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The Temple Of Love

She is prepared now
For a journey, that surrounds all
Pítia in your frenzied dance.

she want be free but she can't!
Do you testify that?

your fiery body, silks flitted
incontrolable, involved by fumes
must tolerate, winging and whirling

Your mind, in sick mind was converted
your body in wick, body was transformed
your heart, in Loved place has became

she wants a relief but she can't
Do you understand that?

was divided in 2 peaces for two Gods
And conceal the secret of love
one part dead, other ready to serve

for vaticinations and prophecys
six senses purified by the ritual
made her choise for love, a female white slave
for him, confess secrets in whispers

She wants run way but she can't!
Do you accept that?

She's Convicted for their extreme affection!
for your God and obligations
In The Temple of Love! ! !

Do you believe that?

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