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Holiday Guest

this holiday guest has so many names he uses
and i begin to wonder why.
and yet everyone says
he's one wonderful guy.

he brings presents to most children
and occasionally an adult or two.
and if you ask him why?
he says its something that he must do.

he receives letters from all over the world
thanking him for all he's done.
but! he lets them all know
that he's not the only one.

now! we are adults and parents
and we also were children
a long time ago.
we would jump and dance
and frolic in the snow.

we always had to wait for
this holiday guest to arrive.
but we had to be in bed
before a certain time.

he was a short fat man
with a beard as white as snow
which made his cheeks red
and created such a glow.

he always wore red pajamas
with a red cap to match
and a wide black belt
with a large buckle latch.

he always searched for milk and cookies
to have before he left.
for this was the one thing
that suited his stomach best.

the world has used all his names
but the one he likes the most
is the one that was given to him

now who do you think this
holiday guest can be
for he is always dressed in red.
and you never see him
because you're sent to bed.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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When the prophet, a complacent fat man

When the prophet, a complacent fat man,
Arrived at the mountain-top,
He cried: "Woe to my knowledge!
I intended to see good white lands
And bad black lands,
But the scene is grey."

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The Fat Man And His Origami

the fat man one day gets fed up with so much noise.
he goes out and faces the traffic
and with his strong determined hands he folds cars into deers
demented streets into stairways
high rise buildings into cliffs and mountains
traffic signs into sunflowers and electric poles into poplar trees
the smog into some breeze from the sea
the crazy world into the hum of an old Chinese village
somewhere in Shanghai he lives there
as Lao Tzu

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Fat Man

(copyright nazareth,tiflis tunes,inc.-ascap)
Fat man at the window
Bet you know why
Fat man at the window
Nobody wants to buy
Fat man,fat man,fat man
Nobody wants to know him
Fat man
Fat man at the mirror
Dont let it break easy
Fat man at the mirror
Got no heart to please
Fat man,fat man,fat man
Nobody wants to know him
Fat man
Nobody wants to talk to him
Walk with him, be seen with him
Nobody wants to speak to him
Be with him, look like him
Repeat 1

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You Can't Fool The Fat Man

Sittin' with the fat man
Tryin' to get a loan
Talkin' about horses
And the women that we've known
Spittin' on the sidewalk
Squintin' into the sun
Greetin' all the people
Smilin' at everyone
I said "hey, listen, fat man
I just can't get a break
Must i pay my whole life long
For just one mistake?
"my brother's in the armed forces
My sister is in jail,
Won't you give me fifty dollars
So i can pay her bail?"
He said "you can't fool the fat man
No, you can't fool me
You're just a two-bit grifter
And that's all you'll ever be

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Fat Man

Dont want to be a fat man,
People would think that I was
Just good fun.
Would rather be a thin man,
I am so glad to go on being one.
Too much to carry around with you,
No chance of finding a woman who
Will love you in the morning and all the night time too.
Dont want to be a fat man,
Have not the patience to ignore all that.
Hate to admit to myself half of my problems
Came from being fat.
Wont waste my time feeling sorry for him,
I seen the other side to being thin.
Roll us both down a mountain
And Im sure the fat man would win.

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When You Are With Them

the guy beside you
is cross-eyed, and he is
lonely, and he lives alone in his house
with his puppy and he asks you where he can buy
the best dogfood in this little town,

sitting beside this guy is a short, fat man, and he
is a philosopher, and he is ugly and his belly is as big
as a baby whale, and he is asking if there is a way to find
happiness along this famous beach resort

both of them are projecting the idea that they are not happy
and that they are looking for a way to get happiness
to know where it can be found,

he did not find it with his puppy and neither did the other
one find in the complicated phisophical precepts

we are seated inside a bar and it is six o'clock in the evening
we are looking over the sea separated by this glass wall

i remove my shorts and shirt, i keep my white swimming trunk on
and i told them: let us have a plunge in the cool waters of the blue sea.

i do not have a puppy and i am tired of any philosophical discussion.

