
Still there is no heartfelt peace.

Now ring-barked tree
is lost in frozen bitter winter.
Life is stripped bark bare.
Majestic tree is lost in eternal winter.
My life is frozen twisted bare.
In season sap sunk cold chill rain.
I am frozen chill stripped bare.

While years
apart you resort in summer heat.
Burn brown
bare upon resort bright Black Sea beach.
Life embodied
supermodel your eyes smolder summer heat.
Your beauty still flares ever more perfect.

Lit with true inner;
compassionate humane flame.
I still seek retreat.
I still seek retreat.
In your bare legged; summer beauty
your loveless kiss would be;
is a brand upon my cheek.

Across an ocean
from you and more.
I still seek retreat.
An ocean cold
turbulent deep
filled my tears I cried.
During your time of joyous
sweltering summer heat.

In numb frozen;
winter coldness;
I cried. I cried salt tears.
While your body
ever beautiful danced
in summer sensual heat.

In rocky winter I cried.
Frozen upon a fossil beach.
While you danced coupled
in fresh bare summer heat.

Your body is a stunning torture
to see to hear to speak.
Your body is an exquisite torture
to see to hear to speak.
For other men you laugh you speak.

Still. But long ago.
In glacial winter. I fell dead.
In full retreat. Unseen. Unloved.
I feel dead upon crushed snow.
I fell dead; upon bitter; down trodden snow.

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Sonnet: Good-bye, My Friend!

Good-bye my friend’, I say, ‘Good-bye to you; ’
’Tis time I turned my boat from off your shore;
Our friendship stayed quite strangely pleasant too;
Now, I must leave to do things, many more.’

Great is the love that binds thick friends togeth’r;
Strange are situations rifting them apart;
Our friendship ought to stay on however,
Till from this planet, we both shall depart.

Disturb can none the moon when seeing earth;
Prevent can none the sun from sharing light;
Philosophers are in this world a dearth;
But still, the day must give way to the night.

Good-bye, my friend, for we are poles apart;
But let us hope we both do well our part!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 8-10-2000

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Good-bye! -- 'tis like a churchyard bell -- good-bye!
   Poor weeping eyes! Poor head, bowed down with woe!
   Kiss me again, dear love, before you go.
Ah, me, how fast the precious moments fly!
   Good-bye! Good-bye!

We are like mourners when they stand and cry
   At open grave in wintry wind and rain.
   Yes, it is death. But you shall rise again --
Your sun return to this benighted sky.
   Good-bye! Good-bye!

The great physician, Time, shall pacify
   This parting anguish with another friend.
   Your heart is broken now, but it will mend.
Though it is death, yet still you will not die.
   Good-bye! Good-bye!

Dear heart! dear eyes! dear tongue, that cannot lie!
   Your love is true, your grief is deep and sore;
   But love will pass -- then you will grieve no more.
New love will come. Your tears will soon be dry.
   Good-bye! Good-bye!

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Good bye sadness

Good bye Sadness
She is so happy now
That you are out of her mind
You finally vanished
Good bye Sadness
Why are you called Sadness?
Because thats the name they given you
You make people cry
You even made her cry too many times
There was a dark cloud hanging in her eyes
For a long tine
And now it is gone
Good bye sadness
She doesn’t need to see you again
You are also painful
Good bye sadness
You belong in the sad Sea
Where the pain lays
Among the dead fishes
In that sad Sea
The oil from that big ship and vessels
Pollutes this sad Sea
She doesn’t want to be a part of the Sad Sea either
Because it is sad to see
All that wild life dies
Good bye sadness
You never had anything good to offer her anyway
Pain and more pain you brought her all through those years
But the truth is that she had to go through it
To appreciate the good stuff
Yes sadness I can tell you she went through with it
For a long time
Good bye sadness
Please stay away from her forever
She doesn’t need you in her life
Sadness breaks everybody’s hearts
Her heart was broken too many times
By you sadness
Good bye sadness

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Good bye year

I feel very bad at loss of something very dear
It may be even happy moments attached with the year
Each New Year has got it sown importance
We regret not catching with it when it has left at once

It is irony of the fact that nothing remains permanent here
Still it has got its importance and leave the impression somewhere
Nothing can be carried for long as it has to fade out in course
Every moment is to be enjoyed with the precious time of course

We develop close alliance with the passage of time
It may develop hot and cold relation sometimes
It may not be marred by short comings or bitterness
The feeling is something unique with its close up and fineness

We can assess about goodness or badness when it is not with us
It can be neighbors, friends, parents or relatives
We spend enough good time and stay together
It is one of the good moment altogether

These things take shape in particular time or year
Some of the bad things are refused to be believed by the ears
You might have been taken by surprise at sudden success
Fortune might have smiled all of sudden with unbelievable access

It is said past must be buried and forgotten”
It reminds us of our glorious past often
Time can be unfavorable or failures might have marred
The person has ability to stand up again before he is debarred

I will bid good bye to a passed phase
I might have not spent the time with ease
Still it was race against time with no loss or win
It was all the time live and we were positively in

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A Good-Bye & A Hello

Good-Bye sweet, sweet summer, must you always go away?
Oh how I shall miss your short warm nights and long hot days
For once can't you be here to stay?

