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Beneath The Moss

Entrenched at the back of my head
The moss got thicker
The moss got greener
And the moss got dense
Now it's a part of my natural landscape

They say it's sad
For the merchant of flowers that i used to be
But I love the way it never changes
Fixed and firm
With some wild flowers and fern

But one day
On its crust
Came across a scar
Deep like the ocean
And clear like the blue sky

Anxiously I peeped in for a while
Looked for some Enterprise
Tried to Entertain
Hoped to Enthrall
And Enthrone
with a hidden Enthuse

But found none
There ain't no valley of flowers down there
But moss

I was back with a disappointment
No longer before I found them all
Lined up alphabetically like slaves
With explanations right next to each other
Enterprise, entertain, enthrall, enthrone, enthuse and so on
On page 330 of The Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Lying beside my bed

I know I'm falsely convinced and morose
But I love the way it grows on its own
Fixed and firm
With some wild flowers and fern

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