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Heath Ledger

I learned respect for women, and patience. You grow up with all those women around learn to wait your turn.

in Cosmopolitan (June 1998)Report problemRelated quotes
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Here's to the Atom Bomb

away to the side you move your head
gravity fingers dig in your back
the strangest man won't let you breathe
rocking on you in a movie scene
his words fill your mouth
his guests bleed sick
devoid of touch
he lets out to the streets where you were raised
sittin' home waiting for the coming age
you had to wait your turn
you had to wait your turn
wake up early

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A new age for women

"A new age for women"
Ye who preach the sermon
"A new age for women has dawned"
Or perhaps fresh propaganda spawned
I'm sorry to say what I see
Is not the fruit of life's tree
No, this screaming on the corner
Torn and white
‘half price abortion for women's day"
Come to sell your soul
Only half price you'll pay
About the mission if the new age
Has come to the this
Your idea of what is meant to be
Is inches short of bliss

If Yeats and Eve both had apples
Can't Adam share with Maya a
Or at least with one of us
The women in your circle
The lady in the bus
Look around women bent low
But still painting their pride
No matter how you shame us
We'll take it in our stride!

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Have Respect For Others

Have respect
For others
Even if you don't like them

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For nothing and nothingness

For nothing and nothingness
My fate struggle with me
And I came to know
Everything is with me.

I asked the bird to come
And the bird not listening
Tear the flag that was
There all day long.

Going to the sea I see myself
In the sky and
The sky was not there
And I know you are not happy
With this
Happiness has got vital
Importance though.

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No Life Span For Love And Dreams

We're aware
We're aware that between us there's
A haze of ignorance
Our steps but tread the path of our search
But can't see their goal
Much more exquisite and radiant
Than my poems is your inner self
And my eye-glasses are getting thicker every day
Do you know
Why poems and stories become wordless
Trying to poetise us?
They want to know our birth date
The place we were born
And our present age.
What do they know?
Dreams are neither born
Nor ever they die
No register enters their birth statistics

I just don't know
At what point of time did you learn to take your first steps
Holding the dream's little finger
I indeed am that dream
Which no one has never seen
I had died verily the same day
When my father had kicked my mother on her stomach
But I continued to grow inside my grave
Grew so much that
My mother could see me without bending
Once I dropped my camera and broke it
While taking some body's picture
Only then I came to know
Why dreams become utterly black in daylight
Why it's important to have
a dark liquid to expose them
I didn't know that light can be seen only in darkness

We're indeed not what we seem to be
There's some one else in our place
Wearing our costume
Flowing water has no shape
Shapes are but in our eyes
And to see a dream
One doesn't need sleep - but eyes
From protozoan to a human being
The sleep of bilions of evolutionary years
Is but an interval for opening his eyes
Love is the intervening space between life and death
And we use the yardstick of one life span to measure it
And go through a mesquerade of living
But love has no life span
It prevails from an unknown beginning
To an unknown end
At whatever point in time we find it
We fix our separate limits
And then define it with names and relationships
Greater indeed is melancholy than our knowledge and experience
Let it expand
How could one express in words
All that colours, flowers and butterflies convey
There's no other better medium of communication
Than silence to talk to birds, plants and nice people
How do we know - we might simply be
Going through the awakening process
From a dream greater than ourselves
And someone - with his universal eye might be watching us
Do not disturb the soul of God
While it is dreaming.

Poem by: Naseer Ahmed Nasir,1994.
Translated from the original Urdu into English by Satyapal Anand.
Copyrights (C) All rights reserved.

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What Did You Learn At School Today?

What do kids learn
say on the first day at school?
...just some light-hearted verse follows...