This summer shall remain special to me
In my memory this summer will forever more be

No it wasn't a summer of love, loss, or mystery
But was a summer of realization
A summer of learning more about me

This Summer I asked questions about myself that I never did before
This summer I answered those questions honestly
Pondered many thoughts
And did so much more

This summer during the warm nights I looked up at the stars
And wondered if this lifestyle was for me

This summer I looked up at the stars
And was forced to ask and answer honestly
If this was where I wanted to be

Oh summer even though I will miss you so
A new season is around the corner
To Fall I must say hello

While I shall miss staring up at the stars
While the warm summer breeze plays with my hair
I won't mind the falling leaves or chilling air

While I'll miss being warmed by the sun's never ending rays
I won't mind watching the leaves turn to different colors & shades
Or mind watching as the chilly air picks up the falling leaves
And blows them away

While it somewhat pains me to bid farewell
To summer that has left me forever changed

Maybe my fall will be like my summer
Maybe by the end of it I'll never be the same

So I must say goodbye to you summer
But I'm not to distressed or worried at all
After all who knows how much I'll have changed or leaned about myself
By the end of beautiful Fall

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Good-Bye, Little Cabin

O dear little cabin, I've loved you so long,
And now I must bid you good-bye!
I've filled you with laughter, I've thrilled you with song,
And sometimes I've wished I could cry.
Your walls they have witnessed a weariful fight,
And rung to a won Waterloo:
But oh, in my triumph I'm dreary to-night --
Good-bye, little cabin, to you!

Your roof is bewhiskered, your floor is a-slant,
Your walls seem to sag and to swing;
I'm trying to find just your faults, but I can't --
You poor, tired, heart-broken old thing!
I've seen when you've been the best friend that I had,
Your light like a gem on the snow;
You're sort of a part of me -- Gee! but I'm sad;
I hate, little cabin, to go.

Below your cracked window red raspberries climb;
A hornet's nest hangs from a beam;
Your rafters are scribbled with adage and rhyme,
And dimmed with tobacco and dream.
"Each day has its laugh", and "Don't worry, just work".
Such mottoes reproachfully shine.
Old calendars dangle -- what memories lurk
About you, dear cabin of mine!

I hear the world-call and the clang of the fight;
I hear the hoarse cry of my kind;
Yet well do I know, as I quit you to-night,
It's Youth that I'm leaving behind.
And often I'll think of you, empty and black,
Moose antlers nailed over your door:
Oh, if I should perish my ghost will come back
To dwell in you, cabin, once more!

How cold, still and lonely, how weary you seem!
A last wistful look and I'll go.
Oh, will you remember the lad with his dream!
The lad that you comforted so.
The shadows enfold you, it's drawing to-night;
The evening star needles the sky:
And huh! but it's stinging and stabbing my sight --
God bless you, old cabin, good-bye!

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Good-Bye Forever

time slowly passes,
and I just sit and wait for something to happen,
and yet nothing,
all I hear is the second hand ticking and rain drops hitting the ground,
but as I go look outside to see this rain,
I notice it isn't rain at all it's my tears hitting the wooden desk,
no one knows,
and no one sees the truth that lies within,
to you I'm just a little kid but to my family I'm stronger,
but yet to myself deep within I'm weak,
I fall short,
I have and am nothing,
if only you knew me well,
to you I'm just that little girl you walked out on,
oh, so many years ago,
but now, now I've grown,
words hurt yes but actions speak louder than words,
when you left it hurt but now it hurts a little more but yet a little less,
I want my dad but I don't want the pain I once went through,
but I can't expect you to remember the tears I shed over you,
for you just hid within your lies,
but now I know I'm bigger than that,
and your weakness is my strength,
good luck without a single piece of happiness,
I never want to see you again,
I just need my family in which you'll never be a part of,
not now not ever,
I did love you yes,
but no more,
looking into those cold black eyes I only see hate and pain,
I feel bad for you,
you'll never know love like I do,
never know what you've done and how much it hurts me,
I hate this,
I hate you,
I hate everything about you,
but yet I love you,
not because your my father,
but because your my brother in God's family,
God put you here for a reason,
though at times I question it I'm thankful,
my blood brothers mean so much to me,
and I love them,
now and forever more,
something you'll never know,
I'm tired of it,
so good-bye forever,
and I hope I never see you again.

