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A full moon bathed her
tranquil form in silver light
This playful orb would only
dance on her this night…

Hesitant I knew desire
was the bane of zealous lovers
Yet eagerly I reached down
moved aside the satin covers

She sensed my presence
awoke then moved to rise,
A moan exhaled parted lips
as she opened sleepy eyes

With eyes blue as glacier ice
she smiled, reached for me
I held her dainty hands in mine
and kissed them tenderly

Forever came and went
we held a tight embrace
My head did spin and
heart began to race

At last we pulled apart
I looked into her eyes,
What happened next was
strange, yet no surprise

Within the depth of her eyes
I beheld her very soul
For the first time in my life
I felt complete and whole

An aura encircled me
flooding me with light
I felt a flash, then heat,
felt my soul ignite

Fire on fire as two
souls fused into one
A war against loneliness
had finally been won...


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The Birth of The War-God (Canto Seventh ) - Uma''s Bridal

In light and glory dawned the expected day
Blest with a kindly star's auspicious ray,
When gaily gathered at Himálaya's call
His kinsmen to the solemn festival.
Through the broad city every dame's awake
To grace the bridal for her monarch's sake;
So great their love for him, this single care
Makes one vast household of the thousands there.
Heaven is not brighter than the royal street
Where flowers lie scattered 'neath the nobles' feet,
And banners waving to the breeze unfold
Their silken broidery over gates of gold.
And she, their child, upon her bridal day
Bears her dear parents' every thought away.
So, when from distant shores a friend returns,
With deeper love each inmost spirit burns.
So, when grim Death restores his prey again
Joy brighter shines from memory of pain.
Each noble matron of Himálaya's race
Folds his dear Umá in a long embrace,
Pours blessings on her head, and prays her take
Some priceless jewel for her friendship's sake.
With sweetest influence a star of power
Had joined the spotted moon: at that blest hour
To deck fair Umá many a noble dame
And many a gentle maid assiduous came.
And well she graced their toil, more brightly fair
With feathery grass and wild flowers in her hair.
A silken robe flowed free below her waist;
Her sumptuous head a glittering arrow graced.
So shines the young unclouded moon at last,
Greeting the sun, its darksome season past.
Sweet-scented Lodhra dust and Sandal dyed
The delicate beauties of the fair young bride,
Veiled with a soft light robe. Her tiring-girls
Then led her to a chamber decked with pearls
And paved with sapphires, where the lulling sound
Of choicest music breathed divinely round.
There o'er the lady's limbs they poured by turns
Streams of pure water from their golden urns.
Fresh from the cooling bath the lovely maid
In fairest white her tender form arrayed.
So opens the Kása all her shining flowers
Lured from their buds by softly falling showers.
Then to a court with canopies o'erhead
A crowd of noble dames the maiden led—
A court for solemn rites, where gems and gold
Adorn the pillars that the roof uphold.
There on a couch they set her with her face
Turned toward the east. So lovely then the grace
Of that dear maid, so ravishing her smile,
E'en her attendants turned to gaze awhile;
For though the brightest gems around her lay,
Her brighter beauty stole their eyes away.
Through her long tresses one a chaplet wound,
And one with fragrant grass her temples crowned,
While o'er her head sweet clouds of incense rolled
To try and perfume every shining fold.
Bright dyes of saffron and the scented wood
Adorned her beauty, till the maiden stood
Fairer than Gangá when the Love-birds play
O'er sandy islets in her silvery bay.
To what rare beauty shall her maids compare
Her clear brow shaded by her glossy hair?
Less dazzling pure the lovely lotus shines
Flecked by the thronging bees in dusky lines.
Less bright the moon, when a dark band of cloud
Enhances beauties which it cannot shroud.
Behind her ear a head of barley drew
The eye to gaze upon its golden hue.
But then her cheek, with glowing saffron dyed,
To richer beauty called the glance aside.
Though from those lips, where Beauty's guerdon lay,
The vermeil tints were newly washed away,
Yet o'er them, as she smiled, a ray was thrown
Of quivering brightness that was all their own.
'Lay this dear foot upon thy lover's head
Crowned with the moon,' the laughing maiden said,
Who dyed her lady's feet—no word spake she,
