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I owned it.
As it dawned on me.
Sudden realization, of a deed.

Long time acoming - It was.

Awhile lingered - On its way.
Yet, inevitably approached.
Unkind fate.
Doom! I was wedded to.

Why resist its call?
Thus extend, my agony.
Waiting, expecting - Fearing!
To fall - Ever and again.

Why not cease?

Meet my fate.
Head-on charge.
Into thee, Oblivion.

Why do you linger on?
Unwanted hope.
Insidious friend!

Please, let me go.
Fall into abyss.
Find peace, at last!

To what end? Benefit.
Will this teeter - Tooter.
On the brink of darkness bring.
Ever deeper, tempting its call.

So I wail, resist it.
Believe on us - Love!
Doubt - My very ability.
To see, touch you again.

Hear thy breath.
Beating, of hearts.
Brought together.
Just once more.

These measures, of life.
Once belonged.
Sang with us.
Now paralyzed.

Forgotten linger.
For days, weeks, months.
Years, on end.

With nothing, but a memory.
Love, wishes moved.
Our futures pinned.
Upon a wall.

Held together, by an ideal.
Just a picture, for two.
Of me - And, of you.
Which I kept, held onto.

Through it all.
Wondered why?
Must we meet.
Love! Wish!

Uselessly bleed.

For all we know - I appear.
A wisp, fading and playing.
Shifting, as reflection - I am.
On a pool of mist.

A mirage, of a shadow.
In a dream, that is....

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