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Ideals Rusting From Distrustful Deeds

We're on the edge of a bottomless pit.
Those conflicted in transit opposition to this...
Can not be consciously aware,
Of the seriousness there!

The one selected and picked to lead,
Now seems overwhelmed by those wishing...
Actions he has taken does not succeed.

With arguments and ignorance intact...
Those accustomed to feeding their greed,
Insist they've come with prerequisites...
To have their selfish ideals succeed.
Even though economically,
Their pockets are being systematically emptied!

And many stand firm,
To have their interests proceed.
With ideals rusting from distrustful deeds.

But the one elected to prevent their demise...
Has warned them all witnessing,
They must now open their eyes.
And if they choose not to see reality...
He will use his influence,
To allow them all to experience the breeze...
Of a downward spiral coming to them quickly.
And he,
Will disregard their screams!

Since he and others who do believe...
Are not about to partake,
In the welcoming of their embraced failures.
Nor desires they wish to keep...
A blinding feast created by their deceit.

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