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I'd love to have another film to go on to. I'm in the mood to work. But I have to be patient, you know, to find that particular kind of project. Occasionally I'll write one myself if I can summon up the energy.

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Of Myself

Why should I think of myself when it has no bearing?
In all the difficulties it wears out and tearing
Makes life miserable and unbearable
Can not stand of own when in trouble

It is not at all difficult to assess
You can go deep and trace
When it is done, it will reflect on face
As if you have come out successfully in race

You are totally in confusion
Even though there is no compulsion
You can have independent course
But rudderless and directionless of course

You know very well that life is totally uncertain
Yet you have to struggle and maintain
There may be worries, agony and pain
But you have to adjust yourself and train

Amidst all kinds of fears and dangers
We are still very good managers
We leave it completely to the wishes of almighty
As He is the only authority to give us any kind of surety

As it turns out to be on happy ending later on
No one dares to take credit for having it won
He has facilitated it after our repeated requests
Else it was going to be a disastrous end for quest

It takes years for us to realize
We don’t know whom to thank and oblige?
We see only beautiful end
This is clearly seen from our trend

Well it is life story
No one should take it seriously or feel sorry
It is no where safe sailing
Only matter of chance and availing

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I've gone, my sweetheart.
Do not fret.
For it is not your time,
not just yet.
I am at peace.
My sickness is gone.
And you my love
will have to go on.
You will remember
all that we had
and I will remember
so don't be sad.
For a love like ours
can never die.
It's just a temporary
short goodbye.
All of the tears
that came our way
will all be dried
on another day
when once again
you will take my hand
and hold me close
as you'll understand
that God is kind
and knows our plight.
He will bring us together
when the time is right.

Be strong my love
while I wait for you
and do the things
you always do.
Be you my love, be you.

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If It Was Not Concerning Them

How can one be detached,
From their own feelings?
I've heard that said before...
By those who were chosen,
To be ignored.
'Someone' had to have had no feelings.

You know how quick that spreads around!

And I am sure I am not the only one,
That can relate to this.
There are those who make attempts,
To squeeze an empathy.
And if no emotion is expressed,
Or showed to be exposed...
That person is labelled cold.

And I can understand being in that position.
After saving myself from being completely depleted...
By those who could care less 'how' I felt,
If it was not concerning them!
So those lights in my life had to be switched off.

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