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Good Bye

It is time to say good bye,
amidst small gathering and cry,
Soul to depart from body and fly,
No one knows where and why?

Always stayed among kith and kin
Struggled hard though not very keen
So much load on solder as it had always been
So many odds against but clear path seen

Kept all flocks under shed and together
Waging a struggle and not thought to bother
Continued to strive very hard and survived
Explored all possible means and revived

Lived life to the extent possible,
Made it easy though looked impossible,
Discharged obligations to the last end,
Sensed eternal signals which were send,

Many things were done and remained undone,
Received acclaim from friends as well done,
Considered life as meaningful and good mission,
No doubts ever occurred as matter of question

Will my work remain not to be in time finished?
Chances are not bright and seems to be diminished
though life remained fulfilled and has no regret,
its time to sleep peacefully and rest to forget,

Will my living not be exemplary and remembered?
Ideas may soon be forgotten and pushed in corner
This may take place or happen later or sooner,
It is a lesson for the learner or beginner

I may have not lived up to the expectations,
May have many emissions and omissions,
Might have not yielded to the submissions,
But always have resisted the temptations

Ambition and desire may remain always a concern
Attempt to disassociate will be a lesson to learn
Sun always shined and brought ray of hope,
Descending was easy even in high slopes

it gives enough joy And contentment
Life seems to be a mission for fulfillment
Might have faced rough weather sometimes
Everybody in life faces good or bad times

Eyes are filled with joy and unhappiness
When you became familiar with closeness
It was happy union but soon to come to an end
You had to leave everybody including friends

It is not easy to forget log association
Either in service, circle or with family
Sometimes we might have acted silly
But it would have been atmosphere homely

It is tearful and sad departure
You may feel end in near future
It is simple law of nature
Just get top of it and be sure

Final journey to bid farewell and bye,
Not enough time to say even lie,
Permanent position to find and go,
Leaving behind memories and forgo

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Kiss Good Bye Song

Kiss good bye to the night
Kiss good bye to the moon

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Good Bye Concerto

Good bye
Yellow bird
Good bye
Good bye
Beloved moon
Good bye
Good bye
Candles blowing in the wind

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An Old Man Sings A Song Of Good-bye


An old man sings a song of goodbye
Trying to believe he will gladly die.

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Greets and Good-bye

Good morning my friends
Good evening my love
Good night my family
Good bye my dreams
Farewell my life
And hello my new world

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Good bye 2011

Happy new year
2012 is here.
Happy new year
2012 is a brand new year
Happy new year
2012 is a year of fear.
Happy nae year
2012 is very much dear
Happy new year
2012 is very much near.
Good bye 2011
2012 is so much near.

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You Said Good Bye

I know that everything can happen
In our lives
I will ask the sky for it to shine
I had thrown some flowers in the ocean
To find you
I hope that the flowers that are in the ocean
Found you
I will ask the sky for you to return to me
I will never understand why you said good bye
I will keep all the kisses that you gave to me

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Here come good bye

Here come the last time I am going to cry for you. Here comes the last going to see your face. Here come the last time that I am going to call your name. Here come the last I am going to think about you. Here come the last I am going write about you. Here come the last time I am going to txt you. Here comes the last time going to say good bye to you.

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Hello-good Bye

Today u saif hello
but now i wonder
when will you say
good bye.

Today you told me
you loved me
but now i wonder
long will that last

Today i knew it would come
you said good bye
and now i lay here crying

Today you told me you hated me
and i knew you wouldnt
love me forever

So now i lay here
crying myself to sleep
because i let you in and fell to
fast now im the one hurt not you

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There is no love sure
There is no spell
That could mend this broken heart

Theres no way around this
I have to go through this alone
I just hope this doesn't last forever

Why did I let myself fall in love
When I knew that this was going to happen

I wish I could kiss you and make everything all right
I wish I had an answer
That would solve everything at once
I wish there was a different wasy
I wish I didnt have to say good-bye


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The Strength To Say Good-Bye

Even though I seem quiet and shy
I have a strength inside of me
I have the strength to say good-bye

If a friend had always been a lie
I would be heartbroken but I realize
I have the strength to say good-bye

Even if someone precious to me dies
My soul will be crying but give me time
For I have the strength to say good-bye

When my soul is lost and I want to cry
Over time I shall heal, for I know that I
Still have the strength to say good-bye

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The Power of Good-bye

Cruel friend
Trust built on lies
Holding on to the wound
That will never heal
Beyond repair
Upon the betrayal of a friend.

I only have the strength
For one last word;
Good-bye to sleepless nights
Helplessness in your arms
To a lifetime of your dreams
Power of your screams
There is no strength left in me to fight
Pick your battles
Because you already lost this one
How can I be your friend?
When all thats left is the strength to say

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