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Quickness of Life

Death is going on...
To replenish what's be taken!
To fulfill a wish,
That was untimely aborted.
Death upon us,
Is linked to the life we know.
We review the affects of death...
As if those among the living 'know'.

'Is there a look of confidence among them?
When Jesus is spotted...
Bring Him to the front of the line! '

We treat death as if it does not exist!
Like those who are racists,
With other assorted mental limits.
As if it is ignored...
Away it will go!
Death is the other side of life...
Coming to bestow,
A reason to enjoy life and live!
And many don't get it!
And yet some get it much too soon!

And everything that can be touched
Now can and is taken away!
Since death is far greater,
Than the quickness of life...
Coming for moments to glow!

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