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On this silly hill

On this silly hill I remember the silly things
That we did
We were so young and we decided to pick
Some ripe mangoes on this silly
Isolated hill away from
Our teasing
Silly friends

And I really liked her a lot
My heart was trembling
Her heart too quivering
We felt we like each other
Feelings like hot chili
Heating our ears

We said we love each other
We promised to love each other
Till the end of days

And so I climbed the mango tree
And picked the most luscious
Delicious mangoes as may be gleaned
From their color and shape
Thinking all the best for her
That I could give
To her

I put all the mangoes in my shirt
And I was silly looking silly like a tray to her
And she picked them one by one
Near my chest lower to my tummy
Nearer to my bulge

I was breathless
As she took more
Ripe mangoes from me
Peeling with her mouth and tongue
Licking the yellowish pulp
And she said the mangoes were all
So sweet smelling and delicious
Like me

She was craving
She was raving
I was simply receptive
Giving in
To what she wanted

She touched my heart and we were silly
On our teens we did
What married people did on this silly hill
Isolated from silly friends

We did something adventurous
We had something marvelous
We did all those silly things
Like wild horses
In nature’s ways
Breath taking

The years passed and now I am reaching fifty
Looking back I remember the silly things that we
Young silly people on our early teens did on this silly hill

We went and parted and she married the right man for her
I too went my own separate direction, taking a wife on my own

Looking back,
I feel sad,
I feel happy
What we silly teeny people did which we think was silly

Was all done in the name of pure love so endless
We were all virgins in love & we all thought of nothing else

Love and love and love
The mango was a symbol also of love
The silly hill was the seat of love
The mango tree was a climb of love
The isolation was all in the name of love
The whole was but love’s marvel
Love’s adventure

Love and love and love was all that we had
All love and love
Pure love
Unmixed untainted unblemished unadulterated
And they think it was silly
And I once thought it was silly

On that silly hill remembering the silly things we did
The silly things we said and promised

We did not talk about money, politics and family strategy
We did not bother about inheritance, a family name, a community reputation
We were not told whom to marry and when and always why.

Love can be developed and marriage can always be arranged
That to me are the silly things that we people do to ourselves.

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