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The World Is My Therapist And I'm In Counseling Right Now

Got my share of ugly, done did and said things I ain't proud of, I mean some ugly things, but what a real man does is ask God for forgiveness and whoever he have wrong.

We ain't perfect, we gonna make wrong decisions and sometimes even hurt people we love

For whatever reason it maybe, we do or say things that affect our lives forever and it sometimes changes our lives putting us a different course

The world is my therapist and I'm in counseling right now

Got a lot of hurt, anger, and frustrations in my life, the war in Liberia how traumatizing it was, life in America how hard and trial it can sometime be, interpersonal problems, such as people trying to break up your parents marriage, and then on top of that your own personal love problems and battling financial confidence

The world is my therapist and I'm in counseling right now

We may sometimes bend all the the way to the end but I never break, I never break......

Stronger than any rubber band or any bamboo reef, or better a diamond in a rough, I was made through extreme heat pressure, made harder than African Ivory and Tennessee marble

The world is my therapist and I'm in counseling right now

Yeah, tell me what's wrong with me, pick me out, pick me in, dissect me, tell me what I did wrong and tell me where I went wrong,
So at the end of day when all else fails and people right you off, God will be the only there and to hear you out

Perfection is what I am really striving for honestly. All these sleepless nights for different reasons,
So don't judge me for my flurries because I don't have any worries, as we say in Liberia, seeke fa fair, what's for you shall see your face

The world is my therapist and I'm in counseling right now

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Life Is Hard (Acrostic)

Life is hard but a wonderful gift from God
In your heart you know that
Follow Jesus and have a better life
Embrace love and reject hate
Inside heart let Him come in
Seek the Lord and make Him part of you
Hope and Faith will shine through all you do
Adversity and evil flees with Him
Rest in Jesus' promises, He's with you
Desert you, no, that He shall never do.

September 18,2009

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What man can’t, God can!

Many a time, it seems as though,
A hurdle big has crept in life;
No matter what, we try to do,
We fail to get over the strife.

Sometimes in life, despair engulfs
Our heart and mind with bitterness;
Attempts to overcome may fail,
And ends our joy and happiness!

At times, an accident may bring
A happy home to a grinding halt;
All harmony and peace are lost;
We know it isn’t our dear own fault!

Life brings with it troubles and bliss;
Some happy moments, we may miss;
We yearn for love/ a loving kiss;
What man cannot, God only can!

Life takes us closer to our God;
Our sins appear before our eyes;
We see the love of Jesus Lord;
Our prayers make us rather wise!

Mans feeble strength may fail sometimes;
Hard-work, efforts may not suffice;
Then God comes back into our lives;
Christ’s death on cross is paid blood-price!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 18-10-11

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There Is More To Life Than Hard Work

I can't say my life's been a great life that I've been there and I've done that
But I worked in pipe laying crew for Michael Kelleher in Buninyong near Ballarat
And I worked in the late eighties for a firm called C.D.L.
Jack hammering in the heat of Summer when the days were hot as hell.

101 Collins Street Melbourne I remember that address
Not that I enjoyed the work there I remember none the less
Up each morning at five thirty then to work on tram I'd go
And left that building site each evening covered in dust head to toe.

Another four years as tree clearer up by powerlines clearing trees
Operating a cherry picker for such you don't need degrees
For a Travel tower company a growing concern managed by a greedy lot
They still owe me two weeks wages something I have not forgot.

Up working mornings at five thirty between work and travel a twelve hour day
Whilst my so called bosses made their millions I took home bare living pay
Now I take it nice and easy and I'm well off now as I was then
If your bosses make their millions for you there can't be a win

I worked as tree feller in Ireland far away and long ago
In the high woods by the mountains where the peaks wear hats of snow
Most Winter days were wet and chilly up to April not much sunshine
Only sound the cold wind soughing in the larch and spruce and pine.

'Hard work never did anybody harm' to coin that phrase it took a fool
Hard work your life's bound to shorten you can overwork a mule
Hard working Joe is dead at fifty, Pete on welfare living on
Pete five years older and quite healthy he's still here and Joe is gone.

Maybe I've drudged for a few years but I'm not proud of that at all
And if my life has got one highlight such as now I can't recall
And if one tell me how hard he work I tell him my watch is slow
And I'm late for an appointment 'see you later got to go'.