See it's Tim’s first day
at high school;
see dad’s come to pick up Tim
See all the kids are coming out of school
And you can see Tim too
Do you see Tim?
He is walking
and Dad waves to him
and Tim gets in the car

and Dad says:
“Hi Tim…Did you enjoy school? ”

“Yes, ” says Tim, looking serious

And what did you learn, Tim
on your first day at high school? ”

I learned, ” says little Tim
“that all my friends get more pocket money
than I do! ”

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Man Is Not Satisfied

Man, oh man! !
Man is not satisfied in this world;
From the beginning till now,
We are all destroying ourselves.

The world was made 'flesh' by creating Adam and Eve,
And they were given the plantation to control;
Then, Adam and Eve went against the Creator's will.

Man oh man!
This world is now controlled with hatred anf jealousy;
And man is not satisfied with all the blessings around,
For, in the name of winning power! ! Many are killed.

Even in love, mankind is not satisfied;
Oh man! ! Why do you leave your wife alone and sleep with another man's wife?
From one girlfriend to another,
Form one house to another,
From one room to another,
From one bed to another,
Man is not satisfied.

From one wowan to another!
But, our greediness will lead is nowhere;
For, hatred and jealousy had been dividing us than ever on this earth! !

Man, oh man!
When will we learn the perfect laws of the Creator? !
From Adam and Eve to this present day of men and women;
And, in vain we do hate each other on this earth.

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20th Century

Farms are burned down to the ground
and cattle slaughter just there in the fields,
while a super power forces women and children
into concentration camps to kill them there.

Railway tracks run crisscross over the country
and galloping horses and oxen pulling wagons
are replaced by roaring cars, lorries
and motorbikes
and people follow technology
as if it’s the new god.

When the stock exchange folds
people jump from the windows of buildings,
while they are out of their wits,
as if they have got wings.

Germans march past
and thousands in crowds
are giving a sigh heil salute

and in a peculiar way stay ignorant
about millions of Jews that are robbed
and killed,
as if they did not exist.

Bombers let bombs dropp like rain
on Britain and rockets
hit London almost unstoppable

and in the icy Russian winter
the Germans are reminded that they are humans
and from Stalingrad they are driven back

until the Russians claim some of Berlin
and half of Germany
as their domain
and almost every women there gets raped

and America drops the bomb on Hiroshima
and another time on Nagasaki
and their enemies are molten, burned and radiated

and after this war jets cross the skies,
rockets go to the moon
where man stands like a god.

It’s the age were young boys
are shot into peaces in Vietnam, in Namibia
and Angola are sent to war,
where people loose respect for God
and try to solve everything with science,
where man becomes godly in his own eyes

and I wonder what the almighty God
thinks about this
while man is turn the earth to ruins
and are filling the cup
of the wrath of God?

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Over Again

In heaven you rest, but
In heaven you're unsatisfied
I would risk my life
And all those I hold close
To let you soar over and over
And over again, come back down
And live your life again,
Over and over
And over again
A redo of all those phases
Where you shut me out, out of your life
A chance, another chance for everything
This is a chance you won't pass up
Over and over
And over again
Another chance with all those days
And weeks, and months, and years
Another hour, minute, second
I'll hold things out of your way
Over and over
And over again
Trust breaks, trust drops
Trustworthy friend standing by your side
As you live your life over and over
And over again

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This is War

The desert sun beats down on you

Sweat drips from every pore

March along the small town streets

This is it; this is war

Scan the rooftops and alleyways

Now and then, kick down some doors

Pray it's not the last one you do

This his it; this is war

A gunshot rings out in the distance

Take your aim as you hit the floor

Return fire and stay alive

This is it; this is war

A letter comes in your name

With news from home your spirit soars

The pages bring you only grief

This is it; this is war

For months and months you've gone without

Your spirit's broken, your body's sore

Still you stand and carry on

This is it; this is war

You've made it through, the mission's done

Now you stand outside your door

You're a stranger in your own home

There you are: a casualty of war

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I Can't Understand

(Hank DeVito)
If you could read my mind
You'd know how hard I tried
But losing was not my plan
And I can't understand
With all those tears I cried
I should have realized
That I'd never hold you again
And I can't understand
I can't understand
Why you left my love behind
I can't understand
But I'll love you 'til the end of time
I search my memory
For the reason you don't love me
You're passing right through my hands
And I can't understand
If love wasn't meant to be
Then why have this hold on me
I tried to be strong, but then
I can't understand
If you could read my mind
Then you'd know how hard I tried
Losing was not my plan
And I can't understand
So when we meet as friends
My heart will break again
If that's how the story ends
Then I can't understand
If that's how the story ends
Then I can't understand

