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She was afraid of all that and so much more, but what terrified her most was inside of her, an insect of unnatural intelligence who’d been living in her brain her entire life, playing with it, clicking across it, wrenching loose its cables on a whim.

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Today's Enlightening Rain

My head is numb
This headache growing
The wrist movements in my writing
is ever slowing

I wish to move this block aside
and with that space can a poem reside
I want it to be about you, of your everlasting beauty
If I concentrate hard enough that poem will come out smoothly

It will be about your skin, your hair, your eyes
About how you walk, sleep and rise
Your beauty far exceeds any other without compare
How I love and long to be in your arms right now, nestled in your hair

To see you smile, to hear you laugh, to feel you breathing in my ear
to lose all that and so much more, is something that I dread and fear

Where did the time go? Shall it end? I something I constantly guess
But with our love I do believe that our God did truly bless

I don't like to write these poems like this
Because my rhymes seem to miss
But today the rain rained down on me
and gave my writer bliss

Written: September 6,2011

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Thick At that! ...And Glossy!

How much admitted,
Actually exists?
If you talk about someone
In a negative light,
What makes that which is expressed,
Alright to dance on gossip licked lips?
At that...
And glossy!

How much admitted,
Actually exists?
We know of no one's true feelings,
But our own.
No conflicts inflicted will be felt,
With a depthness known,
No one knows...
Who's in bed with who,
And who is left alone.

But there is no stopping,
Having a fling or two
With someone new.
Who knows what to do,
With a stiffened bone!
How much admitted,
Actually exists?
How much has been changed
To arrange point of views,
By those who discreetly
Do what they do!

How much admitted,
Actually exists...?
Has driven misfits
To even more exposure.
And Rod Sterling has passed...
To worlds beyond Twilight Zones.
And he was very comfortable,
With discussing 'possibilities'!

If it is worthy to admit
Situations believed to be unfit...
One must sit and evaluate,
Being in someone's business not theirs...
How much actually exists?
And whoever committed an admission...
Please admit it!
So we can move 'that hell',
Away from here and us.
And perhaps that 'thick-and-glossy' act
Has been given to attract minds,
Off course!
And all the time.
Will be chased to another place.
And heads here can begin to erect first,
With perception.
Instead of inflated egos wishing to sweat.

How much admitted,
Actually exists?
Well that all depends
On how well the re-enactments
Are delivered in a heightened freshness!
And the staleness is forgiven,
Of prior performances claimed.

Thick at that,
And glossy had more rumors to spread.
That's how she kept her lips supple!
And prepared to use if she had to!

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All That She Wants

Inspired by the baby obsessed woman who just birth to 8 little ones.

to the tune of Ace of Base's All That She Wants

She leads a crazy life
She leads such a mixed-up life

Well she just stayed out again all night
Now a new day has just begun
She opens up her blearly eyes and thinks
Oh what a blessing it would be
Not to have to work
Just gotta go the bank again and pick up some men
Nine monthes later she'll be pumping out another eight
Just for checks and fun
She's coming to get you

All that she wants is another baby
She'll be headline news again tomorrow
'Cause all that she wants is another baby, yeah
All that she wants is another baby

It's all that she wants
It's all that she wants
All that she cares about

So if your sperm is tight and the day is right
She's the hunter
Your little swimmers are the foxes
The woman will stalk you
Even if it takes forever
Just to fulfill her bizzare obsession
Long ago to her sanity she said goodbye
Beware of what is flashing in those greedy eyes
She's coming to get you

All that she wants is another baby
She'll be headline news again tomorrow
'Cause all that she wants is another baby, yeah
All that she wants is another baby
Just one more baby, yeah


Ohh all that she wants is another baby (Just one more baby, yeah)
She'll be headline news again tomorrow
'Cause all that she wants is another baby (Just one more baby, yeah)
All that she wants is another baby (Just one more baby, yeah)
She'll be headline news again tomorrow
'Cause all this addicted broad wants is another baby (Just one more baby or two, yeah)

Crazy lady
It's all that she wants
Total basketcase
It's all the she lives for
All that she wants
All that she's ever lived for