'Ned the basher' at his local like to sing his praises loud
And boast of the hard work he's done to an uninterested crowd,
He's proud to show his work callouses he must have an empty life
But he never once did mention how he often beats his wife

There is more to life than hard work, work to live but not to die
And if you labour hard poor fellow life you never can enjoy
If your boss is making millions and you take home bare living pay
Maybe you should have a re-think and perhaps give the job away.

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Life Is Hard

life is hard tough
get over it
rise to the challenge

beat it
against all odds
defeat it

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Man In God, God In Man

Hate is the man in God;
Love is the God in man.
Self-gratification is the man in God;
Life-dedication is the God in man.
Desire-force is the man in God;
Aspiration-light is the God in man.

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Life Through My Eyes

If life were roses and candy kisses
What a wonderful world this could be
If everyone would smile at one another
The world would be smiling with us
But life is hard, no smiles or roses
Just pain, and no candy kisses
No love is really ever true
Just a convenience for me and you
Only wars and hate every where we look
There is no love, there is no care
The people are dying all around us
My time hasn't come, only god can decide
I'm still alive, because i haven't died!

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Life Is Hard

Life is hard anyway you cut it
Life is sweet like a berry from a tre
Life is temptation, baby, every single day
Life is hard
Life is funny, I dont mean ha-ha
Its not always sunny when it needs to be
Life is frightening, nothing lasts forever
Life is hard
My time
Is next to nothing
My time
Falls on you, yeah
Is in motion
Life is hard
Life is precious, no matter how you see it
Life is crazy like yellow fishes in the street
Life is lonely, when youre not with me
Life is hard
Is that your story?
Hanging religion from a tree, yeah
My time is next to nothing
Life is hard
My time
Is next to nothing
My time
Falls on you, yeah
Is in motion
Life is hard
My time
Falls on you, yeah
Life is hard
Life is hard

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Don't Ask God

Dont ask God for wisdom lest he give you folly to teach your heart.
Dont ask God for wealth lest he give you poverty to make you depend on him.
Dont ask God for vision lest he give you blindness to guide your way.
Dont ask God for strength lest he give you weakness to sustain you.
Dont ask God for protection lest he give you adversity, so he can fight for you.
Dont ask God for progress lest he give you stillness so you can know him.
Dont ask God for water lest he give you thirst, so you can seek the living water.
Dont ask God for food lest he give you hunger for righteousness.
Dont ask God for joy, lest he give you mourning to put your heart on eternity.
Dont ask God for beauty lest he give you ashes to teach you how to look inward.
Dont ask God for friends lest he give you enemies so he can be your friend.
Dont ask God for life lest he give you death to mortify your flesh.
Dont ask God for crown lest he give you a cross to save your soul.

In pride,
In selfishness,
In haughtiness,
In foolishness
In arrogance,
In self righteousness,

Dont ask God for anything
Dont ask God for something
Dont ask God for everything
Just ask God for God.

Isaac 'Slimx'
November 2008

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When I Want To Ask God Why

Sometimes I reach the place in my life where I want to ask God why,
But then I am quickly but gently chided by The Holy Spirit inside.

For a grander plan is underway by God, who fills the earth and sky,
And I am but a tiny part of God's Eternal plan that won't be denied.

When the plans that I make and things that I do all seem to go awry,
Seeds of doubt seem to sprout as Satan again begins to whisper lies.

As Satan says God can not hear you now as He must of chose to hide,
The Holy Spirit gently tugs my heart and reminds me to simply abide.

For God's plans are to prosper me and to shelter me from any harm,
I simply need to trust His heart while I'm covered by His Mighty Arm.

For in the world Jesus had prophesied that I would have tribulation,
That is why He said to stay occupied while I wait for His Salvation.

For Satan's only purpose in my life is to cause me much undue alarm,
And at this point God's loving care causes Satan's demons to disarm.

So when the trials and tribulation in my life seem to be magnified,
I remember as Christ was crucified He wasn't defeated but Glorified.

Jesus is now in Eternal Glory and indwelt with His power up on high,
He exemplified His power and sent The Spirit, Who now dwells inside.

And my heart won't be troubled if I trust in God, who's all knowing,
Who's coming back, to take me home, for I know where I am going.

(Copyright © 05/2003)

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A Tribute to a Man of God- Bro. Dr. DGS Dhinakaran

A man who went to commit suicide,
Was picked by God to save sinners from hell,
Miraculously until ripe-old age;
God took him to His bosom after this.

The man of God had read the Bible well;
He prayed to God with fervor all his life,
Until the Holy Spirit entered him,
And changed his life of poverty and strife.

