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Zero days the Zero hope

cosmetic and surgery twin the survival of the earth
it is the pain of the bleed that waits for a day to live in
this wonderful and beautiful world we live and stay

an unforgettable memory joust the beginning of time,
the everything that once existed in a while and wild
have wondered the face of the universe, in a beginning
of pre-existed limbo

like a cosmic fall the doomsday has reach to the
cycle of eternity, the 13th Bactun of the Maya empire
whisper the wind to hide; seem every minute, moment
is vying to settle in the most horrified destiny

as the day becomes the end of each beginning of our
celebration of creation, the harmonic dictum of
life return to its fold of history, the anniversary of life
has come to dawn

welcome the future anniversary of creation, the
never ending day of return, the rays has vessel the soul
to the ocean of eternity; a happy moment of our stay
forever and ever, Amen

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