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With All My Heart, I Love You

Standing in an open field
Drenched by the rain with only a cap to shield
My whole body shivered, remembering the past
A vivid encounter, hopefully will not last

Saying goodbye was very hard to do
After a long, breathless warm embrace
To the man i have loved many years ago
Our childhood dreams, promises and vows have to go

With all my heart, i love you
With all my strength, i will carry you
These are our promises we hold on to
Our cup of joy filled to the brim overflow

Mountains may walk away, hills may fall into pieces
My love won't walk away from you and will never be broken

Can you see it in my eyes?
it is the eyes of love
i love you, and with all my heart i love only you
If only i have wings to fly,
I'll come and get you without a wink of my eye

I hold on to his promises and vow of undying love
Until we will be seeing back in each others arms
Whispering again those words...
With all my heart..i love you

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If I Were A Boy

If I were a boy
I will be a good man
I would love my girl forever
If she love me the same
and faithful to our love’d
I’ll do anything for her

If I were a boy
I would respect my girlfriend
feelings I'll make her feel
so special and I will be loyal to her

If I were a boy
I will teach every “badboy'
a lesson and I will taught them
how to respect their girl’s
and never threated girl's
like a toy’s

If I were a boy
I put my girlfriend always first
I will not fight with my girl
I will talk nicely to her
and I wouldn’t insulted her

If I were a boy
I will be a good man
I wouldn’t cheat and I wouldn’t lie
I would spend a quality time
and I wouldn’t be an ass
for accusing her of cheating

If I were a boy
I will protect my girl
I will stand by her
and take her side
and do things that
makes her always happy

If I were a boy
I would never hurt my girl
I would never do anything
that disrespect our love’d
I’ll threat her like a princess
with all the respect she deserve
and I will love her with all
my heart and soul

If I were a boy
but I'm just a girl..

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I got no money, got no job, I'm just another shufflin' slob.
Well we've all been disappointed, we've had our dreams before.
For with dreams you learn to take your turn
In a world that don't believe in nothin' anymore.
Some believe in Jesus. They don't act like they do.
Some believe in Mohammed. I don't believe that's true.
'Cause they do believe in money, and gold is what it's for.
All the gold can't buy no peace of mind
In a world that don't believe in nothin' anymore.
She is a woman, with a baby child. A sacrificed human. Now she's runnin' wild.
Well her dreams have all been shattered, her dignity defiled.
She has lost her way but she must stay
In a world that don't believe in nothin' anymore.
Some believe in love. Where did it go?
Some believe in children. Even they now know
That we do believe in money, and gold is what it's for.
All the gold can't buy no peace of mind
In a world that don't believe in nothin' anymore.
I believe in you, I believe in me and I don't care what the papers say.
I believe in struggle, I believe in life, I believe that we will find a way.
I believe in hope, I believe in dreams, I believe in luck, I believe in schemes
I believe in fate, I believe in time, I believe what I believe ain't worth a dime.
'Cause we do believe in money, and gold is what it's for.
All the gold can't buy no peace of mind
In a world that don't believe in nothin' anymore.
I'll go on livin', I'll pay the cost. I'll keep on givin' to those who are lost.
'Cause the children will be coming and they'll soon know the score.
They must understand I've played my hand
In a world that don't believe

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Ask 12: Bare your wounds

Don’t let it bring you down babe,
As the dragon crashes with the pain,
I see it all go round again.
Maybe not by the same name,
Maybe it’s just history repeating itself
Over and over and over and over,
Find me a lover, lets run for cover,
Sanctuary, hidden from the cascade of tears
That’s what we need, a place to hide our fears.