The man of God became Evangelist;
He quoted Scriptures to all suffering souls,
Explaining Gods message to all who thirst
For truth and Light and Way of Jesus Christ.

He talked to God and gained wisdom to guide
The many souls, who thronged to him for help;
God saw his love for fellowmen on earth,
And exalted his spiritual life.

The man of God had preached the Word of God
To human beings, right across the globe,
Performing miracles and healing sick,
Consoling all who begged of him to pray.

With time, he uttered prophecies as well;
He sowed the seeds of love and brotherhood;
He sang a lot of hymns right from his heart,
In praise of God and thanked Him for his lot.

Oh, what a holy life, it turned to be!
The Holy Spirit blessed his family;
He lamented to God for others’ sake;
Well-pleased, God took him to Elysium’s Lake!

The world had lost a fragrant flower great;
The void cannot be filled except by God;
The pot had served His Potter’s every wish;
He turned ‘Fisher of men and not of fish! ’

Hes gone to see his loving Angeline-
His only daughter who preceded him;
From heaven, he’ll direct his kith and kin,
In saving mankind from all grievous sin.

The noble soul is now in Gods Abode;
He’ll plead to God to shake the world of men;
The modern world has people with big sins;
He’ll tell the Maker what the righteous need.

The ways of God are glorious and strange;
He enters hearts of souls who welcome change;
The works of God are mighty in its range;
The man of God will bring His divine change.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-23-2008

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Queen Mab: Part II.

If solitude hath ever led thy steps
To the wild ocean's echoing shore,
And thou hast lingered there,
Until the sun's broad orb
Seemed resting on the burnished wave,
Thou must have marked the lines
Of purple gold that motionless
Hung o'er the sinking sphere;
Thou must have marked the billowy clouds,
Edged with intolerable radiancy,
Towering like rocks of jet
Crowned with a diamond wreath;
And yet there is a moment,
When the sun's highest point
Peeps like a star o'er ocean's western edge,
When those far clouds of feathery gold,
Shaded with deepest purple, gleam
Like islands on a dark blue sea;
Then has thy fancy soared above the earth
And furled its wearied wing
Within the Fairy's fane.

Yet not the golden islands
Gleaming in yon flood of light,
Nor the feathery curtains
Stretching o'er the sun's bright couch,
Nor the burnished ocean-waves
Paving that gorgeous dome,
So fair, so wonderful a sight
As Mab's ethereal palace could afford.
Yet likest evening's vault, that faëry Hall!
As Heaven, low resting on the wave, it spread
Its floors of flashing light,
Its vast and azure dome,
Its fertile golden islands
Floating on a silver sea;
Whilst suns their mingling beamings darted
Through clouds of circumambient darkness,
And pearly battlements around
Looked o'er the immense of Heaven.

The magic car no longer moved.
The Fairy and the Spirit
Entered the Hall of Spells.
Those golden clouds
That rolled in glittering billows
Beneath the azure canopy,
With the ethereal footsteps trembled not;
The light and crimson mists,
Floating to strains of thrilling melody
Through that unearthly dwelling,
Yielded to every movement of the will;
Upon their passive swell the Spirit leaned,
And, for the varied bliss that pressed around,
Used not the glorious privilege
Of virtue and of wisdom.

'Spirit!' the Fairy said,
And pointed to the gorgeous dome,
'This is a wondrous sight
And mocks all human grandeur;
But, were it virtue's only meed to dwell
In a celestial palace, all resigned
To pleasurable impulses, immured
Within the prison of itself, the will
Of changeless Nature would be unfulfilled.
Learn to make others happy. Spirit, come!
This is thine high reward:-the past shall rise;
Thou shalt behold the present; I will teach
The secrets of the future.'

The Fairy and the Spirit
Approached the overhanging battlement.
Below lay stretched the universe!
There, far as the remotest line
That bounds imagination's flight,
Countless and unending orbs
In mazy motion intermingled,
Yet still fulfilled immutably
Eternal Nature's law.
Above, below, around,
The circling systems formed
A wilderness of harmony;
Each with undeviating aim,
In eloquent silence, through the depths of space
Pursued its wondrous way.

There was a little light
That twinkled in the misty distance.
None but a spirit's eye
Might ken that rolling orb.
None but a spirit's eye,
And in no other place
But that celestial dwelling, might behold
Each action of this earth's inhabitants.
But matter, space, and time,
In those aërial mansions cease to act;
And all-prevailing wisdom, when it reaps
The harvest of its excellence, o'erbounds
Those obstacles of which an earthly soul
Fears to attempt the conquest.

