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Valeriu Butulescu

The best dog is a bad dog.

aphorism by from Immensity of the Point, translated by Eva A. ZiemReport problemRelated quotes
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The Best Thing You Ever Had

(yeah, blues!)
I wont ask where youre going
If you dont ask where Ive been
cause if youre looking for an answer, babe
I wouldnt know where to begin.
I dont know what I want sometimes
But I sure know what I likes
Youve got that thing about you
Gets me hot inside
If it makes no sense when I wrote this song
Cause half way through it you were turning me on
Chorus #1:
Lay me down
I just might be your kind
Ill show you a better way
We can do away the time
If you stop looking so hard
I think you just might find
I aint finding it so bad
Might be the best thing you ever had
You know a little bout love and
I know a lot about hate
I believe you gotta make things happen
You believe in fate
But this wont be the first time that
We didnt see eye to eye
You may not be religious but Ill make you see god
If you give me a try
I know love can get me through it
If you give me that look well get down to it
Chorus #2:
Dont shoot me down
Im not a social disease
Youve got that thing about you
Bring a grown man to his knees
Ill teach you baby
bout them birds and them bees
When you get around
And think about it aint so bad
Might be the best thing you ever had
Best thing I ever had
Ah, give me some of that!
When I put out the dog
Ya get them old ghosts out of bed.....
I aint looking for a little to say
Baby some place to lay my head
Im the one to right your wrong
If you give me a chance and Ill turn you on
Chorus #1
Chorus #2

song performed by PoisonReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Lucian Velea
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The Cattle-Dog's Death

The Plains lay bare on the homeward route,
And the march was heavy on man and brute;
For the Spirit of Drought was on all the land,
And the white heat danced on the glowing sand.

The best of our cattle-dogs lagged at last,
His strength gave out ere the plains were passed,
And our hearts grew sad when he crept and laid
His languid limbs in the nearest shade.

He saved our lives in the years gone by,
When no one dreamed of the danger nigh,
And the treacherous blacks in the darkness crept
On the silent camp where the drovers slept.

The dog is dying,’ a stockman said,
As he knelt and lifted the shaggy head;
‘’Tis a long day’s march ere the run be near,
‘And he’s dying fast; shall we leave him here?’

But the super cried, ‘There’s an answer there!’
As he raised a tuft of the dog’s grey hair;
And, strangely vivid, each man descried
The old spear-mark on the shaggy hide.

We laid a ‘bluey’ and coat across
The camping pack of the lightest horse,
And raised the dog to his deathbed high,
And brought him far ’neath the burning sky.

At the kindly touch of the stockmen rude
His eyes grew human with gratitude;
And though we parched in the heat that fags,
We gave him the last of the water-bags.

The super’s daughter we knew would chide
If we left the dog in the desert wide;
So we brought him far o’er the burning sand
For a parting stroke of her small white hand.

But long ere the station was seen ahead,
His pain was o’er, for the dog was dead
And the folks all knew by our looks of gloom
’Twas a comrade’s corpse that we carried home.

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The Black Dog

early morning when
the door of the house is finally opened
the black dog enters
missing his master
the owner of the door of the house
it wants to speak
but since it has no power over the words
it simply wags its tail
puts his head on the lap of the master
and from this gesture
one can see
that everything is well said
by it...

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The Hot Dog and the Bun

The bun said
to the hot dog
I'm open, come on in
you look like you
could use a rest
come lay down in my den!

The hot dog
took the welcome
and with a sudden jump
he dove into the mustard jar
and spread it on his rump!

I'm ready Mr. hot dog bun
and thank you
for the 'hello'
for just as you look good in tan
I too look good in yellow!

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One's Experience Is the Best Teacher

You have a well groomed and beautiful dog.
Does it bite?

'Only when I take his leash off.
And I express my annoyance with someone.
He is very clever in picking up on my moods.
And he is trained to be protective.
Can you guess what mood I am in? '

What do you think,
I am a mind reader?