2009 Ramona Thompson

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She was an Angel

It was written in the stars
That she would be something special
She was an Angel

A musical entrepeneur
Off the past, present and the future
Her voice was real
There was no need to mimic
Her romantic musical lyrics

She was an Angel
People were always curious
About this musical genius
Many used to climb the hills
And stand still
Just to hear her making love
To the strings of her guitar

She belted out songs
Some in a whisper
While the crowd will chant away
Delighted to hear her play

She was an Angel
A profilic writer
An Angelic diva
A musical master
feeling the air with pure emotion
Music was her entire life's devotion

She was an Angel
Her words were magical
Always casting on the crowd a spell
Taking them momentarily
out of their troubled hell

Yes it was written in stars
That she would be something special
She was beautiful
She was wonderful
She was an Angel

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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All That Heaven Will Allow

I got a dollar in my pocket there aint a cloud up above
I got a picture in a locket that says baby I love you
Well if you didnt look then boys then fellas dont go lookin now
Well here she comes a-walkin all that heaven will allow
Say hey there mister bouncer now all I wanna dance
But I swear I left my wallet back home in my workin pants
Cmon slim slip me in man Ill make it up to you somehow
I cant be late I got a date with all that heaven will allow
Rain and storm and dark skies well now they dont mean a thing
If you got a girl that loves you and who wants to wear your ring
So cmon mister trouble well make it through you somehow
Well fill this house with all the love all that heaven will allow
Now some may wanna die young man young and gloriously
Get it straight now mister hey buddy that aint me
cause I got something on my mind that sets me straight and walking proud
And I want all the time all that heaven will allow

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Susan... She Dreamed A Dream For... Us All

The world spun round in Les Miserable fatigue,
Economies fell weighed down with greed,
The tsunami tide of loss rose so high,
Damping the curtain of our bright blue sky,

We all felt down and tightened our belts,
Hoping it will all go away an’ just melts.

Thru a tiny hole in the heavenly sky
Out stepped onto the world stage to sing and fly,
A figure ofShe’s not going anywhere at that age”
A middle aged frump to sing standing alone on stage,

Inside Susan Boyle an angel caressed her voice as it let loose
To pimple our skin and tear our eyes and lap her magic juice,
Our woes were gone as a smile caressed and invaded our faces,
She made us see all the rags were not rags but beautiful laces,

Her records will sell a yardstick for all under dogs
Pouring concrete to fill all life’s sinking bogs,
A saviour of hope...Beautiful Susan we love you so much
Thank you for the uplift to our lives you did surely touch.

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A Love Story(The King And I)

Once in time, there lived a king
Who lives still, nor ever could die
Who lived neither in space nor time
But made them both alike
For his queen to breathe and move
While he watched from not so far a distance
As she danced and played, and laughed and ached
He loved her so, and longed to show her so
Born by love, she sought for love
In all the wrong places and all the wrong people
While all the while the love she sought
Was in her, was by her, was for her, and with her
The time had come for her to know
The one who indeed loved her so
'I am God', he said, I love you so
And this I did, and that I did, to show you so
I'd love for you to love me too and show me so
Let me in, and make me your king or something in between
She took him in, and became his queen
And him her king and so much more
He fought for her, the apple of his eye
The beauty from his ashes
There lied a problem, he knew her number
The number of her days
He unbound by time, loved one bound in time
To live forever, he died to save her
She cried and cried, for he was gone away
I'm building our kingdom, he said in a letter
I'll be back so soon, I miss you too
A day to her, a thousand years to him
She waited and waited, and then became like knaves
She said these words when are days were made:
To my darling, my love, my king
You walked with me, you talked with me
Now I'm here, so far from you
My conscience is fading
With evil prevailing
The thoughts that walk the streets of my mind
Are far from good, my heart far from home
Years unending, I did my will
And chased the thrills of my will
Despair revealed his face in mine
As all I got was pain and shame
I could apologize for falling short today
And still fall short tomorrow
I am frail...I am human
But in all my humanity
I have come to love your divinity
In the day I breathe my last
May I see your face
And rest forever in your arms
The King smiled and thought to himself
In all my divinity, I have come to love your humanity
Rest in peace my child, my love, my queen.