But beat her with her wreath in playful glee.
Then tiring-women took the jetty dye
To guard, not deck, the beauty of her eye,
Whose languid half-shut glances might compare
With lotus leaves just opening to the air;
And as fresh gems adorned her neck and arms,
So quickly changing grew the maiden's charms,
Like some fair plant where bud succeeding bud
Unfolds new beauty; or a silver flood
Where gay birds follow quickly; or like night,
When crowding stars come forth in all their light.
Oft as the mirror would her glance beguile
She longed to meet her Lord's approving smile.
Her tasteful skill the timid maid essays
To win one smile of love, one word of praise.
The happy mother took the golden dye
And raised to hers young Umá's beaming eye.
Then swelled her bosom with maternal pride
As thus she decked her darling for a bride.
Oh, she had longed to trace on that fair brow
The nuptial line, yet scarce could mark it now.
On Umá's rounded arm the woollen band
Was fixt securely by the nurse's hand.
Blind with the tears that filled her swimming eye,
In vain the mother strove that band to tie.
Spotless as curling foam-flakes stood she there,
As yielding soft, as graceful and as fair:
Or like the glory of an autumn night
Robed by the full moon in a veil of light.
Then at her mother's hest, the maid adored
The spirit of each high ancestral lord,
Nor failed she next the noble dames to greet,
And give due honour to their reverend feet.
They raised the maiden as she bowed her head:
'Thine be the fulness of his love!' they said.
Half of his being, blessing high as this
Can add no rapture to her perfect bliss.
Well-pleased Himálaya viewed the pomp and pride
Meet for his daughter, meet for Śiva's bride;
Then sought the hall with all his friends to wait
The bridegroom's coming with a monarch's state.
Meanwhile by heavenly matrons' care displayed
Upon Kuvera's lofty mount were laid
The ornaments of Śiva, which of yore
At his first nuptials the bridegroom wore.
He laid his hand upon the dress, but how
Shall robes so sad, so holy, grace him now?
His own dire vesture took a shape as fair
As gentle bridegroom's heart could wish to wear.
The withering skull that glazed the eye with dread,
Shone a bright coronal to grace his head.
That elephant's hide the God had worn of old
Was now a silken robe inwrought with gold.
Ere this his body was with dust besprent:
With unguent now it shed delightful scent;
And that mid-eye which glittering like a star
Shot the wild terror of its glance afar—
So softly now its golden radiance beamed—
A mark of glory on his forehead seemed.
His twining serpents, destined still to be
The pride and honour of the deity,
Changed but their bodies: in each sparkling crest
The blazing gems still shone their loveliest.
What need of jewels on the brow of Him
Who wears the crescent moon? No spot may dim
Its youthful beauty, e'en in light of day
Shedding the glory of its quenchless ray.
Well-pleased the God in all his pride arrayed
Saw his bright image mirrored in the blade
Of the huge sword they brought; then calmly leant
On Nandi's arm, and toward his bull he went,
Whose broad back covered with a tiger's hide
Was steep to climb as Mount Kailása's side.
Yet the dread monster humbly shrank for fear,
And bowed in reverence as his Lord drew near.
The matrons followed him, a saintly throng,
Their ear-rings waving as they dashed along:
Sweet faces, with such glories round them shed
As made the air one lovely lotus bed.
On flew those bright ones: Káli came behind,
The skulls that decked her rattling in the wind:
Like the dark rack that scuds across the sky,
With herald lightning and the crane's shrill cry.
Hark! from the glorious bands that lead the way,
Harp, drum, and pipe, and shrilling trumpet's bray,
Burst through the sky upon the startled ear
And tell the Gods the hour of worship's near.
They came; the Sun presents a silken shade
Which heaven's own artist for the God had made,
Gilding his brows, as though bright Gangá rolled
Adown his holy head her waves of gold.
She in her Goddess-shape divinely fair,
And Yamuná, sweet river-Nymph, were there,
Fanning their Lord, that fancy still might deem
Swans waved their pinions round each Lady of the Stream.
E'en Brahmá came, Creator, Lord of Might,
And Vishṇu glowing from the realms of light.
'Ride on,' they cried, 'thine, thine for ever be
The strength, the glory, and the victory.'
To swell his triumph that high blessing came
Like holy oil upon the rising flame.
In those Three Persons the one God was shown,