'Not at all.
I want to answer your question,
In the best way I can.
I've always been told,
One's experience is the best teacher.'

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The Barking Dog

The Barking Dog

A dog barked at the wind on the grass
Stare at a certain soul
Chicken, dog, wind, or soil?
A residual
Imprisoned in the wall of abyss

Nameless the grass
Penetrate the different bodies
Transforming Regenerating
Revive the unlimited possibilities
Half by hatred Half the strange love

Pick up the name from the dust
For the fallen notes
The grey pomegranate seeds
Carved into the earth and wind
On cranium

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Courage The Cowardly Dog

Eustace, Muriel, somebody's at the door.
Creepy, surreal, someone better get the door.
Someone better get the door.
Who's gonna' get the door?
Courage the Cowardly Dog, Courage the Cowardly Dog.
Something horrible wants to destroy our humble
Nowhere shack. Who will protect our home?
Someone protect our home, Who will protect our home?
Courage the Cowardly Dog, Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog, Courage the Cowardly Dog

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Added by Lucian Velea
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The Farmer And The Stray Dog

the farmer arrives
bringing with him his
viand and rice
places it in the corner
of his hut,

the stray dog
gets in through its
sense of smell
and finds its catch
the farmer's
viand and rice

the catch is taken
far away

the farmer
is not angry for soon

a woman with a long
black hair arrives
bringing him
his broiled fish
and newly cooked rice

the woman is not
his wife
and there they are
under the shade of
the mango tree

the stray dog watches
as this story unfolds
to the final chapter
inside the hut
on such a very dark night

the dog is clever
and it knows the ending
the farmer is not angry
for dogs. mind you,
never tell.

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The Barking Dog Inside Your Mind

it must be noisy
inside your mind
as you complain
about the barking
dog barking all
day long in your

and it must be
also unfair if
as you feel it,
you are always
the wrong tree
being barked

so you are the
tree wronged
and i, this human
being writing
some lines for
a conversation,
shall always be
that barking dog
inside your

let us talk
let us exchange
places, or let us
settle for a little
there is no dog,
and there is no
wrong tree,

onthe very first day
next year
at the very first hour,
let us talk,
as new friends,
let us begin again
as strangers
in a new place
wanting to know
what each street
is named after.

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Just A Friendly Small Dog

Just a small brown and white jack russell with a stub for a tail
Yet when it comes to trust and loyalty his master he never fail
One who will never know of canine renown
Yet to his mentor he is the best dog in the town
With a ball or a stick he loves for to play
Just a friendly terrier friendly in every way
Yet his master with his life he'd defend
'Tis true what is said of a four legged friend
Respect for his master in love and devotion he does pay
At the gate to greet him home from work every day
With wagging stumpy tail and an excited bark
As if to say master take me to fetch ball in the park
Just a friendly small dog with a stump of a tail
But when it comes to devotion and loyalty he never does fail.

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By-tor & The Snow Dog

Words and music by geddy lee, alex lifeson, and neil peart
I. at the tobes of hades
The tobes of hades
Lit by flickering torchlight
The netherworld is gathered in the glare
Prince by-tor takes the cavern
To the north light
The sign of eth is rising in the air
By-tor, knight of darkness,
Centurion of evil
Devils prince
Ii. across the styx
Across the river styx
Out of the lamplight
His nemesis is waiting at the gate
The snow dog, ermine glowing
In the damp night
Coal-black eyes shimmering with hate
By-tor and the snow dog
Square for battle
Let the fray begin
Iii. of the battle
Iv. epilogue
The battles over
And the dust is clearing
Disciples of the snow dog sound the knell
Rejoicing echoes
As the dawn is nearing
By-tor in defeat
Retreats to hell
Snow dog is victorious
The land of the overworld
Is saved again

song performed by RushReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Lucian Velea
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The Neglected Dog