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Pharmacy Fat Man

After my yearly physical
I stopped by the pharmacy
To buy some niacin pills
A fat man stood ahead of me
He easily weighed 400 pounds
I stood for what seemed like hours
Pharmacist was giving instructions
How many pills and dos & don’ts
I mused, “Why so many drugs? ”
The answer was crystal clear
Severe obesity was the culprit
Did the fat man suffer from,
Hypertension, high cholesterol
Diabetes, enlarged heart, varicose veins
Acid reflux, hernia and lymph edema
All of these potentially fatal diseases
Because of poor food choices
And lack of exercise
His Doctor was treating symptoms
The fat man was ignoring the cause
Wanting only relief and a quick fix…


From Wikipedia;

“Obesity in the United States has been increasingly cited as a major health issue in recent decades. While many industrialized countries have experienced similar increases, obesity rates in the United States are among the highest in the world with as of 2007 74.1 % of adults being overweight or obese.[2]
Estimates of the number of obese American adults have been steadily expanding, from 19.4% in 1997,24.5% in 2004[3] to 26.6% in 2007.[4]
The direct medical cost of obesity and indirect economic loss to obesity has been estimated to be as high as $51.64 billion and $99.2 billion in 1995, respectively; [5] this rose to $61 billion and $117 billion in 2000.[6] Researchers for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and RTI International estimate that in 2003, obesity-attributable medical expenditures reached $75 billion.[7]”

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The Race

An injury in sophomore year
caused me to miss the springtime meets.
I was sitting in a cast
while my teammates won their heats.

I am no brain, I can’t sit still
No chance I’ll ace the S.A.T.
But medal wins in track and field
could mean a scholarship for me.

Near Lewis is a cinder track-
an oval of a quarter mile.
So I come here to do my laps
And dream of victory for a while.

A short fat man goes jogging by
In sweat drenched shirt and navy shorts
Gasping, like a fish in air,
fleeing from his mortal thoughts.

I doff my sweats and start to stretch
I take no chances with this knee.
Soon I’m feeling good and loose,
it pays to warm up properly.

A tall thin runner, strangely pale,
About half of the track ahead
I‘ll pass him like hes standing still
Then he’ll be chasing me instead.

I pass the jogger right away
The pale runner, though, moves speedily
I pick up my pace a notch
Just as quickly so does he..

I stretch my stride, he does the same
And gains upon me steadily
I thought that I was chasing him
It seems instead hes chasing me.

I never raced this guy before
At any of the local meets
He appears to be as old as me
But his gear is “thrift shop” quality.

Sure enough, hes gaining fast.
I dig down for a last reserve
I didn’t think I’d lost a step
Bad news, if it’s true, for me

I hear his foot falls close behind
And vainly try to stay ahead
I turn my head to see his face
It is the face of one long dead.

The ghostly winner makes a turn
and passes through the gate and chains
The cemetery lies beyond
That holds the urn with his cremains

You saw him too” the fat man gasps-
I thought that he had come for me”
I knew he only came to run
I recognized the ghost you see.

“Tommy Miller was his name
School Champion back in 63’
.He died crossing this finish line
an aneurysm in his brain.”

Unfinished business binds him here
A restless spirit, more than most,
The race is ever to the swift
The quick are beaten by a ghost

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A Pastoral Dialogue - II

Melibæus, Alcippe, Asteria, Licida, Alcimedon, and Amira.
Melibæus. Welcome fair Nymphs, most welcome to this shade,
Distemp'ring Heats do now the Plains invade:
But you may sit, from Sun securely here,
If you an old mans company not fear.

Alcippe. Most Reverend Swaine, far from us ever be
The imputation of such Vanity.
From Hill to Holt w'ave thee unweary'd sought,
And bless the Chance that us hath hither brought.

Asteria. Fam'd Melibæus for thy Virtuous Lays,
If thou dost not disdain our Female Praise,
We come to sue thou would'st to us recite
One of thy Songs, which gives such high delight
To ev'ry Eare, wherein thou dost dispense
Sage Precepts cloath'd in flowing Eloquence.

Licida. Fresh Garlands we will make for thee each morne,
Thy reverend Head to shade, and to adorne;
To cooling Springs thy fainting Flock we'll guide,
All thou command'st, to do shall be our Pride.