Each first in place, each last,—not one alone;
Of Śiva, Vishṇu, Brahmá, each may be
First, second, third, among the Blessed Three.
By Indra led, each world-upholding Lord
With folded hands the mighty God adored.
In humble robes arrayed, the pomp and pride
Of glorious deity they laid aside.
They signed to Nandi, and the favourite's hand
Guided his eye upon the suppliant band.
He spake to Vishṇu, and on Indra smiled,
To Brahmá bowed—the lotus' mystic child.
On all the hosts of heaven his friendly eye
Beamed duly welcome as they crowded nigh.
The Seven Great Saints their blessings o'er him shed,
And thus in answer, with a smile, he said:
'Hail, mighty Sages! hail, ye Sons of Light!
My chosen priests to celebrate this rite.'
Now in sweet tones the heavenly minstrels tell
His praise, beneath whose might Tripura fell.
He moves to go: from his moon-crest a ray
Sheds quenchless light on his triumphant way.
On through the air his swift bull bore him well,
Decked with the gold of many a tinkling bell;
Tossing from time to time his head on high,
Enwreathed with clouds as he flew racing by,
As though in furious charge he had uptorn
A bank of clay upon his mighty horn.
Swiftly they came where in its beauty lay
The city subject to Himálaya's sway.
No foeman's foot had ever trod those halls,
No foreign bands encamped around the walls.
Then Śiva's glances fixed their eager hold
On that fair city as with threads of gold.
The God whose neck still gleams with cloudy blue
Burst on the wondering people's upturned view,
And on the earth descended, from the path
His shafts once dinted in avenging wrath.
Forth from the gates a noble army poured
To do meet honour to the mighty Lord.
With all his friends on elephants of state
The King of Mountains passed the city gate,
So gaily decked, the princes all were seen
Like moving hills inwrapt in bowery green.
As the full rushing of two streams that pour
Beneath one bridge with loud tumultuous roar,
So through the city's open gate streamed in
Mountains and Gods with tumult and with din.
So glorious was the sight, wonder and shame,
When Śiva bowed him, o'er the Monarch came;
He knew not he had bent his lofty crest
In reverent greeting to his heavenly guest
Himálaya, joying in the festive day,
Before the immortal bridegroom led the way
Where heaps of gay flowers burying half the feet
Lay breathing odours through the crowded street.
Careless of all beside, each lady's eye
Must gaze on Śiva as the troop sweeps by.
One dark-eyed beauty will not stay to bind
Her long black tresses, floating unconfined
Save by her little hand; her flowery crown
Hanging neglected and unfastened down.
One from her maiden tore her foot away
On which the dye, all wet and streaming, lay,
And o'er the chamber rushing in her haste,
Where'er she stepped, a crimson footprint traced.
Another at the window takes her stand;
One eye is dyed,—the pencil in her hand.
Here runs an eager maid, and running, holds
Loose and ungirt her flowing mantle's folds,
Whilst, as she strives to close the parting vest,
Its brightness gives new beauty to her breast.
Oh! what a sight! the crowded windows there
With eager faces excellently fair,
Like sweetest lilies, for their dark eyes fling
Quick glances quivering like the wild bee's wing.
Onward in peerless glory Śiva passed;
Gay banners o'er his way their shadows cast,
Each palace dome, each pinnacle and height
Catching new lustre from his crest of light.
On swept the pageant: on the God alone
The eager glances of the dames were thrown;
On his bright form they fed the rapturous gaze,
And only turned to marvel and to praise:
'Oh, well and wisely, such a lord to gain
The Mountain-Maid endured the toil and pain.
To be his slave were joy; but Oh, how blest
The wife—the loved one—lying on his breast!
Surely in vain, had not the Lord of Life
Matched this fond bridegroom and this loving wife,
Had been his wish to give the worlds a mould
Of perfect beauty! Falsely have they told
How the young flower-armed God was burnt by fire
At the red flash of Śiva's vengeful ire.
No: jealous Love a fairer form confessed,
And cast away his own, no more the loveliest.
How glorious is the Mountain King, how proud
Earth's stately pillar, girt about with cloud!
Now will he lift his lofty head more high,
Knit close to Śiva by this holy tie.'
Such words of praise from many a bright-eyed dame
On Śiva's ear with soothing witchery came.
Through the broad streets 'mid loud acclaim he rode,
And reached the palace where the King abode.
There he descended from his monster's side,
