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Prisoner Of Your Love

i was a captive of your heart
a prisoner of your love.

like a prisoner i was whipped and beat
tied to your love, hands and feet.

i found myself tied and gagged
and i could not speak
for my voice was much to weak.
so i gave in to all that you would do.
because i was so much in love with you.

you took my love and like a doctor
dissected my heart, separated it
and pulled it apart.

you wanted to see all its functions
and how it would relate to you
and if i would leave you
lonely, sad and blue.

once you saw that my heart was true
and that there was nothing inside
that would want to hurt you.
you accepted my love and untied my chains
for you had so much to gain.

you gave into me as the day
gives in to the night.
so i took your heart and
we soared into flight

our hearts was on the wings of a dove
showing the world how true our love.

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