Sweetness in your youth, know no lie from truth.
Ignorance is bliss. What did I miss?
The world go by, take it in, exhale and sigh,
Open your eyes to the new day,
It may always be the last
Embrace the moment,
Hold no regrets,
Forget the past,
Whatever it is the proverbs say,
Find another way to drift away
With hazy Jane
Always she’s there
To take away the pain
To kiss the clouds with silver linings.
Wouldn’t it be fine if we could all agree to disagree?

What is it I feel when you are near?
Is it real babe? Do you fear me?
Why is it I see hesitation in your path?

Again and round the same,
The same as always and forever more,
pick up the pieces of the floor,
Rearrange them, with the dawn.
Rebirth. Reborn.

Out with the old in with the new,
Answering questions you thought you knew
The truth, but then again they lied to you.

Everything comes together in the end,
Come together one more time my friend.
Trip on, slip on, take a little chance on me, I
I’ll take a chance on you, tell me true babe
What is it you have to say when blank
Expressions confront your form?
This girl, in possession of her innocence,
You know she’s a break from the norm,
She wont conform to their rules,
She’s learnt to bend, then lend a helping hand.

Bare your wounds, we’ll find out soon
What is lost and what is found
Along with all that lies out of bounds to us.
Bare your wounds you’ll find out soon enough
What it is that makes you bleed, what is it your needing
Girl, another soul off which to feed?

Free me of my bondage to this plain,
Again and again the dragon crashes with the pain
We all go round the same.
Grounded in reality, the truth wouldn’t mean so much to me,
Yet this world is strange, the people stranger,
They’ll give you shit even if your born in a manger,
Born with a star to call out your name.

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Out Of Africa Comes

Out of Africa comes...
The beautiful idea of ubuntu this
Forbidden philosophy of humaneness
That humanity so badly needs today
Out of Africa comes...
Malnutrition and hunger and disease
Children of Africa...
Why do you die
In your thousands everyday and you
Refuse to throw away the superstitions
That don't protect you?
Sure.Others have had their own dark ages
And their black death and they have done
Away with all those burning of witches and
Really cleaned up their acts
Africa you must open up to innovation you
Must be ready to accept the marvel of
Technology and invention it is absolutely
Wrong to live in fear and ignorance and
Let yourself be scarred away from experimenting
By the scare stories of the grandmothers
From others borrow what's good and progressive
Reject what's regressive and harmful and
Within yourself keep what's spiritually enlightening
In other words don't touch their drugs
And their guns and their bombs
In a nutshell you don't need your own bows and machetes
My brothers and sisters...
Africa is the bread basket of the world
Why is it then that you don't eat the food
That you produce and it is recycled from
The corners of the globe back to you and
It has lost it's nutritional value and
You have to buy it at inflated prices?
Out of Africa comes...
The music of the forest and the brooding
Silence of the Sahara and the Namib
Out of Africa comes...
The roar of the lion and the thunder
Of the of the smoke of the mountains
And the heartbeat of the drum
And the laughter of the jackal and the
Lure of the vast open spaces that fills
The heart with romantic notions and the
Spirit with the desire for adventure
Out of Africa comes...
The Amandebele and the Bahutu and the Fulani
And the Masai and the Mandingo...
They are the lords of the land and one day
They shall unite because the artificial
Borders that were imposed to control
Them will no longer divide them and they will
End their wars of mutual slaughter and be brothers
And sisters and they will throw away the yoke of
Money and they will go back to till the land they
Will wrench out of the hands of the foreign owned
Companies that destroy their environment and they
Shall be masters of their own destinies again for
That is their birthright and they need not apologize
From whom did the Greeks learn their philosophy
And will soebody please take Aesop where he was born?
Out of Africa comes...
The gold that the children of mother Africa dig deep
From the belly of the earth but they're never told
Who runs away with the profits...
Out of Africa comes the disputed origins of the pyramids
And somebody better explain fully and truthfully
Who invented mathematics and after they have slaughtered
Mubarak will the Egyptians do the right thing and give
Egypt back to the Kemetians the black owners of Egypt?
Out of Africa comes...
The joy of cultural diversity
Out of Africa comes...
The gift of song
Out of Africa comes...
The music that Africa gives
To the children of the world