As the sun leaves a cloud at eventide.
Leaning on Vishṇu's arm he passed the door
Where mighty Brahmá entered in before.
Next Indra came, and all the host of heaven,
The noble Saints and those great Sages seven.
Then led they Śiva to a royal seat;
Fair gifts they brought, for such a bridegroom meet:
With all due rites, the honey and the milk,
Rich gems were offered and two robes of silk.
At length by skilful chamberlains arrayed
They led the lover to the royal maid.
Thus the fond Moon disturbs the tranquil rest
Of Ocean glittering with his foamy crest,
And leads him on, his proud waves swelling o'er,
To leap with kisses on the clasping shore.
He gazed on Umá. From his lotus eyes
Flashed out the rapture of his proud surprise.
Then calm the current of his spirit lay
Like the world basking in an autumn day.
They met; and true love's momentary shame
O'er the blest bridegroom and his darling came.
Eye looked to eye, but, quivering as they met,
Scarce dared to trust the rapturous gazing yet.
In the God's hand the priest has duly laid
The radiant fingers of the Mountain-Maid,
Bright, as if Love with his dear sprays of red
Had sought that refuge in his hour of dread.
From hand to hand the soft infection stole,
Till each confessed it in the inmost soul.
Fire filled his veins, with joy she trembled; such
The magic influence of that thrilling touch.
How grows their beauty, when two lovers stand
Eye fixt on eye, hand fondly linkt in hand!
Then how, unblamed, may mortal minstrel dare
To paint in words the beauty of that pair!
Around the fire in solemn rite they trod,
The lovely lady and the glorious God;
Like day and starry midnight when they meet
In the broad plains at lofty Meru's feet.
Thrice at the bidding of the priest they came
With swimming eyes around the holy flame.
Then at his word the bride in order due
Into the blazing fire the parched grain threw,
And toward her face the scented smoke she drew,
Which softly wreathing o'er her fair cheek hung,
And round her ears in flower-like beauty clung.
As o'er the incense the sweet lady stooped,
The ear of barley from her tresses drooped,
And rested on her cheek, beneath the eye
Still brightly beaming with the jetty dye.
'This flame be witness of your wedded life:
Be just, thou husband, and be true, thou wife!'
Such was the priestly blessing on the bride.
Eager she listened, as the earth when dried
By parching summer suns drinks deeply in
The first soft droppings when the rains begin.
'Look, gentle Umá,' cried her Lord, 'afar
Seest thou the brightness of yon polar star?
Like that unchanging ray thy faith must shine.'
Sobbing, she whispered, 'Yes, for ever thine.'
The rite is o'er. Her joyful parents now
At Brahmá's feet in duteous reverence bow.
Then to fair Umá spake the gracious Power
Who sits enthroned upon the lotus flower:
'O beautiful lady, happy shalt thou be,
And hero children shall be born of thee;'
Then looked in silence: vain the hope to bless
The bridegroom, Śiva, with more happiness.
Then from the altar, as prescribed of old,
They turned, and rested upon seats of gold;
And, as the holy books for men ordain,
Were sprinkled duly with the moistened grain.
High o'er their heads sweet Beauty's Queen displayed
Upon a stem of reed a cool green shade,
While the young lotus-leaves of which 'twas made
Seemed, as they glistened to the wondering view,
All richly pearled with drops of beady dew.
In twofold language on each glorious head
The Queen of Speech her richest blessings shed;
In strong, pure, godlike utterance for his ear,
To her in liquid tones, soft, beautifully clear.
Now for awhile they gaze where maids divine
In graceful play the expressive dance entwine;
Whose eloquent motions, with an actor's art,
Show to the life the passions of the heart.
The rite was ended; then the heavenly band
Prayed Śiva, raising high the suppliant hand:
'Now, for the dear sake of thy lovely bride,
Have pity on the gentle God,' they cried,
'Whose tender body thy fierce wrath has slain:
Give all his honour, all his might again.'
Well pleased, he smiled, and gracious answer gave:
Śiva himself now yields him Káma's slave.
When duly given, the great will ne'er despise
The gentle pleading of the good and wise.
Now have they left the wedded pair alone;
And Śiva takes her hand within his own
To lead his darling to the bridal bower,
Decked with bright gold and all her sumptuous dower.
She blushes sweetly as her maidens there
Look with arch smiles and glances on the pair;
And for one moment, while the damsels stay,
From him she loves turns her dear face away.

