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I just had an apple
And it has instigated me
Into a realization
Of a historical spree

That Adam had it from the forbidden tree
Pissed off the gods
Unworthy was the humble plea
Cost them a divine retribution
Of hardship, pain and a crippled enemy

Snow White had it from the disguised envy queen
Suspended animation
That none of the dwarfs could remedy
Sparkled her crimson white through
A glass casket
In the middle of ebony

Newton had it from the orchard tree
How naive and fragile
Could that thought be
That it twisted and turned his equations
Gave birth to gravity

Steve Jobs had its better half
Leaving the rest for the world
The i-series conquered
Provided people with the luxury of pushing buttons
Instead of pushing themselves
Nowadays they just have to touch

I'm quite anxious about the apple i just ate
Something phenomenal might happen

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