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Sentimental fool

Most intelligent people are considered as sentimental fool
Think too much from different angle and don’t take it cool
Boys or girls are judged best from their initial days in school
Come together at different level but drawn from same pool

Is this so because God has made us little intelligent
Do we consider ourselves as super human or agent?
Why do we take everything from different prospective?
Put extra efforts in solving the problem by being too active

Animals too have mind but not that of human being
They do act, react and behave in no manner like thing
Here it comes to act as difference with fertile mind
Some fine blend of people act funny to look unkind

Mind goes in a direction which is totally unwarranted
Don’t think it positive when actually required and wanted
They find themselves in awkward position and shunted
They remain confined and their move is always blunted

After all it is human being tendency to act or behave
They will think at length difference between have-not’s and have
Unnecessary conclusions and prolonged debate
Simple bogey raised and novel methods to combat

This doesn’t find favor with common people or man
They too have common sense and all capacity as human
Nothing prevents them from being turning into lukewarm
Intelligentsia loose the sympathy and relation doesn’t remain warm

They have their own novel ideas which doesn’t attract
They remain aloof and don’t come into contact or react
It is secluded environment for then which forbade to interact
This is how they have come into being and is simple fact

May be it is possible they have super human mind too
Many ordinary people may not have vision to look through
They will find it extremely difficult to grasp the views
To some it will be simply unbearable and find favor with only few

Their contribution in some of the fields have been unique
They have suffered so much from their own critics
It is strong resolve on their part to sail through with wisdom
Anything could have been nightmare and result of course seldom

Scientists, doctors and researchers fall in this special category
They have different approach and goal to pursue with philosophy
It is their natural talent that has brought us to the new era
Definitely they deserve our sympathy little care extra

Let us be not be that selfish to term them sentimental fool
They are powerful instrument, medium or tool
It is, however, we are all in the same boat
It is fine oratory, example or beautiful quote

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