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Masaoka Shiki

At The Full Moon's

at the full moon's
rising, the silver-plumed
reeds tremble

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Ghosts Of The Full Moon

Every moonbeam radiates joy
Sycamore trees in shadows of the sea
Savannah grass in green waves
Mystic winds blow the ancient souls
Let the fingers of night caress
Let the feelings sigh like a shaman
See the buffalo graze under the stars
Naked stars that pry memories
Stars of the future birth
Angel night where awe sails on time

We are temples
We are spiritual
We are part of the ghost world
Pearls of emerald waves
Seagulls fly like sailors souls

Onyx moon of silver ancestry
Valley of Kidron and golden tombs
Dreams walk the hallowed corridors
Touch the sacred wells deep in the sky
Irish fields green with souls
Ghosts of the Great Barrier Reef
Eyes like wandering lions
Buried inside the Great Wall of China
Castles along the Seines
Ships rise in the galaxies

Have you felt the shivers of the moors?
The ancient ones of the full moon
Villages appear in hallways of sleep
Words from the winds of love
Flaming swords with two edges
Gates where living waters flow
Caravans of stars
Desert visions
Black Sea silk
Her ecstasy is in a room of mirrors

Michael Angelo’s bust emanates
Rembrandt in the silent museum
Raphael grounded in sanity
Yellow lamp of ancient quills
Whale oil sires the ancient graves
Icy waves of the mariners vault
Stairways in a New Orleans house
Night as quiet as fear
Have your felt the river of night?
Have you seen green eyes stare?
Lovers feel a stranger in their bed
Do you believe in vampires? I do
Van Gogh was haunted

Soon you will hover
Soon we will be the night
Islands of Jules Verne
Opium dens of Calcutta
Tibetan monks chant
Impudent vengeance never sleeps
Sword of Spartacus revels in anger
Magnolia slaves of the plantations lair
Red eyes, keep a night light on
Avenues of Hades belladonna
Byron dressed in black velvet
Jim Morrison at a séance
Edgar Allen Poe knew the night

Indigo trees in the wind
Mango ghosts
The Nile where cobra’s laugh
Brazilian rosewood dreams
Spanish ghosts of Mediterranean blood
Tireless Volga a sage of time
Ethereal eyes like a slaughter
Tribes are wandering the silt fields
Mountains ghosts
Celtic rivers of the vivid mind
Can you feel their candles?
The wings of night flutter
Shadows merge breathing constellations
The wind blows the curtain lace
They gather in costumes under moonlight

Ghosts of the full moon

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Dancing Silver Light

Reflecting with
Colourful lights
Rhythm synonymous
With the gentle
On the other side
While the river
Twinkling silver
Coincided with
The full moon face
Hastily moving
From behind
Scattered clouds

Time is
The crowded city is
Setting the image
Of the summer
For a special year
For a special moment
‘Will' always be
Till the end of
The sign is

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Sleepy Eyes

Your sleepy eyes have a dreamy look,
suggesting you are far away,
thinking of some distant thoughts,
rekindled by a memory,
of a special place in the long ago,
when love lit up your life,
and planted special memories there.
Memories to call upon at sad times,
to brighten up your life,
prevent you from falling low
into some kind of depression.
So your sleepy eyes and dreamy look,
have somewhere to take you to,
a world away from the things,
that are troubling you.

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Full Moon

I lay in bed,
Suddenly awake
At midnight,
Soaked in sweat.

As I got up
To wipe my face,
My eyes drifted
To the windowpane.

I saw the full moon
Calm and compassionate,
Its soothing white light
Gently filling up
My room.
As if to touch
And embrace me.

I don’t know
How long I gazed.
Words can’t explain
What transpired
Between us in silence,
For I felt
My heart expand.

Just as it does
When a close friend
Nods her head,
As if she
And holds my hand.

I don’t know
It happened,
But slowly
I felt
The clouds of
Sorrow dispel.
My faith reclaimed
That I am a part of
A bigger plan.