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A Poet's Home

Two pretty rills do meet, and meeting make
Within one valley a large silver lake:
About whose banks the fertile mountains stood
In ages passèd bravely crowned with wood,
Which lending cold-sweet shadows gave it grace
To be accounted Cynthia's bathing-place;
And from her father Neptune's brackish court,
Fair Thetis thither often would resort,
Attended by the fishes of the sea,
Which in those sweeter waters came to plea.
There would the daughter of the Sea God dive,
And thither came the Land Nymphs every eve
To wait upon her: bringing for her brows
Rich garlands of sweet flowers and beechy boughs.
For pleasant was that pool, and near it then
Was neither rotten marsh nor boggy fen,
It was nor overgrown with boisterous sedge,
Nor grew there rudely then along the edge
A bending willow, nor a prickly bush,
Nor broad-leaved flag, nor reed, nor knotty rush.
But here well-ordered was a grove with bowers,
There grassy plots set round about with flowers.
Here you might through the water see the land
Appear, strowed o'er with white or yellow sand;
Yon deeper was it, and the wind by whiffs
Would make it rise and wash the little cliffs
On which, oft pluming, sat unfrighted than
The gaggling wild-goose and the snow-white swan,
With all those flocks of fowls which to this day,
Upon those quiet waters breed and play.
For though those excellences wanting be
Which once it had, it is the same that we
By transposition name the Ford of Arle,
And out of which, along a chalky marle,
That river trills whose waters wash the fort
In which brave Arthur kept his royal court.
North-east, not far from this great pool, there lies
A tract of beechy mountains, that arise,
With leisurely ascending, to such height
As from their tops the warlike Isle of Wight
You in the ocean's bosom may espy,
Though near two furlongs thence it lie.
The pleasant way, as up those hills you climb,
Is strewèd o'er with marjoram and thyme,
Which grows unset. The hedgerows do not want
The cowslip, violet, primrose, nor a plant
That freshly scents: as birch, both green and tall;
Low sallows, on whose blooming bees do fall;
Fair woodbines, which about the hedges twine;
Smooth privet, and the sharp-sweet eglantine,
With many moe whose leaves and blossoms fair
The earth adorn and oft perfume the air.

When you unto the highest do attain
An intermixture both of wood and plain
You shall behold, which, though aloft it lie,
Hath downs for sheep and fields for husbandry,
So much, at least, as little needeth more,
If not enough to merchandise their store.

In every row hath nature planted there
Some banquet for the hungry passenger.
For here the hazel-nut and filbert grows,
There bullice, and, a little farther, sloes.
On this hand standeth a fair weilding-tree,
On that large thickets of blackberries be.
The shrubby fields are raspice orchards there,
The new felled woods like strawberry gardens are,
And had the King of Rivers blessed those hills
With some small number of such pretty rills
As flow elsewhere, Arcadia had not seen
A sweeter plot of earth than this had been.