The Fairy pointed to the earth.
The Spirit's intellectual eye
Its kindred beings recognized.
The thronging thousands, to a passing view,
Seemed like an ant-hill's citizens.
How wonderful! that even
The passions, prejudices, interests,
That sway the meanest being-the weak touch
That moves the finest nerve
And in one human brain
Causes the faintest thought, becomes a link
In the great chain of Nature!

'Behold,' the Fairy cried,
'Palmyra's ruined palaces!
Behold where grandeur frowned!
Behold where pleasure smiled!
What now remains?-the memory
Of senselessness and shame.
What is immortal there?
Nothing-it stands to tell
A melancholy tale, to give
An awful warning; soon
Oblivion will steal silently
The remnant of its fame.
Monarchs and conquerors there
Proud o'er prostrate millions trod-
The earthquakes of the human race;
Like them, forgotten when the ruin
That marks their shock is past.

'Beside the eternal Nile
The Pyramids have risen.
Nile shall pursue his changeless way;
Those Pyramids shall fall.
Yea! not a stone shall stand to tell
The spot whereon they stood;
Their very site shall be forgotten,
As is their builder's name!

'Behold yon sterile spot,
Where now the wandering Arab's tent
Flaps in the desert blast!
There once old Salem's haughty fane
Reared high to heaven its thousand golden domes,
And in the blushing face of day
Exposed its shameful glory.
Oh! many a widow, many an orphan cursed
The building of that fane; and many a father,
Worn out with toil and slavery, implored
The poor man's God to sweep it from the earth
And spare his children the detested task
Of piling stone on stone and poisoning
The choicest days of life
To soothe a dotard's vanity.
There an inhuman and uncultured race
Howled hideous praises to their Demon-God;
They rushed to war, tore from the mother's womb
The unborn child-old age and infancy
Promiscuous perished; their victorious arms
Left not a soul to breathe. Oh! they were fiends!
But what was he who taught them that the God
Of Nature and benevolence had given
A special sanction to the trade of blood?
His name and theirs are fading, and the tales
Of this barbarian nation, which imposture
Recites till terror credits, are pursuing
Itself into forgetfulness.

'Where Athens, Rome, and Sparta stood,
There is a moral desert now.
The mean and miserable huts,
The yet more wretched palaces,
Contrasted with those ancient fanes
Now crumbling to oblivion,-
The long and lonely colonnades
Through which the ghost of Freedom stalks,-
Seem like a well-known tune,
Which in some dear scene we have loved to hear,
Remembered now in sadness.
But, oh! how much more changed,
How gloomier is the contrast
Of human nature there!
Where Socrates expired, a tyrant's slave,
A coward and a fool, spreads death around-
Then, shuddering, meets his own.
Where Cicero and Antoninus lived,
A cowled and hypocritical monk
Prays, curses and deceives.

'Spirit! ten thousand years
Have scarcely passed away,
Since in the waste, where now the savage drinks
His enemy's blood, and, aping Europe's sons,
Wakes the unholy song of war,
Arose a stately city,
Metropolis of the western continent.
There, now, the mossy column-stone,
Indented by time's unrelaxing grasp,
Which once appeared to brave
All, save its country's ruin,-
There the wide forest scene,
Rude in the uncultivated loveliness
Of gardens long run wild,-
Seems, to the unwilling sojourner whose steps
Chance in that desert has delayed,
Thus to have stood since earth was what it is.
Yet once it was the busiest haunt,
Whither, as to a common centre, flocked
Strangers, and ships, and merchandise;
Once peace and freedom blest
The cultivated plain;
But wealth, that curse of man,
Blighted the bud of its prosperity;
Virtue and wisdom, truth and liberty,
Fled, to return not, until man shall know
That they alone can give the bliss
Worthy a soul that claims
Its kindred with eternity.

'There 's not one atom of yon earth
But once was living man;
Nor the minutest drop of rain,
That hangeth in its thinnest cloud,
But flowed in human veins;
And from the burning plains
Where Libyan monsters yell,
From the most gloomy glens
Of Greenland's sunless clime,
To where the golden fields
Of fertile England spread
Their harvest to the day,
Thou canst not find one spot
Whereon no city stood.

'How strange is human pride!
I tell thee that those living things,
To whom the fragile blade of grass
That springeth in the morn
And perisheth ere noon,
Is an unbounded world;
I tell thee that those viewless beings,
Whose mansion is the smallest particle
Of the impassive atmosphere,
Think, feel and live like man;
That their affections and antipathies,
Like his, produce the laws
Ruling their moral state;
And the minutest throb
That through their frame diffuses
The slightest, faintest motion,
Is fixed and indispensable
As the majestic laws
That rule yon rolling orbs.'