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Sonnet: The Full Moon Will Be Back Again!

A one-third moon is seen in clouded sky!
With yellow light within a misty veil;
The havoc-play of rain-clouds though not high!
But in a trice, the moon’s light will prevail.

And every day, the moon is getting small;
Some gazer’s eyes are sad and almost cry;
But soon the full-moon appears like a ball!
Its splendid light illuminates night sky!

In life on earth, both joys and grief befall;
This mixture makes our earthly stay wholesome;
The vagaries of Nature affect all;
We ought to take things as and when they come.

All things in Nature will change as per law;
Yet, God’s creation is without a flaw!

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Green Eyes Blue

Green Eyes Blue

Waking with warmth in my heart and your golden body next to me
A smile on my face morning upon morning
Minds eye scanning memory of every touch, sound, sight of you
The feel of your arms around me, the sweet smell of your breath
And from above…searching me, are your Green Eyes Blue

Eager new flavors, smells and touches brings new joy
Desire for love and hunger for flesh bring these gloves off to touch you
Lips wet and breathes quiver and our legs tangled tight
I want for nothing but your Green Eyes Blue

This woman is awakened by your touch and inspired by your goodness
The fire once thought dead now stoked by your careful hands
Beautiful man of mine holding my heart as we are afloat in this life
I am safe with you beside me as we become lost in each other
My heart is lost in your Green Eyes Blue

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Blue Eyes Blue

By diane warren
I thought that youd be loving me.
I thought you were the one whod stay forever.
But now forevers come and gone
And Im still here alone.
cause you were only playing,
You were only playing with my heart.
I was never waiting,
I was never waiting for the tears to start.
It was you who put the clouds around me.
It was you who made the tears fall down.
It was you who broke my heart in pieces.
It was you, it was you who made my blue eyes blue.
Oh, I never should have trusted you.
I thought that Id be all you need.
In your eyes I thought I saw my heaven.
And now my heavens gone away
And Im out in the cold.
cause you had me believing,
You had me believing in a lie.
Guess I couldnt see it,
I guess I couldnt see it till I saw goodbye.
cause you were only playing,
You were only playing with my heart.
I was never waiting,
I was never waiting for the tears to start.
It was you who put the clouds around me.
It was you.
Oh, I never should have trusted you.
Oh, I never should have trusted you.
Oh, I never should have trusted you.

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Homes Of The Moon...

The Castle Of The Moon
Is Made Of Pearl
Its Banners and Pennants
Are Moonbeams Unfurled

See Pinpoints Of Lances
Of Her Knights Defenses
The Tapestry Of Darkness
Her Glory Eclipses

The Palace Of The Moon
Is Made Of Silver
In The River Of Night
It Shines and Mirrors

Amid Lotus-Stars
And Nightingale Comets
Where Dreams and Torches
Move In Its Orbit

The Villa Of The Moon
Is Made Of Alabaster
An Incandescent Sphere
Of Silken Plaster

Many Lamps Are Hung
Distant, Dim-Lit Suns
Dancing, Wearing Veils
‘Til Morning Comes

The Mansion Of The Moon
Is Made Of Light
Full Of Illumed Treasures
Richly Bright

With Magnolia Blossoms Scattered
Beside The Fireflies Blinking
And Glinting Coins
and Little Eyes A-Winking

But The Humble-Hut Of The Moon
Holds A Golden Harvest
It Glows and Invites You
Into Its Forest

A Thousand Flames Flickering
Round Its Welcome Hearth
Hailing Home Sweet Home
Up Over Our Earth …

In Any Somber Room
It Lightens Up The Gloom
The Castle, Palace, Villa, Mansion
Hut … Of The Moon

Written & ©: 10/16/10

By: The MoonBee

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A Soliloquy Of The Full Moon, She Being In A Mad Passion