The neglected dog looks such a sight! His coat is full of fleas!
Yet once he filled you with delight! He really loved to please!
The neglected dog has tapeworms, too! They're ghastly to behold!
Yet once this dog showed love for you! He once was good as gold!
The neglected dog has matted hair and sores upon his feet!
Yet once you combed him with such care till he looked cool and neat!
The neglected dog has eyes that fall... He's lost the will to live!
Yet once he answered every call! He had so much to give!
The neglected dog lies flat and still... He hasn't fed in days!
Yet once you cared when he was ill! Now who cares if he prays! ?
The neglected dog pleads for your love! Is that too hard a task! ?
Yet once your love was quite enough! He didn't need to ask!
The neglected dog has passed away... It's too late... anyhow...
Though once you loved him day-by-day... Too late to pet him now...

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Frosty the Snow Dog

Frosty the Snow Dog, is a very lucky dog,
From a surprise beginning to a winning rescue on MAESSR's blog.

Frosty the Snow Dog, knew just what she had to do
When her rescue came it wouldn't be the same. she just had to make it thru

There must have been a reason why it happened all that day
Out of five, she made the strive, to make sure it went her way
For Frosty the Snow dog was as glad as she could be
She was on her way, that special day, to make sure I would agree.

Woofity woof woof, woofity woof woof, look at Frosty go
Woofity woof woof, woofity woof woof, as she planned it so!

Frosty the Snow Dog knew the ride would be real long
So she played the part to win my heart, and sang her special song.
Frosty the Snow Dog, thru all the twists and turns
Of the road ahead, she made her bed on my lap to make me learn.
That I came down that special day to pick her up and save
From being in a shelter, to a beloved pet I gave.

For Frosty the Snow Dog, a mission she was on
To get a home & to belong, now won't you sing along!

Merry Christmas! From Frosty, the Snow Dog! !

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The Little Dog's Day

All in the town were still asleep,
When the sun came up with a shout and a leap.
In the lonely streets unseen by man,
A little dog danced. And the day began.

All his life he'd been good, as far as he could,
And the poor little beast had done all that he should.
But this morning he swore, by Odin and Thor
And the Canine Valhalla - he'd stand it no more !

so his prayer he got granted - to do just what he wanted,
Prevented by none, for the space of one day.
‘Jam incipiebo,[1] sedere facebo’[2]
In dog-Latin he quoth, ‘Euge! sophos! hurray!’

He fought with the he-dogs, and winked at the she-dogs,
A thing that had never been heard of before.
'For the stigma of gluttony, I care not a button!' he
Cried, and ate all he could swallow - and more.

He took sinewy lumps from the shins of old frumps,
And mangled the errand-boys - when he could get 'em.
He shammed furious rabies, and bit all the babies,[3]
And followed the cats up the trees, and then ate 'em!

They thought 'twas the devil was holding a revel,
And sent for the parson to drive him away;
For the town never knew such a hullabaloo
As that little dog raised till the end of that day.

When the blood-red sun had gone burning down,
And the lights were lit in the little town,
Outside, in the gloom of the twilight grey,
The little dog died when he'd had his day.

poem by (1907)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Veronica Serbanoiu
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The Burglar Dog

I have a dog called Harry,
He’s a Maltese-Poodle cross,
I don’t know how I got him -
(He saw me coming! – Of course!)
The little rat sleeps on my couch
And scatters his bones about,
His hair’s all over the washing pile
And I’m constantly kicking him out.

Then he goes for the doggy wounded look,
And lies in the sun, outside,
Rolls in the grass and the prickles, waits
For my temper to subside.
I say – ‘Who spilt the rubbish, then,
All over the kitchen floor? ’
He sniffs – ‘It was the Burglar Dog.’
- Refuses to say any more.

The Burglar Dog, the Burglar Dog!
That’s all that I ever hear,
Whenever my steak goes missing
It’s the Burglar Dog, I fear.
He comes in the house while I’m in bed,
And Harry’s asleep on the couch,
Opens my packet of crinkle chips
And sneaks them out of the house.