The Fairy paused. The Spirit,
In ecstasy of admiration, felt
All knowledge of the past revived; the events
Of old and wondrous times,
Which dim tradition interruptedly
Teaches the credulous vulgar, were unfolded
In just perspective to the view;
Yet dim from their infinitude.
The Spirit seemed to stand
High on an isolated pinnacle;
The flood of ages combating below,
The depth of the unbounded universe
Above, and all around
Nature's unchanging harmony.

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Man With God


God is cruel,
man is merciful,
war is natural,
between God and man,
Good is poor,
money is money,
He makes you a monk,
money gives you earthly things,
God is sick,
man is healthy,
so God loves peace,
man fights war,
God is dead,
man is alive,
worship man,
forget the dead

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Real Man

When I was a child
I thought as a child
I spoke as a child
I didnt know better
But now Im a man
I look like a man
Im old as a man
And I should know better
Got my head in the sky
And my mind knows what it wants
But my body just drags me down
And my world is something you cant see
But its still very real to me
You can find it in the hole where I keep my soul
There it is - way down inside me
Theres a real man
Forget about my body and be a real man
I see with my heart
I hear with my heart
I feel with my heart
Sometimes it works better
And some so-called friends put me down
And they pity me for trying
Bad emotions push me around
But the vision shines on and on
It will shine when we all are gone
And Id like to add a little sparkle while Im here
Light it up - way down inside me
Theres a real man
Forget about bad feelings and be a real man
Some mens world is only hate and money
Afraid of everything and they laugh at nothing
And they only live to criticize
You can laugh at me now [ha ha ha]
But the time comes to everybody
When you must decide
When that day finally comes along
You might wish youd been a little more strong
Then youll wake up in the morning cryin
Oh my god
There it is - way down inside me
Its a real man
You got to grow up sometime
Be a real man
Suffer them slings and arrows
Be a real man
Now be a real man
Dont sell yourself for nothing
Be a real man
Dont take no crap from no one
Be a real man
Get your trip together
Be a real man

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In a world full of fear n’ doubt
Feckless souls’ go unexplored
Situation ripe for a turnabout
Man seeks God of own accord


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Where the Real Man is

mirror, the man looks
and arranges his hair
looks, and arranges his hair

a flood of admiration
seizes his emotion

the real man lies between
the time he looks, and
arranges his hair

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A Real Man

A gentleman says:
May I meet you?
May I come?
May I help you?

A good man says:
I’ll meet you.
I’ll come.
I’ll help you.

A real man says:
I am coming!

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
The 25th of December,2011

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A Real Man!

when a man
is no longer treated
as a man...

no longer respected
as a man...
then a real man

stands up,
and stops it!

the first word in humanity
is human...
the second word is man!

both equal dignity...
and both demand freedom!

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Real man

I am a real man
I am real
This world where I am
Is real
In this real world
I am living
This world will not die
This world will not perish
How can I perish
I am made out of this real world
Here there is only truth
And I am truthful
As in ice there is water
In gold ornaments there is gold
In clay-pots there is clay
In iron-weapons there is iron
Look like the world I am strong.

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A man of God

Instilled with the strength of character
Standing fixed amidst the storm of evil
Negating the rule of tyranny
Supporting the rule of good
Mesmerizing the world with his influence
Strengthening the foundation of his faith
Loving the poor and downtrodden
Hating the evils of the rich and powerful
Slapping across the face of arrogance
Keeping strict vigil around himself
A man of God is heading towards his destination Without any fear.

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Sonnet: The Man of God

Blest is the man who spreads the Word of God
To people who have never heard of it!
He serves like an instrument of the lord
And salvages some souls meant for the ‘Pit’.

Blest is the man who quotes the Scriptures well
And interprets them rightly for Gods cause!
He saves some sinners heading to sure hell
And brings more souls to Heaven with less loss.

Blest is the man who guides people to Light!
Rescuing them from Eternal darkness;
He knows the way to Heaven by foresight,
And delivers men from devil’s harness.

Blest is the man of God who spreads gospels!
For, Holy Spirit speaks through him and tells.

10-9-2001 by Dr John Celes
dedicated to Rev. Fr. Antony Lawrence D.D.,
my most revered School Principal, Teacher and
spiritual guide

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