Meli. Cease, gentle Nymphs, the Willing to entreat,
To have your Wish, each needs but take a Seat.
With joy I shall my ancient Art revive,
With which, when Young, I did for Glory strive.
Nor for my Verse will I accept a Hire,
Your bare Attentions all I shall require.

Alci. Lo, from the Plain I see draw near a Pair
That I could wish in our Converse might share.
Amira 'tis and young Alcimedon.

Lici. Serious Discourse industriously they shun.

It being yet their luck to come this way,
The Fond Ones to our Lecture we'll betray:
And though they only sought a private shade,
Perhaps they may depart more Vertuous made.

I will accost them. Gentle Nymph and Swaine,
Good Melibæus us doth entertain
With Lays Divine: if you'll his Hearers be,
Take streight your Seats without Apology.

Alci. Paying short thanks, at fair Amiras feet,
I'le lay me down: let her choose where 'tis meet.

Al. Shepherd, behold, we all attentive sit.

What shall I sing? what shall my Muse reherse?
Love is a Theme well sutes a Past'ral Verse,
That gen'ral Error, Universal Ill,
That Darling of our Weakness and our Will;
By which though many fall, few hold it shame;
Smile at the Fault, which they would seem to blame.
What wonder then, if those with Mischief play,
It to destruction them doth oft betray?

But by experience it is daily found,
That Love the softer Sex does sorest wound;
In Mind, as well as Body, far more weak
Than Men: therefore to them my Song shall speak,
Advising well, however it succeed:
But unto All I say, Of Love take heed.
So hazardous, because so hard to know
On whom they are we do our Hearts bestow;
How they will use them, or with what regard
Our Faith and high Esteem they will reward:

For few are found, that truly acted be
By Principles of Generosity.
That when they know a Virgins Heart they've gain'd,
(And though by many Vows and Arts obtain'd)
Will think themselves oblig'd their Faith to hold
Tempted by Friends, by Interest, or by Gold.
Expect it not most, Love their Pastime make,
Lightly they Like, and lightly they forsake;
Their Roving Humour wants but a pretence
With Oaths and what's most Sacred to dispence.

When unto such a Maid has given her Heart,
And said, Alone my Happiness thou art,
In thee and in thy Truth I place my Rest.
Her sad Surprize how can it be exprest,
When all on which she built her Joy she finds,
Vanish, like Clouds, disperst before the Winds;
Her self, who th' adored Idol wont to be,
A poor despis'd Idolater to see?
Regardless Tears she may profusely spend,
Unpitty'd sighs her tender Breast may rend:
But the false Image she will ne're erace,
Though far unworthy still to hold its place:

So hard it is, even Wiser grown, to take
Th' Impression out, which Fancy once did make.
Believe me Nymphs, believe my hoary hairs,
Truth and Experience waits on many years.

Before the Eldest of you Light beheld,
A Nymph we had, in Beauty all excell'd,
Rodanthe call'd, in whom each Grace did shine,
Could make a Mortal Maid appear Divine.
And none could say, where most her Charms did lye,
In her inchanting Tongue, or conquering Eye.
Her Vertue yet her Beauties so out-shon,
As Beauty did the Garments she put on!

Among the Swains, which here their Flocks then fed,
Alcander with the highest held his head;
The most Accomplish't was esteem'd to be,
Of comely Forme, well-grac't Activity;
The Muses too, like him, did none inspire,
None so did stop the Pipe, or touch the Lyre;
Sweet was his Voice, and Eloquent his Tongue;
Alike admired when he Spoke, or Sung!
But these so much Excelling parts the Swain,
With Imperfections no less Great, did stain:

For proud he was, of an Ungovern'd Will,
With Love Familiar, but a Stranger still
To Faith and Constancy; and did his Heart,
Retaining none, expose to ev'ry Dart.
Hapless Rodanthe, the Fond Rover, caught,
To whom, for Love, with usual Arts he sought;
Which she, ah too unwary, did bestow:
'Cause True her self, believ'd that he was so.
But he, alas, more wav'ring than the Wind,
Streight broke the Chain, she thought so fast did bind;
For he no sooner saw her Heart was gain'd,
But he as soon the Victory disdain'd;
Mad Love else-where, as if 'twere like Renown,
Hearts to subdue, as to take in a Town:
But in the One as Manhood does prevail,
Both Truth and Manhood in the other fail.
And now the Nymph (of late so gay and bright,
The Glory of the Plains and the Delight,
Who still in Wit and Mirth all Pastimes led)
Hung like a wither'd Flow'r her drooping Head.

