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When nature is....

Like water and air, blood is polluted
Rivers have been made impure and purity diluted
So we are thoughtless and merciless too
We have seen great struggles but today nothing to think through

Millions of quick bucks are expected in overnight
Then why to struggle for poor people's right?
They may die and must die for inaction
Who is there to ask us why for any reaction?

When nature is affected to dangerous level
Nothing is expected to go well
Man changes and so the nature
Giving complete change to nature

People become selfish and leaders too hollow
How can country progress and grow?
When there is enough to grab at free will
Any person in opposition can be easily killed

It speaks of truth and is clearly visible
We need to search soul else face the troubles
If we can't change ourselves and reform
The hard core fabric may stand torn

Let us not blame system or others
We are part of it and tendency is cause to bother
It is natural law that mighty may only survive
You got to make the way and powerfully drive

Still it is not late to adjust and educate opinion
Neither people should not dig their own grave for region
Not encourage any thoughts for propagation of religion
Nature may remain same for all to be with as companion

Love to live with and give whatever you can like nature
Air, water and light is totally free without any bond for sure
Why do we then create artificial disorder and suffer?
Nature has so much for us in store to offer

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