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Sadly without its beats

Please let us sing together; flooding the dolorously
sultry atmosphere; with the ingratiating passion in
our voice,
Please let us smile together; enlightening the lives
of our dwindling compatriots with optimistic rays of

Please let us whistle together; piercing the sullen
carpets of air with our boisterously bubbly tunes;
spawning new life into the countless; as every instant

Please let us fantasize together; conceiving the most
mesmerizing beauty overwhelming this fathomless
Universe; catapulting into a land as enchanting as the

Please let us evolve together; procreating our own
progeny; so that we contributed our very best towards
continuing your cherished chapter of existence,

Please let us eat together; appeasing the hunger of
our famished stomachs; to transit thereafter into
realms of majestically heavenly sleep,

Please let us pray together; asking you to alleviate
us of our sins committed inadvertently; asking you to
bless the entire human race with unfathomable

Please let us mischief together; frolicking in the
aisles of innocuous childhood; even after crossing the
threshold of manipulative maturity,

Please let us run together; accomplishing our mission
of saving the planet with invincible grit and
determination; bonding our spirit with all those
philanthropic; in the true spirit of solidarity,

Please let us embrace together; incarcerating our
tumultuously rising flames in our body as one; under
torrential cloudbursts of rain,

Please let us cry together; commiserating wholesomely
with our pain; resiliently proliferating from the
ashes again; to challenge every aspect of
acrimoniously treacherous life,

Please let us dance together; mystically diffusing our
magical incantation in every flower that blossomed
under sizzling rays of the Sun,

Please let us whisper together; portraying the most
innermost feelings of our heart to unprecedented
limits beyond the sky; triggering off the marvelously
milky night with glory of our untamed romance,

Please let us swim together; conquering each
diabolically swirling wave with the insurmountable
conviction in our bodies; profusely blending with the
exuberant spirit of adventure,

Please let us sketch together; encapsulating the most
stupendously ravishing beauty in this Universe in the
barren canvas; that lay delectably on our palms,

Please let us drink together; assimilating all the
happiness on this boundless planet; toasting the most
memorable moments of our lives in the astoundingly
silken darkness,

Please let us hear together; absorbing the
unsurpassable melody in the winds; gyrate beyond
corridors of ecstasy for times immemorial,

Please let us breathe together; live each moment of
existence to its unfathomable fullest; living life
higher than the clouds and affording the same for our
fellow comrades,

And most importantly please grant us death together O! Almighty Lord;
for if you took one of us away before the other; then
of course the heart would definitely continue to live;
but sadly without its beats…..

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The Last Seven Days

You dont wake up
You (? ) wake up
Theres someone hiding in the dark
Who is pulling his country apart
Ive had seven days
And we want forget
The last seven days
And then its over
One week in chains
And then we are free
Seven days alone
And then were going home
Who wants a war ?
Who wants a firestorm ?
In the brightest day
Or the blackest night
Who are the ones who will fight ?
Ive had seven days
And we want forget
The last seven days
And then its over
(chorus) (? )
When will you learn
Youve had your turn
Watch the go rush round and round
Watching them burning he town
Ive had seven days
And we want forget
The last seven days
And then its over
One week in chains
And then we are free
Seven days alone
And then were going home
(repeat paragraph)

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A Philosophy, And This Sense Of Respect For The Other.

for a poem to be real
he is lecturing me
like i am one of his students in class

it must have
political color
like a student leader put to prison
the one with
fighting against an oppressive system
raging against the tide

it must be a questioning poem
one that lives in
quarter storms

it must have the love story of a rebel
war torn places
secret codes
and not subservient

love is not an issue in poetry
or identity crisis
these are all nothing but foolishness

existentialism? what for?
intellectual masturbation that gives you
but selfish ejaculation

i have respect for him
he is alive and fighting and kicking and revolting
soon he will be caught
and killed and his families
God forbids

To me however,
Life is too short for all these
and so
here i am writing anything that comes to my mind
topics range
whatever comes along
ants, or reptiles or sun or
or filial pity or
or premature deaths
or mourning widows
lost kids and
even about the lost cents
that the houseboy keeps on looking

This is life.
A phenomenon, it does not matter
if nothing is important.

I see, and so i write,
There are feelings, nearest to my heart
and i hear all the sounds

I echo,
This is the resounding.

Life ends, sometimes, others do not like it.
I welcome everything.
My arms are always open, like a port at sea
Like a cave less the vines.

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