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All That You Desire

Come for my love and i will give you all that you desire from me,
But not like the trails and the tears of your past;
For this is a well calculated act to satisfy your muse.

On board the ship and come to me my love,
For many tears will not lead you on;
And like the acts of a crafty man! !
But wake up and let me tell you the truth,
For my love is prepared for you alone.

All that you desire is what i have,
All that you need is what you see,
So come and lie down on my bed of love with the peace of your mind;
For i am in the third story waiting for you,
Because your muse touched my heart this morning!

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Envy and Admiration

Oh how I envy my sister
Every time she talks
Every time she walks
Every time she goes somewhere
I envy my sister every minute of the day

She talks like there’s no stopping her
She owns her walk all the time
She gets to have freedom to go wherever she wants
She gets to drive when she wants to
She is the lucky sister that I very much envy

But yet I still admire her with all of my heart
I admire her for her strength
I admire her for her willingness to speak out
I admire her for her ability to stand out in the crowd
She is the sister that I admire every minute of the day

How can I envy and admire her both?
She makes my insides fill with jealousy
But yet she fills my heart and brain with admiration
After confessing this, I still feel envy and admiration for my older sister…will it ever end? ? ?

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She was much wiser than he knew.

He asked her for her heart and hand.
Which she agreed to readily.
He thought she did not understand.
His motives were mercenary.

She joined the aristocracy
became a Countess over night.
Which recued him from penury.
He thought that she was not too bright.

But soon discovered his mistake.
For trust funds still controlled her wealth.
There was no way that he could take
advantage of her using stealth.

She was much wiser than he thought
and kept control of the purse strings.
She gained the title that she sought.
She disbelieved his sweet nothings.

She had agreed to clear his debts
and this she was prepared to do.
Without the slightest of regrets.
Because she was entitled to

use her new title of Countess.
Which opened many doors for her.
But as for him he gained far less
than he had really bargained for.

Though not harassed by creditors
He finds his freedom is curtailed.
Like many would be predators.
He lost much more than what he gained.

There is a moral to this tale
When predators go head to head.
The weakest one is bound to fail
So do take head of what I’ve said.

Monday,17 May 2010 http: //

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We pray the God for well being
Ask from heart a little favor to bring
Happiness in home and in life
No trouble whatsoever even if to walk on edge of knife

"Aradhna" is some kind of meditation or constant worshipping
Dedicated efforts to attain expertise with blessings
The result is forthcoming but after long years
Person shines with his achievements unbelievable to the ears

I have come across many friends who live respectably
Speak nothing about their specialty and lead honorably
They have made their course precisely set
They have no more desires form this world to get

Yet my dear "Aradhna"* is different from others
She has preferred isolation and so much liked by her
She wants no praise but like very much to stay indoors
For her life is like struggle and not less than wars

I can understand the sufferings she might have undergone
May be her past not allowing to forget the by gone
Time comes when person prefers to shut down all communication
Not severing contacts altogether but live barely on thin relation

I love that theory and try to close in to her heart
She is down to earth and stays calm with natural art
There is no show in her approach but only wisdom
Such a quality is seen rarely and witnessed seldom

I don't know why she preferred to be at my door
I am not that intelligent to pick her feeling and look poor
She keeps on telling about her being alone in crowd
I welcome her feeling but don't appreciate it loud

She has suffered at cruel hands and wants no more
I only admire her skill and honestly adore
She may not like more acquaintance or closeness
But yes she has appetite for good things to face

She is best suited to her name
She is above everything and free from blame
What else one gentle lady can expect as prize?
Name, fame, or both much to her surprise

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An Old Doll

Low on her little stool she sits
To make a nursing lap,
And cares for nothing but the form
Her little arms enwrap.

With hairless skull that gapes apart,
A broken plaster ball,
One chipped glass eye that squints askew,
And ne'er a nose at all -

No raddle left on grimy cheek,
No mouth that one can see -
It scarce discloses, at a glance,
What it was meant to be.

