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We Are All Savage Underneath

A sullen ochre rose reluctantly
Breaking dawn in the distance
An oblique path of sleepy ray
Flashed across the coiled bedlam
I rubbed the comported eyes
And the pallid ebullient light
Revealed the tolls of lucid dreaming
And reeled an abhorrence to waking
In a place that was my safeguard
Now a cellar of mordant jealousy

From the tobacco scent suspended
To the ruffled gaunt sheets
Rue lingered with a phantom smile
Eyes burning behind a grimace
These blood stained hands lay
Seething in the wrists
With the blood of a crime—
Claws in a pang in the viscera
A tattoo of guilt that will
Oppress the ignorance until
It topples to fiendishly release
The soul of alloy and steel
Back to its hapless vulnerability
And the malignant paroxysm
Will reckon my old fashion
Of living in daunted emotions and
Struggling from fissures of lamentations
Caressing and nurturing death
To burn the leaves of life
Impaled with many sufferings

Tonight, with the cavern growing
And the shadows behind the escritoire
Pleading for a macabre dance
I shall unlatch the demon spawned
From the cloys of your flatteries
And the inveigles of your geniality
That was savage underneath
For you despised me, after all,
For treading the waters and dunes
That you possessed and owned
My sincere apology shrieks
A lightning fork of pain
For what caused your conundrum
Was my very quintessence
You cried, you bled, and pointed
A trembling sanguine finger
I was your murder

Who you were
And who you are
Battled and connived
Inside my bones,
Inside my home
With who I am and was
Either way, you won.

I fastened manacles on my feet
Riveting me in a dark nook
Out of lights reach for
I opt to be buried in the dark
Basking in double edge swords
And a cesspool of saline blood
And never shall I meander
In your querulous roads
Until one misbegotten day
I will radiate from this holocaust
Without the acrimonious vagary
And the connoisseur indictment
That you whispered in my vanity

In this den of thieves
We are all savage underneath.

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