I need not tell the Grief Rodanthe found,
How all that should asswage, enrag'd her Wound;

Her Form, her Fame, her Vertue, Riches, Wit,
Like Deaths sad Weights upon her Soul did sit:
Or else like Furies stood before her Face,
Still urging and Upbraiding her Disgrace,
In that the World could yield her no Content,
But what alone the False Alcander sent.
'Twas said, through just Disdain, at last she broke
The Disingenious and Unworthy Yoke:
But this I know, her Passion held long time,
Constancy, though Unhappy, is no Crime.

Remember when you Love, from that same hour
Your Peace you put into your Lovers Power:
From that same hour from him you Laws receive,
And as he shall ordain, you Joy, or Grieve,
Hope, Fear, Laugh, Weep; Reason aloof does stand,
Disabl'd both to Act, and to Command.
Oh Cruel Fetters! rather wish to feel,
On your soft Limbs, the Gauling Weight of Steel;
Rather to bloudy Wounds oppose your Breast
No Ill, by which the Body can be prest;
You will so sensible a Torment find,
As Shackles on your captivated Mind.

The Mind from Heaven its high Descent did draw,
And brooks uneasily any other Law,
Than what from Reason dictated shall be,
Reason, a kind of In-mate Deity.
Which only can adapt to ev'ry Soul
A Yoke so fit and light, that the Controle
All Liberty excels; so sweet a Sway,
The same 'tis to be Happy, and Obey;
Commands so Wise and with Rewards so drest
That the according Soul replys, I'm Blest.
This teaches rightly how to Love and Hate,
To fear and hope by Measure and just Weight;
What Tears in Grief ought from our Eyes to flow,
What Transport in Felicity to show;
In ev'ry Passion how to steer the Will,
Tho rude the Shock, to keep it steady still.
Oh happy Mind! what words, can speak thy Bliss,
When in a Harmony thou mov'st like this?

Your Hearts fair Virgins keep smooth as your Brow,
Not the least Am'rous Passion there allow;
Hold not a Parly with what may betray
Your inward Freedom to a Forraign Sway;

And while thus ore your selves you Queens remain,
Unenvy'd, ore the World, let others reign:
The highest Joy which from Dominion flows,
Is short of what a Mind well-govern'd knows.

Whither my Muse, would'st uncontrouled run?
Contend in Motion with the restless Sun?
Immortal thou, but I a mortal Sire
Exhaust my strength, and Hearers also tire.

Al. O Heaven-taught Bard! to Ages couldst prolong
Thy Soul-instructing, Health-infusing Song,
I with unweary'd Appetite could hear,
And wish my Senses were turn'd all to Ear.

Alcim. Old Man, thy frosty Precepts well betray
Thy Blood is cold, and that thy Head is grey:
Who past the Pleasure Love and Youth can give,
To spoyl't in others, now dost only live.
Wouldst thou, indeed, if so thou couldst perswade,
The Fair, whose Charms have many Lovers made,
Should feel Compassion for no one they wound,
But be to all Inexorable found?

Me. Young man, if my advice thou well hadst weigh'd,
Thou would'st have found, for either Sex 'twas made;

And would from Womens Beauty thee no less
Preserve, than them secure from thy Address.
But let thy Youth thy rash Reproach excuse.

Alci. Fairest Amira let him not abuse
Thy gentle Heart, by his imprinting there
His doting Maxims—But I will not fear:
For when 'gainst Love he fiercest did inveigh,
Methoughts I saw thee turn with Scorn away.

Ami. Alcimedon according to his Will
Does all my Words and Looks interpret still:
But I shall learn at length how to Disdain,
Or at the least more cunningly to feign.

Alci. No wonder thou Alcimedon art rude,
When with no Gen'rous Quality endu'd:
But hop'st by railing Words Vice to defend,
Which Foulers made, by having such a Friend.

Amira, thou art warn'd, wisely beware,
Leap not with Open-Eyes into the Snare:
The Faith that's given to thee, was given before
To Nais, Amoret, and many more:
The Perjur'd did the Gods to Witness call,
That unto each he was the only Thrall.

