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Save Water Save Life

'Water, water' asked soldier to another soldier
He was wounded and dying for the dropp of water
Shells were fired from all the direction
He was to be rescued first as humble action

Thank god the soldier was saved for timely action
We could see the happiness on his face as sweet reaction
He should have been no more on the battle field
Had he not been given dropp of water for ground held

Water is precious commodity now a day
We have not found any alternate way
Glaciers are melting and flooding the rivers
The sea level is increased by flooding of water

There is alarming situation in many parts
Either people vacate the areas and depart
Or stick to the areas and face the devastation
As they have stayed for ages in same station

Water harvesting is best solution for problem
In many cities water has been rationed to ward of trouble
Can you imagine costal areas suffer most?
To protect and provide water for big cities involve big cost

Yes precious lives are to be provided
With water and wastage is to be avoided
Not a dropp of water should go into drain
As we are mainly dependant on rain

Entire existence of human race is in jeopardy
We may have no other option then to pray only almighty
All sources might have then stand dried away or
Water might have been polluted in alarming way

Save water and save the race any where
Educate the people not to waste water and dare
As it may take their lives and put to more difficulties
Water may then be never had even if increased the capabilities

The sources are fast drying out
Some times there is excess and sometimes drought
Life battle is to be taken care of and fought
So the slogan 'save water, save life' is sought

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