But something in the simple scheme
As it extends below
(It is the 'tidy' from my chair
That she is rumpling so) -

A certain folding of the stuff
That winds the thing about
(But still permits the sawdust gore
To trickle down and out) -

The way it curves around her waist,
On little knees outspread -
Implies a body frail and dear,
Whence one infers a head.

She rocks the scarecrow to and fro,
With croonings soft and deep,
A lullaby designed to hush
The bunch of rags to sleep.

I ask what rubbish has she there.
'My dolly,' she replies,
But tone and smile and gesture say,
'My angel from the skies.'
Inefflable the look of love
Cast on the hideous blur
That somehow means a precious face,
Most beautiful, to her.

The deftness and the tenderness
Of her caressing hands . . . . . .
How can she possibly divine
For what the creature stands?

Herself a nurseling, that has seen
The summers and the snows
Of scarce five years of baby life.
And yet she knows - she knows.

Just as a puppy of the pack
Knows unheard huntsman's call,
And knows it is a running hound
Before it learns to crawl.

Just as she knew, when hardly born,
The breast unseen before,
And knew - how well! - before they touched,
What milk and mouth were for.

So! by some mystic extra-sense
Denied to eyes and ears,
Her spirit communes with its own
Beyond the veil of years.

She hears unechoing footsteps run
On floors she never trod,
Sees lineaments invisible
As is the face of God -

Forms she can recognise and greet,
Though wholly hid from me.
Alas! a treasure that is not,
And that may never be.

The majesty of motherhood
Sits on her baby brow;
Before her little three-legged throne
My grizzled head must bow.

That dingy bundle in her arms
Symbols immortal things -
A heritage, by right divine,
Beyond the claims of kings.

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Let You Go

 I could never love someone
As much as I love you
The great times we had
The way you cheered me up when I was sad
You always made me happy
No matter how badly I felt
What you have shown me
I couldn't get from anyone else
You showed me the feeling
To love someone and be loved back
To share romance and things like that
You're beauty captivated me
Because you had it set
Both inside and out
You try to hide
All the time
Don't hide yourself
Either way you were still beautiful
You had great qualites
And it just got me even more
Your creativity, Personality
Caring and Embrasiveness
It seems to me there was that and so much more
You showed me what it's like
To have a romance that was amazing
We were on fire we were ablazing
With love and passion
My eyes filled with delight
Becuase I was with you
That made my day and night
We have so much in common
We are so great for each other
But I can't be with you now
Because your with my brother
I can't hurt him
But that's what we're doing
I'm cheating with you and it's killing him
You were my unoffical love but your his real one
I can't let him suffer
While I steal his chance
To have someone as great as you
As his love and romance intrest
I'll never stop loving you
But we have to stop being this way
I can't control how my love for you is strong
Which is why I can not trying to be with you
But I can't romance
My brothers lover
It'll hurt me for a while
But for now i'll find another
I can't steal you away
I can't break his heart
I can't romance you
I can't tear him apart
I wouldn't do that to someone
Who's dear to me like he is
So I'll lay off and not interfere
I know one day that you will split
But I won't be the cause of it
But for now I'll let him have his time
To be with someone who's just great
I'll wait until you become untaken
So our love won't be forsaken
And we may start the romance
That we so greatly desired
But until that day we will remain friends
We stop playing romance and just do other things
I'll hug you still, ill continue to talk
I'll listen to you and I'll still be around you
But we have to let it die for now until I can revive it again
Trust me this is hard for me to comprehend
But it's the right thing to do
For my dear brothers sake
For our own and the risks we take
But ill soon be with you my love
And we won't stop romancing
We won't stop being this way
But we will be together some day
They say if you love something
Let it go
If it comes back to you
It is yours
I have to let you go
I never wanted that to have to happen
But I can't let this cheating persist
So we will lay off being unofficial lovers
Until you and my brother finish your time
Then when you're done
You'll be mine I hope
I love you with all my heart
Even tho slowly it will tear apart
But I need to accept this inevidable truth
I will wait for you until we can be together
I will wait for you so we can be forever