Aste. Y'ave made his Cheeks with Conscious blushes glow.

Alci. 'Tis the best Colour a False Heart can show;
And well it is with Guilt some shame remains.

Meli. Hast, Shepherd, hast to cleanse away thy stains,
Let not thy Youth, of Time the goodly spring,
Neglected pass, that nothing forth it bring
But noxious Weeds: which cultivated might
Produce such Crops, as now would thee delight,
And give thee after Fame For Vertues Fruit
Believe it, not alone with Age does sute,
Nought adorns Youth like to a Noble Mind,
In thee this Union let Amira find.

Lici. O fear her not! she'l serve him in his kind.

Meli. See how Discourse upon the Time does prey,
Those hours pass swiftest, that we talk away.
Declining Sol forsaken hath the Fields,
And Mountains highest Summits only gildes:
Which warns us home-wards with our Flocks to make.

Alci. Along with thee our Thanks and Praises take.

Aste. In which our Hearts do all in One unite,

Lici. Our Wishes too, That on thy Head may light,
What e're the Gods as their Best Gifts bestow.

Meli. Kind Nymphs on you may Equal Blessings flow.

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The Red Cap

To drink the waters of love,
To drink the waters of Sihor,
To drink the waters of the Euphrates River!
And like food for your birds and love for your pets,
But the red cap is very important to you;
So, i have to put it on always for to identify me among the lot.

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The poor street singer in a red cap

They call me by the name of stink.
Though I have a primrose in my holey red cap.
I strum my old guitar with few strings.
Passer-by! Please wait for a while
As I have a good news for you.
And I sing with an occasional smile,
If it's not a dream then I'll be a millionaire in few days
As I ought to sign a contract for his new advertisement
Who's a prominent perfume maker in the paradise.

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My Unrest

Pain grows sometimes behind the chest,
That makes unrest inside of me,
Then my surroundings I begin to detest,
Like a hungry lion left in the lea.

The sorrow is greater than the joy,
Like night heavier than the day,
Stable in darkness of failure, coy,
And tired, hungry forgot the way.

I'm here but nothing is mine,
Every laughing face hides a pile of grief,
I know not when my fortune will shine,
But seeing others, I see a sigh of relief.

Short lived man has works great,
Underneath which he lies down,
Time is narrow so not to wait,
Jump into the ocean of grief and drown.

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One Honest Man

I cant find a four-leaf cover anymore
I could find it if I wanted to
I believe if you put your mind to something
Well there aint anything in this world
You could not do
But I cant find one honest man
Why cant I find me one honest man
Dont understand
The only thing I ever wanted
Was a little bouquet of truth from him
But it gave me all the things
You cant build love on
And I am on the wrong side
Of a broken heart again
Why cant I find one honest man
Why cant I find me one honest man
Dont understand
If a little bitty candle
Can light of the darkness
Why cant it shine its way through
Ive been waiting a very, very, very long time
Aint no man ever gonna be true
Dont understand
Aint there a man for me
Chorus x 3 fade

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Poets & Slaves

Here comes the mechanical sun
working on the bones in the dry old creek bed
mist on the old river bend yellow box hangs like it's dead
the emerald silo is rusting from the inside.
You want to run like the wind you'll never come here again
you want a world you can save so c'mon you poets and slaves.
Circus olympia pulls into town
the dwarf and the fat man head out for beer
there is no lion that roars to one can stand on the horse
tomorrow is a no show the fortune teller cries.
You want to go down in flames you're gonna crash like the waves
you can't remember your name so come on you poets and slaves.
We got everything we need sugar and beef
we got some good ideas
we got the steering wheels and rolling stock too
clouds came down low on the corn
meat ants are gathering like storms
somewhere in the quiet wild darkness a crocodile cries.
You gotta you gotta you gotta
c'mon you poets and slaves.
You got to arrest the decay you're sinking down in the bay
you can't remember your name c'mon you poets and slaves.
You've got to count what you've made
you're gonna pass like the days
stop time and head for the stage.
And c'mon you poets and slaves
c'mon you poets and slaves.