Now as Heaven is my Lot, they're the Pests of the Nation!
Wherever they can come
With clankum and blankum
'Tis all Botheration, & Hell & Damnation,
With fun, jeering
Loungerin g,
And still to the tune of Transmogrification--
Those muttering
P oets
With no Hats
Or Hats that are rusty.
They're my Torment and Curse
And harass me worse
And bait me and bay me, far sorer I vow
Than the Screech of the Owl
Or the witch-wolf's long howl,
Or sheep-killing Butcher-dog's inward Bow wow
For me they all spite--an unfortunate Wight.
And the very first moment that I came to Light
A Rascal call'd Voss the more to his scandal,
Turn'd me into a sickle with never a handle.
A Night or two after a worse Rogue there came,
The head of the Gang, one Wordsworth by name--
`Ho! What's in the wind?' 'Tis the voice of a Wizzard!
I saw him look at me most terribly blue !
He was hunting for witch-rhymes from great A to Izzard,
And soon as he'd found them made no more ado
But chang'd me at once to a little Canoe.
From this strange Enchantment uncharm'd by degrees
I began to take courage & hop'd for some Ease,
When one Coleridge, a Raff of the self-same Banditti
Past by--& intending no doubt to be witty,
Because I'd th' ill-fortune his taste to displease,
He turn'd up his nose,
And in pitiful Prose
Made me into the half of a small Cheshire Cheese.
Well, a night or two past--it was wind, rain & hail--
And I ventur'd abroad in a thick Cloak & veil--
But the very first Evening he saw me again
The last mentioned Ruffian popp'd out of his Den--
I was resting a moment on the bare edge of Naddle
I fancy the sight of me turn'd his Brains addle--
For what was I now?
A complete Barley-mow
And when I climb'd higher he made a long leg,
And chang'd me at once to an Ostrich's Egg--
But now Heaven be praised in contempt of the Loon,
I am I myself I, the jolly full Moon.
Yet my heart is still fluttering--
For I heard the Rogue muttering--
He was hulking and skulking at the skirt of a Wood
When lightly & brightly on tip-toe I stood
On the long level Line of a motionless Cloud
And ho! what a Skittle-ground! quoth he aloud
And wish'd from his heart nine Nine-pins to see
In brightness & size just proportion'd to me.
So I fear'd from my soul,
That he'd make me a Bowl,
But in spite of his spite
This was more than his might
And still Heaven be prais'd! in contempt of the Loon
I am I myself I, the jolly full Moon.

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Patrick White

Full Moon And The Mournful Thunder Of A Train

Full moon and the mournful thunder of a train
passing through town. Venus, Jupiter, Mercury
long gone down for the rest of the night.
Orion a pale imitation of itself in the west.
Mars near Regulus, the little king with the heart of the lion,
and Saturn off to the east. Like water returned
to the river it came from, everything immersed
in the fluidity of silence
swimming through the trees
as if virgins were older than fish at the spring equinox.

A habit of wandering when no one else is around
walks me out of town like some unknown journey
stringing my feet along with a line
and two minutes with a lunar hook dangling
in the effluvial plains of the moon's volcanic seas
as if I needed to be played into it by the sacred syllables
of ancient starmaps talking in tongues like oceans of awareness
into the ears of the seashells who can repeat
every word they say to themselves in secret.

All I've done most of my life is write and paint
spring, summer, winter, fall, four seasons,
and a writer not only adds another dimension
to the state of affairs, but constitutes
a fifth season of his own as well, a sphere
of thin-skinned spirit that covers the earth
like an invisible aurora of imagination,
the third eye of a wobbling satellite
lost in space with spiritual vertigo
like the black sheep of a shepherd moon. Five
seasons in all, but the fifth includes the other four
like a mood ring on a chameleon in front of a mirror.

And the rest of my life in between
exotic flame-outs and catastrophic inspirations
has been about running back home to my life
like an ambulance, a squad car, or a fire truck,
and, yes, even the occasional water bomber
to put a root fire out before it broke into blossom
and spread like daylilies to the rest of the neighbourhood.

Just as I can't help looking extemporally at
the extraordinarily ordinary dandelions sometimes
and thinking they must have been born middle-aged
because they all look like yellow G-7 type bachelor suns
that have rubber-stamped themselves all over the place.
Dandelion wine, but I wonder if anyone of them
ever longed to be born a red head, looked
at the gypsy poppies like blood at the side of the road,
wearing too much black mascara, and wished somehow
they could be just as uniquely scarlet and carefree.

And in the night, out in the woods on my own
without a light or a fire for a companion
you're never alone with, I think, o yes,
a poppy or a dandelion would be good right about now
and I make them a mental substitute through
intense creative visualization and though
I'll sit out here spiritually naked all night
somehow by the morning I've melted a block of ice
like a Tibetan monk in the Himalayas
who was trying to focus on stars.