He comes and he chews my slippers up
While Harry’s away, outside,
Performing his own ablutions
So he tells me - Bless my eyes!
Crapping all over the garden path
Where I walk, no doubt it’s him!
‘Not me – must be the Burglar Dog!
You must have let him in! ’

I’ve never seen this Burglar Dog
But I’m going to lie in wait,
Set up my digital camera then,
And catch this dog in the act;
But if it happens to be pure white,
All fluffy and one foot tall,
Harry will have some explaining to do -
Or I’ll take away his ball(s) !

25 December 2007

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A Famous Dog Story

The story I am about to tell you it well may be true
For the one who told it to me for to give him his due
Is one who does not make up stories nor neither is he
One prone to imagine it would seem to me.

We were swapping dog stories myself and old Lew
Of dogs we heard tell of and dogs that we knew
Of dogs who are honoured in story and rhyme
The history of their greatness has lived on in time.

But the best dog story he told me was one I heard before
When I was a young school-boy going back five decades or more
The greatest dog story that he can recall
Perhaps is the greatest dog story of all.

A story from early Spring the weather was cold
The red shorthorn calf had strayed from her mother a young five days old
In the field by the farm-yard the cow bellowed around
But her calf did not reply and was not to be found.

The farmer searched for her with Shep his brown cattle dog
But no trace of the calf in the field by the bog
He then thought the calf may have strayed and in a bog hole drown
Still no trace of the young heifer though the bog he searched up and down.

But in the gray dawning of the very next day
Old Shep the brown dog to the yard made his way
With the red heifer calf suckling on the end of his tail
That the clever dog had dipped into a full milk pail.

The mother cow was delighted her calf she did lick
And none more relieved than the old farmer Mick
As he patted his dog you're a hero he did say
This a famous dog story that lives on today.

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The Best Friend Peom For Me

A best friend who is they
A best friend who give you a hand
A best friend is someone you turst
A best friend is someone who go through the good & the bad times
A best friend is the best person to you
A best friend is the person who is the wold in your eyes
A best friend is the person who make you laugh & cry
A best friend to me is Jaz, kaity & katie

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A teacher is the best artist of the child

A teacher is the best artist of the child
He is also the builder of a strong Nation,
If his art fails the statue, this child will be wild,
Then, what about the future of our Nation?
Negligent teacher's children become bad,
This is a mysterious hit to him by Nature,
A good teacher does his duty what he had,
His children will be fine by the grace of God,
Teacher is blessed by God if he teaches well,
He should think that every child is his own,
Tomorrow before God every teacher has to tell,
In society a good teacher is well known,
A careless teacher is cursed to go to hell,
A good teacher lives with a honored crown.

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Sonnet-Nature's The Best

The child with milestones normal is the best;
The child that gets parental love grows well;
The teeth that timely erupt grow, strongest;
The good man from the bad, genes, time will tell.

The fruit thats ripe on tree does taste the best;
One ripened artificially isn't that good;
The child that learns naturally performs best;
That cooked in earthenware's the tastiest food.

God -given breeze is what most men prefer;
Air-conditioned has its demerits sure;
That Natural things are best, we all infer;
For Man is too a part of God's Nature.

Respect Nature and Earth will remain green;
And keep soul pure when life will be serene.

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Making The Best of Life

I'm only human, can fail like the rest
I've been to the top, and very bottom put through the test,
Should you love me, or should you not?
Am I needed or just sought

Wearing my heart on my sleeve, sharing it it often
Whose lives have been hurt, trying to soften,
Put a smile on the face, of one so broken
Kind words and a smile, a welcome token

This world we live in, so evil and bad
Take your happiness, where it can be had,
I shall think of you as my brother and sister
Can't we all be family, in a world so sinister

I can hurt and i can cry
I can make the best of things, let things brush by,
Don't live your life, by ups and downs
Let your smiles, lift others frowns!

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