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September in the rain
Her sweat come a frozen onto my skin
Eliminate the outerspace and come and get Im swingn down it again
Synchronize me
Fall away
I believe that
I wicked on the way look alive now! yeah!
Stars explode my eyes
Well, i been down a long time
Days crawl and die, forever is a long time
Remember howling crazy like at the moonlight superfly
A penetrating powerman o baby Im painted in the sky
Iron fister
On the hour / paralyzing demon
Flower, yeah!
Stars explode my eyes
Well, i been down a long time
Days crawl and die, forever is a long time
Surround the pain the loves insane
Got a pseudo-systematic gain careening through the neon side
A horizontal mind collide
Harum scarum holiday
Double dealn on the ones who say collapse me with a power blast
Ground to zero rolln fast
Ride the glide
Treasure slide
Got a wooden symbol soul inside
freeze the heart
A razor tear pack she doesnt care
If the pillow jacob sky snatch the pad I dont deny
Been a long time, been a long time
Step into the wind a watch a red girl come alive
She screamn to the world,
i diggin on the fact that you will not survive
Radiate me
Walk away
You shook the devils dig deep hand today, yeah!
Stars explode my eyes
Well, i been down a long time
Days crawl and die, forever is a long time
A million miles an hour
A million miles an hour
A million miles an hour
Lets get inside!

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September in the rain - her sweat come a frozen onto
My skin - eliminate the outerspace and come and get im
Swingn down it again - synchronize me - fall away - i
Believe that - I wicked on the way look alive now! yeah!
Stars explode my eyes - well, I been down a long time
Days crawl away and die forever is a long time!
Remember howling crazy like at the moonlight
Superfly - a penetrating powerman o baby Im painted
In the sky - iron fister - on the
Hour / paralyzing demon - flower
- yeah! stars explode my eyes - i
Been down a long time days crawl
Away and die forever is a long
Time! surround the pain the loves
Insane - got a pseudo-systematic
Gain careening through the neon
Side - a horizontal mind collide -
Harum scarum holiday - double
Dealn on the ones who say
Collapse me with a powerblast
Groung to zero rolln fast - ride
The glide - treasure slide - got a
Wooden symbol soul inside - freeze
The heart - a razor tear pack she
Doesnt care - if the pillow jacob sky snatch the pad i
Dont deny - been a long time - been a long time - step into
The wind a watch a red girl come alive she screamn to
The world I diggin on the fact that you will not
Survive! radiate me - walk away - you shook the devils
Dig deep hand today - yeah! stars explode my eyes, well,
I been down a long time days crawl away and die,
Forever is a long time! a million miles an hour - a
Million miles an hour - a million miles an hour - lets
Get inside!

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It takes a long time for a man to look like his portrait.

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That's not rape

A man was convicted for rape even though he didn't commit that crime.
He'll be branded a rapist for the rest of his life and that's a long time.
When this man slept with a woman, he promised to wear a condom but he did not.
He didn't deserve a rape conviction but that's what he got.
Rape is making a person have sex by force.
Not by neglecting to wear a condom during intercourse.
I'll be the first to admit that what that man did was wrong.
And he probably does deserve his jail sentence that is long.
But he shouldn't be called a rapist, that's not fair.
Such injustices might not happen if people were more aware.

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Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 29

A man had a friend, who held the office of devan to the padshah, but whom he had not seen for a long time; and, a man having asked him for the reason, he replied: "I do not want to see him." A dependent however of the devan, who also happened to be present, queried: "What fault has he committed that thou art unwilling to meet him?" He replied: "There is no fault in the matter but a friend who is a devan may be seen when he is removed from office."

Whilst in greatness and in the turmoil of busines
They do not like to be troubled by neighbours
But when they are depressed and removed from office
They will lay open their heart’s grief to friends.

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Sage, page, cage, rage, mage, marriage, wage;
From time to time!
But not like a runaway dog in the land of your muse;
For, the cat is always in your room.

Fine, dine, wine, vine, cine, sine, line, pine, mine, nine, shine;
Inperfect health,
On to perfection! !
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Of the miracles of my life,
Of the joy of my muse,
Of the peace of my mind,
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In the heat,
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Poets of the world! !
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And like the muse of love in the land of peace,
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