So when I take these long starwalks
through the desolation of stark and delicate things,
and their ferociously bold slow-hand insistence
on returning the way they came like fruits
ye shall know them by, back to the wild apple trees,
I'm not just walking among solid things
that overemphasize their reality at the expense
of realizing their full potential as an event of metaphors
that can shapeshift musically into anything they want to be
from dandelions with short haircuts
to poppies with the manes of solar flares.

My life is being conducted by a symphony of fiddleheads
at a seance of violins. I look at the desiccated milkweed pods
and I don't see a coffin or a brittle fortune-cookie of a womb
that's gone to seed, but the eyelids of visionaries
who gave up everything to the seeing they had to give
like millions of little ghostly white parachutes of moonlight
landing like prophetic time-capsules from the flowers
who refused to go blind, even after jumping from paradise,
and emptier than a widow's mailbox
still stare blankly up at the stars
with their mouths open in utter amazement
trying to remember all their children's names and myths of origins
shawled over their shoulders like the Milky Way
as if that were some kind of cold comfort
for a lifetime of absurdly trying to rinse
the shadows out of the light with their tears.

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The Moon Is Here

Sun return
To your coastal abyss
The night is now of interest

The moon's arrived
With silver light and spells
For lovers eyes

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Full Moon By My Window

full moon by my window

dark night as hair
light and warm her body

full moon by my window
i bathe in love

full moon by my window
i breathe happiness

full moon by my window
she is fast asleep in my arms

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Full Moon

The moon wore a halo
as dusk turned into night
and the nocturnal creatures
came out to enjoy the light,
an incoming tide
basked under the full moon light
as time moved on
with no rest bite.

14 September 2008

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Rain on a Full-moon Night

It caught the world unawares

First it trickled down like few drops
From a beehive and I even saw
The likes of me licking the drops

In no time there it was falling as if
The drops were unbroken silver threads
Knitting and connecting the sky and earth

The bright full-moon
Soaked in rain reflected
From the puddles and winked

22 Nov 2010

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The Full Moon And The Little Girl

a little girl by the window
looking out
to the sea,

the full moon shines
spreading soft light on the trees
and the vast expanse
of the sea beyond her

fresh air caresses her face
scents of leaves and flowers
a taste of salt carried by the sea breeze
hushing sounds

mother is still not home and father is far away

the moon shines brightly that night
loneliness is very much like it.

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Full Moon Dirty Hearts

Full moon in the dirty sky
Thats all we can hope for
Full moon over dirty hearts
Full moon over dirty hearts
Dont be surprised
By the way it is
Ive broken bones for less
Took a voyage
On the deep blue sea
But I had to swim away
To swim away that day
Full moon over dirty hearts
Full moon over dirty hearts
I took a voyage
Over deep blue sea
Innocence is what we want
Now even children think that way
Full moon over dirty hearts
Full moon in a dirty sky
Full moon over dirty hearts
Full moon over dirty hearts
I took a voyage
Over deep blue sea

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Full Moon Spell!

Today is full moon
So pretty she gaze
With beauty of her ray
Above the sky high
Oh my inner admire her so.....

Today is full moon
I caste my spell
Oh lady of Beauty
Full fill my entire wish
Come true and only true

Today is full moon
Please disregard my spell not......
Caste your beauty and light on me....
With all luxuriousness I need
For world to admire on the earthly thee

Today is full moon …..Everyone caste your desire spell 3times …….with sliver coin n water thee Oh lady of beauty, moon light fulfill my desire thee

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Till You Opened My Eyes

This song was first released on the some days are diamonds album. it is the only album it has been released on.
Down, down, down deeper into love
All around, I can feel your love
All my life Ive been dreaming
Night into morning
Till you opened my eyes
Love, love, love such a mystery
Golden light shining down on me
Soft and warm as the warming
But I never saw it
Till you opened my eyes
Floating in circles, Im flying
It feels so good that Im crying
Down, down, down deep inside of me
Love sweet loves all that I can see
Golden light keeps on shining
Shining forever, since you opened my eyes
Words and music by alan rush, randy cullers and dennis linde

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