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Hey Lucky Lady

Hey lucky lady lucky lady I was once the lucky lady
I was happy with my baby I was such a lucky lady
Hey lucky lady lucky lady you are now the lucky lady
Are you happy with my baby you know you're a lucky lady you lucky lady
Lucky lady that's what I was I was happy to have his love
All a woman could wish for he was that and so much more
He was mine and how I loved him before your hands ever touched him
Long before your temptin' eyes lured my baby from my life
Hey lucky lady lucky lady...
Is it love or is it pleasure do you know you've found a treasure
Are you only having fun do you know the prize you've won
If you don't want something lasting if it's just the time you're passing
Lucky lady give him up cause I do love him very much
Hey lucky lady lucky lady...
Hey lucky lady lucky lady...

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Without The Lord

To live one day without The Lord, is one day you cannot afford,
To live this life on your own, without the Power from His Throne,
While your life God shall fill, with the Spirit’s Power, per His will,
As God powers your daily life, when you walk with Jesus Christ.

For you it’s not a great sacrifice, as The Lord has paid the price,
When He died for you and me, on that bloody Cross of Calvary;
Where He died, for sinners like us, and all we have to do is trust,
In His finished work, on the cross, paid by Christ for sinners lost.

Christ had suffered all the pain, to grant to believers Eternal gain,
He grants, when we truly believe, when The Holy Spirit we receive,
His Spirit of Wisdom and Power, providing us each day and hour,
Being our teacher and our guide, as God’s Spirit now lives inside.

The Spirit goes before us every day, as we walk life’s narrow way,
Supplying strength for life’s race, as He guides us place to place,
In times of trial He grants peace, that from Christ, shall not cease,
With His presence and His light, that overcomes the dark of night.

We gain all this and so much more, when we know Christ as Lord,
With the best, still yet to come, as we labor for Christ’s Kingdom,
God’s Kingdom that has no end, with Christ as our Eternal Friend,
So before you let this day depart, allow the Savior into your heart.

(Copyright ©07/2009)

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Through the ages
By way of old faded pages
An eternal word
Has been spoken...
Hope enters a weary world
That's long been soiled and broken;

A cry heard, a need met
An answer given in a message sent
From where all is understood
With a Word that surpasses time
And goes straight to the heart
Of all mankind;

777 endless echoes come prophesying
From an incomprehensible depth far beyond
Angels singing and giving an ancient song;

The completion of the vision
From whence was first given
The divine workings of the holiest-heart
Fully grasping every bit and part
The great and mighty plan
Even unto the salvation of mortal man;

The all encompassing
All embracing
Deep mystery of awe and wonder
The cleansing of rain
The charge of lightning
And the power of thunder;

The purity and love
Of the first born cry
The muscle and strength
Of the workers as they try
The hope, faith and trust
Of the elderly so near to die;

The stars scattered throughout the cosmos
From one dark end to the other
The depth of joy
Pouring from the heart of a lover
The life blood given and shared
Connecting all as sisters and brothers;

The chunk of orbiting ice
At the far end of the galaxy
The tired traveller
Asleep in the backseat of a taxi
The walking wounded
Desolately covered in fear and anxiety;

The setting sun
The quiet tongue
The wayward dog always on the run;

The souls mysterious deep
The wisdom certain words are able to speak
The reason we live, and the life we all seek;

What is all this, and so much more
Who is the One standing out there
Gently knocking at our door
Who in every speck of this is forever entwined
And has been through it all
Since the beginning of time?

The only true ubiquitious One,
When all is said and done.
The holy Christ - God's own son.

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It comes naturally because this one is from my soul
This piece of writing is a piece of the whole
It is a part of me because it describes my condition
That I'm unnoticed
This is my conviction
That this is a grievance which cannot be redressed
Because you've left me empty
No feeling of affirmation
Nor appreciation
You've left me
Because you just don't notice
I must confess
I do not even know if you care about me
If you'd care if you never see
Me again, would you lose sleep? Would yo miss
Me or just forget me like I think you would
Would you forget about me if you could?
What would you do
If I didn't talk to you?
Would you start the conversation?
Would you talk to me by your own volition?
Cause you've made me feel unnoticed and uncared for
I wish I could know for sure because 'Not Knowing' is the worst
'Not Knowing' is a curse
I wish we talked more
But what I want most of all (or at least from you)
Is to just know that you even care!
That you know I'm even there!
And if it's not too much to ask my dear
I'd love it if you enjoyed it when I'm here
With you, instead of making me feel unnoticed

But then just maybe I assume the worst and I'm mistaken
Just maybe you've always cared and never forsaken
Maybe I'm really a friend to you, if that's true I'm not sure what to do
Because now I'm convinced that you don't care and so I feel unnoticed

Maybe one day you'll read this and know it's about you
Tell me you cared all along
But shattered hopes have made me a cynic
And without your physical acknowledgment... a skeptic
So how could I hope
That you care about me, because I couldn't cope
With that shattered hope if it broke
So I won't make it, I won't have hope, so it can't be shattered
Instead I'll continue to live feeling unnoticed
Cause sometimes I feel you never thought I mattered

So farewell my love, this one's not forced
Farewell my love, not that you noticed I was ever here
Farewell, because I don't think you care, otherwise you would've said
So adieu, that means forever, adieu, adieu my dear

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These Moments of Innocence {La Terza Versione}

This morning I awoke from a dream,
to the quintessence of pure innocence,
thru' my sunsoaked bedroom window.

Watched the sweet, soft landing
of a doves imposition,
upon a newborne branch
of the leanest tree,
lending shade, and confidence
to the infant limb,
by its presence, alone...
and nothing more;
discognizant to the virtue
of its mere presence,
...and nothing more -
just this...... and nothing more.
And it washed my face with smile
to see such divinity before my eye's.

Verdant and promising,
yet bleeding for nurture,
the infant limb embraced
the presence of the dove -
And in time, so adopted
an unconscious bond of trust,
an expectence, if you will,
to all the young branch
grew accustomed to.
All this... and nothing more.
Moments such as these
are as close as perfection comes...
no closer be....just this,
and nothing more.

And ostensibly discognizant,
to the command of its presence
the white bird lays still,
ruminating about nothing
of significance, or consequence,
but mere expectence of the limb
for same reciprocal.
Still its wing's flutter spritely,
spinning fresh breeze upon itself
with an ambience of cherubic peace,
utopic solitude.
Just this...and nothing more.
A trinity of doves carry overhead...
a family, a flock of natures' gold -
all this....and nothing more.

And within these fertile moments
innocence conceives;
innocence, incarnate,
life's sweetest gift.

And all too soon, life moves forward
as time knows how to do no different.
And with it, the child limb becomes -
a branch that will shoulder many years
of shelter, beauty....and so much more
providing confidence,
to its own offspring growth
upon the natural seed of nature.

And perhaps for a moment
the rememberance of a dove,
who has since moved forward in time -
to perch on other verdant trees
with newfound landings.
Yet, always discognizant
to its' virtuous presence,
the dove....would never know -
the gift it brought to an infant limb
so many ''moments'' ago.
All this, and so much more;
Innocence....a utopic dimension of being
that has no equal... to so much more.

These moments of absolute Innocence, I saw...
this morning....upon waking from a dream.

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A Broken Heart

Let us end it tonight
No don't do this to me please, I love you
So do I, and very much more
But our love, nature approves not of
We would love again
When this life is over and the next begins
Then have me I beg you, a last kiss from your sweet lips
No, I can't. He was afraid in the dark alone with her
Tears rolled, mouth clenched, eyes closed
Heart of a little mermaid was broken

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On a Girdle

That which her slender waist confin'd,
Shall now my joyful temples bind;
No monarch but would give his crown,
His arms might do what this has done.

It was my heaven's extremest sphere,
The pale which held that lovely deer,
My joy, my grief, my hope, my love,
Did all within this circle move.

A narrow compass, and yet there
Dwelt all that's good, and all that's fair;
Give me but what this ribbon bound,
Take all the rest the sun goes round.

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